Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 271

[271] Theraze’s Lineage (4)

Even after midnight, Orkamp couldn’t leave the study. Sitting at his desk, covering his face with both hands, he mumbled sentence by sentence the conversations they had at the table today.

Didn’t he make a mistake, didn’t he stimulate Theraje, and what variables his words would cause in the future.

It was extremely exhausting and tiring to review the words repeated every day.

But no mistakes should be made.

I had no choice but to be careful and careful until I got a card that could stand against the empress.

A voice came from behind Orkamp.

“Did you call, Your Highness?”

A man in his mid-thirties appeared through the darkness. He was an effeminate man with slender eyes as if smiling, and seven piercings hanging along the pinna of his ear.

Morrigan Arius.

In the world, he was a wizard nicknamed a grave robber and an unlocker who opened the immortal function.

As one of the Seven Madou Girls belonging to the Black Line, she was recognized for her scale magic skills and was scouted by Kazura Kingdom five years ago.

Unlike the red line, the black line has no association and therefore no rank or hierarchy. 

Although they sometimes form an organization like the 7 Madou Girls, they often act individually like the grave robber Arius. In addition, the majority of criminals were pursued by the state.

There are sorcerers who make accidents on the red line and cross over to the black line, but the line is full of people who commit genocide to such an extent that such people cannot even fit into the axis.

If the name was known to some extent, the bounty started from the basic unit of 100 million, so there was even a guild that only hunted the black line in the red line.

Countries involved in the Black Line are criticized externally, but considering the political situation in Khazra, it was unavoidable.

Even though the civil war ended through an arranged marriage with Theraje, there were still many elements of political instability.

First of all, there was no way the neighboring countries would let Kazura grow, and they had to pay attention to the Theraze faction internally.

It was only natural that Orkamp, ​​who was having a hard time increasing the power of the Red Line due to foreign checks, reached out to the Black Line.

“How did your instructions go?”

“It worked out safely. Most of the secrets must have been stolen. Perhaps Theraze will not notice.”


“Now is the time to move on to the next step. I looked at it and it seemed like a good piece. Could it be His Highness’s son?”

Orkamp felt embarrassed and sighed. When he coldly abandoned his son, it was ridiculous to bring him back because he would always have a way to use it.

Arius smiled like a snake and comforted me.

“Do not worry. Doesn’t that kill you too? There will be no problem.”

“That child… … He said he would leave the castle.”

Arius’ thin narrow eyes opened slightly. A sharp flash like starlight flashed in the exposed pupil.

“okay. Well, the Unlocker doesn’t care much about the world. They are the seeds that wander only in search of strange, miraculous, and unattainable things.”

“Like you?”

Arius’ nickname is Grave Robber. But what he was robbing was not gold or jewels.

“Well, it must be similar. Anyway, nothing changes. Sirone is not important, but Ataraxia is important.”

Orkamp distorted his impression. Why is it that child? No, this is definitely an opportunity. If you miss this opportunity now, you will never be able to escape from Theraze’s grip.

Orkamp never forgets the moment when he was humiliated like a male prostitute after marrying Theraje. He had nightmares every night and often woke up in a cold sweat. 

Having trampled on a human being’s spirit to the very bottom, she left like the wind, leaving behind only two stumbling blocks, Ji-on and Woo-rin. 

Theraze has a plan to devour the world. 

One of its key tasks was the Valkyrie, a multinational army organized to oppose Heaven.

A total of 24 countries participated in the scale of the army, and it was enough to end a small kingdom in three days, and Theraje was the head of the Valkyrie.

The reason Kazura Kingdom has grown rapidly in the past 20 years is also thanks to being able to take over some of Valkyrie’s shares.

However, Orkamp did not see the kingdom’s growth lasting long. Zion is growing well. And his last name is Theraze, not Orkamp.

Eventually, Theraze will devour Kazura. As if she had eaten herself long ago.

Then one day, intelligence arrived. It was news that a student at the magic school in the kingdom of Tormia used the power of heaven.

An investigation was launched immediately, and a shocking fact was revealed. It was the Sirone that the child had abandoned 18 years ago.

Orkamp felt like heaven was helping. 

Even in Valkyrie, the army against Heaven, there are very few people who can use the power of Heaven.

According to experts, Ataraxia is an archangel’s ability, and it belongs to Triple S in terms of its ability system.

In Valkyrie, there is not a single person in the past and present who can use the ability of Triple S.

Such Sirone is his bloodline. If he can make Sirone the first prince, he has a weapon against Theraje.

Not only would her position within Valkyrie be strengthened, but there was also the possibility of expelling Theraze’s lineage from Kazra Castle.

Orkamp, ​​who finally made up his mind, asked.

“Can you clone Ataraxia?”

“Because it’s my major. Leave it to me.”

“I don’t want to hurt that kid. I want you to live the life you want.”

It was a lie, of course. 

The reason why Sirone was summoned was to keep Theraze in check with Ataraxia’s ability. 

In that respect, the existence of the Orkamp lineage was also a risk factor for Theraze’s wrath.

Replicating Ataraxia’s information and returning Sirone was the best result for now. No, if he hadn’t called from the beginning, there wouldn’t have been a need to notice Theraze.

Upon hearing the news of Ataraxia, Arius had infiltrated the Alpheas Magic School. However, the black box was already destroyed to see if there was a person whose head was spinning in the red line.

In the end, the only person in this world who could use Ataraxia was Sirone, and she had no choice but to call her to the royal castle as the next best thing.

“It’s not like stealing it, it’s good, so let’s use it together. A son can do that much for his father, right?”

“If Sirone refuses to be the successor, I have no intention of forcing him. But we absolutely need it.”

Arius nodded confidently.

“Do not worry. Please let Sirone meet for the paternity test tomorrow.”

Orkamp turned his head in a puzzled way.

“A paternity test? It is a place where all ministers observe. It’s to verify the lineage of the royal family, so you can’t play around with it.”

“Of course it is. I have no intention of interfering with the examination. first… … It’s good to be clear about that, haha. But wouldn’t there be a chance of its own before the inspection?”

Orkamp finally understood and nodded.

The inspection is conducted under strict control, but before the inspection, you should have been able to approach Sirone quietly.

“Just make me believe you.”

“Take it easy. It will work out.”

Leaving those words behind, Arius dispersed like smoke. It was the monopoly of those who use scale magic.

The door to the study opened and Eliza entered. The color of his face was not good, as if he had overheard an intimate conversation.

“What is it, at this late hour?”

Eliza put her hands together and begged.

“Honey, this is our son. I don’t know what’s going on, but don’t put the kid in danger.”

“No need to worry. just… … It’s just a political issue. Don’t worry and go back.”

“How can I not worry? Don’t you feel guilty too? Don’t break her heart anymore!”

Orkamp’s impression was terribly crumpled.

“guilty? If we hadn’t abandoned the child, Kazura would have become a vassal of the Yakma. I would have been decapitated by the guillotine, and you, too, would have been made a plaything for foreign officials. Did you really want that to happen?”

Eliza shivered with a pale face. She knew better than anyone what happens to royalty who lose a war. 

I never wanted to go through something like that.

Eliza went back to her room without a word. In the future, I will enjoy the same life as now. She had no intention of giving up the position of queen to get anything she wanted. 


A village 14 kilometers away from the capital of Kazura.

Armin of Gwangan, the Eternal Reflector, was on a special mission while staying in the small town of Toshka.

Of course, the profession of a painter was still valid. Although he lost his eyes, the light in his orbit allowed him to see the other side of the world.

The charcoal passing over the drawing paper drew lines as rough as his emotions.

I didn’t like my hand movements today.

Since the spirit of the artist is bound to be included in the work, as the painting was completed, only a distraught mind stood out.


Armin stopped and put the charcoal down. 

Due to the nature of his job, he comes into contact with information from around the world and also passes it on. In the eyes of the general public, the world seems to be submerged in silence, but numerous turbulences are forming under the surface.

‘Sirone… … .’

The person who has been talked about the most by those who are active in the abyss lately is, of course, Sirone.

Armin was happy when he started reading an article about Sirone in Spirit magazine. 

I thought that the outstanding talent that I felt at the time was finally shining. 

However, the moment I learned what the magic circle introduced in the article was, I was shocked.

I don’t know how Sirone acquired the ability of an archangel, but it was an event worthy of attention from the world’s heads of state.

And yesterday, I gathered intelligence that Sirone was invited by Kazura Kingdom. 

Orkamp is the son he lost 18 years ago.

The veracity of the rumors could not be ascertained, but if true, the choice of Kazura Kingdom was excellent.

On the other hand, it was dangerous for Sirone. 

The kingdom of Kazra was a country under the influence of Theraje, the head of the Valkyries and the empress of the Kashan Empire. 

It was too huge a torrent for Sirone, an unfinished magician, to get caught up in.

“What are you doing? He said he’s busy today, but he’s not drawing.”

Keira came in with the side dishes she bought at the market. 

On paper, she is a wife, but in reality, a watchman, she frowned at Armin’s pensive look.

“uh? huh.”

Armin hurriedly got out of his thoughts and picked up the charcoal, but he couldn’t escape Keira’s attention. 

Even if she loses her senses a little, she is also a person active in the abyss. She must have guessed what Armin was thinking.

“… … .”

Keira waited for Armin to tell the truth without putting down the shopping cart. 

But he was just stirring the charcoal as if nothing had happened.

Not knowing what he was thinking because his eyes were covered with a cloth was the second most irritating thing about Keira dealing with him.

“You’re not thinking the wrong way, are you?”

Armin’s hand froze. He frowned in displeasure as he turned to Keira and asked again.


“I mean Sirone. Of course, you have to give, but it’s not our job to intervene. It is an order from the superior to wait until the Kazura Kingdom draws its own conclusions.”

Armin threw the charcoal at random and stood up.

“Kazura Kingdom is involved with the black line wizard. You know their skills better than anyone. Sirone is also an important figure for us. By the time a conclusion is reached, it will be too late.”

“That’s why it’s even worse. At the top, collisions with the black line are strictly controlled. Better leave it to the red line this time too.”

“It’s not that easy to think about. The reason they took Sirone… … .”

Keira’s eyes turned cold.

“Armin, I’ll say it again, don’t be rash. This is an order as a superior, not as a colleague. If you don’t follow my instructions, you will have no choice but to take out the oath of agreement.”

Armin closed his mouth and glared at Keira. When she disobeys her instructions, her loved ones get hurt. Of course, Shiina was also included in the list.

Keira got goosebumps as the light eyes hidden inside the bandages emitted a cold light. 

But I couldn’t give up.

They have been avoiding conflict with the Black Line for 40 years. Breaking the balance of power now would only lead to greater disaster.

Armin sighed and walked to the window to take in the view outside. Although winter had entered, the sun was still shining on the world with great power.

“… … Are you going to come out like this?”

“I can’t help it. That’s my job.”

Keira struggled to portray a calm voice. She also didn’t want to bully those who reached the ultimate in time magic as a sorceress.

However, the agreement oath is valid at the top. It was something she couldn’t decide, so she had to convince Armin by any means necessary. everything was for him

Armin nodded coldly.

“Is it your job to tangle me, to bind me, to restrain me?”

Keira put on a slightly unfortunate expression.

“okay! If you’re angry, you’d rather curse. I will accept any insult. But you can’t go anywhere until the order is given. That’s my job.”

Armin’s breathing hardened. 

Feeling as if a wild beast was roaring, Keira hurriedly put her right hand into her bosom.

In a one-on-one match, Keira is at a bit of a disadvantage. But she had her believer side. 

The oath of agreement held in the right hand could be invoked at any time.

“Whoa, you’re really doing too much.”

Armin let out a long sigh and ended the confrontation that seemed to dry up his blood. Then he walked over to the table and gently caressed the flowers in the vase.

A flower that was forcibly picked by someone and trapped in a glass bottle. Perhaps your situation is no different from this flower. 

“Keira… … .”

Armin’s voice was melancholy. Kay also relaxed her expression and approached as if she understood his feelings.

“Armin, I’m sorry. but… … .”

“No one can hold me down.”

At that moment, Armin turned to Keira and said. Then he swung his hand and dropped the vase to the floor. 

Keira’s gaze moved reflexively toward the vase. 


I lost sight of Armin for a moment. By the time he realized that fact, the time force field had already been activated.

The vase that had fallen upside down stopped in the air, and Keira, unable to return her gaze, hardened like a doll.

Armin was nowhere to be seen in the frozen time.

(end of volume 11)


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