Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 570

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[570] Reaction and response (2)

As Cayden’s body blurred, Sirone saw an empty training ground.

It was a speed that could not be caught up without Armand’s strengthening of nerves.

‘Was he this strong?’

In my senior year, I didn’t even know that I was handling a sword.

And when it came to holding the sword, Cayden’s skill was incomparable to that of Cayden’s magic.

‘This is just a prosecutor!’

A wide curtain spread, but Cayden pierced through it and swung his sword.


The blade that had grazed Sirone’s throat disappeared again.

Sirone, who cast the shotgun movement, moved with 8 flashes of light, but Cayden arrived and was waiting.

Grabbing Sirone’s head, Cayden charged with ferocious force and slammed his face into the trunk of a tree.

“die! die!”

Pulling Sirone with all his might, he stretched out his arm ready to crush her skull.



The trunk of the tree cracked open, and Sirone’s eyes gleamed as he hit his forehead.

‘Poems of fire!’

1 second ago.


As the trunk of the tree quickly approached her eyes, Sirone compressed the photon into her hand and swung her arm.

With a bang, the tree trunk snapped in the middle.

“what… … !”

As Cayden’s center of gravity tilted forward, Sirone twisted and pierced Cayden’s abdomen with a single photon cannon.


Feeling the impact of being hit by a hammer, Cayden’s body flew all the way to the center of the training ground.

After wiping the blood from her forehead, Sirone rolled backwards a few times, then struck the ground with her sword and glared at the crouching Cayden.

“This child… … ! Gagging!”

Cayden’s eyes shifted from focus, and he vomited blood.

‘damn! What happened?’

What was more unbelievable than the shock was the strange question that was now floating in my mind.

‘I didn’t feel any discomfort.’

The battle unfolded naturally, so the current result is acceptable.

‘That’s the problem. That it’s natural.’

I thought I had already secured my victory, but before I knew it, I was the one who suffered damage.

‘I’m sure there won’t be a shock to the head.’

If a swordsman’s standard against a mage is to disrupt his concentration, the best vital point is his head.

It is one of two things to have a counterattack of conversion in a situation where the brain has already been shocked several times.

Whether it’s mental durability or some kind of ability.

Normally, the former would have a high probability, but Cayden, who had a sixth sense, could not ignore the second option.

‘What the hell is that?’

A radiance of light shimmered from Sirone’s body.

* * *

“The 3rd scramble has been summoned.”

“The coordinates… … .”

Iruki saved it in his head as if taking a picture of the screen with a quick glance.

‘It’s the 2,000th training ground.’

That’s the nearest coordinate.

However, before casting teleportation, Iruki stopped walking and looked up at the sky.

“… … .”

In some cases, there are times when you have to make a choice even if you are not sure.

‘Once bitten, there is no going back.’

Iruki turned over the master card screen and checked the status of all participants.

Like Sirone, most of them collected two random cards.

It is standard to choose random when the value of the hand is relatively low, but there were also a few people who chose black and white for the second card.

‘It’s like betting Caen on the 3rd section or watching until the 4th.’

I understand so far, but the problem is this.

Eden’s hand is ○○ (saint).

It may be too early to judge, but only she collected white cards again without choosing random.

‘Maybe he’s thinking about a match in the third division.’

Iruki casted space movement.

‘It can’t be.’

The place he was heading to was not the coordinates of the scramble he would acquire, but the place where Eden was supposed to be.

‘It’s not the time to collect scrambles.’

When the cards were collected, the current status was recorded on each master card and the coordinates disappeared, so they roughly guessed the location of Eden.

‘Of course there may be no Eden. But it’s worth it.’

Because Eden will collect white cards again.

○○○○○○ (infinite), the strongest loser in Scramble Royale.


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It was a strategy to collect all six white cards within today and destroy the opponent’s scramble from tomorrow.

‘According to the strategy, even if we destroy only one card per order, our team will lose 36 cards for the remaining 6 days.’

Also, the reason this strategy is possible is that she is a specialist in defensive magic with zero attack power.

‘You think you can protect it until the end. After all, she’s non-violent, so there’s no need to hang Kang.’

That’s the big picture of the united team.

The collection of cards had to be prevented before Eden collected six and was granted a free roll.

‘This is the point.’

A scramble was shining in the center of the iron bar of the bridge that could not be crossed.

At the same time, Eden, who had arrived by teleportation, appeared on the other side of the bridge.


Although it was impossible to see each other’s eyes from a distance, the atmosphere created by the situation was conveyed through the air.

‘It’s a speed battle!’

Two flashes of light shot out and curved down the center of the impassable bridge.

‘Atomic Spring.’

Upon arriving, Eden casts a defensive magic as Iruki explodes around the scramble.

‘Saint Barrier.’

The spirit zone emitted a white glow, pushing back the flames of the explosion.

‘Sheesh, isn’t it okay to do it right away?’

The Servant, Iruki, is much faster than other detonation mages in calculating equations, but if it was powerful enough to destroy Eden’s defenses, it was something to think about.

Eden stood up on the iron bar of the impassable bridge with both legs together.

“I didn’t collect scramble.”

“Because other people’s scrambles look bigger.”

He replied as a joke, but Eden’s expression grew colder.

“Iruki of the Servant. I admit quick judgment, but can you push me away?”

The brilliance of Saint Barrier shone even more brilliantly.

‘Certainly picky.’

Defense wizards usually have numerous defense countermeasures by property and skill, but the magic of Eden, the cleric, was only Saint Barrier.

The fact that a single defensive magic can block all types of attacks means, on the contrary, that it is vulnerable to all types of attacks.

However, it was a different story when it came to the omnipotence of Eden, who is said to be the best believer in the religion of Jordan.

Eden opened his arms as if inviting him in.

“So what are you going to do? are you going to fight me Or why don’t you try it, Kang?”

Iruki laughed bitterly.

“I will not. You won’t get it anyway.”

There is no need to hide the hand at random because he is determined to respond to all Kang with Pao.

‘Anyway, Eden’s attack power is zero. If that’s the case, there’s no reason for me to open my random hand by beating Kang.’

Eden looked at Iruki, who was lost in thought, and slowly moved towards the scramble.

“Then scramble is me… … .”

“Don’t move.”

Eden’s steps stopped again.

‘As expected, he cares.’

Eden’s strategy seems perfect, but there is room for digging.


No matter how powerful the defense magic is, if the battery is canceled, it will inevitably become defenseless.

There’s no way that Hercy didn’t think about canceling or Armand.

However, the choice of Fermi, who controls Hercy behind the scenes, is Armand in the end.

Even if Eden’s strategy was slightly disrupted, he decided that blocking Armand’s fighting power was the most urgent priority.

‘It hurts my pride a little.’

Eden still didn’t move, but his mouth was alive.

“Do you think you can? One second is enough for me to scramble. I need to analyze my batteries in it.”

“One second. In my head, I went on an overseas trip.”

At that time, when the tension was high, the flash came bent and landed exactly behind Eden.

That alone was able to gauge the opponent’s skill.

“You are late.”

When Eden spoke without looking back, Frings stood up and said.

“I’m sorry. The distance is quite far.”

Iruki’s stomach burned as he laughed.

‘Damn it.’

The probability of getting a scramble was extremely low with Frings, who was ranked 3rd in the graduating class, and Eden with defensive magic.

Eden asked with a more relaxed expression than before.

“how is it? Can I still do this?”

‘This is a promised play.’

It was Hershi’s calculation that if it was Iruki, he would see through it in the beginning and act.

Even so, the reason why he couldn’t pull himself out was because he shouldn’t have Eden collect any more white cards.

In the combination of hands with the best level 6, the saint (○○) and religion (○○○) feel different.

While I was lost in thought, the noise of space movement came from behind Iruki, and Amy landed.

Realizing that it was not the promised play, but realizing that he had the same thoughts, Iruki raised his lips and said.

“You are late.”

“It’s not too late.”

He looked at Amy, who slowly stood up, with the same eyes as Frings, and said.

“You chose the wrong helper. If it’s Amy of the flames, then I’m the Frozen Frings… … .”

Amy stopped talking and held up her Master Card.

“Frings, Kang.”

An electrical signal ran through Frings’ head.

“Amy walked Caen.”

His brain was spinning rapidly in a situation where he would lose if he didn’t decide between kang and pao within one second.

Before arriving, Amy’s hand was ⓡⓡ○, and Frings’ hand was ●○●.

‘Walking Caen with confidence means you’ve captured the Third Reunion? I can’t be certain. Maybe he’s expecting me to shout Pao. It’s a matter of psychology.’

Numerous languages ​​were compressed into a single lump in the realm of feeling and stuck in my brain.

‘There is a 33.3 percent chance that Amy is a member of the Third Division. Even if it’s a draw, it’s an advantage for us.’

If it was a game of probability excluding psychology, it was a figure worth trying.


When Kang collided with each other, Amy’s random card was revealed on Master Card.

○●○ (Sambuhoe).

“… … .”

Lulu’s signal came in.

“We lost at Caen. The cards in your possession are discarded. No harm can be done to Amy until the next scramble summons.”

Frings, who made a decision in the silence, put his index and middle fingers together to his temple.

“Then, I’m done… … .”

“Don’t stand there, you bastard!”

As Frings teleported away, Amy immediately followed.

Iruki confirmed the direction the two left.

‘The movement match will be close, so it will be difficult to steal the master card.’

Amy can also be called the striker of the Sirone team, but Frings was also a formidable opponent.

“Anyway, now we’re two again. Shall we stick together? Whether your movements are fast or my thoughts are fast.”

Eden kept his mouth shut.

-If you meet Iruki in the beginning… … .

Hersy’s advice lingered in my ears.

– Just give me one piece and throw it away. It’s best not to come into contact with Iruki for 7 days. Because the value of a single card is not higher than the battery being analyzed.

Eden took a slow step back.

“Okay, give it up. But can I take the second one so easily?”

‘It’s probably difficult.’

Knowing that Iruki has started moving, the combined team will design a more complex route.

In the worst case, you may never meet Eden.

‘However, the combined team loses the sum of the distance traveled. I have no choice but to find a way to destroy it.’

As Eden cast space shift and disappeared, Iruki approached Scrumble.

He has currently collected two random cards, and the result of opening is ○●, which is a meaningless full loss, but if you choose 100 here, the third party is complete.

‘Even if you choose random anyway, there’s a 50% chance of catching the third party. Besides, I can completely hide my hand.’

Iruki, who changed the scramble to a random card, opened it right away, and a black card came out, and ●○● (Republic) was completed.

“Haha, I’m smart, but I’m out of luck.”

Anyway, now is not the time to engage, so he put aside his lingering feelings and cast Shining Magic toward the sky three times.

‘It’s a call signal!’

All of the sirone teams spread across the campus checked the sky and threw themselves.


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