Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 361

[361] Magic Association (7)

“okay. that’s why you came here Then once… … huh?”

Gaold looked back at Gando and Fleur, who stood like borrowed sacks of barley. After thinking for a while, he said in a puzzled voice.

“Why are you here? Don’t you know it’s a level 1 security area?”

“Ah, that… … .”

When Jiandao hesitated, Kangnan let out a sigh.

‘Memory gone again.’

Sirone is a key resource that can bring significant changes to this project. Even if he didn’t show it, he could tell that Gaold was also quite agitated.

“go back. We have something to do quietly.”

“all right.”

As Gaold waved his hands as if chasing flying flies, Gando shyly walked to the lift. There was no way that even Gra, who was in charge of Gaold’s bodyguards, would not follow the instructions.

But Flew remained in place.

‘I was always by your side. The president of the association brought you here, right?’

I know Gaold is losing his memory, but that hasn’t eased my feelings. In fact, isn’t Sirone, whom she first met just 10 minutes ago, still lingering in her head?

“Flu, what are you doing? Let’s go up.”

Gando spoke in a worried voice, but Fleur insisted.

For more than two years, he claimed to be a member of the Gaold Guard and performed numerous missions. He can’t do this to himself.

“Please stay here.”

Gaold, who was walking towards Sirone, stopped abruptly. As he slowly turned his head, something abnormal hovered silently in his eyes.

“just now… … What did you say?”

Flew screamed even louder as he sighed.

“Please stay here! We are also subordinates to assist Gaold-nim!”

Gando shook Fleur’s shoulder with a pale face.

“What’s wrong, Fleur? Are you crazy?”

It wasn’t that I was standing there calmly because it was a flue. Her heartbeat reached her ribs, and her terrified eyes turned to the ceiling, avoiding Gaold’s gaze.

“Cheuk, kuk, kuk.”

Kneeling, Gaold crouched like a beast spying on its prey. A heat haze rose from her shoulders and top of her head as if the air was heating up.


“yes yes!”

“Since I became the president of the Magic Association, I have never been involved in an assault case. Do you know what the reason is?”

Flew slowly lowered his gaze to Gaold. When I saw his face with the grotesque tearing of his mouth, fear struck me as if my heart stopped.

“One hit and they all die.”

Gando was startled and backed away.

‘this! It started.’

Flew’s vision darkened and he saw a hellish landscape of brimstone fires. The horrible screams of the hungry ghost gnawed at my brain, enough to make me want to rip off my ears.

“Uh, uh… … .”

Flew’s pupils curled upwards of their own accord. His knees trembled like a dog being poked with a stick, and the flowing tears soaked his face as hot as blood.

‘Oh, I’m scared… … !’

I felt like I would do anything to escape this moment. But it was a betrayal of Gaold. Everything about her collapses in an instant.

“Huh! Whoops!”

Flew closed her eyes tightly and shouted with all her might.

“I respect you!”

At the same time, the scenery of hell disappeared.

But her soul, which flew far away, still did not think of returning. In her trance, her words sprang out at will.

“I respect you! I’ve admired it since I started learning magic! I can do anything for the president of the association. So please let me stay here!”

‘Flu… … .’

Gando looked at his direct subordinate with pitiful eyes.

Gaold is a man who has gone too far to be the goal of life. It was not easy to suppress the trembling when standing in front of him, even for himself, a certified 4th grader.

But this time, for the sake of his beloved subordinate, he mustered up the courage to take a step forward.

“Me too, please! Please do not doubt our resolve!”

Gando stopped beside Fleur and bowed.

Gaold stared at the two of them, lost in thought. But in reality he was not thinking at all.

“Then whatever.”

Gando’s face went blank as he consented so easily that he collapsed. Flew still didn’t understand the situation and only sniffed his snot.

Kang Nan clicked his tongue in annoyance.

‘anyway… … That’s why I’m called crazy.’

Gaold is not bound by anything. We only act according to the emotions of the moment.

It was only natural that his brain’s memory had gone bad, but the reason he was still alive without being stabbed was because no one in the kingdom of Tormia could harm him.

Gaold walked to the center of the bunker, took out a cigar from a distance facing Sirone, and lit it. Smoke escaped like a ghost through her parted lips.

“Yes, the fact that Gangnan brought him must mean that he saw the potential. From now on, I will judge for myself. If it meets my criteria, we might be on good terms.”

It would be hard to feel good if the evaluation was done without hesitation, but it was not an unacceptable line if the president of the association was put on the line.

The only disturbing thing was what he had done to Flew a moment ago. What had happened to her, who had always been full of her confidence, sobbing with her fear?

‘Are you really okay? He seems a bit strange.’

When he didn’t hear an answer, Gaold said amusedly.

“It is not forced. We don’t need a weak will. If you don’t like it, go back now.”

“If it’s an evaluation, what do you evaluate?”

“I have only one hope for you. Let’s see Ataraxia.”

It was as Sirone expected. If a certified first-class archmage found himself only a student, he could only see that he was interested in Ataraxia.

“Do it at full power. It’s an opportunity that won’t come again in your life.”

‘Maximum output?’

At first I didn’t understand what you meant. Then, when he encountered the speculation rising from Old’s body, his anxious thoughts flashed through his mind.

“no way… … Shoot?”

“okay. Whatever it is, show your best organs.”

Sirone’s face turned into an embarrassment.

In his opinion, Ataraxia is siege magic. It’s not worth casting on people unless you really intend to kill them.

“But this isn’t even two thousand.”

“of course. that’s why you brought Because the true value of magic is the most accurate way to confirm it with your body.”

Only now did I realize it clearly. Gaold is crazy. How could you make such a demand if you did not intend to turn a man into a murderer?

“It is too dangerous. The president of the association may get hurt.”

Gaold narrowed his eyes, blew out a cigarette, and burst into laughter.

“Puhahaha! This is the funniest joke in recent times. A kid with no hair underneath.”

Shirone’s face turned red, and she cried. Regardless of the authenticity of the joke, it was a complete disparagement.

Of course, Gaold is the strongest wizard in Tormia. But ataraxia was also an archangel’s ability.

“I mean it. Maybe even die.”

Gaold waved his hands as if brushing away the remnants of laughter.

“Ah, yes yes. Then, from that moment on, you are the president of the Magic Association. The people here are the witnesses. how is it? Is it a super-fast promotion?”

‘I’m not even listening.’

Sirone opened his eyes wide and focused. Seeing what ataraxia is with your own eyes will change your mind.

A point of starlight born in the air drew a circle while drawing a curve.

The moment Halo was born, Flew’s forehead wrinkled. An intense pain pierced his temple.

‘This is the materialization of Halo, Immortal Function.’

I heard that the more sensitive the sensitivity, the stronger the impact. As expected, Gando squinted one eye and exhaled, perhaps feeling considerable pain.

On the other hand, Kang Nan checked the time with a calm expression. Ga Old also sucked on a cigar to make her cheeks look slimmer, then put her mouth together and made a donut out of the smoke. It was as if it couldn’t be done this fast.

‘It’s real, this guy… … .’

It was the first time I met someone who could be completely free in Halo.

Having calmed down her excitement, Sirone decided to go out a little further.

Upon integrating Ataraxia, the colors began to construct concepts that transcended the human knowledge base as flashes of light struck from the front.

“wow… … .”

Fleur’s mouth fell open.

Ataraxia, which I had only heard about through rumors. I knew it was an archangel’s ability, but I just wanted to know how amazing the magic a student cast was. But even she, who graduated from the Royal School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at the top of her class, couldn’t understand even 10 percent of the concept of being integrated into Halo.

‘How could that be? How many replacement batteries will it take?’

Ataraxia is complete. As the hundreds of small magic circles spun like gears and radiated light, Gaold looked back at the intensity.

“how is it?”

Kang Nan looked at the pocket watch in his hand.

“One minute and two seconds.”

“Hmm, it’s a little shorter than before.”

Pak! Gaold flicked out his cigar, and sparks exploded like fireworks, sending the tail of the cigar to the wall. Grabbing one of his legs behind him, he slowly lowered his stance, facing Shirone with an oblique angle.

“Then shall we begin? Come in.”

The moment Gaold took his stance, Bunker’s temperament changed. If wizards were omnipotent in the Spirit Zone, everything here was controlled by Gaold’s will.

Even so, Sirone was conflicted. Ataraxia belongs to the trigger type of magic. Once he passed the photon cannon, there was nothing he could control.

Kang Nan’s voice was heard in his ears.

“Sirone, I would have told you. This is a transnational issue.”

Sirone was still looking at Gaold.

“I can’t go into details yet, but we are serious too. If that’s your belief, you can go back now. But if you are bound by the moral code, know that that too is presumptuous.”


Sirone let out a deep breath as if to let out his thoughts. There was no way out now. The only thing he could do was to bet on the title of first-class archmage.

“let’s begin.”

When Sirone opened her eyes, a photon was born with a popping sound in front of her. The more the mass was concentrated, the louder the voice in the heart became, but he resolutely ignored all sounds and increased its power.

‘From now on, I can’t control myself.’

Sirone sent out a photon cannon while biting her molars.

As the sphere of light passed through Ataraxia, the bunker turned white.

As a result, Fleur’s mind also went white. A tidal wave of enormous mass. It felt like being thrown in front of the phenomena of a transcendental world untouched by humans.


An intense blasting sound broke through the roar of flashes.

As the atmospheric pressure in the bunker increased explosively, the energy of the photon cannon was compressed in front of Gaold’s palm. It was the best defensive magic in the Air series, the Bakum Press that only Gaold could use.

“Uh, how… … ?”

Sirone couldn’t believe it even after seeing it with his own eyes.

It was neither sustained nor avoided. Literally took the photon cannon by hand.

The photon cannon, already depleted of energy, floated in Gaold’s palm. When he clenched his fist, he made a small pop and disappeared in vain.

Gaold looked back at Sirone and said with a smile.

“It is inconsistent.”

Silence passed. No one in the bunker could speak.

‘fail? I?’

Sirone realized belatedly that he hadn’t even thought about not being able to pass the exam in the first place. He just hoped that no one would get hurt with Ataraxia.

Gaold threw the wind-blown coat over his shoulder and walked towards the elevator.

“Kangnan, you are right. That guy is useless. send it back.”


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