Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 197

[197] 1. Divine Mercy (2)

“Boss, I’m back.”

“okay. You are the spiral fairy Peopero.”

“yes. You remember.”

“That’s natural. No fairies have been born since you were born a year ago.”

Feope became sullen. The youngest of the 72nd class of fairies. That was the only reason Girin remembered her.

Since fairies are female, they cannot reproduce. In order to maintain the species, there was no choice but to wait for a new entity to be born, and Peope was the first fairy born in about 10 years.

“What happened to the fugitive? Did you say Kanya and Lena?”

“yes. I heard the confession, and I responded obediently after investigating it.”

“So what about the verdict?”

“Both of them were sentenced to a one-year cut.”

“1 year?”

When Gi-rin made an expression of disapproval, Peope swallowed. He has no doubts about his judgment. However, as a beginner, he could not guarantee whether he had made the right decision.

“Although you are still young, you are also an enforcer of the law. will have to respect But I want to ask you this. Was there no external pressure?”

“yes. I mean.”

Although he received a threat to his life from Sirone, it did not lead to external pressure. He was sentenced to one year because he realized that excessive sentences were unreasonable.

Gi-rin looked at Feope with suspicion.

So far, there has never been a sentence of one year reduction in life expectancy for escaping from purgatory. His judgment was fresh for a fairy who was only a year old.

“Has there been anything else special? I heard that a heretic followed in the footsteps of the subjects.”

Feope was conflicted. Strictly speaking, those who accompanied Kanya were Nephilim, not heretics. 

However, if you tell it from beginning to end, there is room for interpretation that is different from the facts. And that wasn’t what Peope wanted.

“I have never seen heresy.”

Girin waited for the next words. It was a situation that required further explanation. 

However, there was no comment from Peope.

Girin sighed and shook his hand.

“Yeah, good job. Get out and see.”

“yes. Rest in peace, boss.”

Feope lowered her head and stepped back.

As the door to the house closed, Lee Ki-rin looked up into the air. Then, she asked Mer, the fairy of truth, who was her aide.

“How did it go?”

“Peope spoke only the truth. But, I don’t think I’ve told you all the facts.”

“Perhaps it was. What the hell happened? It’s still a period where we have to learn a lot, but I’m worried that my subjectivity has become stronger since I was young.”

Ki-rin rested her chin on her chin and was lost in thought.

“Learn about the people who entered heaven along with the subjects. If you go to the Mecca headquarters, there will be detailed records.”

“I will leave now.”

After answering that, Mer escaped through the hole in the ceiling.

Lee Ki-rin crossed her legs and rubbed her forehead.

Area 73 was an accident-free area famous for being quiet. A human who was neither a heretic nor a subject entered such a place.

Her intuition, having lived for 3,000 years, reminded her of one heretic.

“Adrias Miro… … .”


“Whoa, I thought I was going to die from trembling.”

Peope headed home with a tired body.

I’ve lived for a year, so I’m sure I’ll get used to it, but I couldn’t help it that my body stiffened every time I met Lee Ki-rin. 

Especially when I had to make a decision on my own, like today, the pressure was even more severe.

“Haa, even the enforcers of the law have a hard time.”

“Knock-knock! What’s hard about dealing with Shinmin? It’s all because you can’t come.”

The sound from behind made Peope frown. When I turned my head, the three fairies were undoubtedly approaching with a sneer.

It is said that they were the youngest children before Feope was born. The fairies born from conception do not have blood relatives, but they were called the three sisters because they were born at the same time.

“Hello, senior.”

Feope forced a smile. Then the impression of the three fairy sisters became more ferocious.

Their faces weren’t like that from the beginning.

Fairies who are born out of emotion can easily show their change of heart. 

Any fairy would inevitably change like that after 10 years of living as the youngest.

“I heard about it. A one-year sentence? Have you been swayed by humans? I know everything even if I don’t see it.”

“no. I really thought so.”

“Oh, so? So, what a stupid decision. Now you are officially a Hogu. You better not think that your subjects will respect you in the future!”

The three fairy sisters covered their mouths and laughed.

Feope was angry, but could not express it. If he is taken by his immediate senior, he will suffer for his whole life. That lifetime was at least 10,000 years.

I have no choice but to endure and endure. When the next youngest was born, they would also leave themselves alone.

“Anyway, do it right. Back in the day, kids like you weren’t even allowed to be enforcers. Jung is not born well these days, so I look after him at least. I mean, squeeze more of the subjects.”

“I am doing that.”

“What do you do? What do you say back that you, who was born only a year ago, know something?”

Feope kept her mouth shut.

They had just passed 10 years, so it was speculative to give them advice, but there was no way for a one-year-old to speak out in the fairy world, a thoroughly class society.

“okay? It’s supposed to make us afraid. So that the subjects follow. Be careful not to let this happen in the future.”

When the three fairy sisters threatened and left, Feope felt 10 years old. 

Maybe that’s why it seemed like I could have a fight with them now.

Of course, it was only possible in my imagination.

“Whoa, I’m tired. I want to go home quickly.”

Feope’s flight staggered.


the next morning.

The central square of District 73, Shamine, where Ilhwa’s sake is waiting, has been busy since morning.

The Mecca checked the device, and the Norse checked the magic applied to the technique.

As Kergoin led the subjects and started rehearsing, Sirone held on to her swelling heart.

Rehearsal for an event where a person dies. How insignificant does the god of heaven regard human life?

When preparations were complete, subjects said goodbye to their families, including Kanya and Lena.

“mom! mom!”

Lena’s tears didn’t stop. Even her valiant Kanya, she was now just her poor daughter leaving her mother behind.

As the time for the magic to begin approached, Kanya took Epines and Corfin from her bosom.

“Drink this. It will help.”

Sirone knew what Kanya was passing. 

After learning what Ilhwa’s alcohol was, thinking about it made my heart feel even more lethargic.

What are the benefits of stimulants and tranquilizers?

No, I don’t know. There was no way to know how their minds were transformed when their brains melted and they became giants.

Maybe it’s better than nothing. 

For parents, there is nothing more courageous than the medicine their children have given them.

When the preparations to start the magic were over, the subjects spread out in a circle around the statue. 

It was no different from the scenery seen in Peope’s memory, but the difference was that there were 10 subjects.

According to Kanya, the executor of the anecdote is the oldest person in the district. Being old means that he has been granted a continuous lifespan, so he could be said to be the most faithful among his subjects.

Again, the executioner was Kergoin. 

He had the appearance of a sturdy young man, but he was said to be one hundred and eighty-seven years old.

Even among the Kergo tribe, it was heard that he belonged to the noble class and was going to gain eternal life sooner or later and go to Shehakim, the 3rd millennium.

“From now on, we will implement the sake of anecdote! Subjects to come out!”

Ten subjects approached the glass marbles. 

I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t scary. Being melted into a strange drug and being merged into one was the most disgusting and fearful death for humans.

“mom! mom!”

The moment Kanya was about to run away, her father caught her.

Clearly, despite hearing her daughter’s voice, the mother did not look back.

Everyone was doing something similar.

The subject smiles for the family, and the family hides their sadness for the subject.

Sirone didn’t think it was beautiful.

I don’t know what value Ilhwa’s sake has to the subjects, but it was a mistake to admit such witchcraft.

Subjects undressed and entered the glass marbles. Then, sitting on the cold glass floor, I closed my eyes and prayed.

Sirone’s anger surged. 

What are you praying for? What praise can you give to the god who drove you to your death?

“This is murder. It is unacceptable.”

Sirone finally let it out. This was the conclusion I came to after much thought since last night.

We need to stop drinking alcohol.

Anyone would understand that it was murder.

Sirone walked to the statue. He intended to stop the spell before the subjects died.

Tess grabbed Sirone’s wrist.

“Sirone, wait. I’m angry too. But this isn’t the world we live in. There is a saying that in that country you have to follow the laws of that country.”

“I don’t know who said that, but it’s just human thinking. Kanya’s mother did nothing wrong. Her being killed in this way should not happen under any circumstances.”

“So what can we do? Even if I dry the alcohol of the anecdote, Kanya’s mother’s life span is until today. Even if we try to save it, only we will be in danger.”

“No, it is not. Maybe Kanya’s mother won’t die today.”

“what? What are you talking about?”

The reason why the sake of anecdote is practiced amidst the suspicion of the subjects is that Ra controls the life span. The fact that I will die today anyway makes me follow the law.

But Sirone said the law was wrong. If there is indeed an error in the anecdote, the subjects are being deceived. it’s an obvious scam If so, there was plenty of room to change the situation.

“Inject the fuel of life! Let’s start drinking anecdotes.”

The executioner shouted, and Kergoin became busy. Once the water is full, there is no second chance. I don’t know when the body disintegrates, but drowning came first.

Sirone shouted as Kergoin approached the device.

“wait! The alcohol of Ilhwa is unacceptable!”

The eyes of the subjects were focused on Sirone.

It was easy to spot him standing alone in the clearing. But he couldn’t understand the meaning because he didn’t know the language.

Sirone looked back at Arin. He meant to translate. Reluctantly, Arin sighed and approached.

She knows better than anyone that Sirone has a prudent personality. Her decision meant that she would not back down under any circumstances.

Arin expanded the Spirit Zone. Spirit-type wizards are specialized in tentacle types, but when dealing with the public, there was no problem just expanding the zone like this.

Sirone repeated what she said earlier. 

Language penetrated the minds of the subjects. It was a fairy-like ability, so no one was surprised. But I couldn’t get over the meaning of the words.

There was hostility in the eyes of the subjects. It was the logic of heresy to regard the worship of Ra as evil.

The executioner could not hide his anger and fired.

“What kind of qualifications do you have that you can’t tolerate magic? Are you not a citizen? Do you want to face death without a chance of resurrection?”

“I am a Nephilim.”

The hall instantly became quiet.

Even in the original world, Immortal Function is not a level that anyone can reach. 

It was at least the first time in their lives that the Nephilim appeared in Area 73.

Even the executioner was embarrassed.

Up until now, he had faithfully carried out the duties of Ra and rose to this position. The age of 187 was like a medal for him.

However, even such a medal could not even hold out a business card in front of the Nephilim.

The Nephilim are descendants of angels.

Although they said that they could not be involved in the law, they were different from the subjects from birth.

“The Nephilim… … Why is Ilhwa’s alcohol objectionable? This is a divine law.”


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