Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 109

[109] To daily life (4)

“So what are you asking me to do? What difference does admitting to being brainwashed make?”

“Yeah… … They will be acquitted, both of them.”

Canis’ expression went blank. He himself followed Arcane to break out a criminal from Inferno. He was also responsible for endangering the lives of hundreds of wizarding schools. Even if he wasn’t the main instigator, it was a verdict that could never come out of his innocence.

“innocence… … Called? we?”

“Oh, of course, if you admit to being brainwashed. After all, the current association is focusing on the possibility of brainwashing.”

If you admit it, you will be released. become free Both herself and Arin can live a new life as if nothing had happened.

This time, Kanis’s blood was also dry. What was most strange was the association’s judgment. Why is there a fuss about releasing criminals when it is not enough to catch them?

“Oh, and one more thing.”

Sakiri looked through the files as if she had just remembered. Maybe he really did. After all, Arin couldn’t read the investigator’s feelings.

“Arcane’s exclusive lawyer sent an official letter. She requested anonymity, but the notarization is over. Let’s take a look. These are documents related to his property details, will and inheritance.”


Sakiri pushed the papers on the table as if no words were needed.

Kanis checked each one with trembling hands. Arcane’s will was nothing special. In his plain handwriting, he merely wrote down matters to be dealt with after death.

Among them was this phrase:

[Document] Transferred all property to Kanis

‘Master… … .’

In fact, I didn’t think that he was a warm-hearted person or that he secretly took care of his disciples. Rather, he was a person who confidently pushed forward his beliefs, so there was no lie in his attitude toward him.

Arcane proved that fact in his will. He was someone who didn’t care about the lives of his students, but he still considered Kanis as his only student.

After putting down the will, Kanis checked the details of her property. 

Real estate including various dungeons, items such as magic equipment, expensive artifacts and rare herbs, and the amount deposited in the bank were clearly organized.

‘1, 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000… … .’

Kanis counted the total of the property listed at the end.

‘4.8 billion gold… … .’

Even if it was the wealth that Archmage Arcane had accumulated over 150 years, it was a huge sum of money. As such, Kanis couldn’t understand the current situation. He suddenly said he was innocent, and he was saying that this time he became the heir to a legacy of 4.8 billion gold.

Sakiri scratched her head as if embarrassed.

“By the way, there are actually some problems. The reason why Arcane inherited the inheritance from Kanis-kun must have been the recognition of his disciple. But in the Magic Society, so that’s what a kind of brainwashing is, isn’t it? It’s injecting a false ego. In the end, I think Canis was tricked by Arcane. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to commit such a heinous thing, right? That’s why the association is somehow reviewing the acquittal. But then… … .”

“No inheritance? Because you’re not Arcane’s disciple?”

Sakiri put on a mild expression for the first time. Of course, menarche did not change as much as the tip of a hair.

“yes. There’s just that part. This is because the target that Arcane inherits is the brainwashed Canis, not the unbrainwashed Canis. In the end, this money will go over to illegal funds and be returned to the association, but I want to hear Kanis-kun’s thoughts before that. If you admit to being brainwashed, you will be acquitted. And all you have to do is sign here.”

Sakiri held out an additional document. Kanis looked at it with empty eyes.

memorandum of renunciation.

Admitting that you have been brainwashed makes you innocent. It’s because he’s just a victim of being used by Arcane. However, if that happened, the property that Arcane had inherited would pass into the hands of others.

In the end, the association chose the practicality of 4.8 billion gold rather than catching two youngsters.

“I can give you time, but it could adversely affect the trial. It is because it becomes a heart that doubts the arbitrariness of the crime. does it actually make sense? Of course I was brainwashed. Otherwise, would Kanis-kun and Arin-kun commit such a heinous crime?”

My mind went blank. He thought he wasn’t afraid to die fighting. However, the investigator says he is not guilty. He apparently did something bad, but he says he never did.

‘This place is no different from Radum.’

The outside world was also not a hothouse with the sun beating down on it. It was just a battlefield where huge desires swirled around under the guise of law. 

When Kanis hesitated to answer, Sakiri clicked her tongue and stood up. 

“Then give me some time. about an hour… … .”

“I will sign.”

Sakiri, her knees half-extended, stopped moving. Then he smiled again and sat down in his chair.

“Good idea. Alright then here… … .”

Sakiri handed over the fountain pen she used. Canis put her name on the signature line of the waiver.

With a creak, the pen scraped the paper. Sakiri accepted the pen with a hearty smile and confirmed the memorandum.

“Congratulations on being free. It is said that the yard is over, but it was a good choice. If I had hired a lawyer, things would have been more complicated.”

be a lawyer I didn’t even think about it. Maybe I should have hired a lawyer?

No, Sakiri wasn’t lying.

If the Magic Association had been a good place, they wouldn’t have brought in a waiver from the beginning.

“What shall we do now?”

“well. Well, you can leave once. Because I am free.”

Kanis and Arin were literally dog ​​hair. However, as if Sakiri didn’t care, she just packed the documents and turned around.

“Where are the release procedures… … .”

“There is nothing like that. You can just go.”

Kanis was able to see what was going on inside her attitude, as if she was kicking out a troublesome traveling salesman. 

From the beginning, the Magic Association didn’t even look at them. It was only about 2 hours to take care of the hassle to get back Arcane’s property.

What was more miserable than having his pride hurt was the strength of the association, which he knew but could not help. I could feel with my skin what a great person Arcane was, who fought proudly with the nations of the continent.

Kanis regained his composure. Now it has become self-evident. He himself is a battle mage. And since he knew how to fight, he had no more hesitation.

“Hey, you.”

Sakiri turned her head in front of the door.

“Did you call?”

“Are you a wizard too?”

“Hmm, you can say that. All the staff of the Magic Association are wizards.”

“What grade are you in?”

“It’s official 5th grade, right?”

Canis could imagine the enemy’s level. The Magic Association’s investigator was a certified 5th grade, and he was such a man.

“I will not end here. I will never sit down like this.”

“okay. It should be. Then let’s go.”

“Someday definitely… … I will make you my subordinate.”

Sakari, who was turning the doorknob, stopped moving. And after thinking for a moment, she turned to Kanis and smiled thinly. 

“You must study hard for that. In fact, the competition for this position is not usually fierce. But if that kind of situation comes… … .”

Sakiri put her right hand on her chest and said.

“I wish you well at that time.”

Despite the investigator’s unusual attitude, Canis did not respond. I just realized how thoroughly pragmatic Sakiri was. It doesn’t cost money to bow your head once. After all, no one knows the future.

As Sakiri left, Arin turned to Kanis with a smile. There was nothing wrong with her, since she was acquitted anyway. What could be better than rotting her whole life in prison with 4.8 billion gold in her arms?

“Kanis, you made a good choice.”

“Oh my god… … There are many strong people.”

The corners of Kanis’s mouth went up slightly. Now that he had a new goal, his heart was beating as intensely as when he first met Arcane. 

“Arin, let’s become stronger.”

“huh… … .”

Arin looked at the door Sakiri had left. Canis will come back here someday. Because this is not the end for them, she too could move towards her future.

After leaving the investigation room, Sakiri went straight to the inspector’s office. Compared to the seriousness of the situation, the work was done easily. It was great that Arcane died. There was no legal conflict, and Alfeas’ admission of guilt was also a major factor. 

The inspector’s office was a luxurious room with a marble floor. A man called the Iron Inspector, a legend of the Inspection Division 3, was looking out the window with his hands behind his back.

“Inspector General, these are the settlement documents for this case.”

“Leave it on the desk.”

Sakiri put the folder on the desk. Normally, I would go back like this, but this time I couldn’t suppress my curiosity and turned around in front of the door.

“Is the Alpheas gun okay?”

“why? Do you think something will come out from the upper level?”

“Six months of suspension is on the weak side. But the words don’t seem to come out. If this happened 40 years ago, there was no intention of injury, and the 4.8 billion gold is converted into jewelry, I think it’s an appropriate agreement.”

“Then why do you ask?”

Asking back meant as expected. Sakiri smacked her lips as if she scratched it for no reason. However, since the words came out, reversing them was also a handshake.

“I wonder if the meaning of atonement is involved.”

The inspector was silent for a long time. Then he slowly turned and looked at Sakiri.

“I did feel sorry for Alpheas. But he never determined the punishment of a sinner by personal feelings.”

“sorry. I made a mistake.”

“Stop going out and see.”

Sakiri was at a loss and hurriedly left the inspector’s office. He is a notorious investigator for criminals, but at the Society he is just a wizard watching his superiors.

The inspector opened the file. After examining the sentences meticulously, he took out a fountain pen and held it to the approval column. Countless memories passed through my mind. Now he too is a gray-haired old man, but when he recalls that time, he still feels a throbbing pain in his jaw from being beaten at Alpheas’s house.

“Sheesh. That’s why I should have brought a present.”

He had never visited Alpheas since he made a mistake with Erina, but he lived without accepting the fact that he had lost. 

However, over the past 40 years, the photon quantum theory continues to evolve and innovate, changing the world even at this very moment. 

He had no choice but to admit how much genius Alfeas had accomplished at the time.

“haha. It’s a belated gift. The Gold Circle belongs to you.”

The inspector inscribed his signature on the document.

Ardiano Sarov.

Report card at the end of the semester (1)

The end of the semester, the most tense time for magic school students, has returned. The achievements of half a year are implied on a single sheet of paper. It was a terrifying cut-off like a guillotine that decided promotion and failure.

Alpheas was sentenced to 6 months of suspension from the Magic Association. The legal effect came into effect from the next semester, and currently, Collie, the eldest among the teachers, was temporarily acting principal.

While clearing the weeds in the flower bed, Alfeas stretched his back and smiled. Cute disciples were walking from afar. Sirone, Iruki, and Nade. Now, they were troublemakers that everyone knew at school, but that’s why they were more promising children.

“Hello, Headmaster.”

“haha. Didn’t I tell you not to call me principal? Now he is just a grandfather doing his chores.”

“no way. After half a year, you’re the principal again.”

Alpheas just laughed. He is still grateful to his disciples for supporting him, but on the other hand, he does not stand on the side of the thought that he is undeserved.


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