Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 382

[382] Volume 16 – The Meaning of Survival (4)

* * *

Reading level 3.

It was a place where swampy areas spread all the way to the horizon.

At first, they all stood in the air using fly magic, but they fell into the swamp one by one after drinking poisonous gas rising from the swamp.

The reading began from then on.

The students who fell into the swamp screamed with distorted expressions so that their original faces could not be found.

I didn’t know it, but it was obviously a terrible pain.

The students floating in the sky gritted their teeth and endured.

But everyone knew, that they had to go in there anyway.

The association is communicating through survival programs.

The power of Mother Nature cannot be defeated with magic. The power to survive to the end is not magic, but the wizard’s will.

Students in the air started vomiting.

The students who fell into the swamp were getting hit by it, but I couldn’t even think that something was already falling.


I heard Nade’s sigh. Slowly tilting his head, he turned to Sirone and said.

“See you later, Sirone.”

Starting from Nade’s fall, the students began to follow him one after another.

Sirone couldn’t stand it any longer. A muffled voice escaped from his mouth.

“okay… … . Nade.”

* * *

The students who were eliminated from survival crawled out of the virtual zone one by one.

Placing ice towels on their heads, they sat away from the device and rested.

Collie, who checked the virtual zone’s instrument panel, said.

“Severe cold level 3, reading has ended. There are currently 8 survivors on the red team and 7 on the blue team.”

said Olivia.

“Hmm, surprisingly, a lot of people survived, didn’t they? Certainly this year’s graduating class is at a high level.”

“Because there are outstanding kids in Class Three, and Fermi and his friends are still there. Of course, there are no clumsy kids in Class Two.”

Alpheas said.

“Step 4… … Is it ‘cut off’? The weight of the match will be tilted here.”

The level of difficulty presented by the Magic Association as a criterion for certified wizards was level 4.

It’s because here you experience real death, not just pain.

dozens of times.

* * *

Whoa oh oh!

Listening to the sound of the wind blowing from the abyss, Sirone was in the midst of an endless fall.

If you have experienced extreme natural environments so far, the fourth stage is a mechanical space.

It was inside a huge chimney whose depth at the bottom could not be measured.

Hundreds of thousands of blades were rotating fiercely without any gap to escape, cutting the students into pieces.

Death was of an incompatible nature.

Every time a terrible and tragic emotion hit my head, the spirit zone was destroyed and the dropouts continued one after another.

Sirone bit his teeth hard.

Has it been dismembered and reconstructed about ten times? It was as if he was saying, ‘Are you going to hold on like this?’

A huge blade awaits, drawing an afterimage like a tray. There is probably no way to get through it alive.

‘Hold on! Hold on!’

Sirone penetrated the afterimage of the blade in an instant. However, his body had already been separated into three pieces.

What should I say about the feeling of looking at the two legs falling before the face?

There are dead people, but no one has ever died, so human language will never find an accurate expression.

Other students were in the same situation.

Stabbed by a blade protruding from the wall, she paused her fall for a moment, then shabbyly moved on to her next death when the blade dislodged.

“Huh uh uh uh!”

With her body reconstituted, Sirone inhaled the air as if a fetus in her belly had just taken its first breath.

‘Ugh! Rather kill, kill!’

Anyone would have thought that when they saw dozens of drills meshing like teeth waiting like a floor.


Sirone fell there.

tutter trumpet tuck!

And in an instant, the body was ground and poured down like juice.

* * *

“cadet! shit!”

Nade wakes up in the Virtual Zone annoyed.

Iruki, Amy, and even Fermi and the others couldn’t stand it and bounced off and rolled on the floor.

My head felt like it would break, and I was vomiting. It was common for them to vomit and spit out a long sigh.

“driving me crazy. Why do I always get stuck at step 4?”

Amy’s expression as she wiped her lips was not good.

Maintaining the Spirit Zone even after death is impossible without a strong obsession that transcends life and death.

Seeker. religious person. killer.

Whatever it was, from now on, it was the world of those whose mental state was beyond the realm of criminals.

That’s why it wasn’t strange that Iruki was eliminated.

“You die when you die, what next?”

You shouldn’t create something to die for in the first place. It was a stage that did not make sense to his head, which abhors uncertainty.

Jeolsa clearly met the association’s expectations.

Quite a few dropouts occurred in the 4th stage, and most of them were crawling out of the virtual zone with deathly wounds.

“Oh, I’m going to die. Hey, are you okay?”

Nade approached Iruki, rubbing the back of his neck. Iruki’s eyes turned to wonder as he looked back at him.

“No way, did you fall too?”

“uh. My head hurts and I am going to die.”

After thinking for a moment, Iruki asked.


“Why? What do you mean?”

It was Iruki who thought that if it was Nade, he would pass through the jeopardy easily. But as soon as he thought about something, he agreed.

‘Maybe this is a natural result?’

Nade doesn’t think about things after death. Perhaps it is an intentional suppression.

This is because if his spirit were to go beyond death, a normal human like now would be absolutely impossible.

“no. let’s go anyway I am so dead that I am going to die.”

Collie looked back at Alfeas and said.

“After 30 seconds, you will enter the 5th level of King of Kings. Shall we open the vision?”

“Hmm, King Chung… … .”

It is a world that cannot be defined by theory from now on, since it has exceeded the standard of professional magicians, ‘death and death’.

It was necessary to open the vision and check the condition of the students, as it would cause fatal damage to the mind.

“I’ll open the vision.”

“yes. I will activate the master device.”

When Collie manipulated the device, a large, concave, curved hologram appeared in the virtual zone’s air.

In the graduation exam, a huge hologram appears on the ceiling from the beginning, but even with the current vision, the situation inside the program could be clearly confirmed.

– Entering the 5th stage of the virtual cold weather program, Chungwang.

“Ugh! What is that!”

When the scene of King Chung appeared in the vision, the dropouts gathered in front of the Virtual Zone frowned in horror.

All sorts of nasty bugs swarmed endlessly. The sight of hundreds of millions of insects seemed to move as if the earth was moving.

The survivors were probably suffering from being buried by bugs somewhere out there.

5th level King.

It was a place of fear, loathing, and pain to the point where I thought I’d rather die.

* * *

The sight of entangled insects incites the natural fear of humans, but this time, it wasn’t just watching.

They penetrated the skin, nerves, and intestines to deliver real-life sensations.

The pain of digging into every hole in the body and eating flesh didn’t just end in death.

As those who could not stand it continued to appear, the place where the insects were piled up like graves began to stir up and down.

Somebody, surrounded by worms as if smeared, jumped to his feet and began to scream and struggle.


Eider, who had collapsed in the Virtual Zone, took over the screams that erupted from the virtual world.

“… … Aaaaagh!”

Shaking his body and rolling on the floor, he struggled on his limbs and tried to crawl out somewhere.

“Ouch! Aww! Aww!”

no one helped him It’s because he gets a bigger shock if he gets close to him in a state of severe shock.

Still, Eider quickly regained his stability, perhaps because his talent had passed the test.

“Heo-eok! Huh!”

At the boundary between the virtual and the real, he looked around left and right with a terrified face, and tears welled up.

“Oh, this is really scary.”

“… … .”

How could it not be scary?

Those who were eliminated from the death toll saw Eider’s appearance and thought it was fortunate that they ended up in the 4th stage.

On the other hand, the expression of the screamer was not good.

I don’t know about other sports, but Eider has been getting good marks since last year in the survival evaluation, so he was brought into the blue team.

But as expected, this time too, he couldn’t go beyond the 5th stage, and Sirone, the target to be most wary of, was still in the King of Kings.

‘Sirone endures what Eider can’t stand?’

Nade was thinking the same thing. While watching the Virtual Zone with an ice pack on his neck, he said to Iruki.

“Eider guy, but you went all the way to level 5, right? You’re young and pretty, right?”

“No matter what, I am currently the youngest in my graduating class. Even if you don’t know the skills, you must be sure that you have the talent.”

The difficulty of King Chung did not compare with the cutoff. Starting with Eider, students began to drop out one after another.

Canis frowned and straightened her upper body, and after a while Arin slowly opened her eyes.

Unlike Eider, they calmly took care of their minds.

“Canis, are you okay?”

“so so. It’s much harder than expected. After level 4, the spirit zone becomes too sensitive.”

“There are too many bugs secreting toxic substances. It’s hard to keep your mind still because it goes into your gut and shoots you.”

‘You sound like immobility. Crazy guys.’

It was Arin’s evaluation like an expert in the spirit field, but the students who were eliminated before the death of a woman were just absurd.

With worms crawling through the intestines, it was natural that he looked crazy, since he was doing toxic substances and immobility.

But that’s why it’s called gyeongji.

It was a sensation that could never be understood without reaching the realm of depth that could not be measured by numbers.

‘Everyone is amazing.’

While the dropouts gathered in the Virtual Zone, Maya was still staying at the resting place.

Although she was the first to drop out, her recovery was the slowest, and no one paid any attention to Maya.

The harshness of competition is understandable. But it saddened her that she didn’t even consider her as a competitor.

She went to Sirone’s friends. They were the only people in her senior year doing her the least favors.

“Amy, are you okay? How are you feeling?”

Hearing Maya’s voice, Amy turned her head.

“huh. I think we’re fine. you?”

“I’m a bit more comfortable now. Sorry. I was eliminated in the second stage.”

Maya lowered her head as if she had no face. She felt sorry for not being able to live up to the expectations of Shirone, who accepted her as a team.

“are you okay. In fact, I was also very upset. Don’t worry too much.”

Amy rather comforted Maya. She knew what stage 2 pain was, so she couldn’t be blamed.

“however… … Will Sirone be okay? It hasn’t come out yet.”

Amy examined the Virtual Zone. All of them were eliminated in the 5th stage, and only the last two people were lying side by side.

It was Sirone from the red team and Fermi from the blue team.

“Anyway, the balance was maintained until the end. Whoever wins over there wins.”

Maya surveyed the vision floating in the air.

It was disgusting even when I saw it from a distance, but seeing the screen in front of me made me vomit again.

‘How do you survive in a place like that?’

She was too scared even with the 2nd stage Ice Jade. But someone is struggling even in such a terrible place.

‘If it were me, I would have just died.’

Maya couldn’t bear to see the vision. But he didn’t look away until the end because you were fighting with Shiro who believed in him.

“I-over there… … !”

Boyle pointed at the vision with a look of astonishment.

The bugs swayed, and Sirone slowly stood up.

“Three, my God… … .”

Maya’s face turned pale.

The other students were also shocked, their mouths wide open and unable to look away from the vision.

Sirone’s appearance was so great that he couldn’t bear to see it with his own eyes. In some parts, the flesh was completely covered and the bones were visible, and in some parts, the skin was swollen and rotting.

Maya couldn’t believe that the human mind could withstand such a thing.

Sirone, who had completely relaxed her body, had her arms drooping and her head down.

The corners of Alpheas’s mouth went up at the sight of the bugs not even moving even when they tore through his skin.

“It’s quite the way. It is complete immobility.”

It’s not that I don’t feel pain or disgust. It was a dehumanized state of maintaining concentration in any situation.


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