Life of a Magic Academy Mage Chapter 351

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Episode 351

“It is possible for someone to be ruder than Professor Bagrek…”

Lee Han, who was trying to speak as his tongue moved, belatedly realized that Boladi was next to him.

“…Isn’t it natural that I did it? “Most people in the empire are probably ruder than Professor Bagrek.”

“Are you crazy?”

Eumidyhus was taken aback.

It was so absurd that he looked at Professor Boladi with a look that said, ‘Tell me again.’

However, Professor Boladi answered without blinking.

“Thank you for evaluating me that way.”

“haha. “I was just stating the obvious.”


Eumidhus was astonished at the sight of this crooked priest.

“No matter how much you are your teacher, you have to say things that make sense objectively… That’s enough. “Let’s go.”

Eumidihus brought the carriage from the front. It was a carriage pulled by huge water spirits.

As expected from a wizard’s carriage, when the door was opened, a spacious interior unfolded, different from what was seen from the outside.

As befits an outstanding water element mage, the interior was composed of the sea and rivers winding above it.

Eumidihus casually walked into the sea and leaned back comfortably. The water parted and he supported the old wizard’s body.

“Why are you doing that?”

“Hey, Eumidhus. So, what specifically makes that student more rude than Professor Bagrek?”

Seeing Ihan whispering in a low voice, Yumidihus became suspicious that Ihan was actually judging Boladi quite coldly.

* * *

Nilia and Joner ate lollipops and whistled. Then the beautiful mermaid’s song came out.

I thought I knew why this <Mermaid’s Candy> was the most popular at the snack shop.

“Gainando. “You try it too.”

“no. “There is no reason.”

“Professor Garcia said so. “Something happened and there was nothing I could do.”

“Why do I get kidnapped everywhere I go?”

Guynando grumbled and pushed away the candy offered by Ratford.

I wanted candy, but I thought I would hold back if I could show that I wasn’t in a good mood.

“That’s because Mr. Wardanaz knows a wide range of people and is favored by professors…”

“If you are loved, you should cherish it, so why kidnap it!”

As Gainando huffed in exasperation, the other three friends were convinced without even realizing it.

‘Well, that’s true.’

If you are a student you cherish, you should give him a chance to rest and have fun and recharge during vacation. Why do you keep trying to kidnap him on the street?

Thanks to this, only Guyando, who had come out to play but lost his friend to the professors, was very upset.

“But I’ll be back soon this time.”

“that’s right. Professor Garcia also said it wasn’t a big deal this time.”

“joy. How can you believe that? “Once the job is over, I can change my promise and kidnap you.”

Gainando let out a voice that, if the Einroguard seniors had heard, they would have said, ‘That amazing junior guy has already realized the truth.’

Professors are basically liars.

“If that’s the case, let’s go rescue him.”

“To save you?”

Gaynando was intrigued by Yoner’s words.

“huh. Professors also have a conscience, so if you go to pick them up, they will let you go.”

“Sure… Besides, since it’s in the city, don’t you think you’ll be noticed?”

Gaynando’s face brightened.

Inside Einrogard, the professor could have sent the student to the punishment cell with a single finger, but this was outside the school.

If you were to scream loudly and say, ‘City people, there is a crazy wizard here exploiting the nobles of the Wardanaz family,’ wouldn’t they be let out because it’s dirty and shameful?

Yoner, who had not yet noticed Gainando’s extreme thoughts, nodded.

“okay. “Let’s go rescue him.”

“you’re right. “I will open the door.”

“Then I will shoot a flaming arrow and burn it.”

“…for a moment. I told you to go rescue me, right? “Didn’t I tell you to go fight??”

While Yoner was confused, Gainando screamed.

“Uh, that!!”


“That carriage! That carriage!!”

“What happened to that carriage?”

“Lee Han has been kidnapped! “I’m being dragged by that carriage!”


“That’s ridiculous…!”

Nilia was astonished.

Professors weren’t professors for nothing.

Since they can be tracked if they stay in the city, they kidnap them and then try to escape the chase by going out of the city.

Even in the cold northern mountains, criminals from the Empire sometimes escaped pursuit…

‘It’s not something I’ve done before after being kidnapped once or twice!’

“Chase! “We have to chase after him, Nilia!”

“what? “That one?”


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“What are you… that… that! okay! “We are the proud Shadow Patrol!”

Gainando praised Nilia without any hesitation, perhaps in a hurry.

Ratford also helped from the side.

“you’re right! “If not the Shadow Patrol, who would follow the trail of that carriage!”

“…after. I can’t help it. Everyone, follow me!!”

‘Should I stop him now?’

Yoner followed behind his three friends, wondering when to stop them.

* * *

Alcicle pengerin.

He was a disciple of Eumidyhus (although he denied it) and was even ruder than Professor Boladi.

Lee Han couldn’t believe it.

‘Is that really possible?’

“Ever since I first came to visit, Alcicle said he was interested in ice magic.”


Lee Han nodded and listened.

I haven’t quite gotten the hang of it yet.

“That’s why he wanted to learn water element magic.”

“Obviously, the two elemental magics are closer than other elemental magics.”

“okay. So he asked me to teach him water magic to give me a foothold.”

“yes. …yes?”

Lee Han, who was listening, paused.

‘Did I hear wrong?’

“What did you say?”

“To be exact, he said he would grant him the honor of being a stepping stone that could help him with the great ice magic he would perfect in the future.”


‘Is he crazy?’

Lee Han was embarrassed.

If you want to learn magic from someone, it’s normal to bow your head and say ‘I’ll ask you to please me’, not ‘I’ll give you the honor of teaching me’.

That was common knowledge that even Guyanando knew.

“Are you by any chance from Einrogard?”

“No. And surprisingly, people from Einrogard don’t do things like that.”

“Ah… that’s right.”

Lee Han agreed.

If I had entered Einroguard with that kind of personality, I might not have graduated yet and would have been locked up in the punishment room.

There was a harshness that taught even ill-mannered students how to be polite.

“I’m embarrassed. “Did you teach magic to someone like that?”

“Because it’s not like you don’t have talent… Magical talent comes first, and personality comes second.”

‘I’m not Professor Boladi’s teacher for nothing.’

In Lee Han’s mind, Yumidihus’s evaluation went down slightly.

As expected, there was nothing wrong with the old saying.

The term “yusangsangjong” did not come out for nothing…

“Of course, I restrained him from saying anything arrogant in front of me.”

“Well done. ah. Then maybe you can reflect on the past and make a new decision…”

“That’s not it.”


Some people’s nature does not change no matter how many times they are beaten.

And that was the case with the disciple of Eumidyhus who is visiting us now.

* * *

Not all geniuses in the empire entered Einrogard.

Some geniuses entered other magic schools for various reasons, and some chose to study on their own instead of entering a magic school.

Alcicle of the Pengerin family was one of those cases.

Instead of entering a magic school, you invite a teacher in the name of your family and learn separately!

If I had gone to a magic school, my personality would have improved to some extent, but I couldn’t do that if I studied separately like this.

Moreover, and even more unfortunately, Alcicle’s talent was objectively outstanding.

Since he never entered a magic school and was only praised for being excellent at every magic he learned, it was natural for him to become arrogant and arrogant.

It wasn’t for no reason that I went to Yumidihus and said, ‘I’ll give you a chance to step into my shoes.’

Of course I got hit, but…

Anyway, Alcicle learned water magic from Eumidyhus in return for a beating, and when he achieved some results, he moved on to the next level.

Like many magicians who want to devote themselves to research, he built a tower in a place rich in natural magic and opened his own workshop.

A tower built deep in a snowy mountain valley.

Transportation was the worst, but it was perfect for magic research.

“What brings you here, Eumidyhus?”

Alcicle asked, somehow pushing back his hair, which had become annoying because it had not been cut for a long time.

The water spirit sent by Eumidhus as a messenger drew letters in the air.

“I have a student I need to teach?”

The water spirit nodded.

The answer seemed to make Alcicle feel a little better.

“Well, there is probably no wizard like me. “I understand Yumidhus’s feelings.”

The water spirit emitted a wave of trembling emotion, but Alcicle was so intoxicated with himself that he did not notice it.

To think that an outstanding archmage like Eumidhus would recommend him as a teacher.

This was something I couldn’t help but be happy about.

“good. Bring it here! But it would be good to keep this in mind. My teachings are very difficult and arcane, so it’s not my fault if you can’t follow them. “It’s not my fault that the disciple Eumidhus brought with him is not as genius as me!”

The water spirit looked like he was going to vomit and then went back.

Alcicle burst into flames toward the valley, but belatedly came to his senses and summoned a mirror of ice from the air.

“Ugh. What a mess. “I need to brush my hair.”

* * *

“Surprisingly, you are willing to allow it.”

Lee Han was surprised to see the ice blocking the valley forming a path.

‘Should people be beaten after all?’

Was it because he was so well suited to Eumidifus that he opened the way as soon as he received this request?

“It’s because Rcicle himself is having a hard time these days.”

“Are you having a hard time?”

“There has been no progress in my current magic research for several years. “I haven’t heard anything from the Imperial Society.”

Many wizards wanted to focus on research, so they built towers and set up workshops in Simsanyu Valley, but among them, not many wizards achieved real results.

Most of them gave up their workshops after struggling with absurd goals and ideals, or in rare cases, they got carried away and tried to dominate nearby territories.

That’s how much pressure it was for a wizard to study magic.

If you are a wizard with great pride like Alcicle, the pressure will be even greater.

“If I teach other wizards, it will be a bit of a change of pace.”

“hello. “Eumidihus.”

A penguin walked out from inside, brushing his teeth.

Lee Han was momentarily taken aback by the cute figure waddling along.

‘Why are all crazy people, including Professor Verdus and that person, cute?’

On the outside, they looked harmless and cute, but they were more vicious beings.

How many people would have been fooled by that impression?

“First time meeting you…”

Before Lee Han could say hello, Alcicle looked down at Lee Han and said.

“Let me tell you first. It will be impossible for you to follow my teachings. I’m telling you in advance not to despair. Do you understand?”


Lee Han was dumbfounded, but instead of getting angry, he nodded.

Since I already knew he was crazy, there was no reason to get angry.

‘There is no need to deal with it.’

“For your information, I already learned the 3rd circle magic when I was your age. Do you understand?”

“I learned the 4th circle here.”

“Yumidihus. “Don’t tell ridiculous jokes.”

“I’m serious.”


Alcicle looked at Professor Boladi. It meant telling the truth.

But Professor Boladi nodded.

“It’s true that I learned the 4th circle.”

“…Actually, the circle isn’t important.”

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