MEMORIZE Chapter 480

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With the sound of the door opening, the two men walked inside. One of the men stopped for a moment and looked around with vague eyes.

The interior was clean. There was a large window hanging straight on the wall, and polished tables were arranged neatly along the window, showing a clean interior.

But one strange thing is that there is no one there. Although it is such a great restaurant, there were no users in sight, so anyone would think it was strange.

The giant who had entered earlier and looked around turned to look at the man who had stopped at the entrance.

“older brother. “I don’t think they have arrived yet.”

“Well, it might be a little late.”

“… Does that make sense? This is the mercantile area. They told me to come. No, it’s not enough to tell my brother to come… .”


It was then. Just as the giant was about to get angry, a kind woman’s voice was heard from the kitchen. She soon walked out alone with one light step, and the woman was as beautiful as her voice. She is a woman as beautiful and graceful as a neat flower. However, her bulging breasts instantly caught the attention of her men.

Eventually, the moment the man and woman at the entrance met each other, both men and women fell asleep at the same time. As if we knew each other.

“hi… . do.”

The woman bowed her head politely, but could not hide the slight hesitation in her voice.

The man immediately regained his bearings. Then she took a step forward and calmly said hello.

“yes. Long time no see. User Hanna Lim. It’s been a while since I came here to Love House. Oh, is it now a love tavern?”

“yes. The name was changed after renovation work… . Taejin… . Oops. Should I say Lord Sue?”

“I would be grateful if you could call me that. “Now I am definitely the lord of a clan.”

“yes… . Sue Road.”

For a split second, an inexplicable sadness flashed across Hannah’s face. Su Clan Lord Park Tae-jin did not miss those feelings. Then, an old memory suddenly came to mind, and he opened his mouth in a business-like tone and without any sign of concern.

“Anyway, I didn’t expect to meet you here. I heard you are active in the Mercenary Clan… . Are you working at the Sarang Bar?”

“just… . is it so… . Oh, can I make you something? Something I often ate when I came here in the past… .”

“no. it’s okay. I didn’t come here to eat, I came here for work. But I guess that person hasn’t arrived yet?”

“yes yes. “Then I’ll show you where to sit first, so please come this way.”

Hannah turned around sullenly. She then moved with a slightly sluggish pace and her shoulders slumped. Taejin Park sat down at the table with Hanna, feeling slightly refreshed.

“I heard you’re coming soon. please wait for a moment.”

But that was only for a moment. Eventually, the moment Hanna left, the excitement disappeared from Taejin Park’s mind and he began to be filled with doubt. It must have been the same for the giant, too, as she pushed her chair up as far as it would go and sat down, thinking about it.

“But brother. “Why on earth did they ask to see us at the Mercenary?”

“well. “You’ll have to listen to it first to find out.”

“I doubt it. The guys who are hanging out with Hyuk these days… .”

“Mountain Baekdu. “I’m telling you in advance just in case, be careful what you say in front of the mercenary.”

Taejin Park narrowed his eyes for a moment and spoke sharply. Baekdu-san nodded his head in a panic and tightly covered his mouth with his large hand. Park Tae-jin chuckled because what he was doing didn’t suit his size.

“I won. Anyway, let’s wait quietly.”


And after a while, I heard the door opening.


Park Tae-jin looked ahead with eyes that could not be called pretty. A good-looking man is smiling and sitting with an upright posture. Her facial features are neat, so she doesn’t give off a bad impression upon first meeting her, but Taejin Park frowns without hesitation as he looks at her man.

In fact, there was only one reason for such open displeasure. It was not because he dared to ask the leader of the alliance to come, nor was it because his man was a member of Mercantile. Depending on the opponent, you may be told to come and go, but even though Mercenary blocked Taejin Park’s path, it does not seem intentional. It’s just endlessly pathetic to be played around in Shinhyuk’s hands.

However, the real reason why Park Tae-jin frowned was at the table. A small recording video crystal ball and a thick bundle of records. The crystal ball had already finished playing once and its light had faded, and the thick bundle of records was also scattered in all directions.

It was like that. The men currently surrounding the table were users of the Koran Alliance and Mercantile Clan. Su Clan Lord Park Tae-jin, Serengeti Clan Lord Baekdu-san, and Mercenary Clan member Cho Seung-woo. These three men were sitting at a table and talking to each other. And the reason the conversation was interrupted for a moment was probably because of the crystal ball and the bundle of records on the table.

There was quiet silence. And the man who opened the door was Mt. Baekdu, whose rugged face was red. He snorted furiously, lifted up the record, and suddenly slammed the table. The teacup on the table rang with a bang, breaking the silence that had been flowing.

“Damn it! “They’re doing the damn thing!”

“Oh my. I was really surprised. You seem to have good strength. ha ha ha.”

“ha ha ha? ha ha ha? Hey, are you laughing now? “Are you that proud of the spy spray?”

“ah. “I told you that was a misunderstanding.”

“misunderstanding? This dog… .”

“Mountain Baekdu.”

Just when he couldn’t hold back and started swearing harshly, Taejin Park quickly stopped him. Baek Du-san hurriedly closed his mouth. However, the sound of teeth grinding is quite harsh, as if the grinding has not gone away. In the meantime, Jo Seung-woo was still looking at the two men with a calm face.

In fact, Park Tae-jin was also very feverish, but he held his breath as if he was trying to stay calm. There is no point in getting angry now. Taejin Park soon caught his breath and opened his mouth in a quiet voice.

“so. “Why did you show us these?”

“That’s it… . Since Clan Lord Su is the person leading the alliance, what do you think of this incident? .”

“Let’s leave out the rhetoric. So, there must be something the Mercenary Clan wants.”

“… what? This reaction is surprising. From what I can see from the crystal ball… .”

Seungwoo Cho smiled softly and trailed off his words. However, any user present could have predicted the content that followed and the intentional blurring of the words. The fact that the two men’s faces hardened was the proof of this.

Soon, Taejin Park placed his hand on the table. Then he slowly clenched his fist and glared at Cho Seung-woo.

“Did you say user Seungwoo Cho? . Don’t be mistaken.”

“… … .”

“I admit that the competition is a little heated, but the union is a family. This means that users are gathered together under the banner of one family. “I think I know what you want to say, but I think you’d better stop running your mouth.”

“… haha. is that so? All right. I guess I didn’t know much about the union. I am really sorry.”

Seungwoo Cho immediately apologized. Park Tae-jin calmly took a breath and withdrew his glaring gaze. Then, as if his throat was burning, he held the teacup and opened his mouth.

“after. I apologize too. I’m the type of person who speaks harshly when I’m angry. Anyway, let’s listen to the mercenary’s requirements.”

“It’s not a requirement… . It would be better to say please. “Actually, I don’t have anything to ask for.”

“what? “I have nothing to ask for?”

“yes. Please note that a crystal ball containing the same content as this video has already been submitted to the central management organization. “We have no intention of covering up this incident.”


A dull noise echoed across the table. The teacup that had been raised fell down. Park Tae-jin stared at Jo Seung-woo with blank eyes while violently rotating his head. In fact, I thought Mercenary would ask for this or that as a condition for covering up this incident.

However, it is said that that is not the case, it has already been submitted to the central management body.

So why?


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“Are you kidding me now? “Then why on earth did you ask to see me?”

“Lord Sue. “Your voice is too high.”

“So it doesn’t look like it’s getting any higher now?”

“under. I don’t understand, I understand. “Why are you so angry?”

Park Tae-jin suddenly opened his mouth. But the moment he looked ahead, he had no choice but to keep his mouth shut. This is because Jo Seung-woo, whose expression had suddenly changed, was resting his chin on his clasped hands and giving a cold look. It was as if I was looking at a different person than before.

“It’s just a joke. “Does what we’re doing now seem like a joke?”

“… … .”

“Lord Sue. There are degrees of shamelessness. We, Mercantile, believed in unity. In order to build a good relationship with the Union, we gave up all the results we had achieved. however. So, when I found out about this fact through an anonymous tip. How do you think we felt, how did the Mercenary Lord feel?”

“Uhm… .”

“Lord Su, don’t raise your voice carelessly. “It is the mercenary that should be angry, not the Union.”

“no. I’m not saying I’m denying Hyuk’s wrongdoing… . Anyway, maybe it’s Hyuk. “Then why did you ask to see me?”

I don’t know if that’s true. I don’t even know who did it. As there were more than one enemy of the coalition, Park Tae-jin had no way of knowing.

But Park Tae-jin is smart. As such, he immediately grasped the situation and organized it. Since he has already submitted it to the central management body, he looks like he cannot be left out. So, it was impossible to just coax and cover up the matter, and from now on, the priority was to get out of the way of the storm that was about to come. There’s no way those wolf-like eastern bastards can stay still.

Taejin Park, who thought so, subtly mentioned Shinhyuk and looked away. Seungwoo Cho saw that and smiled secretly. Of course, he still showed a cold attitude on the outside.

Seungwoo Cho said.

“… Tsk. I’m not doing this just to make you angry, so I’ll stop blushing. Anyway, the reason I wanted to meet Lord Sue like this is for the sake of our future relationship with the Alliance.”

“Is it for relationships?”

“That’s right. Our clan lord is a very down-to-earth man. I can’t forgive Shinhyuk for doing such a ridiculous thing, but the others… . Well, he thought there was nothing he could do about it. And in fact, he demanded that the central management body stop within reasonable limits.”

“In a central governing body? No, really? Why… there? ?”

“yes. I don’t know the details of this part. However, Lee Hyo-eul, Steel Mountains. He said that if I just tell him this, he will understand.”

“Lee Hyo-eul… ? Steel Mountains… ? ah!”

At first it was a sour face. As someone who can’t hold the hilt of a sword, you can’t help but feel anxious no matter what you hear.

However, the moment he heard the words Lee Hyo-eul and the Steel Mountains, Park Tae-jin’s eyes lit up. And he was finally able to understand why he had let the central government intervene. In other words, a plausible lifeline has been dropped before our dark eyes.

“thank god. I think you understand what I mean… . Anyway, the mercenary’s request is simple. As I said before, I have no intention of letting this incident go by. However, in this case, we will focus on Nambeol Road, who led the plan, and turn a blind eye to others.”

“hmm. I appreciate what you said, but it’s still not entirely unrelated. “The entire coalition will not be able to avoid criticism.”

“Just accept that. Think of it as reverse massage. “If something like this happened to the Union, would you just stay silent?”

“… … .”

“Of course, it is impossible for this incident to cause a rift between us, but we are well aware of the power of unity. The clan lord is fully aware of that. Please apologize neatly this once and help us deal with Nambeol Road. no. It’s okay to just watch. If you do that, Mercenary will completely forget about this incident. “I also intend to establish a good relationship with the Union in the future.”

“… after.”

Taejin Park let out a deep sigh. And she lazily smoothed her forehead.

In fact, as long as the central management body already knows, the situation is not so bad now. No, it’s not the best, but would you say it’s the next best option?

In some ways, it could have been seen as a good opportunity for Park Tae-jin. I don’t know what will happen to Halo Gun if this incident occurs, but Shin Hyuk, currently the second-in-command in the alliance, can definitely be ousted. All you have to do is just watch without getting your hands dirty. This was definitely a huge advantage.

However, even though I had confidently said that we were one family earlier, I was hesitant to readily agree now.

In the end, after much deliberation, the words I came up with were euphemisms.

“Uhm. I definitely understood what you meant… . “I think I need to talk to the Mercantile Lord as well.”

“You don’t have to do that. This may seem rude, but the Clan Lord is very busy right now. For various reasons. So, you have completely entrusted me with this task, and therefore all authority rests with me. So, please answer here and now. “You either like it or you don’t like it.”

Baekdu-san’s eyebrows twitched once. Because what I dared say to my heavenly brother was almost arrogant. However, as much as Park Tae-jin said it, he followed it with a sigh, chewing his lips and trying to hold back as much as possible.

Some time passed. Taejin Park gently closed his eyes. Then she sighed deeply again and nodded her head slightly. In her mind, she was thinking that it was okay to do this or that, but she needed to show that there was nothing she could do about it now.

And as soon as Seungwoo Cho saw the reaction, he smiled softly. At the same time, he gently stroked his right side of hair and opened his mouth.

“okay. thank you. And I sincerely apologize for my slightly rude words and actions earlier. Actually, when I first heard this, I was so angry… .”

“it’s okay. As I said, I was just thinking of it as a reverse story. We also think this incident is very regrettable. The one who really needs to apologize is… .”

“iced coffee. no. I was fully aware of the situation. As Lord Su said earlier, the fault lies entirely with Lord Nambeol. Moreover, you have shown the pride and distribution of the Koran Union to this extent… . Even our Clan Lord would think this is enough. As I said before, we will do our best to avoid any damage to the alliance, except for the Southern Expeditions.”

“hmm? what… . Anyway, thank you for saying that and understanding. “After this incident, I would like to continue my relationship with Mercantile in a good direction.”

The icy atmosphere changed into a friendly one in an instant. Although he had no choice but to accept it, Park Tae-jin, who had always considered Shin Hyuk as his top competitor, was somewhat satisfied. Of course, Cho Seung-woo also got what he wanted.

Soon, Seungwoo Cho swept the table and pulled the crystal ball and the bundle of records towards himself.

And at the same time as I naturally opened my mouth.

“Then shall we finish the conversation now?”

This time, I swept the left side of my hair.


After everything was said, Park Tae-jin and Baek Du-san left the Sarang Bar. Seung-Woo Cho praised the chef’s skills here and suggested that they go and have a meal, but Tae-Jin Park flatly refused. And that too in front of Im Hanna, who was introduced as the chef.

At that time, Taejin Park felt an unreasonable sense of pleasure as he recalled Im Hanna’s sad attitude, knowingly or unknowingly. At the same time, she smiled bitterly. She said that in the past she had rejected his confession and she behaved this way, and she took pleasure in it because she felt she was being petty.

However, Baek Du-san seemed to have interpreted the bitter smile in a different way, and cautiously opened his mouth while walking next to him.

“older brother. Don’t be too hard on yourself. “It was an unavoidable situation.”

“… okay. yes.”

“And you’re right, I was a little cool at the same time. I’m not saying that if you just stay like this, that obnoxious bastard will be destroyed. Of course, we will be criticized too… .”

“Mountain Baekdu. “I would have told you to be careful what you say.”

“No, I was touched when you said that the union was a family.”

“Doosan. Let’s just keep quiet. There’s nothing you can do about it now. And there was nothing we could do. This is some kind of notification, notification. Unilateral notification. It’s no different from saying they will do whatever they want. “That’s why I couldn’t do anything.”

Baekdusan was silent for a moment. Although I was not very intelligent, I understood to some extent what Park Tae-jin meant.

However, perhaps because he felt sorry for his older brother who still lost his appetite, he soon opened his mouth again. Of course, this time it was a different topic.

“I understand, I understand. All you have to do is keep your mouth shut. by the way… . How did you do it? “Now that I think about it, it’s been a while since we last met.”

“huh? “Who are you meeting after a long time?”

Taejin Park calmly spoke. Then Baekdusan laughed evilly and tapped his side.

“Hey, you can’t pretend not to know. Im hanna, im hanna. Monica’s flower… ? What did they say? Anyway, that big-breasted cow bitch. From what I saw earlier, it seemed like you were somewhat interested in my brother.”

“What is your interest? This is a user who has reached the Mercenary to Rare class. But it was strange. Why are rare classes working there?”

“I don’t know. But if I were that bitch, I probably would have hit the ground running and regretted it by now. If I had just accepted my brother’s confession back then, I would have become the number one woman in our union now… .”

“It’s okay, man. What would be the point now if I brought up the story of her first love? And how impregnable that woman is. She’s been courted by countless users, but she’s the one girl they’ve never passed up on. And if she had done it with me, she would have only had mental love. Anyway, now I have no regrets or regrets.”

Although he said so, Park Tae-jin felt tempted by Baekdu-san’s words. And he thought. Im Hannah’s beautiful face, her kind voice, and her big breasts. Moreover, as she was once the flower of Monica, who was famous for her iron wall, she felt like conquering her at least once. It was an unavoidable desire that every man had.

Baekdu Mountain was buzzing with excitement. Still, he made vulgar remarks, such as telling him to try again and saying that he would eat him a few times and then throw him away, and Taejin Park appropriately responded and headed toward the warp gate. He told Park Tae-jin not to talk about it, but it was an attitude that could not be seen among people who had a serious conversation just moments ago.

But do they know? The fact that the person who will give the rice cake doesn’t even think about it. The woman whom Park Tae-jin said was impregnable is now reporting the success of her plan by taking off her clothes herself. And the fact that, with her naked body being held by a man, she was panting and belittling Park Tae-jin’s attitude that he showed today.

Without knowing that fact, the two men stood in front of the warp gate in harmony. And with steps that seemed infinitely light, he buried himself in the portal.

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