I Quit the Hero’s Party Chapter 435

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“Galatric style.”

The swordsmanship created by the greatest swordsman has diverged into many branches over hundreds of years. As it passed through the hands of countless swordsmen, it was differentiated into various forms and techniques.

If I were to describe its shape, it would be like a huge tree.

A tree starts from a single root and spreads branches in all directions. Some branches bloom beautifully, while other flowers turn into fallen leaves. Sometimes there are branches that take the wrong path and are cut down, but no matter what, the branches will continue to stretch towards the sky.


Each in its own form.

Each blooms in its own way. differentiate. The flowers that grow from the spreading branches may have a very different form from the flower that first bloomed.

「6th meal」

Different shapes, different colors, different scents.

Even if it is far from the source…

‘That’s why it’s a Galatric type.’

That too would be a flower bloomed by Galatric.

Flowers growing on the highest branches. The prosecutor who made the flower bloom gave his flower a name.

Galatric Ryu, reform.

Type 6: Wolyeong (月影).

Kalt’s sword scattered the moonlight.

Moonlight’s sword energy draws a strange trajectory. A shadow followed the path drawn by the blade. The blade is the moon rising in the sky, and the ground is a mirror reflecting the moon.


The moment sword and sword clashed, Kuntel frowned. It didn’t feel like the sword was being thrown away or shed. What she feels in the palm of her hand holding the hilt of her sword is strangeness, and what she sees through her narrowed eyes is the tip of her own sword pointing in a completely different direction.


Kuntel’s sword, which was aimed downward at Kalt’s shoulder, was pointing towards the distant sky when he came to his senses. The sword’s trajectory changed. The sword road was twisted.


It wasn’t something that flowed down the sword. It wasn’t even brushed off. Despite feeling strange, Kuntel swung his sword. This time he put a little more force into it and made it stronger. Don’t be shaken.


This time the sound rang a little louder.

It wasn’t the sound of swords clashing or scraping across the blade… it was a sound like pulling out sword energy. Kuntel’s eyebrows narrowed a little more. What the narrowed eyes see is the point where sword and sword collided.

The space at that point was distorted.

The moment sword and sword clashed, Kalt’s sword energy fluttered. The shadow of the sword on the ground flickered. An unknown sword. Unknown technology. However, Kuntel nevertheless responded immediately.


No matter where the trajectory of the sword is twisted or what posture it is in, Kuntel delivers a perfect strike. However, he cannot completely overwhelm Kalt like before. One step forward, one step back. The footprints of the two people were left in a mess on the ground.

···Wolyeong is a sword to deal with Kuntel.

Kalt let out a short breath.

We have taken the first step toward victory. She noticed that Kalt’s wide-open eyes were bloodshot. A smile formed on Kalt’s lips.


Look, this is my sword.


Moonlight, moon shadow.

Kalt does not know how to use the 6th type of Galatric style. Well, this is a technology that no one has been able to reproduce. However, I knew at least the trick behind the technique.

‘It’s not limited to letting the sword flow and deflecting it… it’s a swordsmanship that goes further.’

Twists the opponent’s sword stroke.

Changing the direction of the sword before it draws a perfect line and before its power is sufficient. What is needed for this is perfect prediction and skill enough to intervene in the trajectory of the opponent’s sword.

‘It was predictable, always.’

Kalt is born with the talent of a tracker.

Since Kalt was better than anyone else in the field of reading others’ habits and predicting their actions, Kalt always satisfied the first condition.

‘What is lacking is skill.’

Physical ability and sword energy output.

Kalt knew what he lacked. He knew, so he searched for a way to make up for it. In the end, Kalt found the answer. The answer may have been that he got a clue from the wizard closest to him.

“Magic is a tool.”

“A tool that fills in what is impossible and lacking for me. Or it’s a part of the body. Isn’t your sword skills similar? To me, it doesn’t seem much different from magic.”

The form of his sword energy is moonlight.

When the sword covered in moonlight was tilted at an angle, a long shadow was cast on the ground. A shadow that changes shape depending on the tilt angle. There, Kalt found the answer.

‘Sword energy is a tool. A tool that can change its shape as needed.’

Transform as much as you want.

Wolyeong (月影). Like the shadow of the moon flutters.


Kalt rolled his eyes quickly as he stomped on the ground. Kalt saw and predicted the movements of Kuntel, who was constantly swinging his sword in front of his eyes. Kuntel’s habits while alive. The unique movement of the lean body.

What can be obtained from observation is a perfect prediction.

Kalt was also watching the sword path that Kuntel could see with his own eyes. Kalt’s sword got in the way of Kuntel’s drawing. Originally, it was a sword that should have been pushed aside due to the difference in skill…


The moment the old moon-shaped sword energy wrapped around Kuntel’s sword blade, Kuntel’s sword blade shook. Kuntel’s sword path curved along the sword energy that swayed like the shadow of the moon reflected on a lake. The tip of the sword is pointed in a completely different direction.


Kalt dug deeper as he watched Kuntel’s sword cut through the air. The moon’s shadow fluttered and changed its shape again. Kuntel’s sword cut sharply, but Kalt gently let it go and twisted its trajectory.


Kalt kicked the ground and advanced.

For the first time in a fight that involved repeated steps forward and steps back, Kalt took two steps forward. For the first time, Kuntel took two steps back.

The gap narrows.

Kalt’s sword, which swung just barely touching the ground, scratched Kuntel’s forearm. For the first time, blood stained Kalt’s sword.




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Without losing momentum, Kalt pushes Kuntel. Every time the black energy flashed, blood sprayed out for a long time. Just like Kalt, whose entire body was bleeding from being grazed by the sword, Kuntel also began to bleed.


Every time the sword was swung, blood splattered.

Even if the sword road was twisted, Kuntel was able to straighten the twisted path again. He carved scars on Kalt’s body along the path he had laid out. Kalt, who swung his sword without missing the gap that occurred, also carved a wound on Kuntel’s body.

Blood splattered with each blow.

None of them are fatal, but none of them are light. Before the two of them knew it, there was as much blood as their footprints on the ground.


The sound of swords clashing with swords.


The sound of the sword’s trajectory twisting.


The sound of blood splattering continued to linger. Even in the split second of exhaling a single breath, five sword strikes were struck. Sparks flew out from the blade.

Kalt gritted his teeth in the face of a shower of sword strikes pouring down from all directions, from above, from the left, from the right, from below. At this moment, when missing even one of them would lead to death, Kalt continues to train himself.

Sharper, more sophisticated, more bold.

Now we can finally clash our swords.

Now, finally, I am able to see the same scenery and swing my sword in the same place as that noble swordsman. This moment cannot be marred by carelessness or mistakes, really.


Kalt gritted his teeth.

In front of his benefactor, the opponent he must defeat, Kalt showed his all. What he had accumulated throughout his life was displayed in front of his teacher.


Kalt’s sword scratched Kuntel’s shoulder for a long time.

Blood splattered out for a long time. The moment the blood splashed out blocked Kalt’s vision, Kuntel’s extended sword pierced Kalt’s shoulder. Kalt’s sword kicked upward as he tried to slash downwards. Blood mixed with blood.

···Kuntel also recognizes the prosecutor in front of him as his rival.

There are no unnecessary things left in Kuntel now, such as feelings for the disciples he raised. What Kuntel is seeing now is his respect for the prosecutor who is risking everything he has. It is the utmost praise for a worthy opponent.

Kuntel let out a long breath.

A loud sound rang out from Kuntel’s fingers as he gripped the sword.


What comes rushing in right away is an extra-large sword.

Kalt succeeded in breaking even that sword energy, but had to take a large step back. Kalt, who immediately let out a breath and was about to rush towards Kuntel, flinched for a moment and stopped.


The air was trembling.

As the dust created by the sword moves away, what is revealed is Kuntel slowly raising his sword. The momentum is different from before.

A sword that draws a straight line with the sky.

Kuntel, who was holding the sword, narrowed his eyes.

Just as the prosecutor in front of him showed everything he had, Kuntel also wants to show everything he has. The moment Kalt met Kuntel’s gaze, Kalt suddenly realized.


The blow that will end this sword fight is coming.


A sword raised towards the sky.

The blade, which was perpendicular to the sky, glowed silver-white. Kuntel’s sword energy sinking into the blade made a low sound. The rock rolling on the ground and the dirt debris trembled slightly at the sound of the sword.

The air trembles.

The space creaks.

The dust that had been settling rose up along with the sword pointing to the sky. The rising dust begins to swirl around the sword like a storm.

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‘···I can’t see it.’

Kalt smiled bitterly as he looked at Kuntel’s sword.

Kalt could not see the strike that Kuntel was preparing or the sword path that Kuntel was looking at. Just as Kuntel does not understand Kalt’s moonshot, Kalt also does not understand Kuntel’s sharpest blow.

But, even so.

‘What needs to be done doesn’t change.’

Kalt grabbed his sword.

He let out a long breath and put his foot down with a thud. The moon’s shadow on the ground fluttered and rose. From the new moon to the half moon, from the half moon to the full moon.

Kalt’s sword shined more brilliantly than ever.

Kalt exhaled and opened his eyes.

I no longer read Kuntel’s Sword Road. What Kalt sees now is his own path, a path only allowed to him.

···The road of the sword, Geomro (劍路).

The sword adepts speak together.

The moment you hold the hilt of a sword and point the tip of the sword at the target you need to cut, you can see the path in which the sword should be swung.

Someone pointed the way and said: The length of the sword is ultimately an extension of the extra senses. He argued that swordsmanship developed through accumulated experience and long training was a type of future poetry created by combining extrasensory sensations.

Although that claim was not wrong.

‘That’s not all.’

Kalt knows that that is not everything about Geomro.

A prosecutor is someone who speaks with a sword. A swordsman refers to someone who lives by the sword. So, if there is a way for the sword to be swung, it must be…

‘It should be my life.’

It will be the life of a prosecutor itself.

The path you have walked is the path of the sword. Looking back on the path, at the starting point stands the great swordsman, the founder of the Galatric style. And right behind him stood Kuntel. There were countless prosecutors standing between the two.

A road that continues and continues.

Kalt, who had been looking at the road, now looked ahead. What spreads out before him is an endless wilderness. This is the path you must follow. Kalt took his eyes off the road and looked at the present.

There is an enemy there that needs to be cut down.

He holds a sword hilt in his hand.

“iced coffee.”

Kalt laughed.


The path of the sword was visible.

There is only one path to victory.


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