Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 875

obituary (2)

Baska, the capital of Tormia.

On Allog Street in the administrative district, there was a luxury hotel where high-ranking officials stayed.

Hotel Desica, Room 1403.

Dante sat down at the table next to the window and looked down at the scene of the street bathed in the morning sun.

She was naked, without underwear, with her arms draped over her lap and an iced coffee in her hand.


What woke him up was an obituary delivered through the Magic Association.

The sound of running water in the bathroom stopped and a woman came out brushing her hair.

“what? Set the mood in the morning.”

As it was a hot night, she also sat down at the dressing table without thinking about putting on clothes.

The woman combing her hair asked, looking at Dante’s reflection in the mirror.

“Did you have a nightmare?”

Dante laughed.

“well. Could there be a nightmare more terrifying than the present reality?”

The woman hated philosophy.

“Today is really strange. don’t you wash? I have to go to work.”

The woman knew Dante as an employee of the Royal Records Management Department.

However, in reality, it was a factor corresponding to the second director of the National Intelligence Service, code black.

The fact that he had access to the top-secret encryption system, aka ‘rope’, meant that all of the country’s information was stored through his head.

said the woman putting on her makeup.

“I will be late today. I am going to meet a friend Don’t wait for me, go to sleep first.”

“There is no need for that.”

said Dante, turning to the woman’s back.

“Let’s stop seeing each other.”

The woman’s hand, which was applying lipstick, stopped abruptly and turned around with a frown.

“now… … did you tell me?”


In bed, another woman kicked off the covers and jumped up.

“what! Even me?”

She approached Dante and protested.

“How could this be? I haven’t even been I need to see you for at least a month!”

The woman sitting at the dressing table sighed.

“Are you tired already?”

I knew from the beginning of our relationship that he was a man I could never have anyway.

“It’s getting boring all over again. Life itself is boring.”

“Then what is the reason?”

Dante smiled in the halo of sunlight.

“The real thing is coming.” It was Tormia’s turn.

There was sadness in Sirone’s eyes.

“Fishaw is dead… …

It was predicted from the moment he became the host of the alien creature Argones.

But the question still remains.

“What do you mean by dead?” Amy opened her mouth.

“From what I heard from Fisho, the person who becomes the host of Argones has no limit on lifespan. Of course, it would be buried in the infinite proliferation of cancer cells, but it would not be possible to make a death judgment.”

“After the graduation exam, Fishaw left. He must have been locked up in an isolation facility.

There must have been many experiments, and no one knew what happened after that, except for a few in the kingdom.

Maya asked.

“Is that the only thing written in Iruki’s letter?”

Amy checked again.

“huh. Judging by the use of the word “immediately,” it is quite forced. There is nothing other than an obituary.”

“Iruki won’t miss it. maybe it’s confidential. You will find out when you go.”

Sirone turned to Maya.

“Your schedule must be busy, can you go? Fishaw’s Funeral.”

“Of course I should go. Because he was one of the people who stayed in my senior class the longest.”

He was a reticent older brother who always treated Maya with an equal attitude, even when she was the troublemaker of her senior year.

“good. Then let’s start right away.”

The temple’s permission was granted, but Amy was reluctant to leave her crew behind.

“Are you okay? Without a commander… … Tess tapped her chest.

“What are you worried about? i have I will take good care of you and join the main camp, so come and go safely.”

Ryan opened his mouth.

“I will stay here too. Will that work?”

Of course, Tess asked with a surprised expression, as she knew that she was following Sirone.

“what? Are you staying here?”

“From now on, there is no danger to Sirone since it is inside the defensive wall of the temple. On the contrary, the army of Hell continues to move south. At this speed, Tormia is also visible.”

Lian intended to become a shield.

“huh. Thanks, Lian.”

said Amy.

“If there are 3 of us, let’s ride the Kaidra. Arrive at Kazura, jump to Tormia, and then go to Creas.”

“After that?”

Iruki did not tell us the exact destination.

“Well, maybe something is going to happen? If not, let’s go to school. Teachers will also attend the funeral.”

Maya nodded.

“Ah, yes. We will all gather.” It seemed like it would be a heavy class reunion.

It was dawn the next day when Sirone and the others arrived at Creas City.

The scenery of calmly preparing breakfast was unfamiliar to Sirone, who had been to and from the battlefield.

‘It was originally like this.’

I finished a simple meal at the dawn restaurant next to the Tormia branch of the Magic Association.

“No one is coming out.”

There was no particular message from the association.

“It could be rather thorough. People who have anything to do with Fishaw should know, but other than that, I feel like it’s better not to know.”

After leaving the cafeteria, Sirone and the others headed for Alpheas Magic School as originally planned.

Contrary to what she thought she was just visiting her alma mater, when she saw the main gate, her heart was moved.

‘This is where everything started.’

It seemed a long time ago that he had climbed over the wall of Alpheas Magic School at the age of 12.

Amy and Maya were also standing next to Sirone, looking up at Archie with dim expressions.

“Let’s go in.”

A guard who checked Amy’s ID opened the way.

“What, what?” It was a nostalgic scene, but only the scenery was the same, and the atmosphere had changed greatly.

Everyone was walking in rows and columns, and even the young students had a fighting spirit in their eyes.

“Militarization of schools. It’s a war, so it can’t be helped.”

When I went to the principal’s office with a bitter heart, Alpheas and Olivia jumped to their feet.

“you… …

I was surprised for a moment, and when I thought about Fishaw’s death, my expression relaxed.

“You’re here. Welcome.”

The three bowed their heads.

“hello. Principal, Vice Principal.”

Looking at the three main characters of the golden generation graduating class, Alpheas smiled heartily.

“okay. Sit over here.”

While drinking Olivia’s tea, Shiro’s party heard about the situation at the school.

“The graduation exam has been abolished from this year. Students are drafted into the army right after completing their regular classes.”

“It’s unfortunate.”

“yes. The advantage of competition has disappeared, but above all, the content of education itself is quite brutal.” Because they were sent to the battlefield without exams, students had to undergo intensive practical training.

“You must have heard about the fishoes, right?” Sirone nodded.

“yes. What happened?”

“I do not know either. The temple controls the information. The funeral will be in three days.”

“Why three days later?”

“It must be a political issue. But the biggest reason is probably… … It must be because of you Sirone.”


said Olivia.

“I’m not sure, but rumor has it that Fishaw left you a will. On the condition that it never be revealed until you come.” Sirone blinked.

‘Pe show to me?’

Unless you had a deep friendship in your school days, there was only one thing you could think of.

‘The Great Wall of the Ivory Tower. Or Yahweh.’

It was a problem that could be dealt with at that level.

“Since you are here, how about looking around the senior class? Well, even those words are memories now.”

A trainee would be an appropriate expression.

Following Alfeas through the steel gate, 30 students were being taught by Shiina and Sade.

“More, more focused!”

The students, whose faces had turned pale, were casting their respective major magic toward the front.

“This is my morning class. The key is to continue casting magic without stopping.”

Shiina shouted.

“Karna! What are you doing! Get out of your mind!”

When I pointed at the female student whose power had weakened, she bit her lip and sat down proudly.

“Karna! you… … !”

“This is absurd!”

Silence fell upon Karna’s cry.

“What is this, every day! Same training, ridiculous intensity! You can’t even recover!”

“wake up. This is your last chance.”

When Shiina’s eyes were unusual, Mark, who was next to her, supported Karna.

“Karna, let’s try again.”

“Let go! I have to say something! It’s not magic. It’s just overkill! We’re here to be strong!”

Shiina took out the document.

“Mino Karna. From today, at Alpheas Magic School… …

Sirone is approaching.

“Wake up.”

Shiina hurriedly turned her head, and the eyes of the graduating class students were stained with astonishment.

“Sir, Shirone-senpai… …

These are the students who had grand dreams after hearing Sirone’s touching speech at the graduation ceremony.

And now, he has truly become the world’s best wizard and stands in front of his juniors.

“Get up and start training. Isn’t that the magic law? No, this is magic.”

Karna said with tears in her eyes.

“no. This isn’t magic. No change, no creation. Was your senior like this too?”

“Of course it was different from your time. But the essence is the same. When you have time to grumble, cast your magic one more time.”

If Karna had to pick the person she admired the most, it would be Sirone without thinking.

That’s why it was even more sad.

“why? What does that change? What’s left of doing one more thing right now?”

“I remember doing it at least once.”

Karna’s lips were tightly closed.

“Accumulate those memories endlessly. Because in the end, only that will protect you. That’s all.”

“That’s all… …

“okay. Don’t give me room in your head to leave such a hopeless event that you gave up because it was hard. catch your ankle someday But if you wake up now, there are no limits.”

Karna’s eyes regained a cool light.

“Of course there are times when you need to rest. Because I did too. But after seeing it, I got it.”

Sirone smiled.

“That I’m not good at anything.”

“… … haha.”

“When a wizard needs to rest, it’s not when he’s tired or tired. When a single break can increase the chances of victory, a wizard promotes a break.”

Sirone held out his hand.

“Can you control it? Are you a wizard too?”

“yes! Seniors!”

As Karna stood up with a smile, the students’ will soared like fire.

“good! let’s do it! I will never give up!”

Sirone, who had been watching happily, bowed her head to Shiina as she returned to her seat.

‘Sirone… …

Since he was no longer a disciple, Shiina also bowed her head and expressed her gratitude.


Mark’s magic exploded with greater power than usual.

‘Sirone-senpai is watching!’

Maria followed, and the other students put in all their mental energy, forgetting their fatigue.

‘Please advise me too.’

The world’s strongest wizard is watching.

For that fact alone, students’ concentration was at an all-time high.

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