I Quit the Hero’s Party Chapter 462

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“The first madman, the one who lost his name.”

A sinner who committed the greatest sin under the advent of the Star Age. The stars did not forgive the sinner who placed a huge weight on the world that was in balance as an imbalance. He hated the stars for creating false gods.

Because I hated it, because I didn’t forgive it, I took it from it.

The star took the name from the madman.

The value of existence was taken away. Thus, the madman’s name was erased from history. Forgotten from everyone’s memories. The great sage and his party, including the warrior who subdued the madman, were also unable to recall the madman’s name.

“Akryta Clen Arcadia.”

Ayla pronounced the name.

“You seem to be curious as to how I know this name. A name erased from history and memory. Certainly, no matter which history book I searched, there was no story about a madman. Because it is an erased existence.”

But, Ayla smiled bitterly.

“There was only one person, but someone remembered his name.”

There is only one person whose name I have not forgotten.

A person who escaped the control of the star, a person who was no longer interfered with by the star, a person who was loved and blessed by the star, but eventually came to hate the star and wish to bring it down. That human had already escaped the bondage of the star when the star erased its history and memories. He had become equal to a star.

“The last queen of Arcadia.”

The younger brother of the first madman…

“The records left behind by the person who became the mother of the devil were not erased and were kept intact.”

A woman who became a vessel of shadow.

Ayla took out an old notebook from her arms.

“This is the record he left behind.”

* * *



Raniel looked wordlessly at the old notebook in front of him. A worn-out memoir. With his eyes focused on that, Raniel slowly opened his mouth.

“···Where did you find this?”

Even Cardi, who saw the end of the ancient kingdom of Arcadia with her own eyes, did not have this. Raniel could not help but suspect that the very existence of this object was a trap for a madman.

“I thoroughly investigated all the places related to the royal palace. In the process, I came to trace the traces left behind by the founder of the Cartedia nation.”

Ayla let out a long breath.

Homework that Raniel gave to Ayla just before he became a warrior and left for the battlefield. Ayla has been thinking about that homework over and over again for the past few years.

···Why is a child loved by the stars born into the royal family? This is to remove the poison hidden deep within the royal family. That was the reason for his existence and the reason he was given this power.

Not wanting to forget the reason, Ayla did her best to follow the traces of the madman.

“First, the place where the founder was buried, then the place where he often visited during his lifetime, the place where he stayed before founding Cartedia, his other lineages, etc.”

After going back endlessly, Ayla arrived at a certain place. An abandoned village located not far from a fallen ancient kingdom. A place that the founder longed for until the end.

“A village abandoned for hundreds of years. It was a place full of traces of being dug up by wild animals and demonic beasts, but there was one place there that was strangely intact. No animals came near…and not even plants grew.”

A place where time seems to have stopped.

“There was a wooden chest oozing evil energy. Ordinary knights would have seizures just by approaching it, and even knights with strong mental power could not approach the wooden chest.”

In the end, Ayla came forward and retrieved the wooden box. It wasn’t the first time I had seen this kind of evil energy. Ayla cleaned the wooden box that had traces of the demon lord she had encountered that day in Aplia and opened the lid.

“There was this note in it.”

“Then you know the name of the ancient kingdom that fell…”

“It was written in this notebook. Of course, I didn’t find out just by looking at this notebook.”

Ayla smiled bitterly and opened her memoir.

The memoir was filled with letters engraved in neat handwriting. It was the record left by her last queen, and the life she lived.

“Would you like to read it?”

Raniel nodded slowly.

She took the note from Ayla.

“I pride myself on being a very perfect human being, but I have just one flaw. Unfortunately, that stain is something I can’t do anything about. “It is a stain that has been with me since birth.”

“What should I hide? “This is the story of my flesh and blood.”

“Even if I had been born into an ordinary family, I could have been a hero, so I don’t even know how they gave me such a shitty relative. Is there really no perfect person in the world?”

That’s how the first chapter of the memoir began.

Raniel made a very mysterious expression.

“I had a brother.”

“I would like to add to those who will read this record in the distant future: my brother was a very shitty person. “More than what you imagined.”

“The person who seems to have gathered all the filth of the world and boiled it down is my brother. I am proud to say that there is no exaggeration in this expression. “I risk everything.”


Raniel tilted his head slightly. Raniel, who was reading the memoir, raised his head and looked at Ayla. This is because this method of speaking written in the memoir was not unfamiliar.

“···Princess Lruel wrote it?”

“···I thought the same thing at first.”

Ayla winked as if telling her to continue reading, and Rania turned her gaze back to the memoir with an uneasy expression.

“Akryta Clen Arcadia.”

“I’d like to talk about that damned human.”

“There is poison in Arcadia.”

If I were to give the poison a suitable name, it would be Acrita Clen Arcadia. From the moment I was born, I was a very intelligent person who knew how to distinguish between reasons and reasons.

Don’t ask me if I’m too conceited.

There are people in this world who are superior from the moment they were born, and my wife was just such a being. She was born with all kinds of talents and blessings, but as she lived her life, I felt a sense of discomfort.

The world is in balance. Whether it is the will of the stars or not, all things in the world seek to achieve balance.

Then what is my existence?

What is the meaning of my existence, having been born with all kinds of talents? With power comes responsibility. With talent comes obligation. If you are born as an outstanding being, there must be a place where you can use that excellence.




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There was no need to look far for the answer.

“What are you thinking about?”

There was an enemy nearby.

Acrita Clen Arcadia.

Those who were born into this world ten years before me, born with the same blood, were my enemies. Whenever he looked down at me, I would feel an unknown fear. An indescribable shadow was there.

And the outstanding talent I possess.

The countless blessings I received from the stars.

Compared to the existence before my eyes, I fell into insignificance. Eyes like an abyss. Strange mana. A twisted and corrupted soul. The entity that deserved to be called a great evil was my own flesh and blood.

I wanted to believe it was an illusion, at first.

It was on my tenth birthday that I learned the true nature of my brother. Half of the servants working in the palace that day disappeared, and dark red blood flowed along the waterway. Wherever blood flowed, epidemics spread. The blood flowed everywhere in channels, and a terrible epidemic engulfed the kingdom.

Many, many people fell ill and died.

Unable to dispose of all of their corpses, the corpses of the people piled up like a mountain in a corner of the kingdom.


Pointing to it, my brother said:

“Happy tenth birthday.”

That was the gift my brother gave me, and the first smile he gave me as long as I can remember.

* * *

Every time an epidemic broke out in the country, the culprit was my brother. Even when an unknown massacre occurred, the culprit was my brother. Where there was blood there were his footprints, where there were maggots there was my brother’s breath.

Secretly, insidiously, hidden behind curtains, my brother dwelt everywhere. It was darkness.

But no one knows that.

My parents, the king of this country, have long since been reduced to my brother’s puppets. In the deepest part of the kingdom, he manipulated everything in the kingdom as he pleased. On the outside, my brother was nothing more than a wise and benevolent prince.

Only to me.

My brother showed me his true face.

As if to tell me to look. As if asking what you can do. As if you were asking yourself what meaning there is to the countless blessings you have.


My brother put many shackles on me.

Aphorisms, prohibitions, and other curses bound my actions. I was completely isolated because I could not ask anyone for help or tell anyone about this. Time passed like that.

* * *

I saw the death of many people.

I saw and saw those who were broken by my brother. I had responsibility. Even if I couldn’t save their lives, I had to stop the atrocities committed by my own flesh and blood.

The power given to me is for him.

The talent I was born with will also be for him.

studied. Amidst the pain of my skin burning, I agonized over a way to circumvent the ban and a way to strike my brother. For a long time I prepared. I collected the dolls that my brother had discarded. I gathered the things my brother took lightly and made them my people.

attempted assassination. He tried to poison himself. Strangulations, raids, traps, countless attempts have all failed. Every time I failed, those I had gathered died a gruesome death. From their sacrifice and death, I realized. The fact that my brother considers my struggles to be a joke, a light amusement.


I realized that my brother does not die. He artificially achieved immortality. His true body will be hidden in an unknown place. However, after numerous attempts, I was able to gain one more realization.

Although it cannot purify the poison.

There was a way to drive them out of this land.

* * *


When I was twenty years old, I succeeded in driving my brother from this land.


With my body pierced by a spear knife and my soul pinned, my brother smiled and said to me. It was a curse.

“I dwell in the deepest places. You may think you are finished with me, but I am not finished…”

“I don’t think I’m done.”

I said.

“I just drove you out. I know that you are someone who will not end with this.”

So, I laughed.

“I won’t be able to kill you with the people I have now. All I can do is drive you out. But, do you know that? Brother.”

I looked at those gathered below me.

“In the time you are gone, in the time you are not on this earth, I will make this country perfect. More perfect than anything else.”

Arcadia, this nation, has only just begun.

“I will gather my people. I will gather talented people from many places. Even if Arcadia is just a small country now, the day you return to this land…”

I laughed.

“This place will become an empire.”

“You’re talking about a long-winded dream. You probably don’t know that human life is short, right? How is that possible with a life that lasts less than a hundred years at most…?”

“It can’t be possible.”

“Because there isn’t one,” I said.

“I plan to imitate you until the day this country becomes perfect.”


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