Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 666

[666] To Radum (1)

A man who looked like a wild dog was approaching Radum’s back door, a place everyone knew but no one could enter.

“Sniff sniff. Sniff sniff.”

No, Chagall, who roams the nostalgia of the incident, could truly be said to be a stray dog.

His genius physical ability to operate as many as seven schemas is equivalent to the motility of a giant, which corresponds to the first stage of the anecdote.

The schema base he currently operates was a sensory system, and among them, it was a primary sense build that strengthens sight, smell, and hearing.

The nostalgia of La Enemy began to be felt clearly when the senses amplified 16 times through 4 times of ‘folding’ were added to the ‘grounding’ that strengthens specific abilities by folding parts of the schema.

‘Are you here?’

“Stop. It is an off-limits area for civilians.”

The Royal Guard guarding Radum’s back door stopped Chagall with a torch.

As Chagall approached as if he had not heard, the guards, feeling serious, drew their weapons.

“stop! Reveal your identity.”

“Sniff sniff. Sniff sniff.”

Seeing him sniffing like a dog, at first I thought he was crazy.

Like the way he dragged a large bag, and most of all, even with his long hair covering his face like a veil, his distraught eyes were clearly visible.

“Kill. I am responsible.”

At the command of the commander of the guards, the soldiers jumped over the barricade and attacked Chagall.

As more than 10 of his subordinates passed Chagall and fell to the ground, the guard’s eyes widened.

“Uh, how… … .”

What he could tell because he was not weak was that the madman who had just appeared was a master of a schema he had never seen before.

‘Support… … !’

Giving up the counterattack, the guards chief held the whistle and exhaled forcefully.

Chagall, who had been blown away, thrust out his arm and stabbed the dagger, and three knife cuts entered his throat almost simultaneously with a whooshing sound.

Before the breath even reached his mouth, it hissed out of the blade embedded in the nape of his neck, and the guard captain’s body fell over, spewing out a huge amount of blood through the hole.

The heavy bag containing the dagger fell to the ground with a thump, but it did not wake up Radum’s silence.

“La Enemy.”

A being who took everything from himself.

“I will kill you. again and again.”

Radum’s back door opened.

* * *

Around midnight, 20 Sirone mercenaries gathered in the clearing of the Silverling Guild.

It was a sight that felt the majesty of being able to endure even if they fell into hell.

Rufist and Jane were still wearing masks, and they intended not to reveal their identities until they entered Radum.

Anyway, the captain was Sirone, so there was no problem in commanding the troops.

“This is Sirone, the captain of the Sirone Mercenary Corps. Before departing, I will tell you what the mercenaries must do.”

Curious about the mission with the 10,000 gold reward, the members pricked their ears.

“From now on, we will infiltrate Radum.”

So far, no one has been shaken.

“What exactly will you be doing?”

Windfury Wig raised his hand and asked.

After losing the confrontation with Lian, the rank order was over and he was convinced, but it was true that he was more depressed than before.

“we are… … .”

After thinking about the right word for a while, Sirone said.

“I intend to occupy Radum.”


Finally, some members of the crew showed shocked expressions.

Radum is the dark side of Basuka, who is reluctant to touch even in the kingdom.

There is a public saying that they avoid it because it is dirty, but if it was a place where idiots live, it would have been wiped out immediately even if it was swept away.

“Occupying Radum? What are you talking about?”

Although it was a mercenary corps sponsored by Brooks mercenary broker and led by an ivory tower candidate, it was impossible to conquer Radum with only 20 members, a private military organization.

‘How should I convince them?’

The fact that only a few knew that Rufist, the head of the Magic Association, was included in the mercenary corps, and the existence of the Iron Tower, the core of Radum, was a state secret that could never be disclosed until the final mission was completed.

“I’ve been to Radum a few times.”

Kargin, who joined the mercenaries as a recovery mage, spoke up.

Even at the age of 70, he was a sneaky wizard who flirted with the women of the mercenary army.

“Radum is largely divided into three districts. The outermost slum area, the inner concealed facility area, and the core area known to exist in the center. There is a theory that the rulers of sub-races live in the core area, but no one has ever been there. It’s because the cover-up facilities of numerous organizations surround the core area.”

In the concealed facility area, sub-species organizations pursued by the kingdom and human organizations infiltrated for civilian investigations are mixed.

Their technology acted as a natural barrier that blocked access to key areas, maze- ing the cloaking facility’s area.

“Conquering Radum means eventually entering the core area. is there a way The number of cover-up facilities that need to be breached alone will exceed 100. The bigger problem is, all those security devices are made up of different systems. No intelligence expert can penetrate them all.”

The bicorn jumped to its feet when it smelled of danger from Kargin’s horse.

Armed with heavy gloves, he was an orthodox swordsman who used a long sword as his main weapon, and was a skilled man who could operate three schemas.

“okay! It’s not just a matter of fighting and dying! How do you attack the enemy when you don’t even know it well? You’re not saying you’re going to break through the security facilities one by one, are you?”

“I’m going to break out one by one.”

Sirone spoke frankly.

“It’ll take a while, but that’s the only way to get to the core area.”

“joy! security device? Who will unlock all of them?”

“Me and number 29 do it.”

At Sirone’s words, Kargin looked at the two in turn.

“Just the two of you? Is it magic?”

“yes. I can crack any security device.”

It was the power of the Ultima System.

“If I decode it, number 29 will unlock it. The odds are good enough.”

Having nothing to say, Bicon quietly sat down, but not everyone was convinced.

“who? I mean those two.”

Bromarch, a survival and trap expert, pointed to numbers 28 and 29.

“It’s not my taste to tackle after saying yes, but I feel uncomfortable. A mercenary corps was formed, so why are you hiding your identity?”

Everyone waited for an answer, and Sirone realized that he couldn’t just let it go this time.

‘Well, it’s a matter of risking one’s life, but it’s natural to be suspicious.’

“I’ll give you 100,000 gold.”

All of the mercenaries turned their heads at the sudden proposal of number 28.

“You can take it in kind, or you can deposit it in the guild’s bank.”

Silverling Guild wizard Kon frowned.

“wait for a sec. What the hell is going on with 100,000 gold… … .”

“Leave if you don’t want to.”

Number 28 turned to the crowd and said.

“On the condition that I and number 29 wear masks, I will immediately pay 100,000 gold to all mercenaries. If you don’t agree, you can’t join the mercenaries. It’s a matter that has been discussed with the captain.”

Everyone’s heads started to spin rapidly.

“Hmm, he’s from the King’s side.”

Kargin narrowed his eyes and looked at numbers 28 and 29.

Even if I’m not sure, the skills of those two are definitely different from other people including themselves.

‘Occupy Radum, Mask, Tesiya Aria, 100,000 gold. It’s only now that the hungry spirits match.’

Most of the mercenaries were thinking the same thing.

‘It is an unofficial mission of the king. Something we don’t know is happening inside Radum.’

So I’m thinking of closing it.

‘But I am also considering the possibility of failure. Is that why you hide your identity?’

If the fact that they moved from the royal castle is revealed as physical evidence, they will suffer astronomical damage in the secret negotiations that must have existed, and in serious cases, the capital could be terrorized.

‘It’s not an issue that a single bureaucrat can take responsibility for. and men and women. Those were Lufist and Jane.’

The president of the association and the chief of staff scrambled at the same time.

Due to the constitution of a mercenary, he dislikes the rigid way of thinking of Wangseong, but in this situation, it could be said that he felt relieved.

‘If he’s really the president of the association, he’ll know that we’ve already noticed.’

Still can’t take off the mask.

There is a difference between fake and real evidence in the realm of information, and for the crew, it was also the difference between being eliminated without knowing or legally.

‘I’d rather not take off the mask.’

“I will.”

Everyone paid attention to Bromark.

“If you deposit 100,000 gold into your family today, I won’t care who the mask is or what it does.”

Bromak spread his arms and spoke to the crowd.

“Does everyone need to worry? When did we work with people? The moment they pay us, the mask becomes their employer.”

If you’re going to go into limb anyway, it’s best to avoid power sapping.

Although not persuaded by Bromarch, there was no one who could not calculate the balance between money and survival.

“I agree.”

A woman carrying a quiver raised her hand.

A woman named Joshua, the only archer in the mercenaries, her quick and accurate shooting and eye skills were excellent.

“But, I will take it in kind. That too right now.”

Kargin asked.

“100,000 gold? Even if you get the highest grade, you can get 100 of them?”

“doesn’t care. You can put it in the Kubrick.”

Joshua showed the ring.

“Kuh, you’re a woman who doesn’t trust people. Then she cut off her finger.”

“Do it if you can.”

Joshua’s eyes lit up like a cat’s.

It was an eye technology called cat’s-eye that could identify objects even in the dark.

“I will chase you to the ends of hell and kill you.”

“Cheerful, with a temper tantrum… … .”

Kargin clicked his tongue, but he didn’t seem to hate it.

‘I mean I like it.’

Rufist said.

“I will proceed with the understanding that everyone agrees.”

There was no objection, and Sirone stood up.

“Then the payment for 100,000 gold is over and we meet again. We are leaving at midnight, so please take care of it as soon as possible.”

Through Jane, Rufist paid 100,000 gold to all members except for the core members in their own way.

Those with families wanted money, and those who were single preferred Kubrick, as did Joshua.

Around the time the bell signaling midnight struck on the side of the castle, the Sirone mercenaries rode out of the Silverling Guild in a wagon.

After driving for about 30 minutes to reach Radum’s back door, Joshua was the first to notice.

“I smell blood.”

No matter who said it first, as they prepared to jump out, Lian opened the window and climbed to the ceiling of the carriage.

‘It’s quiet.’

Joshua, who had arrived next to him, activated Cat’s Eye and looked everywhere.

“There is no ambush. There are fourteen corpses.”

The crew got off the carriage in perfect order and Sirone approached the scene of the incident.

The back alleys of the slums were the only way to enter Radum, and the guards had collapsed in the narrow streets.

“This… … .”

Murderer’s fingerprints.

Now even Sirone knew who the culprit was.

“As expected, you came in first.”

Lufist approached from behind Sirone’s back.

“The fact that he came in means that La Enemy was ‘present’ here. Maybe I can catch a big fish.”

If Mayray can identify Ra’s purpose through her voice, Chagall can sense Ra’s traces.

Closing Radum is a key goal, but if priorities change, you’ll have to think about it.

‘What is La Enemy?’

It was an unknown sound to some members, but now no one was arguing.

The payment had already been made.

“Sirone, it’s a great life.”

Sensing a murky desire rising from the other side of the narrow alley, Lian grabbed the handle of the sword.

“It smelled like something to eat.”

Sirone turned to Lufist.

“Are you going to eat it?”

“dead body.”

Rufist pointed to the body of the guard and said.

“It is the highest quality food that contains all the nutrients that humans need. because you are human That is why outsiders call the inhabitants of Radum this way.”

Rufist’s gaze aimed at the darkness.



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