I Quit the Hero’s Party Chapter 375

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With the sound of glass breaking, the light sphere that illuminated the darkness was completely shattered. A gust of wind rushed into the workshop, which was engulfed in complete darkness. The wind blowing from the hole in the stone door of the workshop into the depths of the workshop.

The wind was like the howling of an animal.


Neither Rania nor Kalt opened their mouths.

The eyes of the two people were fixed deep in the darkness of the workshop. Blue eyes that flicker like blue flames. A huge presence felt from that gaze.

···It is a sign of disaster.

A huge presence. When a being of a different rank appears on the spot, the mana of the area is often crushed. A similar phenomenon was happening now.

‘I’m not an apostate.’

Rania was sure.

When an apostate shows himself, he does not make this kind of sign. When it appears with a thick bloody smell, the mana in the area scatters here and there as if avoiding an apostate.

It wasn’t the sword of death either.

If that monster appeared, the mana would be torn as if cut, rather than crushed.

‘···It’s my first time feeling this presence.’

So this is a sign of another disaster.

The entire mana knelt as if in submission before the gigantic being. Mana crawling low on her floor was strange. Rania stared at the being that had driven the strange current.

That being also looked directly at Rania.

The blue eyes hidden in the darkness did not move at all. I didn’t even reveal my body hidden in the dark. I was just looking at the two humans in front of me. In the silence, there was the sound of something falling.

Stone debris fell from the ceiling and landed on the floor.

A small noise that breaks the silence. Using that noise as an opportunity, Kalt’s sword moved. Rania clenched her fists as she hit the ground.



Blue eyes fluctuated in the darkness. In an instant, the air flow changed and the direction of the wind blowing from outside the workshop was distorted. A strong wind blew from deep inside the workshop to the outside.

The wind blowing smelled like animals.

And, human smell too.


It opened its eyes in the dark.

It was born in a land where starlight does not reach, an abandoned land, a land where abandoned things were once again abandoned. The smell of death was everywhere.

It was realized.

That he came back from death.

The rest that should have been eternal was interrupted.

It was only for a moment that I felt uncomfortable about that fact. Gaining a second life reminded me of my first life. My memories were hazy, so nothing came to mind. All I remember is the brilliant light I saw at the last moment.

The light I longed for.

A light that will blind you.

It stood up, remembering the brilliant flash that it thought was beautiful. There was no one here who gathered dead and useless things and created something alive. Because the being that had revived it had neglected it, it walked in vain.

Where should I head?

What should you chase?

There is no purpose. There is no reason. All I want is a brilliant light. So it wasn’t a king. It fell into a mere beast and wandered. With a hunger that could not be satisfied no matter what it swallowed or what it ate, the beast returned to the place where it was born.

I believe there is something here.

And then, the beast faced.

A sword.

The light of the sword shining silvery white even in the dark, the sound of the sword trembling and ringing, and the energy of the sword rising above the blade.

Finally, the beast saw the swordsman holding the sword.

The light I had hoped for was there.

When it realized the fact, the beast was running.

* * *

“Quaang,” the air burst out.

A huge new model raced through the air.

The revealed being had the same appearance as the failed works, but was not made up of junk. There was flesh, leather, and hair. It had a sense of intimidation that was not felt in failed films.


Rania’s eyes widened and she punched the ground, but the beast was faster than her. In an instant, the beast passed by her at a speed that surpassed Rania’s.

From the beginning, the beast did not target Rania.

Its blue eyes, bursting muscles, and sharp claws were aimed only at Kalt. The beast rushed towards the stone floor and swung its arms towards Kalt. The sound of the air being torn apart rang out.


Kalt took a deep breath and swung his sword.

The silver-white sword light collided with the beast’s claws, and it was Kalt’s sword that bounced off. Kalt’s eyes widened in shock.

‘What power…!’

Kalt continued his sword strike, spinning his body around with the sword bouncing around. The superman’s sword drew a sharp path and collided with the beast’s claws again.


A loud noise like metal clashing with metal.

This time, the beast’s grasp was also pushed away, but unlike Kalt, who only had a sword, everything on the beast’s body was a weapon.

Throwing in.

The beast put out its front paw. Kalt hurriedly brought his sword to the approaching kick, exploding the air. Kalt’s body floated in the air with the sound of “Kaaang.”


Even though I blocked it with a sword, the impact was not completely offset. Kalt gritted his teeth, spitting out bloody breath. The beast tried to chase after Kalt, who rolled several times on the floor and stood up…


There’s no way she would let that go.

Rania caught up with the beast in an instant and hurled her fist at it. A flash of light erupted from her clenched fist.



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A shock wave hit the beast along with a roar. The ground shook and the beast was pushed back a few steps. But that’s just it. It was a spell that shattered the skull bowl in one blow, but the beast did not shed a single drop of blood.


He just narrows his blue eyes.

The beast struck the ground with its foot. I clenched my fists and lowered my posture. The moment Rania looked at that figure, her eyebrows narrowed.

“What is that…?”

Immediately afterwards, the beast swung its fist.

As if imitating Rania.

A body two or three times that of a human, with the innate strong bones and muscles of a demonic beast. The beast’s body contracted and expanded at the same time. The fist that burst into the air created a magical miracle even though it did not contain mana.


Rania gritted her teeth and cast a spell as the wind pressure pounded her. The stone floor of the workshop overturned in an instant, pushing Rania away. Thus, the gap created. The animal’s head turned violently, making a loud noise.

What the beast is looking at is the swordsman.

Before he knew it, the beast had straightened its stance and looked at the swordsman running towards it, widening its grip. The beast, which had been trying to grab the air out of habit, realized that there was nothing in its hands and spread its five fingers straight. The beast’s sharp claws were like a sword.

Sword and sword clashed.

But it wasn’t pushed away like it was a moment ago. At the moment of collision, Kalt raised his sword at an angle. Kalt raised his sword, letting go of the demonic beast’s claws.


The tip of the sword grazed the beast’s forearm. A sword mark was engraved on the beast’s forearm, and black blood belatedly burst out.

‘It’s shallow.’

Kalt clicked his tongue and said, “Tsk.”

I was planning on cutting off my arm, but the animal’s skin was tougher than I imagined. Because the knife did not go deep, the wound was also shallow. The beast recovered from its wounds in an instant and took a step towards Kalt.

Another clash.

Kalt, who was trying to let go of the demon beast’s claws in the same way this time, lost his breath for a moment. The movement of the magical beast is different from before. The moment it collided with the slanted blade, the demonic beast twisted its wrist.

The beast imitated the techniques that Kalt showed off.

The beast raised its claws at an angle. Following those claws, Kalt’s sword soared into the sky with a clang sound.

I was induced, in reverse.

Kalt gritted his teeth and twisted the sword’s trajectory again, cutting off the swinging beast’s claws. My hands tingled. My arm screamed because I was forced to twist its orbit.

‘What the hell?’

Kalt groaned as he blocked the onslaught of beasts. I couldn’t understand. The beast in front of him imitated the techniques that Kalt had perfected over the years in an instant. It’s as if he was reminiscing about a skill he ‘already knew’.

Kang, Kang.

As the attack and defense continued, the beast’s movements became faster. It has become more sophisticated. As if learning.

‘A demonic beast that learns…?’

A body that could be two or three times that of a human.

A magical beast’s unique resilience and strong body. The techniques he used using his body were truly threatening. With each attack and defense, Kalt’s body screamed.

“Senior, hurry up!”

Kalt screamed.

Immediately afterwards, a ray of light fell between Kalt and the beast. Rania appeared, scattering light and ash, and stretched out her bare hand towards the claws wielded by the beast.


The claws could push away even a superman’s sword, but the beast’s claws could not shake off Rania’s hand. The long chains wrapped around Rania’s grasp caught the claws of her beast as she spewed out swarms of light. The stone floor Rania was standing on cracked with a cracking sound.


Rania pulled back the arm that was gripping the beast. The beast’s large body leaned forward for a moment, and Rania placed her free hand on the beast’s chest.


A chain stretched out from the empty hand and wrapped around the beast’s body. The chain embedded in the animal’s skin blinked blue.



A flash of light came down along with the sound of “Kwa-Rung.”

A bundle of condensed lightning traveled down the chain and struck the beast’s body. The beast’s skin was scorched black by the enormous amount of electric current, and smoke rose from the beast’s body. As if it couldn’t bear even this, the animal’s body shook violently.

Crackling, crackling.

The animal caught in the residual lightning even looks as if it is burning up in blue fire. Unable to withstand the repeated blows to its body, the beast’s head lowered lower and lower.


The beast’s head lowered sufficiently.

Rania grabbed the horn that extended from its head. This is the moment when she lifts her hands to rip off the head of the beast on her knees with her chains.

I flinch.

The beast’s body trembled greatly.

Immediately afterwards, the beast raised its lowered head. The beast looked into Rania’s eyes at the same level. The moment when your eyes sparkled like blue flames.

Toad, toad, toad, toad.

The chains were all broken.

Smoke rose from the beast’s body and its wounds healed in an instant. Thus, the expanded body of the beast is even larger than before. Only then did Rania realize.

I think it was done on purpose.

To induce a gap.

Immediately afterwards, the beast’s sharp claws shot up towards Rania’s eyes. Rania twisted her head and kicked the beast in the abdomen, causing it to fall behind her. The beast that had cut off all of her chains stood on the ground with both feet.

The limp arm touched the ground.

White breath rushed out from the beast’s maw. Rania rubbed my forehead with the back of her hand. A scratch from her fingernails remained on her forehead. Just as the witch healed her body in an instant, Rania also had her wounds healed in an instant.

Rania narrowed her eyes.

The beast’s eye glow also shrank.

Rania intuitively sensed that the beast in front of her was a ‘success’ and that the king of demonic beasts had been brought back to life by an apostate. And he was also convinced that he should be excluded from this position. Rania, who had made up her mind, pressed down on her heart and muttered.



The interior of the workshop is in disarray.

Kalt collapsed on the floor, breathing heavily. Kalt’s sword fell to the floor with a clang sound.

“Huuuk, huuuuu…”

Kalt let out a long breath as he wiped the beads of sweat from his forehead. Kalt, who was sitting on the floor, looked forward. There, Rania was still standing on the ground.

Knock, knock.

Rania was trying to stop the bleeding on her shoulder. Kalt stuck her tongue inside her. Since she became a warrior, she has never been injured like that.

“What on earth was it?”

Kalt asked a question out of breath.

I saw Kalt a little while ago. Rania’s movements accelerated over and over again, and the appearance of the beast reacting to those movements. And then I ended up seeing him digging his nails into Rania’s shoulder.

“An old disaster.”

Have the restrictions been lifted due to facing the King of Demonic Beasts?

Rania sighed and continued.

“It is a unique entity called the king of demonic beasts.”

“···King of Demon Beasts?”

“They say it existed hundreds of years ago, but it looks like that damn traitor brought it back to life.”

Rania waved her arm lightly.

Something fell on the floor with a crashing sound. It was the beast’s right arm. After a close fight, Rania tore off the beast’s right arm, and the beast used its right arm as bait and dug its nails into Rania’s shoulder.

“That’s right.”

Rania nervously messed up her hair.

It tore off the right arm, but missed the beast. The beast accelerated and ran out of the workshop and disappeared beyond the cliff. To the depths of the demon world, not the land of mankind.

“But didn’t you break your arm? As a bonus, I also cut off one of the horns.”

Kalt pointed to the horns scattered on the floor.

Horns resembling tree branches. While Rania and the beast were engaged in a close fight, Kalt cut it down. Kalt narrowed his eyes as he looked at the horn.

A learning demonic beast.

A beast that sometimes has the tenacity to achieve its goals by discarding parts of its own body. Kalt’s intuition warned him. I have to catch and kill this beast as soon as possible. And Rania was also feeling similar feelings.


Rania looked at the arm she had torn off in silence.

It was the right arm. It is not the original body of the King of Demonic Beasts, but an ‘artificial’ body created by an apostate.

···The body of the King of Demon Beasts.

Half of it was used to create Ganikalt’s body. All that was left of the King of Demon Beasts was the left half of his body, and the beast a while ago was in an unstable state, filling up the remaining half with a mixture of demon beasts and human corpses.

But something feels off.

Memories of what I saw in the Northern Tower.

The king of demons described by Cardi.

It was a human-like being that was noble, wanted to understand humans, and could communicate with them. However, Rania did not feel the same appreciation for the demon beast she had faced just moments ago. She said that what she was dealing with was a mere beast.

Even if you learn by using technology.

Rania did not feel the mysteriousness of the nobility that Cardi had mentioned.

‘Rather than the king of demonic beasts…’

It’s just a beast.

So, Rania thought, the beast must be killed before he becomes king.

* * *

Damn it, Kwasik.

The beast bit the demon beast.

He grabbed the demonic beast living in the demon world with one hand, crushed its body with his foot, and ripped off its head. The beast thought as it opened its mouth and chewed on the beast’s head.

It’s tasteless.

I feel nothing in this.

The beast groaned from its unquenchable thirst. The beast chewed and swallowed the demon beast just to fill its stomach and hunted another demon beast. He collected the bones and flesh of the beasts he hunted and attached them to the beast’s empty right arm.

Build a framework.

The arms are made by joining the flesh and bones.

Repeating an action that felt familiar for some reason, the beast filled the missing arm with things it had hunted. As it filled up, the beast pondered its defeat. He himself was defeated. I lost my pride and ran away. Although he didn’t know what ‘pride’ was, the beast felt uncomfortable.

Why did you lose?

Because I didn’t have that.

Because he did not have a sword as sharp as the sword the swordsman held. The brilliance I saw on the sword. The beast reminded him of the brilliant brilliance he had longed for.


The beast could only think of that one word. When you think of a sword, the animal is a human. It muttered, having the scent of both humans and beasts.

“Go, Nikalt.”

Ganichalt van Galatric.

That name was the only thing that lingered in the beast’s head. Unknown hatred, jealousy, envy, and vague yearning. The beast groaned as all kinds of emotions filled his mind.

My thirst was not satisfied.

In the thirst that seemed to be burning, the beast came to mind. Your last moments. The sight of myself bleeding on the pure white snow field. I thought of a person pointing a sword at me and the sword he was holding.

At the place where it was newly born, the beast confirmed the identity of the radiance. He perceived the vague light he had been hoping for.

So what can you find in the place where you die? I couldn’t figure it out. The animal walked aimlessly, just hoping to satisfy its terrible thirst. He moved forward, bringing down all visible demons to his knees.

The path the beast walked was full of death.

At some point, the demon beasts bowed their heads in front of the beast. The beast walked among the terrified demonic beasts.


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