Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 823

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Smille, Smille (3)

Omega Year 938.

It’s been 1,500 years since Ankera dismantled the Ultima System with an anecdote.

Still in Heaven, a small group of Gaians, led by Mackline Guffin, were fighting.

Numerous giants advanced to other planets and gave birth to a new human race there.

Some of them returned and became outcasts, and the river clan to which Ogent belonged was one of them.


A woman with blue hair that was as clear as water, growing to her waist, as befits the Gang clan, approached Ogent.

“Are you alone today?”


Ogent never showed his emotions to anyone in his family, but he sometimes smiled shyly in front of his younger sister.

“Because I only practiced swordsmanship, I had no friends until I was 22. A person becomes a single-minded person if there is no social activity.”

“Because I am comfortable being alone.”

Ogent doesn’t know exactly how old he is.

Of course, he must have been an outcast, but the first memory of his life was wandering around in the mountains like a wild dog.

It was Smille’s father, Damian, who took pity on young Ogent and adopted him.

“go back. If your father knows you’re here… …

Smille pushed Augent’s chest.

“now! Let’s talk about the troublesome things later, and go with me to the river in Marang. After a while, go swimming and grab something to eat.”

If Damian found out, the atmosphere would be upset again, but there was no one in the family who would break Smille’s stubbornness.

“You have to come back before sunset.”

“Because I know.”

The river of Marang, which arrived over a small ridge, was wide enough to resemble the sea.

‘ beautiful.’

Ogent liked to see the river.

“now! Shall we show off our skills for a while? My dad doesn’t let me swim these days.”

He didn’t like the way his daughter, who had been married, wandered around the river.

“That’s right, you’re an adult now… … Ugh!”

Ogent’s gaze lost its way and shook as he threw off his upper clothes.

“What are you doing?”

“Why is this? Everyone catches it like this.”

Of course, Kang’s clan were good swimmers, and it’s not the first time you’ve seen them fishing in this outfit.

The problem was that she was Smille, but rather she did not understand such an Ogent.

“Even if they are siblings, they are now old enough to be careful. father is worried

I can see why.”

“haha! My brother is too. When we were young, we used to take a bath together. How is this? If you look closely, there is a corner where you obsess in a very strange way. That’s why people say it’s sneaky.”


To Kang’s clan, Ogent was a timid, non-emotional, and eccentric who only practiced the sword.

‘Maybe it is.’

It was too difficult for him to show his feelings to others.

“So you meet girls and make friends. Since I only practice swordsmanship every day, I am ashamed to see my sister’s body.” Smille brought her arms together and lifted her chest.

“Well, though my body is nice.” Then he laughed and laughed.

“Don’t make terrible jokes.”

Augent was sad.

‘It’s like they’re really becoming siblings.’

Smille, who had a bold personality, would not have noticed the subtle changes in Ogent’s mind.

Perhaps because he was Ogent, who is at the peak of timidity, he thoroughly concealed his emotions.

‘I am a coward.’

A coward in the world who can neither approach her nor leave her fiercely.

“Anyway, brother, prepare and come in. I go first!”

Smille took a deep breath and entered the river with a graceful motion like a fish from a low cliff.

‘I hate getting wet.’

Augent sat down.

I could see Smille vigorously pulsating in the river where the sunlight was reflected.

It was nice just to see the river.

Smille, who enjoyed swimming for about 30 minutes, dived in earnest and hunted fish.

Even if there is no talent in swordsmanship, there is no one who can follow in spirit, so he did not come out of the water until he caught one.

“Smiele, let’s go back now.”

“Just one more!”

At that time when I shouted like that and dived again, the current of the river began to change rapidly.


It was a change that could not be discovered unless it was an ultra-sensitive Ogent.

After a while, fins came up over the current.

‘A primate?’

As an alien species, in the ecosystem of heaven

It was a huge fish weighing over 10 tons that could not come out.

“Smille! come out!”

However, Smille was already deep in the water.


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It was only when Ogent grabbed his sword and spurred off the cliff that he realized Smille in the water.

Schools of fish, pursued by the primate, were approaching her.

‘We have to go up!’

The moment she rose to the surface with all her might, what she saw was the mouth of a huge fish.


Just before passing into the belly of the fish, the head that had been severed from the gills rose upward.


Holding Smille’s hand, Ogent flew up into the sky using external gravity.

Dozens of fish jumped up, casting shadows over their faces.

“Hold tight!”

As external gravity radiated in all directions, Ogent’s body began to vibrate violently.

At the same time as the chiefs attacked him, his sword swung like a gale.

” wow??????

Looking at the fresh flesh falling into pieces, Smille gulped down her saliva.

‘looks delicious.’

On the other hand, Ogent ran through the air with all his might and finally arrived at the cliff.

“ha. ha.”

Smille gave a thumbs up.

“Brother, the best!”

“you idiot! Did you come to the river without knowing that it was the spawning season for primates? Where the hell have you left your mind?”

“Even you didn’t know.”

“Why should I know that? uh

After all, I… …

Kang is not a clan.

But if I say those words, I feel like I’m really nothing… … .

“Brother, I am hungry. Let’s go get something to eat.”

Auguste had no choice but to keep her mouth shut.

“Haa, anyway, the food is good.”

A small bonfire was lit and the trimmed fish was placed on a branch and grilled until golden brown.


“It’s late anyway, eat slowly. Chehala.”

Sumiele nodded, but her eating speed did not slow down in the slightest.

“By the way, brother, there was that earlier. just flying through the sky Is that swordsmanship too?”

“It’s a technique that takes the inertia out of the body. Quite difficult. But why?”

“Can I teach you that too?” Augent burst into laughter.

“you? Even if you haven’t mastered basic taijutsu, you can do quite a bit.”

Kang’s clan also had many capable warriors, but for some reason, Smille didn’t have that much talent.

“no. I will work really hard. huh? teach me.”

“It awakens all the senses of the body.” Augent spread his palms.

“Anyone can open and close a fist. But you have to go deeper to master your body.”


“It moves extremely slowly. Watch while you eat.”

While Smille mumbled, Ogent’s eyes calmed down.

At first, I didn’t understand what he meant, but after about 10 minutes, I finally felt it.


August’s five fingers were weakly bent.

“got it? slow. slower. One time to clench a fist is segmented for 10 hours.”

“I want to try it too.”

Smille spread her palms.


Oh Gent, who was observing his younger brother closely, added.

“If you stop, it’s over. It never stops, only keeps moving slowly.”

“okay. Say it slow.”

Smille’s expression was quite serious.

“ah! can’t do it! stopped again This is surprisingly difficult. Where did you learn these things, brother?”

“I never learned. It’s a method I developed after thinking on my own. It breaks down the senses of the body into the smallest units.”

Augent has no teacher.

“If I had to pick a teacher… …

Smille blinked and waited for an answer, but Augent prepared to leave.

“late. Let’s go back.”

The sun was already setting, so Smille was also tidying up without a murmur.


In front of the trail leading into the village stood an old man with light blue hair in a ponytail, holding a cane.


Damian, the chief of the Kang clan, watched intently as Ogent and Smille walked side by side.


As Ogent lowered his head, avoiding his gaze, Damian let out a sigh.

‘Ha, that’s really troublesome.’

never expressed

Even if he wasn’t his biological son, Ogent was also his son, and above all, he was the best warrior in the Kang clan.

No, should I say warrior?

Compared to Kang’s clan, who used ruthless swordsmanship, Ogent’s movements were so delicate and precise.

‘Even though they are of different blood, they grew up together. How can they grow up differently?’

Ogent’s talent for the sword, which no one in his family could match, also played a part in making him a loner.

“Let’s go back home.”

Seeing his father turn around without saying anything, August’s heart felt heavier.

Dinner time is a harmonious place for Kang’s family, who have good appetites, but the atmosphere was heavy today.

“Ogent, the pre-wedding ceremony is tomorrow. The people of the mountain clan will come. Of course, Smille’s fiancé.”

“I know.”

Before the ceremony, it was customary for the bride’s side to invite the groom’s family to a seven-day banquet.

“What kind of person is this, my fiancé? Even if you’re not handsome, I want you to be a strong person. like my brother.”


Ogent warned, but Damian’s heart was already disturbed.

“Ogent, what are you planning to do next? The river clan has been protecting the river for generations. Under the command of the strongest warrior.”

Although Ogent is the strongest, there were not many people who would support him because of his individualism.

“I will leave.”

Even Damian was surprised this time.

“Are you leaving?”

‘There’s no reason to stay here anymore.’

It was common for a chief’s daughter to marry into another tribe, but somehow it was quick.

‘It must be because of me.’

“I’m not talking about leaving. You are a mighty warrior and you are my son. But to protect the river… …

“For generations, the Kang clan has been in charge. I don’t deserve it. I have something in mind.”

“What if you think?”

“I want to improve my skills by going to various places.”

“Are you going to become a borderline?”

With Ogent’s skills, he could survive in purgatory, but as a father, his heart ached.

‘at last… … Am I going to run away again?’

was such a child.

Even if there was something I wanted, I couldn’t say a word, and even if there was something I was angry about, I just let it go by myself.

The eldest son was reliable, but now he knew how he felt about Smille.

‘Well, this might be the way it is.’ If they hadn’t adopted them from the beginning, the two would never have known each other.

“brother! Are you leaving suddenly? You’ve never said anything like that to me before, have you?”


Smille raised her voice.

“I’m sorry, is it over? My brother is always like that! What really matters is that you never tell me. I don’t know what my brother is thinking.”

What do you think?

‘Damn it!’

If it’s something that can’t be undone anyway, I wanted to shout coolly even if I left when I left.

‘Smille, I want you… … !’

It shouldn’t be.

Feeling the anger boiling up, Ogent put down the tableware.

“I will wake up first.”

“Where? Talk to me.”

Damian didn’t scold him even while he went outside ignoring Smille’s words.

‘I have to endure.’

Reasonable and cool-headed, Ogent did not have the courage to deviate even a step from the taboo.

‘I have to hold the sword. Control your anger.’

Anger was his only teacher.

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