Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1089

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The average level of creatures bombing all cities in high gear reached 700.

Compared to Dr. Martin, it was weak, but it was a figure that exceeded the existing high gear boss creature.

“jeon. person. Ryu. perish. fat.”

A bombardment broke out.

All the structures that were beautiful or that were at the cutting edge of technology were collapsing.

“shit! I feel dirty! Don’t do this kind of simulation. Hey, everyone wants me to go.”

Users tried to disconnect, but no one was able to escape.

“What, what?”

After confirming the system message that the connection could not be terminated, they felt fear.


Creatures resembling bats fell from a high altitude and attacked and bit users.

“Eh? Gaa! what’s this?”

– An unknown program was detected.

When the artificial intelligence was infected with a virus, users started attacking other users.

“you idiot! What if they shoot us!”

“jeon. person. Ryu. perish. fat.”

The infected spit out the same sound, and the city turned into an abyss in an instant.

Number Seven, watching the end of High Gear in a dark space, was distraught.

“Are you satisfied now?”

It was a world the Operator loved.

“I knew from the beginning. adolescent cow

It’s like the girl’s feelings, knowing that she was used.”

In the future, she will live a reality.

‘It would be nice.’

You will forget the action that took place in the virtual world and exchange your heart with real people.

“Sheesh! live well.”

In fact, I hoped that would be the case, but why was my heart so empty?

“Number Seven!”

A sound was heard from beyond the darkness, and an electromagnetic field spread as if it had hit a transparent wall.

Operators were infiltrating.

“hey! What are you doing? Why don’t you stop the event soon? This is how high gear ends.”

“… … No fuss.”

Number Seven looked back at the imaginary wall where the electromagnetic field was rippling.

“It’s just the end of one simulation. It’s not a big deal if one of these is gone, right?”

“it’s crazy? The three eggs we’ve made so far. Are you saying you can break it at will?”

“Are we making it? Only operators can create this world. We’re replaceable, but we’re not operators. But you said you’d quit.”

“So if we stay and hold on… …

“I hate that!”

Number Seven shouted.

“What do you leave behind? To remain so filthy and become a guard dog for an abandoned house? I do not want to.”

At that moment, a small child’s body with a lollipop broke through the dark space and entered.

“Number Seven hyung.”

“sugar loaf?”

It was impossible to move because it was blocked by the firewall, but it was an amazing skill just to have penetrated this far.

“Brother, I have something to tell you. Block the signals going out for a while.”

“I have nothing to say. And when did you see it, brother? How do I know if I am a man or a woman?”

“I have met the operator noona.”

Signal is blocked.

“what? where?”

“In real life. My sister is busy playing in-play, so I went to see her.”

For Number Seven, it was more shocking than the Operator kissing Yahweh 2.

“Why are you?”

“I was just curious. When I said I really wanted to see it, they told me to come to the studio.”

I was also curious about the number seven.

“How was it?”

“Haha, it’s the same. He’s rude and doesn’t talk much. I don’t think it’s a bad personality though. They gave me sweets too.”

A certain image came to my mind, but that didn’t mean my curiosity was gone.

“Meet me outside, bro.”

Number Seven was speechless.

“I want to meet you. My sister hates reality, but she doesn’t hate the relationship here either. Maybe that’s why he agreed when we asked to meet.”

“A relationship?”

Wasn’t that the world I ran away from because I hated it?

“it’s okay. Why am I meeting the operator? We were enemies here anyway.”

“Then my sister told me about my brother.”

Number Seven’s head turned.

“me? what?”

“Just what… … Nothing special. His tone is rough, and he grumbles when he meets him, so he’s stressed out.”


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Feeling the disappointment of Number Seven, the lollipop laughed and continued.

“Still, my skills are top notch. They say that no one understands his world as much as his brother.”

It was natural.

“Stop it, bro. You don’t even need to destroy it. Leave this here and go to reality.”

It was also a very scary word.

‘I would like to meet.’

I wanted to see the only programmer who surpassed me in undercoder.

“If you destroy high gear, there is no chance. Don’t hurt my sister any more.”


Number Seven turned around and said.

“Help me. It was made with the end of the service in mind, so the code was all messed up.”

“Hehe, that’s my major. Before that, from this firewall… …

At that moment, Number Seven suddenly screamed and collapsed to the ground.


The lollipop gulped as he watched his gas disappear transparently.

‘Connection was forcibly blocked.’

High Gear was still on the verge of destruction.

– I woke up.

The little witch received a communication.

– Hold it for now. it will come in handy later Don’t break it or anything like that.

The procedure was to take care of it first before Number Seven changed his mind.

-All right.

Uorin, who cut off communication, saw Sirone hitting Dr. Martin’s body.


‘The secret of the world?’

From the start, I wasn’t interested in that.

‘Sirone, all I need is you.’

If high gear ends abnormally, the operator will feel frustrated.

If Apocalypse’s mining was suspended, Sirone would eventually come to find him.

‘Fermi. He’s no ordinary guy.’

There was no way that a man as clever as a snake would not notice his madness toward Sirone.

‘Nevertheless, the reason I accepted the deal was because my perspective on this situation was the same as mine.

If it’s different… …

Fermi wants Syrone to win.

– The Empress.

Communication came again.

“Whoop whoop.”

After listening carefully to all the information Number Seven had confessed, she soared into the sky.

“I won.”

At the same time, there was a roar and Dr. Martin’s body staggered sideways.

“It’s over!”

Sirone, flying with the booster, fired Michelangeon’s flash into the center of the giant body.

750 million durability is all cut

Then, the body collapsed with a series of explosions.

“I did it, I did it.”

The rankers who were dealing with Kreacher all turned their heads and looked at it.

“That… … You got it?”

The operator, who had not even dared to intervene in battle, fell to his knees.

“I kept it.”

At that moment, Dr. Martin’s body, which fell flat, shook and the center part exploded.


An aircraft resembling a phoenix protruded from inside it, spreading its huge wings and gliding.

The operator, who checked the aircraft information through augmented reality, spat out curses.

Boss Creature Real Martin.

After a while, other users also saw the aircraft’s durability of 3.2 billion.


As if the grotesque sound of Real Martin was a signal flare, users flocked to it from all sides.

They were infected with the virus.

“jeon. person. Ryu. perish. fat.”

The operator couldn’t control his boiling anger.


Real Martin’s flash cannon swept the world, and countless rankers disappeared as ashes.

“It’s not over yet!”

Only Sirone did not give up and flew into the sky and fired the Michelangan gun.

The rankers had no choice but to watch the scene of untouchable firepower crossing.

“jeon. person. Ryu. perish. fat.”

The infected no longer attack the user and create a gas barrier.

Beyond that, creatures that filled the sky black flew in and attacked the remaining ones.

The operator gritted his teeth and rose from his seat.

“Fight! Don’t back down!”

A great battle took place between Real Martin and Sirone, creatures and rankers.

‘damn! let me go! Let me go!’

On the other hand, users trapped inside the aircraft had no choice but to watch the war as a wall.

In a battle that seemed like the world was splitting apart, Sirone defeated Real Martin.


Just before the durability of 3.2 billion fell, the aircraft rapidly changed and transformed into a new form.

‘Real Martin Level 2?’

Creatures raided the rankers who had lost their minds in front of 13 billion durability.


With more and more infected, Cirone activated Michelan’s gun.

– Lack of output


Tens of thousands of guided missiles were fired at the same time from Real Martin’s hideous airframe.

It was literally the entire landscape, and the Aegis took off and activated the ballistic deception system.

– This is the last one.

The aircraft of this Jess, which lured and dragged the guided missiles into it, was caught up in an extravagant explosion.


When Real Martin flew in, Sirone retreated and responded with an air god.

Durability decreased by 10.

“… … it’s over.”

After confirming the speed at which the number of 13 billion was decreasing, the rankers finally realized the reality.

“It’s over.”

Sirone loaded the air god.


If it was a creature flying after Real Martin, it was possible to intercept it.

pop! pop! pop! pop!

As many creatures crashed, Yahweh 2’s experience began to rise rapidly.

The level of experience required for a level of 300 was much lower than that of a ranker… … .

‘Level up.’

At the same time as the level rose by 1, the power of the high gear and Michelan gun was filled.


As the sphere of light condensed in Yahweh 2’s palm at a tremendous speed, the operator shouted.

“It’s not over yet!”

Yahweh 2 stopped retreating and charged.

“Maximum output.”

The huge flash of Michelan’s gun flew through the air and hit the Real Martin.

A roar erupted, and all the creatures around Real Martin exploded.

‘Level up!’

Charging is complete again.

‘Level up!’

The moment Real Martin’s durability was exhausted, a roar shook the world.


Users on the ground exploded with only a roar, and Yahweh 2’s aircraft crashed to the ground.

“damn! that again… …

Sirone’s expression darkened.


The real Martin’s hideous body expanded and filled the sky.

Real Martin Level 3.

– Endurance:


Kung-kung, the rankers knelt.

Yoga’s son also stopped fighting, and the little witch watched the operator shake her shoulders.

“bump. Whoops.”

she was crying

Tears did not flow through the body of the machine, but it was the most sorrowful cry ever born.

“What is this, you bastard?” Everything she designed was wrong


‘it’s over.’

The little witch laughed.

‘It’s completely broken. I can’t revive anymore.’

The users trapped in the infected aircraft were also listening to the operator’s voice.

‘It’s really empty.’

Had I spent so much time just to be ridiculed for this numbers game?

‘What the hell did I do here, me? just get it done quickly Throw it all away and let’s go.’

Apparently hearing them, Uo-Lin shrugged as she turned to Fermi.

‘I won… …

That moment.

“lee… … !”

someone shouted.

“… … Lorid!”

Where everyone turned their heads, Yahweh 2, loaded with air god, was flying into the sky.


The operator’s heart started beating again as he looked at him with his head raised.

pounding, pounding.

It was everyone’s heartbeat.

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