Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 230

[230] 3. Where is Sirone? (5)

I stopped walking as if I had suddenly remembered Olivia.

“I can’t go on like this. I will observe the afternoon class myself. We’ll look around everything starting with Class 10, so please prepare.”

“all right.”

Sade answered as if hypnotized. It was an effort to raise the reputation of the school, so I couldn’t hate it.

Olivia hurried her steps again when Sirone approached from across the hallway. It was too early to return after eating her meal, so Saad tilted her head and asked.

“Sirone? What’s going on?”

“Oh, hello.”

Olivia looked at the approaching sirone. A boy that Alpheas said looked like him. But the Alpheas she knew was not like this.

Well, I met him when he was in his early 30s, so it was around the time he lost his wife and became a disabled person. If so, is this boy what he was called the light of the family of Alfeas and Mirhi before he got married?

“You are Sirone.”

“Yes, nice to meet you.”

“okay. It must be lunchtime now?”

“I want to meet the principal. I went to the principal’s office, but she wasn’t there.”

“of course. I am the principal from today.”

“Oh, sorry.”

When Sirone realized his mistake and panicked, Sade quickly intervened and put the matter to rest.

“Master will be in your personal library. If you go to the right from the central building, there is an outbuilding. Go there.”

Sade beckoned me to go quickly. Realizing the situation, Sirone bowed her head and went back the way she came.

“Whoa! I almost choked to death.”

After leaving the building, Sirone took a deep breath. 

The energy emitted by a second-class archmage was of a kind I had never experienced before. 

Although she felt the pressure from Arcane, Olivia didn’t even know she felt the pressure beyond that. It wasn’t until she left the area that she realized she wasn’t breathing.

After calming down, Sirone went to the annex as Sade told her. When I grabbed the doorknob and knocked on the door, Alfeas, dressed in a comfortable outfit, greeted Sirone.

“I was waiting for you. Come on in.”

Sirone looked around at the scene of the simple outbuilding and fixed her eyes on the portrait hanging on the wall. 

Alpheas pointed at her and introduced her. 

“My wife, this is Erina. Did you hear about it too?”

“yes. hello.”

Sirone nodded at the portrait. For some reason, it felt like it had to be. Alfeas raised an eyebrow at his erratic behavior, but he didn’t tell him to stop.

“Yes, there must be many things you want to say. But before you hear the story… … Are you hungry?”

“A little bit, actually.”

“I cooked button mushroom soup. Let’s eat together.”

The two sat across from each other and ate. Curiously, Alpheas did the same, but he waited without saying anything. The beginning of any story is the most difficult.

“Principal, I have been to heaven.”

With a click, the tableware fell. Alpheas slurped the soup down his lips and wiped his beard.

I couldn’t believe it, but seeing Sirone’s face, it was true. It wasn’t the look of a traveler who had been to a strange place, nor the look of an explorer who discovered something amazing.

“Speaking of heaven… … .”

“sorry. Somehow it happened. Canis… … .”

Alfeas, who heard everything, was silent for a while. In particular, the fact that Arcane went to heaven was the first thing he had heard.

Well, looking back, he was a man of many secrets. He chose evil between good and evil, but he was close to nihilism.

“Principal, I have a question. Miro, how did you get the job?”

Alpheas realized Sirone’s guess. But my thoughts haven’t changed. It is past and there is no turning back. One person was enough for him to not be able to escape from the past.

‘Gaold… … .’

Mikea Gaold. Although she is now one of the first-class wizards in the kingdom, Alpheas still remembered her as his disciple and innocent young man.

“Sirone. don’t tell me anything It is a transnational issue. The moment you set foot there, your life is twisted.”

“But if Mr. Miro… … !”

“What would change if you knew?”

Sirone shut his mouth. Just because he knows, there’s nothing he can change. Even now, this world was maintained by only one person.

“Principal, if Heaven’s army breaks through the labyrinth’s space-time… … .”

Alpheas shook his head.

“Ever since Miro blocked the army of Heaven, think tanks in each country have been preparing for a long time. Do you understand, Sirone? Nothing will change. you have a dream Don’t ruin your life by being bound by untouchable truths.”

The words were the same as before going to Galliante Island, but now Sirone could understand them. He nearly ruined not only his own life, but the lives of his friends too, just by dipping his toes in it for a moment.

“Yes, don’t worry. Because I felt it too.”

Alpheas smiled benignly.

“Ataraxia is admirable even to me. In ancient times, the ability of angels was called the magic of slayer dragons. If you have a chance later, look up the history of the Balaur. Dragons have a much longer history than humans, so you should be able to learn more about angels.”

Sirone unexpectedly got good information. Until now, he had only thought of the relationship between heaven and humans, but after all, it was an issue that was entangled with this world as a whole.

‘I should study the history of other races later.’

After thinking so, Sirone asked.

“Should I be responsible for this power?”

“Heh heh, Sirone, there is no such thing. No one knows what the consequences of your choices will be. You have to think and judge for yourself.”

“I hesitate several times.”

“ha ha ha! That too is a natural phenomenon. It can be said that ataraxia is stronger than me at the moment it is opened.”

Alpheas’ words were not lies. If there was no exaggeration in Sirone’s story, the moment the Ataraxia magic circle opened, it would have been so powerful that even a certified 4th-class wizard could not block it.

But Sirone was not happy.

It was because he knew what Alpheas’ premise was, ‘as long as Ataraxia was opened’.

Theory and reality are completely different. Being defenseless for one minute with the Immortal Function open was no different from waiting for the head to be cut off in real combat.

“I know what you want to say. It’s true that it’s still a daunting ability to handle. From now on, I will train hard and make it my own.”

“okay. You got a good relationship. it’s yours Hug me and think about it countless times.”

“thank you.”

When I confessed to Alpheas, my heart felt lighter. It may be that he passed the responsibility on to an adult, but after all, it was natural. 

What Sirone could do was become an adult as soon as possible and share their responsibilities.

When Sirone returned to school, Alpheas locked the door and returned with a serious expression.

It was new information about heaven that came in a year.

When Miro returned from Heaven, she accepted the reality that she had to sacrifice herself to save everyone.

But Sirone was different. He fought Heaven.

Struggle makes enemies, but it also makes allies.

Sirone gained companions in return for fighting in heaven. The world will pay attention to achievements that have a different meaning than maze.

“Honey, I’m honestly afraid. Now I don’t know either. who the child is.”

Ataraxia. I hugged you and told you to handle it, and said irresponsible words.

However, it was not her constitution to give instructions in front of a force she could not handle.

“It’s been a while since my blood is boiling. I’m sorry to say this, but I think the mistake of letting you go was not to meet this boy later.”

He didn’t think that only he could teach Sirone. However, his failures in his youth were sure to serve as a foundation for Shirone to develop.

“What do you think? Can I be a little more greedy?”

Erina in the picture was smiling.


Arin happily strolled through the flower beds behind the advanced classes where autumn flowers were in full bloom. It’s a place where no one goes because the empty lot is narrow, but that’s why she liked it even more.

Even if I knew most of the classes, it was much harder to adapt to the first school I attended than I expected.

“Arin, did you wait?”

Kanis came running with a rice ball in her bosom. Room and board are free because Alfeas paid for his tuition, but he did not want to receive help from the school. It may be childish stubbornness to refuse meals while using the accommodation, but Alpheas did not stop it.

This is the school that killed Arcane. Even if he did not mention his young age, it was admirable that he would keep his loyalty to his teacher.

“let’s eat. I don’t know if the seasoning is right this time.”

Arin sat on the flower bed and ate rice balls. At first, it was so salty that I couldn’t eat it, but the taste gradually deepened.

said Kanis, munching on rice.

“I think I might have to work at night.”

“Kanis, the principal is giving you pocket money too. Being stubborn is stupid.”

“know. But the moment you take it for granted, it’s over. I will accept what I have no choice but to refuse step by step. I was Master’s enemy, but I can’t servilely raise the white flag.”

Kanis added a word.

“I’ll use it if I’m in a hurry. I still don’t want to lean on it.”

What Canis said was not wrong. Above all, the two were not used to hanging out with children at a restaurant yet.

“Sheesh, not here. Where have you been?”

Dante’s party entered the flower bed. Canis had heard rumors about who they were. But he didn’t want to care. I don’t know if it’s the kingdom’s star or not, but it was childish.

“Shall I ask?”

Dante also found Canis and approached. When I looked closely at the two of them, I felt sorry for them, and I was on the verge of tears. I thought he was going on a date, but he was squatting down and eating a rice ball. It was clear that she was being bullied. Because in any organization, there are people who are marginalized.

“Hey, your Class Forge?”

Dante asked, but no answer came. Even though I said it loud enough to be heard, it was a comfort that they could see nothing but rice balls in their eyes.

Closer said.

“Don’t you have money to buy food? Because it’s a rural school, does it accept poor people? I will not be able to see you because the level is low.”

Arin glanced at Closer. She then moved her jaws like a squirrel as if she were about to be taken away.

I’ve known since childhood that people who disregard food are the first to pick up a fork.

Clojure is tired of it. Her body was a slender girl with an enormous appetite.

“Did you hear me? Eat slowly. I won’t take it away.”

Still, there was no response from the two. Dante became cramped. Perhaps because it was in the countryside, there were still rare sights that could not be seen in the city.

“Are the kids harassing you so you hide and eat? You also live very pathetically. Just fight like crazy. Don’t get hit.”

“So what?”

Canis couldn’t stand it and raised her head. The thing I hated the most in the world was someone touching me while I was eating.

Looking into Canis’ pupils, Dante realized that he was mistaken. pragmatism? No, the enmity that lingers deeper than that. This guy is beyond taboo.

When the reaction finally came, Closer patted his fist.

“What? Does it come out quite loud? Will you come to your senses when you taste your fists?”

“Stop it, Closer.”

Dante dried up. Even if I touched it, I felt like I was going to see a dirty look. Even in this situation, there was no sign of nervousness in Arin.

Does that mean you have yourself? Or did he even live on a battlefield surrounded by corpses?

“Hey, are you the best of Class Four?”

“best? Isn’t sirone the best?”

‘Is this guy also Sirone?’

Dante was lost in thought. He followed Iruki to Kanis and named Sirone. It felt like the clue was finally solved. Master Olivia correctly pointed it out.


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