Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 378

[378] Volume 16 – Entering the competition system (2)

Students’ reactions were varied. In particular, Class Three did not even understand what had happened.

“Sirone wins. Sirone gets 3 points. Dorothy has zero points.”

Despite the stern tone of the evaluation teacher, Dorothy just nodded her head in agreement and went back to her seat.

I knew that there weren’t many people in my senior year who could compete with Sirone on a par with Shirone anyway. That was the conclusion Dorothy came to after seeing her 2,000 fights with Dante half a year ago.

I might be able to last for about 10 minutes if I gave my all, but it was a foolish decision to give up something bigger for just one point.

manipulative magician.

In particular, those who manipulate real objects like Dorothy lose 80% of their power when the manipulated objects are damaged.

‘Because I can’t spend a week repairing the doll.’

If she had to fight for 10 minutes against Sirone, who was shooting mass-filled photons relentlessly, the doll would become a lump of scrap metal.

Anyway, since there will be an interpersonal battle next week, the conclusion I made now was the best.

Sirone came down from the training ground feeling possessed. He took 3 points, but was still dumbfounded.

Iruki and Nade approached with curious expressions.

“what? What happened?”

“That, you know… … .”

Sirone confided in Dorothy the suggestion she had made before starting.

Friends couldn’t help but be absurd. No, I never thought that there was a possibility of earning points in this way.

Nade quickly skimmed through the schedule.

“When am I going to do Dorothy?”

Iruki’s palm hit the back of Ned’s head.

“ouch! why do you hit I was just joking… … .”

“I read 10 percent of my sincerity. Anyway, Dorothy is not going to use the same strategy. It must have been a conclusion based on Sirone’s personality and the circumstances of her relationship with Amy.”

Sirone turned to Dorothy. He was still sitting alone with an expression that could not read his thoughts.

“I had a strong feeling to use the information I got from the Courage of Truth. That’s why I declined too. I guess you guessed my tendencies.”

“I thought he was blind, but he is quite calculating. So will other students. The real value comes out when you go into practice.”

Nade touched the back of his head and cried.

“Aren’t you just a weird kid? I just don’t know. You’re not taking sides because you’ve been confessed to, are you?”

Iruki raised his eyebrows.

He was the one who heard that Dorothy loved him in The Courage of Truth. Of course, it was a light remark that was not worth worrying about, but it was also true that it was the first confession she received from a woman in her life.

“No bullshit, just know that from Class 2 onwards, it’s a fairly advanced level. We should be vigilant too.”

Nade didn’t look suspicious.

“It seems to be taking sides… … .”

Iruki changed the topic.

“Anyway, it’s your turn next. Opponent: Fermi. Do you have any strategy in mind?”

Nade was also nervous as his turn approached.

“well. For now, I’ll just do what I normally do. If something comes out of there, gear up.”

“You don’t have to push yourself too hard. Because it’s still only one week. Besides, Fermi is going to lead this year anyway. In short, today’s victory points are not that important to you.”

If Fermi became first in his senior year anyway, the relative loss would not be so great whether he won or lost.

But Nade thought differently.

He had no intention of giving a rough estimate, as he was expected to be the greatest enemy of Shirone and Iruki.

“I know. But if you draw out Fermi’s skills, it will be easier for you to strategize when fighting. First of all, I’ll focus on winning, and even if it’s a draw, I’ll at least try to figure out how strong I am.”

Another confrontation was over at the Icheon-beon training ground, and the evaluation teacher called Nade and Fermi by name.

Nade raised his thumb and headed for the training ground.

First, when we arrived at the center of the training ground, Fermi walked leisurely while appreciating the surrounding scenery. It was as if an office worker was taking a walk after lunch.

Feeling that he was being ignored, Nade glared at Fermi with cold eyes.

Fermi’s smile, on the other hand, was the same.

“Oh wow, your eyes are bloody. Since it’s the first day, let’s take it easy, junior.”

Nade didn’t even snort.

Regardless of whether or not the graduation exam was fixed, he had a debt to pay.

Last year, Sirone was trapped in the labyrinth’s space-time and fell into a near-death state.

At that time, it was Fermi who led the student council to admit Sirone’s death and go through the funeral process.

‘Do you know how much I annoyed you? It’s probably only now that I can relax.’

The two crossed their eyes and backed off. Fermi turned first, then Nade turned and walked away.

While shaking their limbs and warming up in their respective positions, the color of the electric signboard changed to green, yellow, and red.

As soon as the 2,000 times system was activated, Nade jumped out with electric shocks in both hands.

‘I’ll dig everything about you in 10 minutes!’

3 minutes after that.

“Fermi wins! Earn 3 victory points. Nade 0 points.”

said Fermi, cooling his face with a hand fan.

“Phew, that was dangerous.”

Unlike the horse, there wasn’t even a single drop of sweat on his face as he walked down the training ground.

Nade was kneeling like a doll with a thread cut in the center of the 2,000 training ground.

Thanks to the synchro rate of 80%, I was not shocked enough to lose consciousness, but the psychological shock seemed considerable.

Nade’s eyes were blank as he looked at the ground.

After not showing any signs of moving for such a long time, Shirone and Iruki hurriedly ran.

“Hey, Nade, are you okay? Get your mind right.”

“I was totally blown away. Let us just take it.”

Grabbing Nade’s arms, the two dragged them like a sack and left the training ground 2,000 times.

As the students burst into laughter, Amy sighed and shook her head.

‘Aww, those idiots…’ … .’

Although he was made fun of, it wasn’t that he couldn’t understand Nade’s feelings.

The battle between the two seemed intense at first glance, but Fermi’s mental strength gauge did not drop below 90%. That means he allowed very few effective hits.

In fact, Fermi drove Nade into a groggy state with only 36 types of prescribed magic without using any special major magic.

Just as clothes get wet from drizzle, Nade wouldn’t be able to pinpoint exactly what had happened to him.

Sirone worriedly shook Nade.

“Nade, calm down. Are you okay?”

Nade stood up as if he had never done that.

“Of course it is fine. Are you sure you’re going to fall like this?”

Iruki asked.

“What happened? You said you’d hold out for 10 minutes unconditionally?”

Sirone could not hide his regret.

“Aren’t you reacting too poorly? Try pushing a little harder. Then it would have been quite a hit.”

Nade turned his head away without answering. Then I stared at Fermi’s back as he walked to the other side of the training ground.

“Sirone, be careful.”


“That guy… … Really strong.”

Sirone sighed softly.

It was a confrontation with a good chance for Nade if he pushed just a little bit more.

All I could see was that I was careless.

“Of course it is. Because I beat you.”

Fire lit up in Nade’s hot eyes.

“Because it’s real! Do I look like I just lost?”

“okay. Anyway, let’s not worry too much about the 1st loss. After all, you can’t fight the same opponent twice. Forget about it quickly, too, and do it properly during the evaluation tomorrow.”

Iruki understood Shirone’s feelings.

Even when he saw it, it was a battle that left him wanting Nade to push a little more aggressively.

But Nade… … It didn’t.

‘It’s rare. How could this guy call someone strong?’

It was the first time I had heard of it in six years.

But if Nade says so, you need to be wary. It’s because he has a beast’s sense of smell when it comes to combat.

‘I didn’t feel it. After all, is it outside my cognitive realm?’

It was the only case where he could thoroughly hide his skills in front of the entire senior class.

Anyway, Sirone, who had no way to know Nade’s past, was just heartbroken over her friend’s defeat.

Thinking that Nade’s first loss should not affect Iruki’s win or loss, he quickly changed his mood.

“Iruki, don’t be careless either. Binder has never stood out, but unexpected ambushes are always like that.”

As always, Iruki was at his own pace.

“There is no carelessness in my dictionary. I’ll finish it in three minutes.”

‘That’s careless… … .’

Shirone’s thoughts did not reach Iruki, who had already left.

Iruki encountered Binder in the middle of the 2,000th.

True to his dislike of appearances, he made eye contact for a moment, then turned and walked away.

“Iruki, it’s an honor to meet you like this.”

Binder spoke to Iruki’s back.

As if he wasn’t just talking, his eyes were shining and the corners of his mouth were raised in a mocking way.


“He’s the son of a Mercody albino. You are the leader of the dragon mines.”

Iruki completely turned around with his hands behind his back.

“Someone like that comes to my house sometimes. But what about that?”

Binder pointed at himself.

“Do you know what my advanced class theory grade is? 100 points. It is one of the best records in the history of Alpheas Magic School. And nobody can break my record. Why? 100 points.”

Iruki scratched his head.

“So what do you want to say?”

“I will go into the dragon mine. No, one day I will definitely become the head of the dragon mine.”

The head of the dragon has been occupied by the Mercodyne family for 300 years.

As such, the family also pointed to Iruki as the next head of the dragon.

Binder had officially challenged the Mercodyne family, not Iruki.

“Listen, Iruki. The best intelligence in the kingdom will be me, Binder, not you.”

Iruki, who was lost in thought, strode forward.

Binder, who was full of confidence, flinched and backed away when the opponent approached without warning.

“What, what? The confrontation is after 2,000 operations… … .”

Iruki quickly reached out with both hands and tightly gripped Binder’s arms.


“… … what?”

“Please do. It’s something I’ve heard since I was born, so I’m sick of it now. You bring down my father and become the head of the dragon mines. I’ll cheer you on. Go for it.”

After saying that, Binder turned around and stared blankly at Iruki’s back as he walked away.

Then, soon, his eyes burned with anger.

‘what? Is that what you’ve been hearing since you were born? Are you sick of it? Do you even know how many scholars shed blood and sweat just to cross the threshold of the dragon mine?’

Binder’s fist trembled.

I don’t like revealing my strength from the first week, but it’s a different story with Iruki. He was determined to destroy his future rival.

As soon as the light came on at the second thousandth, Binder shortened the distance by teleportation.

A battery of 100 points in the theory test made it possible to use all basic magic with near-perfect detail.

Three sets of fireball, wind cutter, and ice spear alternately crossed each other and flew in.

In response to the frantic attack, Iruki opened a distance and activated the Bomblet Barrier.

Hundreds of mini-bombs unfurled the orb’s curtain. Explosive noises erupted in succession as the magic was hit by bombs.

“joy! That has already been analyzed!”

Binder held out his index finger and fired the air gun, which is the basis of the press series.

It was a cool magic for Sirone, but its power was so weak that it could not be compared to Gaold’s.

However, the hit rate was quite good.

As the magic flew through the dense arrangement of the Bomblet Barrier, Iruki flew up in an instant.

After transforming into fly magic and staying in the air, Binder held out his hands with his eyes shining.

“I knew it!”

Glowing spheres of fire coalesced between the palms.

‘Did you think only the battery would be perfect? Even if you look at people funny, there’s a level!’

The flames of the Flame Strike burned in Binder’s hand.

It is difficult to use unless you are a flame major, but Binder’s perfect batteries easily surpassed beginner fusion magic.

“This is it!”

Convinced, the binder cast desperate magic while taking a magical action of stretching out his hand.


However, the fireball that was supposed to shoot out like a shot went out in front of his eyes.

‘no way… … Cancellation?’

Goosebumps down the nape of the neck.


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