Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1250

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The Terrible Truth (6)

Arius muttered.


The darkness blooming within the Miracle Stream is a sign of nothingness that cannot exist in this world.

Sirone’s eyes widened, and Tachyon’s ominous light expanded like the sun.

As the negative and positive energies cause a pair annihilation, the black hole begins to evaporate.

“Oh, oh!”

Arius checked the familiar landscape through the cracks in the tearing darkness.

‘The psychology of Ymir’s mother.’

As the cracks in light increased exponentially, gravity also rapidly diminished.

Chijik. Chijik.

A noise was generated from the Ultima in Arius’ hand.


As contact with the outside world was cut off again, God’s voice became faint.

“Imaginary time????? Even so… … everything… … result… … god

arrangement of… …

The last message disappeared in disgrace, and the darkness of the black hole was finally completely lifted.


Miro, Gaold, Sein and Gangnan were still waiting on the ground.

Sein muttered.

“What is Ultima?”

As if he had heard those words, Arius held out the Ultima extracted from the outside world.

God was silent, and the most powerful intelligence became a phenomenon to the inner world.

came over

On the other side of the universe, 5 planets, bound by the number 5 of the law, Ymir realized.


It was so huge that the sense of the body, which I couldn’t even feel my presence at all, began to return.


My arms, legs, fingertips and toes were clearly felt, and my muscles began to contract.

‘It was really long.’ The planets of the Five Stars, which had remained as dots smaller than the body, were quickly distorted.

‘wait. Don’t break it at random.’

The rhythm of power that had been gathering for quite a long time finally reached the mind.


With the spirit spreading at the speed of sublight, the number 5 of the law was destroyed.

Ymir’s Depth Level 1. Sirone felt simultaneous events that had been blocked until now rushing in all at once.

‘I see.’

So many things happened.

The reason why the connection with other simultaneous events was cut off after <Butterflies of the Firstborn> was activated was that the information from the outside world that Sirone had received was so heterogeneous.

But now the barrier has been broken down, and Sirone in another simultaneous incident has also realized Tachion.

Cuckoo Cuckoo!

Arius said as Ymir’s depth 1 shook like an earthquake.

“It’s a big deal! Ymir is being released.”

Sirone felt it too.

‘I do not have time.’

If the king of giants returns to Sirone’s planet, then there will be nothing left.

“Let’s go down first.”

When Sirone and Arius landed at the place where Gaold and the others were, the maze approached.

“What about Ultima?”

Arius was a blasphemer in the outside world, but he was a mouse in front of a cat in the labyrinth.

“Hey, here… …

Miro, who watched the dynamically shaking blue electricity, finally smiled.

“I told you. Can I do it?”

“Haha, yes… …

Arius was thrilled and raised his head, but blood suddenly poured from his mouth.


“Mister Arius!”

Since they had traveled the outside world together, Sirone was the first to support him.

Miro asked.

“What happened?” Arius’s face was rapidly growing pale, and his breathing was getting weaker.

Sirone said with a sorrowful expression.

“I logged in to extract Ultima from the outside world. In a human body, in the intelligence of God… …

There was no way to express it clearly, but Miro nodded in understanding.



Arius coughed up blood again.

“it’s okay.”

Although he intuited the end of his life, the corners of his mouth were raised peacefully.

“Here, take it.”


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Arius held out Ultima to Miro.

The only person who knew what he had accomplished would be Sirone.

‘It’s much bigger than risking one’s life.’

He fought to the end for his heart, Maze, even after realizing the emptiness of the outside world.

“whatever? Why do I take it?”

Miro said coldly, looking down at the dying Arius.

“You’re not saying you’re going to die just like that, right? You, it’s an escape. Stop talking nonsense and get up quickly.”


Arius burst into laughter.

‘I’m a lucky guy.’

How many people in history are there who were born as humans and penetrated the spirit of God?

‘But the best of my career is… …

Having seen Maze’s spirit.

‘Do not worry. I won’t regret it, and I won’t be afraid. Do I not know you?’

The last clots of blood poured out.

“I’m sorry.”

I have to stand by her side a little longer and save her face by pretending to be cold.

“I… … I really have to die now.” For a moment, Miro’s nostrils gained strength.


she can’t be sad

There is no blind spot for the Thousand-Armed Guanyin because it maintains immobility under any circumstances.

Miro, who hit Arius’ arm while handing him the Ultima, knelt beside him.

Then, as he buried the dying Arius’ face in his chest, he whispered softly.

“Good job.”

The corners of Arius’ mouth, glistening with blood, went up.

‘It’s really rare.’

Grave robber Arius.

Even his reputation as one of the world’s top 100 dangerous people was so far from justice that he was proud.

‘How did I come here?’

For the sake of mankind, I had never thought that I should live a good life from now on.

‘just… … It was fun.’

Whether it’s good or evil, it seems like there’s no need to worry about a person’s life.


It was nice to be able to sleep in a sanctuary for good.

‘What will I become after I die? really… … Will that world be waiting?’

I imagined myself smiling dejectedly, knowing that it was only a dream.


F*ck or F*ck

‘Even if I live twice, no, even if I reincarnate hundreds of lives, I… …

Mirora will serve the god.


As Arius’s head fell to the side, Miro finally held Ultima in his hand.

“This is it… …

“Give it up.”

Everyone turned their heads at Ymir’s voice.

“It is mine.” A lot of words that could be refuted came to mind, but the reason why they couldn’t come out of their mouths.


It was because of Ymir’s smiling face like a demon and the speculation that seemed to overwhelm the world.

Miro handed over Ultima to Sirone.

“get out. I will stop you.”

“but… …

“That is our only hope. I will stop Ymir, so you quickly make it into an object.”

If you enter Dremo and use Louver’s authority, Ultima becomes a perfect object.

‘Can they survive?’

Miro and Gaold are both masters he acknowledges, but Ymir, whose source of power is threatened, is on a different level.

“Make an offer.”

Contrary to what was said, Sirone and the others felt sick to their stomach.

“It looks like my body will soon regain its freedom. At that time, neither of you will survive. Someone scarier than me will come in.”

Superego, the ruler of the mind.

Like Sirone before, Ymir’s super ego must be in a weakened state after being restrained.

‘It’s different now. If Ymir gains power… …

Sein asked.

“What do you want to say?”

“If you leave Ultima as it is, I’ll send it back to you. Let’s compete outside.”

“Heh, how can we say that… … Sein reduced his words.

‘I have no choice but to believe it.’ If the strongest ego in the universe tells a servile lie, wouldn’t that be sad too?

“Decide. There are 30 seconds left.” Cuckoo Cuckoo!

The first level of depth vibrated violently, and a huge hand entered through the heavenly curtain.


Opening the sky with both hands, I saw a gigantic giant that took my breath away.

‘Ymir’s super ego.’

“Twenty seconds.”

The group looked at each other with their hearts pounding at Ymir’s countdown.

Thoughts were read even without words.

“Run away!”

At the same time as Sein shouted, everyone in the party ran without looking back.

Sein was not ashamed.

‘Is this right. Fighting that monster because you’re crazy when you don’t get anything? If you extract Ultima anyway… …

Ymir’s mind will split into 10 billion pieces.

“it’s over. We won.”

“Ten seconds.”

Ymir’s eyes slid open, and the superego in the sky raised a fist.

No matter where you run, you die instantly.

‘There is no way to escape… …

“Oh Dae-sung!”

Louver and Mong-a were waiting with the gate to exit to Drimo installed.

Sirone shouted while holding out her Ultima.

“hurry! There is no time! If I don’t convert it to an object… … !”

“Five seconds.”


Superego’s screams made his ears go numb, and Louver pointed at the door and shouted something.


No one could hear.

Standing at the top of an ivory tower with a view of the sky.


Argones distorted his impression by making a violent sound like never before.

“Did they invade after all?”

With Syrone’s contact with the outside world, Argones gained the right to end.

“I will destroy mankind.”

Just as Argones was about to activate the cell buster, Taeseong struggled to open his mouth.


“wait? What are you talking about? No matter how much you love humans, humanity has crossed the line.”

“It is not so. I can convince you. Sirone, answer me. Do you really want to fight to the end?”

Even Sirone in the Ivory Tower now knows the reality of the Illuminati.

“I just want to protect my world.”

“is it so.”

Taeseong looked back at Argones.

“Nothing has happened yet. give us a chance You can’?”

This time I told Thing.

“Stop it now. Do you really want a cellbuster to trigger? Are you saying that sticking to your ideas is really more important than the existence and annihilation of mankind as a whole? Trust me. I will protect you as the representative of humanity.”

Thing’s face contorted.


Even the most subjective woman in the world was lost in this situation.

‘What the hell are you talking about me?’


Sirone said.

“I got Ultima.”


“In the outside world, at someone’s expense. Now humanity can unite. That you no longer have to fight alone.”

Is it true?

“As you said, everyone except me might be an illusion. But can you trust me? Leave it to me.”


Singh’s face turned into a tear.

‘It’s really amazing.’

Sirone doesn’t know, but Son Yu-jeong couldn’t stand it for 10 minutes and her hair turned white.


Singh said in a hoarse voice.

“Can we live together? No more doubting each other, no need to tremble with anxiety… …

Sirone said with a sorrowful look.

“okay.” Singh did not move for a long time, but everyone in the Ivory Tower calmly waited.


And finally… … Singh’s arm, which was restraining Taeseong, began to fall slowly.

“I will trust you.”

The piercing was broken.

But Singh’s face looked relaxed and had a pretty smile that I hadn’t seen before.

‘You know how to make a face like that.’

It has no meaning now, but with this, the stars of the ivory tower have become one again.

Sirone held out his hand.

“let’s go. I have a lot of things to help you with.” “hmm.”

The moment Singh tried to hold the hand, Sirone’s eyes suddenly widened and his body shook.



Singh couldn’t even move the report.

It was because the eyes of the woman stabbing Sirone’s heart from behind were too cold.

“How arrogant you are, man.”

It was Taeseong.

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