Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 896

Devastating Strike (2)

“The integrative mental system is… … Sirone slurred his words.

If the world’s procedural principle was built as a system, there was one more fact that needed to be revealed.


said the chief justice.

“okay. The information of matter is based on light, but the mind is formed through quantum signals. After all, this is what it is.”

A hologram lit up in the air.

“When we recognize it, a quantum signal is triggered, and the world is realized by combining it with information coming through light.”

Sirone looked at the hologram of the planet indifferently.

“This hologram is not real. You can look all over the planet if you zoom in, but after all, it’s just a signal from the outside.”

The Supreme Court turned to Sirone.

“The tenth sense recognizes the smallest unit of all signals that make up the world. That’s why you’re a manager.”

“Answer me. Why did I erase my memory’?”

“Even the answer to that question can cause a distortion of your thinking. I can tell you if you want. But before that, what I want to make clear is that you wanted it. You from the past, not anyone else.”

If so, Sirone didn’t even want to dig it up.

However, since it was a choice made by my past self, I could fully imagine what the reason might have been.

“It’s probably to stop me.”

“okay. The moment you opened your 10th sense, there are now two managers in this world. And the ways to get to Ultima will also be different.”

“When I reach Ultima… …

“I will become a true Buddha. You are perfectly right. That’s the problem. In a world that has lost its vitality, the user can no longer exist.”

“user? Will it cease to exist?”

“When the ball is perfect, it is expected that the biological program Argones will be triggered. It is to annihilate all life in the universe. To put it in terms of the outside world, it is like forcibly disconnecting and leaving the user.”

Fichot’s warning finally made sense.

“The outside world… … Do you believe there is?”

“I don’t know. It’s not a matter of faith. Terraforce is the one who protects the world. A kind of user protection program. Just as Argones is activated when the ball is perfect, we destroy it when the evil is perfect.”


“I know you hate it. But strictly speaking, I am not a referee. The essence of evil is chaos. Intelligence cannot survive in a world of chaos. It is not for us to judge, but as a way to protect this world.”

Sirone realized why the Supreme Court Justice had come.

“It means the end is near.”

“yes. If gong wins, the universe is closed, and if evil wins, mankind will perish. Not bad. However, from Yahweh’s point of view, nothing is welcome.”

“I will fight. Stop me, I’ll stop Havitz. To do that… …

You must reach the Ultima System before anyone else.

“Terraforce is also hoping. But it’s not easy, integrating the minds of all users.”

The judge turned around.

“Ultima becomes perfect when the user’s mind and its many signals are integrated into one. That’s why Gaiain was able to get away from Ang Kera, the manager. And also, it will be the only way you can completely subdue me.”

Sirone pondered the Supreme Court Justice’s words.

“Get ready, Sirone. The end is coming. Judgment Day, everything will be clear.”

When the Justice of the Supreme Court activated the engine, the steel wall of the common room slid and a full-length window appeared.

An ivory tower rose from the center of the Arctic, covered with ice.


In the cave of the Central Continent, Gaold was moaning.

“I’ve been stranded for three days already.”

Gangnan’s words meant that Gauld would be in terrible pain for three days.


Following the screams, the cave shook terribly.


Just as Gangnan was about to run in, Zulu grabbed his shoulder and shook his head.

“Dangerous. There is nothing we can do to help.”

He was probably in a state of losing his temper, and in the unlikely event that the air press was activated, he would have died instantly.

“but… …

“I’ll go and see.”

As Miro took a step forward, Kang Nan glared at him fiercely and shot at him.

“Don’t you know that if you go, things only get worse? Why the hell are you not leaving?”


It was a labyrinth that had been treated worse than a mutt by Gaold.

‘You bastard!’

It wouldn’t be an unbearable pain.

I could imagine how hateful the woman named Miro must be in the terrible hell of pain.

‘I mean, endure until the end!’

selfish thoughts.

However, because it was such a fall, wouldn’t it have left a crack in his flawless spirit?

‘Because of you, even me, what is this!’

He is holding on with a selfish heart, but if his mind gets worse, even the spirit of the Thousand Hands Guanyin who contemplates all things will be broken.

“I’ll give you one blow!”

Kang Nan shouted at Miro’s words.

“I told you to wait! You could die then! Is it because you don’t know the power of Gauld?”

Miro looked back with cold eyes.

“Do you know that I am like you? That kind of guy, I can beat him right now.”


In any case, since she was a woman who could follow Gaold’s apostasy, Gangnan had nothing to say in response.


The cave rang again at Gaold’s scream.

“I’m going crazy with the annoyance!”

Miro, who rolled up his sleeves and strode forward, saw Autumn curled up at the end of the cave.

“hey! What if you’ve been like this for days! When it comes to protecting the world! I’m weak and fall for it!”

“go away.”

A hoarse voice echoed through the cave.

“Get out of my sight! Get lost! I mean disappear from the world!”

After shouting like that, Gaold poured out all kinds of heavy snow that he couldn’t bear to put in his mouth.

K | 99

Miro clenched her fists tightly and bit her lip, accepting all the words.

“ha! ha!”

Gaold let out a rough breath, and that alone was like swallowing a razor.

“Are you done? Are you feeling a little relieved now? How did you normally hold back because you wanted to tease me so much?”

“??????go away.”

Gaold’s dying voice upset Miro.

“Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t follow because I liked it. I want to make sure it ends. And now I’ve decided Also you can’t Let’s sort this out.”

“Okay, please go… …

“hey! you really!”

Miro, whose ax eye was raised, moved quickly with the momentum to swing his fist.

“Even if I go, I have to hit one!”

The moment he lit up the surroundings with flash magic and reached out his hand toward Gaold’s collar.

Miro couldn’t do anything and became frozen.


Perhaps even the light is painful, but the figure of Autumn, with his withered body crouching and trembling… … .

“… … hey.”

It was a state that could not be called a human being.

“you stupid.”

Unable to control her emotions, Miro’s face was crumpled with tears and tears flowed.

“What the hell is this?”

Gaold lowered his head in shame and hid his face, but his appearance was even more pitiful.

‘I’d rather die…

Even death seemed like a blessing.

“Why are you so stupid?” Only bones remained. Miro hugged Old’s body and leaned his cheek on her shoulder.

“Huh! Whoa!”

Feeling the trembling of the labyrinth transmitted through his skin, Gauld shut his mouth tightly.

“Ahh! Aaaaaang!” Perhaps for the first time in her life, having fully displayed her emotions, she couldn’t hold back her cries.

Humanity’s greatest seeker.

There was a huge crack in the spirit of the superman who did not tolerate even the slightest flaw.

that evening.

“after. after.”

As Autumn shivered in a blanket in front of the campfire, Kang Nan held out a spoon.

“Here, eat.”

Gaold’s mouth opened slowly, and Kang-Nan supported the spoon and slowly put in the food.

Miro’s eyes cooled as she sat on the other side and watched the scene between her knees.

“red. It looks very nice. Then I’ll be fine.”

“What does it matter?”

Kang Nan, who replied indifferently, put a spoon in the plate containing Mi Eum and stirred it.

‘ jealousy?’

I sued with an honest feeling, but it was ironic that Miro felt jealous of the world.

Gaold looked up.

“It’s a maze.”

When it was called for the first time after coming out of the cave, Miro stood up, showing her bright colors.

“why? Shall I feed you? After all, am I better?”

“Stop leaving.”

Miro narrowed his brows.

“Is that sound again? It’s my decision to leave… …

“You are in danger.”

Thinking Gaold had caught her, her lips tightened as she spoke.

“You are with me. You can’t fight if you don’t keep your mental state at its peak. You want to save the world. Go back to your seat.”

“What is my seat?”

“polar. Human emotions don’t suit you. If you are obsessed with one thing, you cannot see the whole.”

One of the reasons why the incarnation of the labyrinth, Thousand-Armed Guanyin, is powerful is that there are no blind spots.

She views the world from all directions and can plan an attack in any situation.

Miro slumped to his seat.

“I do my own thing.” If the heart is like that, if it was something that could be easily undone, it would have been done right away.

“If you can’t.”

Gaold held out his index finger.

“Can I help you?” A terrifying breath of life spewed out, and a gigantic air was compressed at the tips of the fingers.

Kang Nan gulped at the power that even the surrounding air trembled, and Miro glared at the fingertips.

‘Gaold, I’m really going to kill him.’ If the incarnation of the Thousand Arms Guanyin is properly used, an air gun can be avoided.

But being able to do that meant that he had already killed Gaold in his heart.


At the time Miro opened his mouth, the screams of demons were heard from the side of the cliff where the party was holding their backs.


It was still far from the core battlefield, but demons were everywhere in the central continent.

“Sheesh! Move!”

At the same time Gangnan woke up, Gauldwa, Zulu, and Miro scattered in all directions.

!三 r: T三 !三 = T三 I


Demons poured down the cliff like a waterfall, and those with the ability to fly covered the sky.

‘Air gun!’

Gauld turned the hand he had aimed at Miro and fired an air bullet towards the cliff.


The cliff was destroyed with a single shot, but the demons pushed through the smoke endlessly.

‘It must be over 100,000.’

It seemed that he was on his way somewhere.


Zulu’s summoned cougar jumped in as the air gun fired endlessly.


Gangnan, who was guarding Gaold’s side, destroyed the remnants with his fist, which had escaped the fire.

“The place is not good! Back off and do it!”

The distance with the allies was too close to end it with Pagye’s air press.

“A labyrinth?”

Zulu asked, stepping back after Gaold.

Only then did Kang Nan, who realized, looked around and pointed to one place with startled eyes.

“I-over there… … !”

Above the heads of the demons, the incarnation of the Thousand-Handed Guanshi Yin was shaking precariously.

“Come on!”

The incarnation of Miro attacked the demons, but the power was so great that it could not be seen as extreme.

“Puhahaha! It tickles me!”

“That’s it??????!”

The moment she turned her head, a huge club fell in front of her.

‘I missed it!’

A square is formed.


Right before Miro’s head was crushed, afterimages flew in and quickly covered Miro’s body.


The air shield’s shockwave exploded, and Miro confirmed who was hugging her.

“Go, Autumn?” A feeling of relief flashed in Gaold’s eyes as he inspected the maze.

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