Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 344

[344] Main character of life (4)

As the law was lifted, the tourists who regained their human form were horrified to see the naked body. There was an uproar. The women screamed and covered themselves, while the men panicked and looked for a place to hide. Sirone’s party asked for help from the people outside the city wall and managed to evacuate everyone to an inn.

Sirone sat on the railing of the cafe terrace and watched the tourists packed into each building.

There were people who said they would sue the tourism office, and there were people who screamed loudly to call the manager.

They also met the beings of heaven. It was impossible to predict what kind of repercussions today’s events would have.

Sirone looked back at Gangnan. She also faces the tourists, but in her head it was her wandering face.

“Now what? Are you going to convince people?”

“Is it necessary?”


“We don’t have to worry about trifles. People from the association will come. They will figure it out.”

“But it will be difficult to rectify with time. What if rumors spread?”

“We just need to publicize it as if the myth of the Ice Queen was real. Believe it or not, you’re polluting information. But it doesn’t matter if you tell the truth. Even if you know it anyway, it’s not at the level that ordinary people can do anything about it.”

Gangnan experienced this situation often. When information about heaven spreads to the world, it seems like chaos will happen, but I assure you, nothing will happen.

People will still worry about what to eat for the day, wake up over an important contract tomorrow, and worry about how to raise their fast-growing children.

Gangnan looked back at Zocre and his group. He stuck to his side and didn’t fall off, even though he didn’t give any specific instructions.

They know it too. that it is not a situation they can rectify.

But it was just a nuisance to Gangnan.

“Your treatment will also be decided by the Association. So don’t follow me and go away. If you want to run away, you can.”

Zokre and the others bowed their heads sullenly.

I fully understand what it means to have the Magic Association as an enemy. Even if he goes to prison, his wizard license will not be revoked as long as he belongs to the Red Line. However, the moment they ran away, the only place they could belong was the Black Line. In the world of those caught in madness, Zocre and his party did not have the ability to endure.

“yes. sorry. When the members of the association come, I will surrender.”

Amy silently looked at Zocre and the others as they walked away. This was the life I could share with them. No matter what happens, you have to live in the end, and you have to live fiercely to become the main character in your own life.

After some follow-up, Kang Nan prepared to leave. Before uttering her words, she stared at Sirone.

After disarming the Keumgang, he looked much younger than expected. Of course, I’m not stupid enough to judge someone by their looks.

However, once I entered the association, I thought that these characteristics could be a headache.

That’s why Gaold’s proposal was unconventional.

“Sirone. We must start now. I’ll be waiting for you in the carriage, so hurry up and follow me.”

“yes. I’ll be there soon.”

Sirone was planning to follow Gangnan to the Magic Association. He was also curious about how things were with Miro, although the fact that he didn’t have a chance to face Gaold face to face played a part.

‘If you go to the capital, you’ll be able to meet Lian. Tess too.’

Sirone put on her backpack and approached Amy.

“Sorry. Because it ended up like this.”

I didn’t have the face to see Amy. She wanted to enjoy her vacation properly this time, but she put her in danger again.

“I tell you, I will never travel with you again.”

“haha! I’m really sorry. I have nothing to say.”

Amy smiled and shook her head.

“Thank you, Sirone. Thanks to you, I have confidence. I think I can work hard again now.”

Sirone felt it too. As well as the ability to subdue Zocre’s party, the super-heated Inferno was a magic that was difficult to implement at the same age as Amy.

I had an epiphany during the battle, but I didn’t ask about it. If there are 100 people, there are 100 realizations, and no one can follow Amy’s style. The day will come when we will talk and listen.

“I’ll call you when I get there. And Dante, thank you for doing me a favor. Take good care of Amy.”

Dante shrugged. She suddenly ended up escorting her rival’s girlfriend, but it wasn’t to her detriment. Heaven and the time-space of the labyrinth, Sirone and Amy seemed to be guessing something. I had plenty of time on the way, so I thought I’d ask about heaven.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but it’s good to go for now.”

“okay. See you at school then.”

When Sirone left, Dante and Amy also turned around. On the way to the exit, Dante pointed to the cafe and asked.

“A copy before you go? Of course, as long as you live.”

“How far will this go? buy some! You have a lot of money!”

“Uh huh. I escort you to the house, but at least coffee… … huh?”

Dante felt the presence and turned around. She was standing there with a large backpack on her back just like Lyria had seen her for the first time.

Now that the ruler has been sealed, she must return to the Akeanis Shrine and report back. She probably thought that after today she would never see Dante again. A wizard and a mage are good and bad, because they go on different paths from the beginning.

However, Lilia still had regrets. If he hadn’t met Dante, this dispatch would most likely have failed. It’s hard to imagine a wandering mage sharing feelings with someone, but because he relied on a lot of things, he couldn’t relieve his feelings like cutting with a knife.

“I’ll buy you coffee.”


Dante read Lyria’s liking revealed in her eyes. She was truly a woman who could not hide her emotions. She wasn’t the type to enjoy dating, but she wasn’t careful to stop a woman from coming, so she hugged Dante by the shoulder and pointed at her somewhere.

“good. coffee is done Shall we go somewhere quiet?”

Lyria’s face heated up as she looked at the direction Dante was pointing at. There was a sign that said Tteokhani Inn.

Lilia, who doesn’t know the world, couldn’t help but be shocked by the instant love method.

“Gee, now… … what… … sound… … .”

“haha! no need to subtract You’re old enough to know everything anyway. Let’s not waste our time.”

Lyria grunted and groaned. I thought I could accept her self-centered personality, but her circumstance with women was unacceptable.

“It’s like a flirt! Let go of this!”

When Lyria pushed away, Dante backed off meekly.

“A flirt? What did we do, are you already wishing?”

“it’s okay! I’m suddenly out of my mind! I don’t need them all, I’ll go back to the shrine!”

Dante laughed. If her relationship had gone this far, he had no reason to catch her.

“okay. Be careful.”

‘Indifferent child… … .’

When Dante really let her go, Lilia felt sad. But she didn’t look back all the way. If I turned my head here, it really seemed like there was no going back.

“If something interesting happens, write me!”

Lyria blinked at Dante’s voice from afar, then burst out laughing.

Air servant Dante. 18 years old.

2nd in the order of aspiring wizards in the kingdom of Tormia.

‘Whoops. I’ll remember.’

After letting Lyria walk towards the horizon with a bright expression on her face, Dante and Amy headed for the exit again.

I was about to leave the ruins of the castle, which I hated just looking at, but Zokre and his party were waiting for me at the ticket gate.

It was a very dignified face. She couldn’t completely hide her fears, but she didn’t seem to want to appear weak.

Vivian came over to Amy.


Amy shook her hand. This incident was no child’s play. It was seen that the situation was equitable by their being arrested.

“it’s okay. Because you and I fought according to our convictions. You don’t have to apologize just because you lost.”

“no. The one who saved me in the end. If I had died then, there would have been no next time.”

“That’s what… … .”

Amy shyly shook her head. She honestly wasn’t the only one acting for Vivian. She was the one who made the Jade King Park Yojin succeed, and what she shouted at the end was what she wanted to say to herself.

“I don’t know why you said that to me, but do your best. Be sure to become a wizard in the next graduation exam. Because you deserve to be the main character.”

Amy was stunned. I know it’s a cruel thought, but the words from the mouth of a loser gave me more confidence than any consolation I’d ever heard.

Vivian hung her shoulders weakly and went back to her friends. Amy, who had been watching the words of a miserable loser, opened her mouth.


When Vivian turned around, Amy undid one shoulder strap of her bag and started to rummage through it.

“ruler. this. take you.”

In Amy’s hand was a doll of the Ice Queen that she had received as a prize at the mini game room. Taking her trembling hand, Vivian looked at the ice queen for a long time. Her ice queen, the only person in her life who didn’t pay attention to her, her face was smiling as bright as her child.

“Black. Whoops.”

Vivian shed tears and hugged the ice queen to her chest. Zocre came over and patted her back. And she looked at her Amy for a moment, then walked away, taking Vivian with her.

Amy watched them leave for a long time. They will fight to the end for their lives. If so, won’t the day come when they can be the main characters too?

‘okay. I’ve only been eliminated once. If this were my life, I would fight and win.’

Amy clenched her fists and turned around. Unlike yesterday, her gait toward Dante was unstoppable.

divine transcendence (1)

A Kaizen swordsmanship school in Baska, the capital.

Quan, who is currently a certified 6th grade swordsman and was called a death magician before he injured his Achilles tendon, was fighting a nightmare of the past that he could never return to.

Born into a family of soldiers, Quan lost his entire family on the battlefield at the age of six. His uncle took him in and raised him, but took only his property and sent him to a swordsmanship school in another country.

But he didn’t resent anyone.

It was because he had no one to rely on, but he had a genius enough to become a certified 6th grade prosecutor at the age of only 20 years old.

The nightmare begins with an incident from 10 years ago.

It was at the age of 21, when he was appointed as the 2nd Company Commander of the Search Battalion to capture Cointra, the founder of the Dark Church.

The crew did not welcome Kuan. It was only natural that a 21-year-old kid had transferred to the veteran unit with an average age of 38.

Kuan didn’t care either. To him, his commander, a soldier was just a consumable item needed to win the war.

Without even having time to say hello to the crew, Quan led his troops into the Haunted Forest as soon as he was appointed.

So far, numerous search teams have entered, but all without exception have lost contact.

The former company commander, who was frightened, went back to his home country for sick leave, so Quan was put in an emergency.

But Kuan was confident.

Even if there really were ghosts in the forest, there was nothing in the world that his sword could not cut.

‘Don’t catch me. That it’s a ghost.’

The first day passed without incident.

However, something happened when the 2nd Company, which had finished camp, was doing maintenance around dawn.

“attack! It’s an attack!”

The sentry’s cry disappeared after one blow. Realizing that he had already broken through, Quan grabbed his sword and walked out of the barracks.

The other members were also armed with weapons, and were wary of the enemy approaching from outside the twilight of dawn.

A gale blew. No, actually the wind didn’t exist. It was just ringing in everyone’s ears. Qu An reflexively cut through the darkness, but nothing caught his blade.


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