Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1247

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the terrible truth (3)

A village near the Pyramid of Truth.

Most of the people ended up leaving, but a few people stayed in the village.

“dad! dad!”

Arti, an 18-year-old girl, was thrilled with the realization of a story she had heard since childhood.

“Dad was right! Pyramid! The Pyramid of Truth is shining brightly!”


The stout-built father stood up.

“Dad made it clear! Don’t even come close to the Pyramid of Truth! It is not a place for people to go!”

“But we are fine. As Dad said, you know the ballot. He didn’t even leave town.”

“Ha, I really can’t stop. Dad is getting old because of you.”

said his wife, looking out the window.

“It seems that the time for the prophecy has come. Honey, shouldn’t Arti know now?”

“huh! yes!”

Dad, lost in thought for a moment, went into the room and brought an old wooden box.

“Come here.”

Dad, sitting in front of Artie, opened the box and found an old parchment document.

“what’s this?”

The father smiled at the slightly disappointed daughter’s tone.

“Guild oath.”

” Guild?”

Dad looked out the window.

“No one knows when the Pyramid of Truth was built. But the king who founded the ancient Paras, Pharaoh, seems to have known the secret passed down through oral tradition. So Pharaoh made his own tomb the same as the Pyramid of Truth. He believed that if he fell asleep there, he could one day be resurrected.”

“So you resurrected?”

“Arti, death is the privilege of the dead. Eternal sleep or the decay of the body are just thoughts of the living. The resurrection will be the same.”


It was like I didn’t know.

“The important thing is that the ancient pharaohs knew the existence of gods. Perhaps it was handed down in secret. But besides Pharaoh, there were people who knew the existence of God.”

Dad heard the guild oath.

“Masons who had to search for the Pyramid of Truth and build a pyramid identical to it. This is the oath of secrecy of the ancient masons’ guild (Freemason) that they gathered together.”

Arti looked at the seal at the top of the oath.


A pupil in the same triangle as the pyramid emitted a brilliant halo.

Dad said.

“This is an exhibition plan. It is also called the Eye of Providence. The eyes of a god that sees through all of this world. Dad’s dad, grandfather’s grandfather, if you go all the way back like that, you’ll find our ancestors who built the pyramids.”

“Then, what about the phrase that Dad taught you?”

“okay. The ancient masons’ guild had mystical powers. It seems to have been put into practice now, but I don’t know. Is it going to continue its life somewhere? All Dad knows is the phrase he heard from his grandfather.”

That alone made the girl’s heart tremble.

“That’s why we didn’t leave town. Everyone has changed strangely.”

“yes. but… …

As the inside of the house flashed, Dad turned his head.

“Looks like we have to leave now.” When the electricity that wrapped around the pyramid struck the sky like a thunderbolt, space was torn apart.

Arti approached the window.

“… … Exhibition view.”

One eye was contemplating the world.


Rukia bounced out of the inside of the pyramid, which was all wrapped in electricity.

As she fell to the floor, her body convulsed and her eyes trembled in shock.

“Miss Rukia! Wake up!”

What did you see?

The mind that had already passed into the realm of infinity could not be returned in any way.


The group looked up at the ceiling, following a bunch of electricity gushing out of the mechanism.

The bricks soaked with electricity were as transparent as glass, and God’s eyes stayed in the sky.

‘I’ve seen it.’

Sirone said to the group.

“I’ll be back.”

said Canis.

“Go with me. He has business to do.”


Sirone was adamant.

“I am going alone. I don’t even know what’s out there, but I can’t put it in danger.”

“Don’t be condescending. I admit that you are strong, but I also have my own fight.”


Sirone said soothingly.

“If you go, Arin will say he will go too.

going to be.” “Leave it to me. If that eye were really a god, they might be able to negotiate.”

I realized it when I went to the Maika ruins.


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‘It may be my own illusion, but I was definitely trying to convey something. About the guffin… …


said Canis.

“If you don’t listen to me, grab me by the collar and bring me.”


He knew better than anyone how I felt, so I was grateful to him for willingly yielding to me.


outside world.

어렴풋이 짐작은 가지만, 그 실체 와 정면으로 마주하는 것은 처음이 었다.

“갔다 올게.”

미라클 스트림이 몸을 감싸고, 민 들레 씨앗 같은 빛의 입자가 되어 벽을 뚫었다.

피라미드 바깥에서 실체화된 시로 네를 올려다보며 아레스가 중얼거렸 다.

“그래, 꼭 돌아와라.”

시집도 안 간 여동생 과부 만들 수는 없으니까.

카타콤의 일원들은 눈앞의 적을 내 버려 두고 시로네를 향해 돌진했다.

“가증스러운 야훼!”

시로네가 하려는 것은 자명했다.

‘멜키두의 정화.’

다른 말로 하자면, 이곳에 있는 모 든 자들의 죄를 끌어안겠다는 것이 었다.

기요르기는 생각했다


애초에 용서할 수 있었다면 역겨운 것을 토해 내듯 마를 버리지도 않았 을 터.


앞으로 걸어가는 기요르기의 목소 리에 힘이 실렸다.

“정말로 할 수 있다고?”

지독하게 이기적이고, 쾌락만을 추 구하며, 모든 것을 남에게 떠넘기는 악을.

“흐으으으 r

이모탈 펑션을 개방한 시로네는 멜 키두의 모든 것을 마음으로 품었다.

끔찍한 기분이었다.

‘악은 악이다.’

너무나 싫고, 밉고, 혐오스럽다.


시로네는 요라한을 모르지만, 거대 한 용서가 어찌 누군가의 꿈을 안다 고 되겠는가?


루키아가 그랬듯이.

‘사랑하면 희생할 수 있다. 내 목 숨을 줄 수도 있어. 하지만 왜 내 가……’

악마저 끌어안아야 하지?

그 모순에 직면한 순간 그의 마음 은 오히려 탁한 분노에 물들어 갔 다.

“죽어라, 야훼!”

카타콤의 일원들이 돌진하는 것과 동시에 시로네의 주위에 벼락이 내 리 쳤다.

“뇌신의 심판.”

뇌신전생의 화신을 피워 올린 네이 드가 무서운 얼굴로 그들을 노려보 았다.

“접근하면 죽인다.”

에덴이 이루키의 부축을 받으며 다 가왔다.

“뭔가 이상해.”

The Spirit Zone, which should have spread infinitely, was rather collapsing inside.

Iruki said.

“You are caught in a logical contradiction. You can’t swallow Melkidu. If you continue like this, you will rather be stained with evil.”

Sirone’s heart was screaming.

‘ why’?’

Was I really a hypocrite?

‘I don’t know. they don’t do anything Am I the one who always has to sacrifice? I bear, I forgive,

I, I, I everything… …

Sirone stopped thinking.

” ah.”

Harvits said.

– You say you go to pick up the garbage alone for the rest of your life, you idiot.

‘I see.’

Why do we need to forgive evil… … .

‘Only one.’

because it is good


Sirone’s face was tearful, but

The spirit zone spreads rapidly again to infinity


“Aww! no! don’t do it!”

Feeling a different temperament than before, the demons in the catacombs knelt down and grabbed their heads.


Gyorgi didn’t believe it.

‘With perfect goodness without the slightest bit of malice, with a heart that has reached the pinnacle of goodness… … Forgive me?’

Integration of Zen and Ae.


Sirone’s gaze turned to Guyorgi.

‘I don’t resent anyone. I’m not sorry. i do it because i can

going to be.’

Since not a single bit of evil remains, Shirone is not a hypocrite, but a true goodness.

So, get rid of the pretense.

‘really… …

let’s forgive

After embracing everything with extreme sacrifice, the Spirit Zone spread at a tremendous speed.

Cuckoo Cuckoo!

As Melkidu’s system was purified, the entire island where the Hall of Evil was located began to shake.

Took. Took.

Debris fell on Curtis and Pena’s heads.

The moment Sirone’s feelings were conveyed through the Spirit Zone, he felt a huge sense of forgiveness.

Pena asked.

“What are we going to do now?”

“I don’t know.”

Curtis turned his head.

“It’s not something we can choose.”

After being silent for a while, the two of them clashed their fists with bitter smiles.

Hall of Evil.

Sitting down in Lilith’s room, Cain looked up at the portrait with a calm expression.

Cuckoo Cuckoo!

Even at the moment when his life’s achievements disappeared, his mind remained only in the past.

Tears flowed silently.


I try to smile, but the only thing that moves is the corner of my mouth.

“I was wrong.”

The Hall of Evil has collapsed.

“Huh! Whoops!”

As time passed and the light of purification grew stronger, the members of the Catacombs shed tears.

“Yahweh. us, us… …

Because no one, not even one human being had ever truly forgiven evil.

“Save me.”

The demons evaporated in a huge catharsis, and Nade looked at the gradually becoming transparent Si Lone.

“I will be back.”

“of course. Because it’s an infinite wizard.”

At that moment, Giyorgi, the only one left among the demons, opened the Devil’s Bible.

“The Satanic Revelation. Chapter 32.”

It was the last page.

“Satan said, Fear not the good. Everyone is just a hypocrite, so raise the forces of evil.”

“That guy is all the way!”

The moment Nade was about to step out, Eden stopped him.

“for a moment.”

Giyorgi’s voice was calm.

“Hypocrites will persecute you. prepare for the temple Get the victory by means of evil.”

Is it so, Yahweh?

“Do not be persuaded. don’t try to convince There is no mercy for those who forsake us.”

can we be you too

When all human beings achieve an integrated mental system that is perfectly right.

“Dries the seeds of goodwill.”

We too are not evil, ugly, and disgusting.

“Clear the name of the line.”

Thoughts that we can do because we are human, something we can control because we are human, sometimes it becomes joy, and sometimes it is the coolest and happiest thing in life… … .

with emotions.

“Remember, my children.” can i be saved?

“As long as there is even one line left in the world.”


After closing the Devil’s Bible, Giyorgi calmly closed his eyes and waited for the extinction.

“There is no shrine to the devil.”

Melkidu disappeared in a huge flash.

And at the same time… … .

Sirone’s consciousness, which was running toward Jin Seong-eum in the underworld, spun around.


In the state of Choeni Bardo across the boundary between reality and the other side, the integration of emotions is a real shock.

Of course, it was half the shock, but it was a powerful demon that made me lose my mind.

‘no. A little further… …

With her eyes on the Valley of Lamentation at the end of the horizon, Sirone fell to the ground.

The black monks that filled the sky flew in.

-Now! Bind Yahweh!

The moment when uncountable chains bind Sirone and black clouds cover the land.


With a flash of light, the tangled black curtain was torn apart.


Lian, holding Sirone in his arms with his left arm, appeared brandishing a great straight sword.

“Hey, Sirone. What’s wrong all of a sudden?”

There was no answer, but his eyelids trembled as if he was fighting something.

Yahweh’s heart is in the process of integrating good and evil, but Lian can’t know.

“… … What’s going on?”

Someone’s scream echoed in the Valley of Wailing.

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