Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 338

[338] Wave of Law (3)

“How about figuring out the subject? Don’t you know what the situation is? You’re the best at school, do you think your name will work in a place like this?”

Sirone couldn’t hear Zocre’s words.

If we persist like this, people will die. But if that’s what it ends up being, there was a much simpler solution.

Sirone narrowed her focus like a sniper. The Ice Queen’s face came into view clearly.

‘I have to finish it at once.’

Eliminate the Ice Queen in the shortest amount of time.

If that happens, the strange ability that dominates the space here will also disappear.

As Sirone maintained a poker face, Zocre suffered from psychological pressure.

It felt like a poker game where someone who was sure to be holding a bully had gone all-in.

‘What the hell are these guys doing?’

How dare you act when hundreds of lives are at stake. It was something that could never have happened in his common sense.

Because you’re underestimating yourself. When she thought of that, her anger rose uncontrollably.

“How dare you look down on me!”

The moment Zocre shouted, Sirone’s Armand came out of its scabbard and rushed like a flash.

What Armand was aiming for was the Ice Queen, not Zocre.

The Ice Queen invoked the law and quickly moved away. Even so, as she slowed down, she flew up into the sky.

‘The law of destruction.’

The ice queen’s law was put on Armand. However, the demonic sword only trembled and was not destroyed.


It was an unfamiliar experience for the Ice Queen.


Objects that have formed the perfect trinity cannot be changed by the law, and they are called incarnations in heaven.

The Ice Queen activated the Law of Freezing. Armand’s blade was frosted and the ice began to clump together.

As the speed slowed down, the Ice Queen regained her composure. But she suddenly felt her impact on her back as if something had bumped into her.


The law of freezing was amplified without even having time to find an answer to the question. Trapped in a huge block of ice, Armand fell to the ground unable to withstand his weight.

The Ice Queen immediately turned around and cast a wave of yul at the spot she had collided with. With a pop, a translucent dome-shaped barrier spread across the sky.

‘Something is blocking the space.’

Zokre put on a blank expression. Dante, who had been setting up gold margins all night, spoke triumphantly.

Dante, who had set up the bar all night long, spoke triumphantly.

“How about the surprise I prepared for you? The area is already sealed off. I hit a gold margin by plugging my totem all night. The Ice Queen will never get out of here.”

Zocre slowly turned his head to look at Dante. The Ice Queen is trapped. It was the worst situation imaginable.

“You’re going to rule the world just by begging a monster like that? Does the place where you live look so comfortable? The army will arrive soon. Even if we die here, the Ice Queen will eventually perish. good end now Then extenuating circumstances will be possible.”

Zokre’s chin trembled. breathing became rough. When the army is dispatched, the ice queen is destroyed. She, of course, herself and her friends would pay for her felony.

“You locked me up.”

The Ice Queen landed. The chill she brought with her spread across her land, making people’s bones ache.

Sirone did not avoid being killed by the Ice Queen. Rather, she met her eyes as if to attack her, and grabbed Armand’s handle as if snatching it back after breaking the ice. The jewel embedded in the cross guard was emitting an intense red light. He knew that the opponent he was competing with was not formidable.

“Queen, are you okay?”

The Ice Queen looked back at Zocre, who was asking anxiously, and patted his head with a friendly eye smile.

But when he looked back at Sirone, his eyes were completely different. A cold gaze seemed to pierce his heart like a spear of ice.

“Why are you disturbing me?”

“Don’t you see what you’ve done? And aren’t you the first to disrespect other people’s lives?”

“You are foolish. The strong rule. Aren’t those the rules of the world in which you live? I just want to reign over you as the new ruler.”

A chill rose above the Ice Queen’s head.

“Ice Haze.”

The chill quickly spread around the Ice Queen. Sirone’s coat froze hard and then cracked. The cooling rate is too fast. Even if it was just a few seconds, the people around them would freeze up to their hearts.


Lyria casts a local seal at the feet of the Ice Queen. A circular gin was drawn with light, and then a reddish column of light soared high.


The Ice Queen’s face twisted. It felt like the core of oneself was escaping downward, as if an object could not violate the law of gravity.

As the Ice Queen raised the law and soared into the sky, Lilia raised her head with a sad expression.

“no. It is too active to be confined by local sealing margins. You have to tie her down somehow.”

The face of the Ice Queen, whose expression could not be controlled, was grotesque. The power of Bongmajin was astounding. Even when her brain was on fire, she was the one who didn’t feel the fear of extinction.

“I will not forgive you!”

When the Ice Queen casts the Wave of Law, the law hanging from people’s throats disappeared and a new law was born.


People’s muzzles stick out like dogs, and their teeth sharpen. As his muscles swelled, his clothes were ripped and his fingernails grew like wolves. The hardened skin protrudes like armor.

“I’m evolving it into a state suitable for battle!”

Dante shouted at Lyria’s words.

“Let’s finish before joining. If you focus your firepower, you can win. Lyria focuses on defending the law.”

The moment Sirone and the others were about to fly to the Ice Queen, Vivian muttered as she put her hands on the ground.

“The radius of the spirit.”

The ground shook as Vivian’s body petrified. Centered around her, her circular barrier rose and spread in series.

thud! thud! thud! thud! thud!

The distance between the walls that spread in the form of radiation once every 10 guns was 10 meters. And all these radii were forming her mind.

“shit! What’s this!”

Sirone and the others hurriedly retreated, but before they could take a few steps, a wall rose up behind them. It was a 30 meter high barrier.

The moment they panicked, the wall in front of them melted away and the shape of Vivian’s face protruded in relief. The upper body came out, and the lower body stretched like a snake and connected to the wall.

“Whoops. how is it? My ability, the radius of the spirit.”

As Vivian raised her hands, Zocre and Ludvans jumped down and landed like cranes on her palms.

“haha! That’s bad. You pretended to be proud, but this is all?”

The radius of the spirit builds a barrier shared with the caster’s mind at a rate of 10 meters per second. However, there was a disadvantage that the reaction would drop to the level of an inanimate object if the wall was built too far away because the density of the mind would decrease as the radius widened. But Vivian was satisfied with her abilities. Her desire to attract everyone’s attention was embodied by the Ice Queen with her ability.

“This is a perfect maze. If you hold on to me at the center, the radius of your spirit will be released. But can you find your way?”

“You don’t have to run around like a mouse.”

Dante cast teleportation. It was enough to jump over a 30-meter barrier. Then a number of Vivians sprang out from the top and swung their petrified hands.

“Sheesh! It’s tricky.”

If she collided with the petrified Vivian with linear teleportation, she could not avoid fatal wounds. As Dante landed with an annoyed expression, Sirone picked up Armand and set it upright.

“I’ll take over the Ice Queen.”

The moment everyone turned to Sirone, he chanted.

“Geumgang Armed Forces.”

As the blade split, a bone as thin as an insect’s leg swallowed Sirone’s face. As soon as they turned into wizards with their hoods pulled down, the faces of Zokre and his party hardened.

Dante asked.

“Is that the Golden Armed Forces? What are you going to do?”

“Armand endured the law. With the Diamond Armament, you might be able to stop the Ice Queen’s law.”

Lyria nodded.

“Is it possible. It’s like the principle of totem. But the Ice Queen is in the sky. You have to find a way out of her first.”

Sirone raised her face hidden by her hood. The radius of the spirit, which creates clones at the speed of the mind, is certainly a difficult challenge. But it wasn’t that there was no way out.

‘Function comes from form.’

Sirone maximized the photonic shaping technique. A bright light burned from his body, and huge wings of light spread out.

sculpted the light

That fact surprised the wizards. Forming a form with luminescent light was a tremendous photon compressive force.

Zocre and the others also swallowed dry saliva. Everyone knew what Sirone was trying to do because he had molded a form that performed only one function, that is, flying in the sky.

“I’ll ask you here.”

Photon Sculpture-Gwangik.

Sirone bent her lower body and swung her wings of light downward, soaring at tremendous speed. Even though it wasn’t teleportation, it seemed like a flash of light soared.

‘I know how to miss it!’

Still, Vivian reacted. Dozens of Vivians jumped out of the wall and bit Sirone like teeth.

‘Got it!’

The feeling of hitting was definitely transmitted. However, after a while, Vivian narrowed her eyes as if wondering. The tentacles of the Geumgang Armed Forces were blocking the attacks of the petrified clones at close range.

“this… … !”

Vivian put all her strength into it. The sound of stones wearing away could be heard from where Sirone was. The brute force from the durability of the stone was great, but the tentacles of the Geumgang Buddha were also strong enough to break quite a few rocks.

 – 1.7 tons of external pressure. Reaching the muscle maintenance limit.

Sirone gritted his teeth and pushed the tentacles down. As the tentacle squeezed through the narrow gap and threw Sirone upward, Vivian’s alter egos collided with each other and shattered.

‘Remove the Ice Queen.’

The speed at which Gwangik created was terrifying. Sirone pursued the Ice Queen at near sound speed. As his vision narrowed, Armand readjusted his physical abilities.

 – Unable to recognize target. increased photoreceptors. Augmentation of macular function.

My vision was wide open, and I could see the Ice Queen clearly. Adjusted the balance of flight outside of the cybernetic brain. As she closed the distance, the Ice Queen circled behind her and cast her Law.

“A freezing blizzard.”

As snowflakes sharper than a razor whirled around, Sirone covered her face. As the cloak that covered her entire body hardened to a metallic quality, shards of ice clawed across the surface like thousands of broken pieces of glass.


The Ice Queen’s Law, while not as sharp in purpose as magic, was different in scale. Her rules are bigger than the rules here. That was the scale.

Sirone changed the hardened cloak back to organic matter and glared forward. The atmosphere froze, and huge ice stalks spread out intricately like the human nervous system. It was as if I had become a micro-organism.

‘I’m talking about cryogenic temperatures.’

The reason why you don’t feel the cold is because Armand is controlling the nervous system. But as soon as he breathed in, the cold air froze his lungs.


Sirone hurriedly shut his mouth.

 – Respiratory block detection. artificial oxygen replacement. Residual oxygen consumption time. 1 minute 27 seconds. 2 minutes 32 seconds. 4 minutes 49 seconds.

As Armand stocked up on air, he started injecting oxygen directly into Sirone’s veins. After regaining her fighting power, Sirone flew between the ice stalks and engaged in a dogfight with the Ice Queen.

As if hunting a hawk, Sirone folded her light wings and rushed forward, holding onto her wrist and firing a hundred and twenty photon cannons per minute with the magic crystal ball embedded in her gauntlet.


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