Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 147

[147] Forced Breakthrough (2)

I know you are being pursued by the Magic Association. But how could I not give a message? If he hadn’t taught his subordinates the taste of money, the organization would have already collapsed.

“Stop talking nonsense! You wouldn’t be in a position to tell me what to do? We are neither a parrot mercenary nor a gang of bandits. They’re just gangsters stuck on the island!”

“so… … Are you going to act like an idiot until the end?”

“joy! I earned! I earned and maintained the organization! I can’t praise you, but you criticize me? Then where have you been and what have you been doing?”

“You don’t have to worry about that. If you’re not going to follow the rules I’ve laid down, drop the name Parrot right now.”

“Puhahaha! You call that blackmail? OK, I’ll throw it away! parrot? We are now the Freeman Organization! I haven’t been called a parrot since you ran away like that!”

“good. From this moment on, you are no longer a parrot. I don’t know how much I earned, but scrape it all and leave this place.”


Falcoa let out a roar of rage. Even Marsha couldn’t come out like this. Her parrot, but with her own blood mixed in. The honor of being the strongest mercenary was not something that could be exchanged for money.

“If you can’t give up your parrot, follow me. I am not saying to live a good life. But if you want something, fight for it. Extorting the weak is unacceptable.”

Falcoa growled. She seemed to die of bitterness towards Marsha, who took advantage of her even though she knew she could not leave her parrot.

“I always have what I want. Neither do you. One day you will be mine too.”

Instead of getting angry, Marsha smiled softly as if comforting an ugly child.

“It’s new to hear after a long time. try your best anyway Because I’m the type of person who doesn’t block a man coming and doesn’t catch a man who leaves.”

Falcoa clenched his fists and glared at Marsha. It was as if her eyes were on fire.

In reality, he was using the powerful eye technique. But Marsha’s complexion didn’t even change. She was a testament to how strong her mentality was.

“Sheesh! It’s still unlucky. I’m quitting. I’m going to go out and have a drink.”

“Stay still and stick to the hideout. It’s because we’re going to gather at the level of the leader and have a meeting. And from this time on, drugs are prohibited. If you get caught doing it, you will really die from me.”

Falcoa left the warehouse without even answering. But Marsha knew. He will attend meetings and not even take drugs. The man who will take him to the bloody battlefield has returned.

When the subordinates disappeared, Freeman greeted Marcia again as a friend from his hometown, not as a vice-captain.

“I am glad you came back safely. I was worried because I couldn’t contact you.”

“I can’t contact you because you ran away. do you have no idea Do you think I’ll be easily caught? Anyway, what happened to Falcoa? Would you like to use that? Even though he was crazy, he flew around as long as he grabbed the knife.”

“I can’t blame Falcoa alone. We were the ones who took the battlefield from him.”

“Huh, no, it must be me.”

“Still, because of him, military funds have been raised up until now. I have prepared it so that you can leave for another country at any time when you return.”

Marsha puffed out her cheeks as if she didn’t like it. It was because she knew how Falcoa was raising money.

In the end, is human being a being who has no choice but to adapt to reality? The status of the Parrot Mercenary Corps, which ran amok without knowing how scary the world was, was now a thing of the past.

After leaving home at the age of 17, it was a mercenary troupe that he and his friend from hometown, Freeman, had so far. 

I fell for the tricks of politicians and lost my lifelong foundation, but I wanted to keep the value of a parrot.

But now, isn’t there really nothing different from them? It was a situation where you had to pay attention to those who had it before fighting with faith, regardless of means and methods to earn money.

“Haa, since when did we become like this?”

“It’s nothing else, it’s a body that has been betrayed by the state. I have no choice but to live.”

“Yes, I guess. But, Freeman, I bet you’re not broken too, are you?”

Freeman kept his mouth shut. He has no conscience. However, he was saddened by the fact that he was suspected by a friend whom he had admired since childhood.

“I don’t care about organization or anything. Even the name parrot has no value. I just want you to be okay.”

Goosebumps Marsha trembled. If Freeman’s feelings were badged as a parrot, she would know a dog that eats c*ckroaches. There was nothing particularly touching, but he always appealed in this way, and I was so annoyed to death.

“You want me to be safe? Why?”

“you… … .”

When Marsha asked again in order to deflect her obvious knowledge, Freeman struggled to find the right words among the many words that popped into his head.

“Because he is our leader.”

Marsha snorted. Upon hearing her reply, it seemed that Freeman had nothing to worry about. It’s because he always had an annoying personality.

‘Anyway, since I’m back, I’ll have to reorganize.’

Marsha planned to lead the organization and make a fresh start by exile in a foreign country. In order to do that, it was in order to clean up the dung that his men had piled up.

“Huh! black!”

Marsha turned her head to the sound of sobbing. She couldn’t even think of Yuna running away and she was crying sadly.

The horror was averted, but Marsha could understand. She was emotional enough that the fact that she was treated carelessly by a man she didn’t even know her name hurt her heart. She was a woman.

“What happened? Where did you get this child from?”

“There is a street tout among the guys that Falcoa has. He said he was his younger brother.”

“Crazy. Are you going to get your hands on her subordinate’s sister now?”

“I don’t know. The faucet looks like money.”

“okay? Is there something I don’t know about?”

Freeman told his subordinates what he had heard. From the anecdotes between Jess and Amy to the circumstances surrounding Sirone’s invasion of the royal palace and bringing Yuna back.

Marsha, who had been listening with interest, lit up her eyes when Sirone’s story came out.

“Oh, now that I see it, I know that too, right?”

“You know? How do you know about this case?”

Marsha smiled and pursed her lips.

“After all, I am a genius. In the end, life is meant to be entangled this way.”

“What the hell is going on? tell me.”

“No, what… … It’s a minor happening. You don’t have to care.”

If Marsha didn’t tell me, Freeman had no intention of interrogating him either. It wasn’t yesterday or today that she went around here and there whenever she was bored. Also, that way was the only way she could survive in this world.

Marsha received numerous proposals from Freeman.

There was nothing particularly painful. The money that Falcoa earned was enough to make a fresh start in a foreign country, and Freeman’s troops were not too weak in combat.

“It’s okay. great job. But why not just sort out the property?”

“Does it take that much money from Falcoa?”

“a little… … right? It is the time for parrots to make another leap forward, and from the beginning, selling drugs and using the money they earned to build an organization.”

“It’s not like you. After all, money is money. I don’t like the way it’s earned either. But burying money for just that is what children do.”

“I know. Anyway, this agenda will be discussed at a later meeting, but first… … .”

At that moment, the door burst open and a member entered. Marsha and Freeman watched him with puzzled expressions.

This is a remote area where the government does not reach. So there was no need to run out of breath.

Marsha said with a smile.

“what’s the matter? Got an upset stomach? Is there no bathroom here?”

“uh? Captain? Are you back?”

The member who found Marsha couldn’t hide his surprise. However, the situation was urgent, so I posted the report without a chance to be happy.

“Captain! It’s a big deal! It’s a raid!”

“attack? what kind of attack? Are you from the government?”

“I don’t think so. They’re young, but they’re a group of four. According to reports, it seems to be two wizards and two swordsmen.”

Marsha knew who it was even after hearing that far. It was obviously strange to her that they were coming to rescue the brother of a street solicitor who had fought in the port, but she couldn’t deny one possibility, Marsha.

“Huh, well, if you’re a disgusting kid like that, it might be enough. Isn’t there a name named Sirone among the attacking children?”

“sorry. I also have a good name… … .”

Freeman changed his tone and spoke politely.

“Captain, why don’t you give the woman away instead? From the point of view of putting the organization in order, making a fuss seems to be a nuisance.”

Marsha analyzed the situation, thinking that a man with such a naivety would be rare.

“Hmm, give me the woman. Isn’t that a bit ridiculous? I mean kidnapping them and returning them when they come looking for them. Or what, are you saying she might come all the way here?”

“There is no such thing. While the captain was away, we thoroughly fortified this place. The tactical part using magic circles and magic weapons is also perfect. Unless you’re fairly strong, you’ll die before you even reach the first gateway.”

“Then it doesn’t matter? go kill I will be taking care of this girl. After letting them rest for a few years, they must have lost their senses? Are you completely stupid?”

As soon as Marsha spoke, Freeman immediately prepared to mobilize his men.

It was embarrassing in itself to show a disheveled appearance in front of the leader. It was especially unfair because I thought I had prepared well on my own.

“To a former troop training location. It is a real situation.”

“yes! I will deliver it now!”

Freeman’s men moved at once. It took less than 5 minutes to pack the weapons, organize the troops, and head to their respective positions.

Marsha then sat down on the chair with a satisfied smile.

“You worked really hard, though. I thought you were just playing and eating until now.”

“Because everyone has been waiting for today. I’m working harder because you came back.”

“Hey, how long do I have to feed you and burp you? Now is the time to figure it out. anyways what are you doing Aren’t you going to fight?”

“I stay here. It’s my job to stay by your side.”

Marsha looked up at Freeman with a puzzled look on her face. Of course, as an early member of the mercenary corps, he also served as a bodyguard. But every time that happened, Marsha had to wipe her arm from getting goosebumps.

“I can’t look at it because it’s really messy. Do you think I’ll think you’re cool?”

As if he had already made up his mind, Freeman did not think of leaving Marsha’s side.

Marsha’s face was red with anger. Ever since she was little, she hated this. She didn’t know how to express her feelings and she was stubborn, which irritated her more than once.

“hey! Don’t stand there stupidly, get out! Do you think you could be my West?”

Marsha lifted her leg from the chair and kicked Freeman in the butt.

Then, as if by inertia, Freeman took a step and moved his body. And he quietly left the warehouse until the very end.

When everyone left, Marsha stretched out with a light smile as if she had never done that before.

It was true that he was excited about the battle after a long time, but what he was more curious about was Sirone.

Sirone was the kind that Marsha hated the most. There is no one in the world who can truly embrace the pain of others. 

His adoptive father also eventually revealed his true nature. Marsha awakened when she realized that the mercy she had given her orphan was in fact the expression of her ugly desire.


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