Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 172

[172] 1. Kergo Autonomous District (4)

Fortunately, there was an exit. As the taste of the air changed, it came out halfway up the terraced altar in all directions.

The jungle of Toa Mountain was forming a sea of ​​water beneath their feet.

The forest overlooking from 20 meters above sea level was vast, and the Kergo village was sparsely visible.

When I went back to the other side of the altar, I saw a palace made of gold. It was the house where the chieftain of Kergo lived. Upon entering the palace, there were two rows of tables in the long hall.

Sirone took the seat of honor, and on the right, Amy, Lian, Tess, Canis, and Arin took their seats in that order.

On the left sat Chief Khadum and the Elders. Hasid, who blew the horn, did not attend. Seeing that Mahatu was also at the bottom, it seemed that his rank was not low.

Music was playing and Kergo traditional food was served. Before I even tasted it, the warriors came in in groups of two, carrying large chests.

The warriors opened the lid of the chest. An enormous amount of gold coins and jewels were piled up in heaps.

“What is this?”

“A small gift from Kergo. Please accept it.”

The level of converting value by number was exceeded, and it had to be weighed by weight. The five crates together seemed to weigh at least a ton.

Amy put down the food with a displeased expression.

It is not the income of the historic site. It is money made by smuggling loops. And that money was more than enough to feed the entire tribe.

“Sirone, you’re not thinking of accepting it, are you?”

“I can’t accept such a large amount of money without knowing why. It’s not like I’m just giving it away.”

When Sirone demanded an explanation, Kadum’s eyes changed.

When any adult sees a gold coin weighing more than 1 ton, their breath will change. However, Sirone reacted indifferently, as if the gold coins were stones.

Sirone was not someone who was detached from wealth. It was just that he was not foolish enough to cling to things that did not belong to him.

Kadum was not taken aback. Instead of explaining, they clapped, and the second offering came in.

I was sure that even those who refused riches would be stuck in it.

Like the man in the room of achievement and sacrifice, those with white tattoos on their faces came in. Sirone guessed that it was a priest.

As they moved left and right, a dozen beautiful young Kergo women entered.

The boys, including Sirone, opened their mouths blankly. It was a landscape that was hard to come across at their age.

Beautiful women who appeared to be naked were approaching while dancing sensually.

From a distance, it was a pretty flashy dance, but when it came close to my eyes, it was lascivious. They seemed to be in a trance, judging from the blurry eyes of the women.

“How is it? She is the most beautiful priestess among Kergo’s women. She is the second offering to the Messenger of God. I hope you like it.”

Sirone felt the seat next to him heat up. Without turning her head, she could tell what expression Amy was making.

Kadum’s favor backfired.

The choreography of the priestess was enchanting, but to Sirone, it seemed nothing but the struggles of women drunk on loops.

Favor without reason is felt as a threat, so his heart grew cold as he analyzed Kadum’s intentions.

When Sirone’s reaction was stubborn, Kadum finally became concerned.

The spirit of an unlocker is higher than that of a criminal, but he is not a saint. This is because immortal function is only a process toward nirvana, not liberation.

If you were free from the five desires and the seven passions, you wouldn’t have snooped around the room of achievement and sacrifice from the beginning. I couldn’t figure out what Sirone wanted.

“I was wrong. I thought you would be happy. In fact, this is the first time I’ve greeted a messenger from God, so I’m just following the tradition.”

Sirone’s words made her feel even worse. How promiscuously unrockers of the same level as he played, did he even come up with the word “tradition”?

“Did they like this?”

“According to the record, I don’t think I hated it. But don’t get me wrong. It has no other intentions, it’s just a tradition. Kergo is a tribal society, but the power of the priest is great. Priests are divided into priests and warriors, and among priests, women become priestesses. According to Kergo’s rules, a priestess must be beautiful and must remain chaste throughout her life, but she can only sleep with an angel once to conceive an angel child. In other words, priestesses are ready to give everything for Sirone-sama, a descendant of angels.”

“If I accept these women, what am I supposed to do?”

There was no way the chieftain would accept bloodshed without a price. Tradition is nothing more than a custom created out of necessity.

The amount of gold coins can feed an entire tribe. In addition, the women who performed the courtship dance to be chosen by Sirone were future mothers who could increase Kergo’s population. In the end, it was like handing over the entire wealth and future of the tribe to Sirone.

“Kergoin is the great son of Ra. Also, angel descendants are the only beings who can connect the Kergo tribe and the gods. Please pass on our faith to God.”

“If you are God, do you mean Ankera?”

“Anke, this is Ra. It means eternal and immortal Ra. He existed from the beginning and created us. He is still watching over us with great power.”

It was about making a deal after removing the religious content.

In exchange for gold coins and women, he goes to the gods and conveys the wishes of the tribe. I don’t know how to convey it, but it was clear that it had something to do with Immortal Function.

The mental channel was busy talking about whether to get paid.

Tess was in a position that it was impossible. Money is money, but she couldn’t even imagine that Sirone would sleep with another woman over her Amy.

However, contrary to expectations, Amy was on the side of getting paid. And Sirone agreed.

– Sirone! How could that be? All men are beasts, but I believed in you.

-Don’t get excited. See what Sirone thinks. Amy said yes too.

-You’re funny! Rihanna, do you side with the same guy? I absolutely do not agree Amy, say something too. honestly not annoying?

-Of course I’m annoyed. The people of the tribe starve to death, and it’s unpleasant to have a party. But that’s something that Sirone has to control. First of all, it’s important to dig up more information, so let’s accept it.

While Sirone and the others were exchanging thoughts, a gray-haired old man entered. It was the Hasidic elder who blew the horn. Blood lined his eyes as he looked at the elders who were preoccupied with eating and playing.

Mahatu stood up and paid his respects.

“Are you here, Elder?”

“Tsk tsk, pathetic. What the hell is this all about?”

As the music stopped, the dancing girls collapsed from exhaustion.

Hasid walked to Sirone, using a cane like a three-legged man.

Kadum blocked the approach with an overbearing tone.

“What are you doing, father? You ruin the sacred banquet.”

“A sacred banquet? Outside, the tribesmen are starving to death every day. If you spend money on useless things, the tribe will really be ruined!”

“I am surprised that the elder, who is the former chief of Kergo and has a noble status, makes such absurd remarks. Can I use what I said earlier at the meeting?”

“That shouldn’t be the case. The people of the tribe are full of hope with the appearance of the messenger of God. But that’s it. Why don’t they know that what they want is happiness, not the messengers of God!”

“I have heard the opinion of one elder. No matter what anyone says, I am the chief. Kergo will be resurrected by God’s grace. It means that we will recreate the brilliant civilization of the past, rather than living in the mountains and paying attention to outsiders!”

Hasid twitched his beard, clicked his tongue and turned away.

Anyway, the chieftain was Khadum. If the conflict escalated in front of the elders, there was no guarantee that the civil war of 500 years ago would not happen again.

As the atmosphere subsided, the elders slipped away and the banquet ended.

Kadum took Syrone and the others up to the top of the altar. The roof was wide, and a 7-meter-tall statue stood on the north side. I felt a sense of intimidation in the appearance of a giant bathed in moonlight.

Kadum stood where the statue stood and looked up at the night sky.

Many stars were floating.

But the star he was looking at was one.

“Do you see that cluster of stars in the northern sky? Connect it with a figure 8, then find the brightest star at the intersection of the 2 circles.”

He said he had something to show me, so I followed him and he thought he would listen to the constellation lecture. Sirone and the others were reluctant, but took the time to find the star Kadum pointed at.

Shocking words came out of Kadum’s mouth.

“That star is the home of Kergo.”

“yes? Hometown?”

The hometown that Sirone thought of was the place where he was born. It refers to a place that young people who have moved to the city miss because they are soaked in nostalgia. It is by no means somewhere in the distant night sky.

“Kergoin knows that the god who created us lives there. We are born and die on this earth, but our souls fly to the sky. heavenly country. That’s why we call that star Heaven.”

Sirone was embarrassed.

Heaven is an ideal place. It is not a place to introduce tourist attractions to foreign travelers.

“I don’t understand. Why do you think that’s heaven?”

“Sirone-sama doesn’t believe in God.”

Sirone neither believed nor disbelieved in God.

The wizard’s thinking does not draw clear conclusions about what cannot be analyzed.

For Sirone, God was an unknown existence.

“There is something like this in Kergo’s Genesis. It is a myth before history. It is said that in the beginning, a giant lived and humans were born from the blood and flesh of a giant. The first human was Garok, who lived to be seven hundred and eighty-two years old. Their son Deris lived 982 years and his son Thesus lived 1,320 years.”

The Genesis of Ra was not very different from the myths of other religions.

According to some scholars, the lifespan of characters appearing before history refers to the period of family rule, not the actual lifespan.

Elza 1, Elza 2, if the family prospered for about 13 years, then Elza, who lived for 1,000 years, would appear in the myth.

It was plausible.

Even in the kingdom of Tormia, the name of the king was passed down from generation to generation. The current king was Adolf XII.

As if showing off his memorization skills, Kadum recited the lifespans of people he had never heard of.

After the age of mythology ended, we entered the age of history.

“2,000 years ago, Harnes, a pioneer, established a civilization here. From then on, we were embraced by Ra. You must have wondered why we do not restore Kergo ruins buried in volcanic ash.”

Sirone recalled that even Amy’s sniper mode had a barrier so thick that it penetrated the middle layer of the ruins.

“There are many ancient ruins in the world, and this place is one of them. However, there is one hidden fact that the general public does not know about the historical site. It seems that in the distant past, our ancestors freely came and went to heaven. The underground facility of the ruins proves it.”

“What the hell is there in the basement?”

At this point, Sirone couldn’t bear to listen.

Kadum looked into Sirone’s curious eyes and said.

“In the basement of the ruins, there is a door that leads to heaven.”

My head felt like it had been hit with a hammer. it’s heaven Could it be that you are referring to the stars floating in the northern sky?

it is in space

It was a distance that could never be reached by human ability.

“Are you saying you can go to where God is?”

“yes. That is it.”

Suddenly I had this thought. Is the chief named Kadum a madman? Or are you telling the truth?


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