Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 661

[661] Mercenary Recruitment (5)

‘I’ve been aiming for this from the beginning.’

Another tactic of Lufist is to have Sirone form a mercenary corps and participate as a member of the mercenary corps.

Right now, when the association was unavailable, the best choice was a small number of elites, and in that case, it was the right choice for the head of the association, the strongest, to step forward.

‘Sometimes they say I’m the captain.’

Although he was stabbed in the back of the head, it was a good thing that his helpers were strong, so Sirone passed on without noticing.

“Uh, then… … .”

Examining the documents, it was written that the name was not disclosed and that the main specialty was espionage and assassination missions.

‘I decided to eliminate the unknown, but… … .’

Arya is the document reviewer, so there’s no such thing.

He probably calculated this far and included her in this operation.

“I will test it first. Both of you are sorcerers, shall we see the Spirit Zone?”

“I will do it first.”

Number 28, a man presumed to be Lufist, stepped forward.

When Sirone gulped at the tension of evaluating the spirit zone of a certified first-class archmage, a tremendous killing spree came through her synesthesia.

‘It’s a surprise!’

Offensive Spirit Zone spews thorns in all directions, but all the thorns were currently focused on Sirone.

In a situation where he had no choice but to pass even if he danced, when he seriously showed his skills, he was slightly embarrassed.

‘Am I going to get eliminated?’

At that time, Lufist’s spirit zone trembled slightly and transmitted information through Sirone’s synesthesia.

As if reading braille with her fingers, Sirone completed the sentence by combining stabbing signals of hostility.

– No. 213 must pass.

‘I’ll take care of it myself.’

Sirone grumbled inwardly and handed over the documents to Arya.

“Thank you for your effort. Number 29 is next.”

When Jane, the chief of staff, entered the Spirit Zone, she felt a liquid-like synesthesia that contrasted with Lufist.

‘He’s a spirit-type wizard.’

I know Arin, who was blessed by God in this class, but his mental fluidity was so great that he was not inferior in the slightest compared to her.

‘It feels like being submerged in the sea.’

Said Sirone, who had passed the document number 29.

“Thank you for your effort. Successful applicants will be notified after the first evaluation. I wish you good results.”

“i look forward to.”

Sirone stared as Numbers 28 and 29 left the vacant lot and entered the building.

‘No. 213? Are you a strong person?’

In any case, it was something to watch.

When we moved to number 30, the talented players began to mix.

By the time 100 passed, 20 people passed the first test, and it was the turn of 121.

“Come in next. huh?”

After checking the name of number 121, Sirone tilted her head in disbelief.

“what? Why is this person… … .”

As I slowly raised my head, a person I knew was standing in front of me.

“This is how we meet, Sirone.”

“Teacher Ethella?”

The appearance in the shabby cape was completely different from what I saw at school, but it was definitely Romi Etella from Alpheas Magic School.

“Why are you a teacher?”

“On the way, I heard that a mercenary army was being organized. I hope for a good evaluation.”

Etella politely bowed her head in the attitude of a spectator.

‘Something must have happened.’

It is right to follow the principles of society after graduating from magic school, but the feeling of being reunited in this way was quite strange.

I didn’t want to evaluate the school teacher, so I was nervous, but she took the posture of the martial arts.

‘Phew, it looks like you’re being evaluated by schema. It’s fortunate.’

Then, this time, Ryan’s eyes became serious.

‘Is this person Etel?’

He was the person Sirone had praised so much that he was talking about an anecdote in heaven, and he certainly had an unusual energy.

Ethella, who was swinging her arms slowly, issued a regime that could be said to be the basis of the Yin-Yang wave realm.


The demonstration ended with that, and Sirone, feeling empty, turned her head to check Lian’s expression.

I couldn’t read the emotions on the face that was pensive with the chin resting on it.

‘Are you really okay with this? I’m sure you’re good at it, but… … .’

From the point of view of those who are not familiar with martial arts, it was not possible to find a significant difference from the blows of other test takers.

“Yes, thank you for your hard work.”

In a sense, you might think he was ignoring the examiner, but Lian’s tone was polite, and he marked the documents as acceptable.

“I hope to see you at the second car.”

Leaving without saying anything to Sirone was a determination to join the mercenaries seriously.

“Rian, was it some kind of great skill?”

When Sirone asked the reason for passing the exam out of pure curiosity, Lian licked his lips in embarrassment.

“Actually, I don’t know.”

“what? You don’t know?”

“I’m judging, but honestly, I don’t know much about technology or theory. After all, my swordsmanship was also honed in real battles.”

It belatedly came to my mind that Rian had been evaluated as not talented enough to drop out of swordsmanship school.

“Then on what basis?”

“There is only one way. It’s assuming that I take the attack myself. And when Mr. Etela screamed at the regime… … .”

Rian turned to Sirone and said.

“I had goosebumps all over my body. I don’t know why. No matter what technical brilliance there was. I thought that I would not want to fight if possible, so I just decided to enlist them as allies.”

Lian, who had no technical talent, was all about the senses he had refined in actual combat.

So, if his instincts warned him that way, Sirone had no reason not to be convinced.

“Yeah, I understand.”

As the number of successful applicants increased, my heart felt lighter.

‘From the president of the association to teacher Etella. Maybe I don’t have to take responsibility for everything.’

By the end of the year, most of the test takers had finished the test, and it was the turn of the 199th, the last of the 100th.

Arya checked the documents and smiled as she rested her chin on the table.

“It’s finally here, my secret weapon.”

The two people who listened to her also checked the documents, and Lian’s face hardened the moment he saw the name.

“no way… … .”

The sound of footsteps approached, which made me feel that something was out of place just by hearing it.

A man walking with a limp, wearing a long sword with a center of gravity concentrated at the end.

The sleeve covering his right arm, which had been severed from the shoulder, fluttered whenever he moved.

‘Parka Quan.’

I heard that he threw away his right arm himself, but the atmosphere was so different from before that he checked his profile.

It was clearly written that he was an instructor at the Kaizen Swordsmanship Academy.

“It’s been a while, Rian.”


He was a person he respected as a prosecutor, but looking back on his memories, he couldn’t find any good memories.

Sirone was surprised as well, and turned to Arya as if seeking an explanation.

“What happened?”

“Quan-san, who will be my bodyguard this time. How do you feel?”

Sirone knew Kuan’s skills better than anyone else.

“But how does Mr. Arya know Mr. Kuan?”

“What are you talking about? How could I not know the Kaizen Swordsmanship Academy instructor? Besides, he’s now acting as a civilian investigator in the area we’ll be doing our missions for. In many ways, it’s perfect for entrusting my security.”

‘You were in Radum.’

He had even heard that he had been working with Maze since returning from heaven.

“Then maybe Armin-san or Sein-san… … .”

“no. Currently, I am the only one in Tormia.”


Quan frowned when he showed a look of disappointment because he thought he might meet Miro.

“why? Am I not trustworthy?”

“no! It’s never like that… … .”

Lian stopped talking.

“Okay, let’s proceed with the test. If we don’t pass anyway, we can’t work together.”

It was an opportunity to get revenge on the Kaizen swordsmanship academy.

“He was once an instructor, but he has no special privileges. I wish you all the best.”

Quan didn’t even snort.

“Stupid as ever.”

Ryan’s eyes widened.

“What is it! Have you forgotten who is the judge now? I am not the old me!”

‘Hmm, sure… … .’

He had become a completely different person from what he had seen at the swordsmanship academy.

Having heard of Lian’s achievements while helping Miro, he wanted to check his skills, but first he had to pass the public test.

“Then, try swinging your sword a little.”

Unlike Ethella, Lian watched with her chin resting on her face in an attitude that showed no tension at all.

As expected, Kuan drew the sword in a hurry and changed direction while limping on his right foot and started cutting.

“… … .”

After a while, Lian, who was supporting his chin, slowly removed his hand and took a straight posture without realizing it.

His expression, as if bewitched by the trail of the sword that slashed the air with the soft sound of the wind, contained surprise and sadness at the same time.


I know it’s there, but I’ve never been able to clearly recall the trajectory.

Swinging the sword without missing a day, there was a trail that Lian wanted so much.

‘Is the sword of genius this beautiful?’

Lian also grew up, so he was at the level of a sword that could be analyzed.

After wielding the sword for about a minute, Quan skillfully inserted the sword into the scabbard and grumbled.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, thank you for your hard work.”

Even if Quan was the enemy, he would have no choice but to pass the exam.

Aria added.

“We’ll talk more about it after the test.”

Kuan nodded and left the evaluation room, and candidates from the 200th class began to enter.

I was tired from the long screening, but when it was my turn to number 213, as Lufist said, I was awakened again.


It was a girl in her mid-teens with a completely different atmosphere from the veterans I’ve seen so far.

Her hair was jet-black bobbed, and even her thick coat couldn’t completely hide her bony figure.

Sirone, who was watching Dasogot standing with his hands together, checked his profile.

My name is Mayray. He was a wizard, and he was born in the kingdom of Gallon, not from Tormia.

Gallon, which borders the Kingdom of Kazra to the north, is called the Holy Kingdom, but each country defines their god as an evil god.

Sirone’s gaze, unable to find anything special besides that, was fixed on the last unusual thing.

‘Regular eaters.’

It was not revealed what kind of ability it was, but there was no doubt that it was a necessary ability for this operation.

“Please begin.”

Mayray opened the spirit zone with a nonchalant expression.

As a 15-year-old, I couldn’t feel particularly great, but I could feel the unique temperament of a regular outsider.

‘This is why you informed me.’

Even if you are a regular outsider, if you don’t have the basics, you can’t survive in Radum, so if you didn’t listen to Rufist, it was highly likely that you would have been rejected.

Sirone, who checked the pass, turned over the documents and said.

“Looked good. I wish you good results.”

Mayray still stared at Sirone without leaving her seat.

“Is there anything you want to say?”

“Is your brother Sirone?”

Hearing her voice for the first time was as clear as a stream and addictive.

“Yes, what about it?”

“He is afraid. Because oppa is touchy.”

Sirone frowned at the incomprehensible sound.

“Who is afraid of me?”

“La Enemy.”

Sirone’s eyes widened.

“How did you do that… … ?”

“I can hear you.”

Mayray covered her ears and said.

“I can hear the voice of Ra.”

Acet Mayray, a person who corresponds to the Qing Dynasty of the Great Purification Period.

She was an outsider who could eavesdrop on God’s frequency.


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