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00421 10. Last story (9/9). ————————————————– ———————-=

It was a dark dawn with cold air. Hangyeol suddenly woke up and swallowed his saliva. Perhaps because I ate salty food this evening, I was very thirsty.

“Now is the time…” .”

Hangyeol glanced at the window and shook his head. Her foggy mind cleared up, albeit slightly.

After a while, Hangyeol got up from his seat in the booth and quietly opened the door. And he complained, his lips quivering at the chill that took over his entire body. It’s so unfair that I have to walk through the garden in this weather just to get a glass of water.

“Ugh… . “It’s cold, it’s cold, it’s cold.”

As expected, the garden was very cold. Hangyeol crossed the garden, cowering as the cold wind blew mercilessly. And as soon as I finally arrived at the main building, I let out the breath I had been holding. I felt like a little of the coldness that had been filling me was leaking out.

Perhaps because time was running out, the first floor was as empty as expected. Only gloomy darkness remained, hovering over the empty counter and lobby.

Hangyeol looked around the first floor for a while, then turned around and walked down the quiet hallway with lonely eyes. And then I slowly opened the door and took a step into the restaurant.


The sound of something hitting hard broke the silence that had flowed around. Hangyeol, who was just about to go inside, raised his head with surprised rabbit eyes. At the same time, he let out a soft moan. In a restaurant where I thought there would be no one, Inyoung was sitting at a table.


The crashing sound rang out again. Hangyeol increased his eyesight with magical power and kept an eye on Inyeong, who showed his back. And right away, I was able to see the reality of the human images and sounds. Inyoung’s true identity was Ahn Hyeon.

Ahn Hyun was sitting alone at the table, tilting the bottle in his hand. Her Hangyeol gently frowned and cupped her nose. She was holding a bottle of alcohol vibrating all over her nose.

Anhyeon didn’t seem to know that Hangyeol had come in yet. She immediately throws the bottle to one side and quickly picks up a new bottle and brings it to her mouth. He mumbles something incomprehensible and occasionally sighs deeply.

Hangyeol instinctively stopped moving. And then he stood still and stared at Ahn Hyeon.

How much time has passed? As the number of bottles piled up on one side of the table gradually increased, it was also when Hangyeol completely forgot his purpose of drinking water. Ahn Hyun’s behavior, who had been drinking and sighing repeatedly, showed a change for the first time. He suddenly lifted the window that was sitting next to him and started staring at it.

The spear, which was a deep jet black from head to toe, seemed at first glance to be buried in darkness. However, the eerie light flowing at the tip of the spear revealed its presence to the fullest, refusing to assimilate with the darkness.

Suddenly, Hangyeol swallowed his saliva. Ahn Hyeon stares at the window. Hangyeol felt something different about that appearance compared to Anhyeon he was used to seeing.

At that time, a blue energy suddenly rose from the tip of the spear. At the same time, Ahn Hyun quietly closed her eyes and stood up straight away. Hangyeol took a deep breath and thought. What are you going to do in this late morning, alone in a restaurant? The face you see is too serious to think it’s ‘just’.

Soon, Anhyeon aimed his spear diagonally into empty space and slowly bent his knees. Although I stumbled a little along the way, what was clear was that I had achieved a certain posture.

And the moment Hangyeol saw that posture, he was able to recall a memory. The posture that Ahn Hyun just took was when she was taking a test with Cha So-rim not long ago… . So, this was the first posture she held before Ahn Hyeon’s posture collapsed.

Hangyeol was worried. After the test, Anhyun appeared dazed for a while. He was so bad that even Yoo-jeong approached him and offered him comfort. Soon after, he came to his senses and smiled, saying it was okay, but for some reason, Hangyeol felt that his laughter was forced.

The blue light at the tip of the spear was gradually becoming clearer. There was a strong thought in his head that he had to stop him, but Hangyeol couldn’t move a single step. I had doubts about whether I could really stop him, and it was also because the atmosphere surrounding Ahn Hyun was so serious.

Should I stop it or not? Should I just watch it like this or should I leave? Or should I talk to Soohyun?

At a time when Hangyeol was confused and couldn’t figure out anything. Anhyun’s eyes opened brightly and she let out her blue flames.

And it was that moment.


In an instant, a brilliant light flashed from Chang and Ahn Hyeon’s entire bodies, and a harsh explosion rang out in the air.


A single scream was heard at the same time. It happened so quickly that Hangyeol had no idea what had happened. But I knew one thing instinctively. That something is wrong.

As a result, Hangyeol’s words, which had been suppressed until now, reflexively burst out.


But no answer came back. As soon as the exploded light died down and the billowing smoke also became thinner, the situation began to become visible little by little.

The first thing I saw was a table shattered in the aftermath of the explosion. Next to it, a heated black spear was emitting a white haze.

Hangyeol reflexively looked for Anhyeon. I couldn’t see anything around the table, so I quickly raised my head and looked around the entire restaurant.

“eww… . eww… .”

After a while, Hangyeol quickly looked away when he heard a faint groan coming from somewhere. And they found Ahn Hyun collapsing against the kitchen counter.

“brother! are you okay? “Are you okay?”

I called out loud, but still no answer. At that moment, I completely forgot about my thirst and all my complex thoughts.


Without thinking any more, Hangyeol quickly ran forward.


The morning dawned. I felt a little dizzy, perhaps because I thought a lot last night.

I opened the window to get some fresh air before starting the day in earnest. Soon, I gaze at the garden, feeling the cool breeze blowing. A cup of hot tea made by Go Yeon-ju would be the icing on the cake. Other than that, it was a good morning. I stretched as hard as I could, comforting my regret.

Suddenly, a conversation I had with Seonyul a few days ago came to mind. The ancient magical city of Magia. I haven’t confirmed the details yet, but it was true that her thoughts were quite interesting.

Rebuild Magia. This is not limited to the simple meaning of adding one city to the northern continent. Externally, you can raise the currently stagnant level of magic in the Northern Continent by several levels, and internally, you can have a strategic weapon with the purpose of defense.

If you think about it, Seonyul’s words were quite correct. If you look at Marvolo’s records, you will find the answer.

After imprisoning the hero Lloyd and the fairy queen Margarita, he single-handedly defeated the army of Saint Grazia who came to retrieve them.

Also, countless magic formations appeared within the city when dealing with me. At that time, the magic circles that attacked me on both sides emitted energy corresponding to the ice cap and the flame of hellfire, respectively. Of course, it was only an imitation, but even that level was incredible.

‘I wonder what kind of magic is buried there.’

If things work out as Seonyul says, it will be of great help to future plans. Because you will have the best defense city in the Hol Plain with endless possibilities for use. Maybe we could aim to raise Vivien’s status.

But it is still just an idea. Imagining a rosy future was already like gulping down a bowl of kimchi soup. Rebuilding a city is not as easy as you think. If I could simply choose ‘Ordo of Order’ and shout “Reconstruction is over,” I wouldn’t have even thought about it.

‘We have to build a road… . Even ruined buildings need to be revived… . There must also be a positive response from users.’

It was then. While thinking, I slowly turned my head and looked at the door. This is because I felt a presence lingering outside. I knew who it was without even looking. After waiting for a while, I fell into a state of thought again as the figure was moving away again.

Reconstruction will cost an astronomical amount of money and require tremendous effort. It was an overwhelming plan for the Mercenary Clan, which still had less than 20 members, to handle. Seonyul also knew that fact well.

‘If you look at history, no clan has ever developed a city alone. All clans and all users worked together to expand the city and make it a place worth living in.’

There were two conditions that Seonyul put forth at the end of his speech. First, once the city is rebuilt, users will be allowed to move in. The second is to ask that the Magic Tower be placed next to the Mercantile when allocating city shares.

Of course, she promised a certain amount of cooperation, but in fact, the conditions she put forward were so natural that they were embarrassing to even be considered conditions.

The more the city is revitalized, the more various economic effects can be created, and the profits generated go straight to the mercenaries. Distribution is also not a big problem. We could have taken more than 50.1%, but in fact, since the ‘Ordo of Order’ was the key, the distribution itself was meaningless.

The ancient magical city of Magia. The greatest magical city built during the golden age of magic in the ancient Hol Plain.

There is no denying that it is a mouth-watering plan, but you must be careful as the rice cake you see is large. The moment you make a mistake and end up as a ‘Nagari’, you will have wasted money, time, and effort.

‘Let’s not get excited already. All you have to do is quietly wait for the next report and check.’

I sighed and closed the window. And I decided to take my time and think. It was a plan that couldn’t be accomplished in a short time, even if it were done anyway. Seonyul also agreed to this and decided to conduct a more detailed investigation over the next few months and inform us of the progress.

Finally, after sitting down, I tapped the table. Then he came back and opened his mouth softly at the sight of a figure standing in front of the door.

“When on earth are you going to come in?”

I felt the presence flinch.

“Let’s stop waiting and come in now. User Ahn Hyeon.”


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Did 5 seconds pass like that? Soon, the door was carefully opened, and Ahn Hyeon, with an awkward face, quietly stepped in. And as soon as I made eye contact with her, I said, “Hehe.” Even laughing.

“Come and sit down.”

When I pointed to the sofa in front with a nod, Anhyeon quickly ran over and sat down. At the same time, it seemed like he was anxious that he might get a bad call from looking at people so intently.

“okay. “Are you feeling okay?”

“Oh, yes. It’s okay now. I heard that my brother rushed to me immediately and treated me. thank you.”

“I almost got into big trouble. Because the circuit was twisted and the magic power was running wild. “Thank you to Hangyeol who told me right away, not me.”

“Yes, brother. And I’m sorry. “This is absolutely my fault.”

Then it’s your fault. That’s true, but I shook my head excitedly as I saw Anhyun already lowering her head.

“Anyway, I’m glad you’re feeling okay. So, shall we talk now? Hangyeol told me relatively detailed information about the situation. She said she was having a good drink when she suddenly lifted her spear and took a stance. Was she in image training?”

“that is… .”

“Why did you do that?”

“haha. just… . It was actually drunkenness. Because I have severe rosacea. “I probably did it without thinking.”

Anhyeon smiled again and answered. But seeing as she was smiling awkwardly, I thought she wasn’t giving a truthful answer.

“… really?”

“Yes, brother. I’m really embarrassed to tell you the truth. ha ha ha.”

I stared at Anhyeon. He then knocked on the table a few more times and then nodded his head.

“okay. i get it. Then, be careful from next time. “Just leave now.”

“yes… . yes?”

Ahn Hyeon opens his eyes and asks. It looks like he was surprised when he went over it easier than expected. I took out a cigar from my pocket and spoke calmly.

“Oh. You know we have a meeting this morning, right? “Please attend on time.”

“… All right.”

Anhyeon looked at me blankly and then stood up hesitantly. Then he bent his back once and straightened up. I quietly watched Anhyun. Ahn Hyeon’s eyes looked at me for some reason, and he looked light and lonely.

I put the tobacco I took out in my mouth. Then he picked up the spark stone with his finger and quietly lit it. I tried lighting a fire with a fire bottle once, but I got sick of it… .

– That’s a good idea. Just one more time? Because I won’t really stay still then.

… I was restraining myself.

I slowly raised my head. Anhyeon had already turned around and was walking slowly towards the door.

The moment I was about to go out the door, I stopped tapping my fingers on the table. And then he quietly opened his mouth.


Anhyun’s steps stopped. Then, before turning my head, I continued speaking quietly.

And that moment.

“Are you that angry?”

The head that was turning stopped in the middle.

“… yes?”

“I asked if you were that upset.”

Ahn Hyeon’s voice as he answered was trembling.

After spitting out the smoke once, I gently opened my mouth.

“When swordsmanship reaches its highest level, there is a point where people become swords and swords become people. That state is called the unity of the sword and the sword. Of course, windows are no exception. “In the user information of spear magicians, it will probably be expressed as Shinchang Hap-il.”

“Well, I see… .”

“It takes an average of 4 years for users to come together. But that’s just an average. There may be users who reach it faster, and there may be users who cannot reach it at all… . In any case, the actions you showed yesterday were probably the basic steps toward achieving new unity.”

“Now, just a moment, brother. The saying that users reach unity… . Oh no. “That’s expressed in user information?”

“okay. “Shinchanghapil is not an ability, but a special ability or potential ability.”


When Ahn Hyeon finally revealed the truth, he turned and stared at me. I felt like I was surprised in many ways by the way my quiet eyes were shaking so mercilessly.

Actually, I knew why Ahn Hyeon did that. She probably felt a lot about herself after sparring with Cha Shaolin. As a result, she wanted Anhyun to become stronger in a short period of time, so she ultimately chose to learn abilities. However, it was an error in that what she learned was an ‘ability’ rather than an ability.

“know… . “Are you there?”

“To some extent.”

then. I know. Because your behavior is exactly the same as when I was that bitch. Reminiscing about the first round, I smiled softly.

“Then why didn’t you say anything…” .”

“I thought the action was wrong, but the intention itself wasn’t bad.”

Before I knew it, the beginning of the year had come to an end. Rubbing the filter into the ashtray, I softly opened my mouth.

“Ahn Hyeon. “You know that we’re going on another expedition soon, right?”

“yes… .”

“The personnel selection has already been decided. “There are 3 existing members and 7 new members. Among them, I plan to announce you and Cha So-rim and appoint them as leaders.”

“… Leading?”

It was like that. At a meeting held after meeting with Seonyul, I changed my mind and announced my preparations for an expedition. This is because it was thought that it was still too early to talk about the ancient magical city of Magia.

I nodded my head.

“Don’t say much about me.”

And then he calmly opened his mouth.

“User Ahn Hyeon is only in his first year. okay. I’ve been saying this for a while now, but now is the time to focus on user information. “It’s still too early for you to know the abilities.”

“but… .”

“therefore… . Come see and feel it on this expedition. And learn it yourself. That’s what you have to do now.”

“A thing to do… .”

Immediately, I looked at Ahn Hyeon, who just blinked, and continued speaking softly.

“I understand how you feel. The further away your goal is, the faster you want to get there. however. I know it means taking it apart, but don’t be hasty. And don’t hesitate and don’t give up.”

“Don’t be hasty. “Don’t give up.”

Anhyun followed my words like a parrot. It seemed like he was possessed by something.

Finally, as I saw Ahn Hyun slowly raising her head, I quietly opened my mouth.

“okay. You can become strong. So, all you have to do is calmly push on until you reach your destination.”

—————————= Review of the work ——————– ——-=

Aftereffects. I had a great time at the ski resort… . no. To be honest, he didn’t have a good trip. ㅜ.ㅠ I definitely had fun, but it was a somewhat painful trip.

Actually, I have bad memories about the ski resort. I went skiing when I was in high school, and I fell once while coming down the top course. It was my fault for being reckless just because I knew how to ride a little. At that time, I injured my left elbow and had to undergo treatment for the next two years.

The ski resort I went to this time was the ski resort at that time. A lot of time passed and I thought things would be okay now. And from the beginning, I was only planning on playing at the beginner level.

But I guess thoughts aren’t really what you want them to be. There were some kids who were new to riding, so I taught them a few times, and after riding a few times, they asked to go to a more fun place. And I took the lift, and coincidentally, I ended up standing in front of the course where I got hurt. When they actually saw the slope, the kids hesitated as if they were scared, so I did my best to dissuade them. There were three courses going down: top level, advanced intermediate level, and beginner level. So, I finally took a breather by going to beginner level. (Does anyone know if there is a par xxx course?)

So I started riding… . Perhaps because I was a beginner, the slope wasn’t as steep as I thought. So, I relaxed a little and started accelerating little by little to feel a sense of freedom for the first time in a while. It was when I was adjusting the speed appropriately, bending into an S shape here and there.

I’m going down the steepest part of the course… . So it would have been heading from right to left. As I was going down the diagonal path, someone on a board suddenly came rushing in the direction I was going. The distance from front to back is 1 meter? It wouldn’t have been even that much. I was accelerating, so if I had gone down, I probably would have crashed into it. It’s not like any other place, it’s the steepest place, so there’s a high possibility that it rolled.

So I made an instantaneous turn. And I can’t really remember what happened after that. For a moment, my vision flashed, and when I came back to my senses, I found myself lying face down and sliding down, and when I finally raised my head, my right foot was bare. The skis I had attached flew away. -_-a And then my right elbow started to hurt.

The person also seemed very surprised and stopped and asked, “Are you okay?” You did it. Instead of answering, I looked for my skis and pointed. It was difficult to climb up because it was at the top, so I asked them to bring it for me… . He hesitated for a moment and then went down. under.

After about a minute of grumbling, fortunately, another person came and picked up the skis. I was about to say thank you and put my skis back on, but oops. Because it is a sloped place, my body keeps going down and putting my skis back on is a huge problem… .

At that moment, I suddenly became scared and moved away. To the far right corner… . There’s that orange pillar and a netted area. I moved my body as if crawling to that place and sat down. And I was in trouble. Should I put my skis back on here, or go down to a relatively flat area?

Anyway, I just sighed as I thought about getting over my sore body.

It was then.

Shhh, profit.


Suddenly, I turned my head when I heard a sound from behind me, and this time someone else got on the board and went down in a straight line, struggling with both arms. The direction was pointing exactly towards me. Without even having time to get up, he came down and hit me directly in the lower back.

It would have gotten tangled up and rolled around three times. A man hurriedly came down from behind, probably as a couple. Also, “Are you okay? Are you okay?” When I asked that question, I got a little irritated. So I said, “Oh, please be careful.” He hesitated for a while and then took the woman with him and hurried down. I just laugh.

In the end, I somehow succeeded in coming down, but I felt like I couldn’t ride any further, so I went straight back to my accommodation. That night, while I was sleeping at the hotel, my left lower back hurt so much that I couldn’t lie on my left side. But when he tries to lie down on his right side, his elbow hurts… .(Thank you for buying me mentholatum for my younger brother. ㅜ.ㅠ)

It was a truly eventful ski trip. Next time, just in case, really, I won’t go there. I feel like there’s something magical about me.


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