Leveling with the Gods Chapter 467

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When I came out of the blacksmith shop, what I saw was a world that had turned into a sea of ​​fire.

The heat was enough to make even Hephaestus, who had been in the furnace just a moment ago, feel hot.

Hephaestus came out with a sword in his hand and frowned.

“I don’t like the heat outside the blacksmith shop.”

How many people can describe the flames, which are difficult for most rankers to stand on, as ‘hot’?

He had burns all over his body, but Hephaestus didn’t care.



[Status abnormality: Burn rises to level 4.]

If it was a level 3 burn, it was as if the skin was turning into cooked meat. Although the pain from burns was more painful than the pain of cutting and tearing flesh, Hephaestus did not care.

Step 4.

It’s only 4 steps.

I was confident that I could withstand the flames.

of course.

“… … “This is a bit difficult.”

If the only thing standing in the way is a flame.


A huge purple snake coils around the blacksmith shop.

Is Yamata no Orochi, which Susanoo cut down, any good? No, maybe it’s bigger.

The snake, covered in purple scales, wrapped the entire forge of Hephaestus with just its tail.

Cluck, cluck, cluck-.


It was a blacksmith confident that it could withstand even the flames of Surtur. However, if he focused on immunity to one attribute, he would naturally become lacking in other areas.


A dented and broken smithy.


With a delicious exclamation, Hephaestus strengthened his legs and jumped upward.

Just like that, Hephaestus seemed to be walking away from the forge… … .

Ujikkeun-, Kwareung-!

Hephaestus’ forge, which was the size of a small castle, collapsed.

Hephaestus jumped up and caught the sight. It would be a lie if he said it didn’t hurt inside him that the forge that had built his history together had collapsed.



Looking at the sword in his hand, Hephaestus was able to find some comfort.

‘I wasn’t going to use it anymore anyway.’

It’s been a long time since I decided not to benefit from Olympus.

For now, delivering this came first.

‘Where is that guy-.’

The moment Hephaestus turns his head.


A huge snake’s tail flew towards him.

‘It had two tails-.’


The snake’s tail struck Hephaestus. At that critical moment, instead of avoiding or blocking his tail, Hephaestus gripped the sword in his hand even harder.

With the thought that I must not miss this at all costs.


[‘? (Incomplete)’ resists the ‘greedy snake crawling on the ground’.]

[Use of ‘? (incomplete)’ is not permitted.]

[‘?(incomplete)’ fails to resist.]

Along with a few messages, I felt pain as if every bone in my body was breaking.

Hephaestus flew far away and fell to the ground in the direction in which his tail was hit. Several buildings were destroyed and the ground was turned upside down.


Hephaestus coughed up blood violently and quickly clutched his chest with his hand. I don’t know how many of his bones were broken.

Fortunately, consciousness was not lost. Hephaestus raised his head and looked at the snake that had attacked him, wondering how far it had flown.


Quad de-.

Every time the snake moved, the topography of the city changed. For some reason, in that moment, it seemed like the guy had gotten bigger.

‘It’s a miracle you’re alive.’

I can’t believe I survived after being hit by the tail of a snake the same size as me.

Regardless of his skills as a blacksmith, Hephaestus’ military power was not that great. How dare Olympus send an ordinary ranker to catch Hephaestus.

In comparison, that snake seemed difficult to catch even if several high rankers attacked it.

‘Is it thanks to this?’

An item you created yourself.

Although it was still unfinished, it was effective. The item protected Hephaestus on its own even if he did not intend to use it.

But that is just a one-time fluke.



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It couldn’t happen twice.


I thought it was true, but it turned out to be true.

As the snake approached Hephaestus, it grew bigger and bigger.

‘They say it’s a greedy snake, and it’s exactly what its name suggests.’


I stand up, tapping the ground with my fist holding my sword.

Rather than thinking about running away, I first thought about how to get through that road and deliver the sword.

But no matter how I looked at it, it seemed impossible.



Ah ah ah ah ah-!

Huge purple waves and tentacles flutter across the ground. Other Outers continued to pour in under the purple sky, and the sea of ​​fire on the ground spread wider and wider.

It’s like standing in the middle of the end of the world.

Will it be possible to get through that and reach Yuwon?

It wasn’t something that could be done based on effort.

“Is this my place?”

There was no fear.

I have lived long enough to be afraid of dying.

I had no regrets.

I was able to create the greatest masterpiece of my life.

However, there was some disappointment.

‘A tool is only perfect when it meets its owner.’

The regret of not being able to see the child he created meet his owner. And it’s a shame that it hasn’t been completely completed yet.


The snake’s head covered the sky.


The long tongue flicks and makes a cunning sound.

His own image was reflected like a mirror in his purple eyes that shined smoothly like jewels.


‘Aren’t you looking at me?’

Now I understand.

What is their purpose?


Hold your unfinished child tightly in your hands.

And in his other hand, he held his weapon, his other heart.

‘I don’t want to ruin the child I created…’

Hammering reserved for finishing.

I felt like I should use it to destroy it.

‘I’m sorry.’

I put down the masterpiece I created on the ground. The support was weak because there was no anvil, but it didn’t matter.

[‘… … ?’ is still incomplete.]

[Do you want to destroy ‘?(incomplete)’?]

Because he had the technology to destroy unfinished weapons at any time.


Hephaestus’s hammer pointed upward.

Easy profit-.

The snake’s tail covered Hephaestus’ sky. The guys moved to take the sword from Hephaestus.

And not to give it away, the moment Hephaestus slams the hammer down.


Golden thunderbolts fell like rain from the snake sky.


Bang, kwa-leung-, kugu-gung-!

The snake, which had been making a cunning sound, screamed. The guy twisted his long body as if it had been burned and complained of pain with his whole body.

Hephaestus, who managed to stop the hammer, looked up at the sky.

A wave of golden magic engulfing the purple sky.

As far as he knew, there was only one person in this tower with this much lightning power.

“Father… … ji?”

“Did you call me?”

I turned my head to where the voice came from.

Zeus stood there, dressed in golden armor that looked exactly like his hair. Hephaestus’ body stiffened as he thought about how long it had been since the father and son had met.

‘You’ve changed a lot.’

Dark hair had grown on his face, which had never had a beard before. Not only that, his dignity grew, and his eyes still saw him as a blacksmith rather than a son.

lang syne.

I remembered the time when I was hit by a kick that left me limping after declaring that I would no longer make weapons.

Less, rattling-.

It was a body that did not tremble even when facing death.

But strangely, my body started shaking from the moment I faced Zeus.

To him, Zeus was more fearful than death.

Even at this moment, thunderbolts were falling from the sky.

Still great.

No, he seemed to have become an even bigger monster than before.

“Are you going to keep shaking?”

“Oh, no.”

“You still don’t want to fight and just give up.”


Zeus, who had been looking at Hephaestus for a while, passed by him.

“I saved your life, so tell me that. “It seems important.”

The tone is still indifferent.

Is that why?

I stopped shaking at his tone, which had not changed. He knew that if they met again, he would break at least one of his other legs or the arm holding the hammer.


Zeus walked. His response was as if he would do the fighting and you should just deliver the sword.

Hephaestus looked at Zeus.

Is it because of the stubble on my face? Or is there another reason?

Although he was clearly much stronger than he remembered, his back seemed small for some reason.

* * *

In the middle of a burning flame.

The pillar of flame shook and reacted in confusion.

It’s like he doesn’t understand.

Tulcha’s flame responded.

-“What do you mean, that?”


Rough resistance.

-“I am no one’s dancer. How dare you do that!”

“Have you forgotten that you danced for me?”


And that moment.

Someone’s name and face appeared in Tulcha’s mind.

Shub Niguras.

A great and noble person who was the ruler of the Black Forest.

-“… … no way.”

Many beings were saddened and angry at her death.

Tulcha was not much different. But if her death was what she thought it was from him, her story would be completely different.

“Did you remember?”

That was the wrong question.

Tulcha was never forgotten.

Because he wasn’t this flashy firework from the beginning.

“You were my toy. Dancing for me and giving me joy. “She was my dancer.”

Yuwon stretched out his hand toward the pillar of flame.


Something is held in one’s hand. A small, hot thing that is infinitely unsightly.

“It was a name I gave to relieve my boredom. “Your spark was definitely fun to watch.”

Tulcha was sure.

What was in front of me was not just a human being.

This was a story that only two people knew about, both inside and outside the tower.

“You were my dancer, you were my toy.”


The purple flames that covered the world gathered in Yuwon’s hands.

“And yet, you arrogantly coveted my name.”

[Obtained the name ‘Dancer Dancing with Flames’.]

The power of the name has passed.

Yuwon looked at the ‘Tulcha’ that had been pulled out from the pillar of flame.

“Your true name is Tulcha. “It was just a small spark that appeared before me one day.”


A small flame like a firefly burning in the palm of your hand.

This is what Tulcha looked like after losing its name.

Let Yuwon hold your hand tightly like that.


That small flame disappeared so helplessly.

“It bothers me that the name I’m looking for again is the name of something as vulgar as you… … .”



The flames that covered the sky and the ground disappeared, and the scenery outside came into view.

A world where thunderstorms occur. Countless outerwear draped under the purple sky.

Tulcha was just the beginning.

And looking at the battlefield, Yuwon smiled happily.

“Fortunately, the name is all over the world.”


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