I Quit the Hero’s Party Chapter 361

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〈 Episode 361 〉 Disaster, and a hero (4)

* * *

Death approaching, fading spirit.

At the end of his life, Raniel spoke about his wishes for the first time. No one could hear her voice, but she listened to her wishes as much as the stars. Because that was the reason stars existed.

A star is an entity that answers its origins.

The concept underlying the stars moved.

The constellations shook. The stars embroidered in the night sky moved noisily. The constellations thus aligned are constellations that no one has ever seen.

A constellation that is new to those living in ‘this era’.

However, this constellation was not new to him as he gazed at the sky from afar. A wizard who lived in an era before ancient times looked up at the sky and burst into laughter.

“···As expected, I was with you, you damn friend.”


I heard a voice in my blurred consciousness.

I listened to that voice.

Even in the approaching death and fading senses, that voice was heard clearly.

【What do you wish for?】

What do you wish for?

【Yes, what I wish for.】

【Countless and countless people live with dreams. Even if something precious is lost, even if the world is close to destruction, even if there is no place to close one’s eyes, even if there is no time to sleep, people still dream.】


【Dreams, wishes, wishes.】

【People live using dreams as guideposts. Just before their lives fall apart, they talk about their dreams as if screaming. As if it were a regret.】

What does that mean now?

【Because I am the answer to that dream.】

【Hopes that will crumble if left alone, screams that will scatter, I am the being that answers them. He is a god (?) who listens to their stories. To answer them, he engraved rules in the world.】

So, a voice whispered.

【Say it again.】

【Your dream.】

【I don’t have much time, but I have time to listen to your screams.】

Dreams, wishes, who you want to be.

I slowly remembered.

I looked back on my life. Was there something I truly desired in the life I lived out of duty? What did I mutter a moment ago?

The voice did not urge me.

He waited long enough for me to gather my thoughts. In a time that seemed to have stopped, I looked at my hands with blurry eyes. Even though I was crushed by a stone pillar, I kept my hands stretched forward.

As if trying to grab something.

Even though he was covered in blood and even though he had come to this point, he was still reaching out to hold on to something. Looking at it, I burst out laughing.

“I don’t know, me too.”

I don’t know what I want to become.

my father told me He said he would get the answer as he lived. There is plenty of time, so please take your time and think about it.

“No matter how much I try, I don’t know. I just lived as I was led. As a result, a duty arose. “Because I was living a life of duty, I didn’t have time to dream.”

There really wasn’t.

I had no confidence in what I wanted to become. He just had to be who he was. He couldn’t ignore it, so he lived like this.

“…But, it might be there now.”

I saw a hand stretched out in front of me.

At the last moment, I thought again about the hope I had in mind. What comes to mind is Kyle talking so loudly that her ears were pounding.

“It’s a symbol of victory, a hero.”

“A person who will always defeat and bring victory no matter what adversity or unreasonable enemy comes. Isn’t that what heroes in fairy tales are like? “I want to be like that too.”

Now that it is called a symbol of victory, in a way, it may be that that dream has come true. Kyle looked at his holy sword and smiled.

But Kyle is no longer a symbol.

Kyle is broken. The guy’s path is over. At the end of the road, he handed over everything he had to me. In that way, he gave me a second life. My life was arbitrarily put on hold. Damn you bastard.

So my life is not just mine.

“···What I wish for.”

I opened my mouth and thought.

Maybe this too is a duty.

You may feel that you have to do it because you are in debt or bound by duty. However, he decided not to think that way.

···He said he wanted to be like me.

He saw in me the hero he had hoped for. And at the end, he made a choice. He made the choice to entrust his life and dreams to the person he admired.

The dream he entrusted to me.

The dream he saw in me.

Even if it was just an illusion, I hope that he will achieve his dream. Even to this point, it’s still like that. Unlike me, who had lost his dream, I was looking at him who was moving forward with his dream.

So, then, eventually.

“He’s a hero. “The hero he dreamed of.”

I just answer that wish.

The compulsion to repay duty and sacrifice may have led to these thoughts. But I guess it’s good. I guess it’s a good thing.

“A real hero.”

Let’s become a true hero, not a wise man who acts like he is lacking something. Let’s become the hero he wanted at least once. That was my wish.

Then, his choice too.

The life he entrusted to me.

Because it wouldn’t all be meaningless. Because it will have meaning. I was really hoping so.



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【Isn’t that your dream?】

“No, that’s what I want.”

【Isn’t this what you have to become, not what you wish for?】

“Maybe so. But there is no way that duties and dreams will always be different.”

I laughed.

“I want to be. This is the first time I thought of that.”

【···Is that so?】

And I heard.

The voice was laughing as if it were ridiculous.

【Even the scream you make at the end is not your own wish, but someone else’s wish. You seem to be quite broken as well.】

“It’s exactly what I want.”

【Okay, let’s do something like that. If that’s you, then that’s probably it.】

The voice continued with laughter.

【Catch it.】

Something appeared in front of my outstretched hand.

It was a platinum-colored brilliance. The moment I caught the starlight-like object, I heard the voice a little more clearly.

【I hope that your wishes come true.】

【Try to struggle as hard as you can, junior.】

With that voice, the stopped time began to pass. I couldn’t hear any more voices. It felt like I was dreaming, but the warmth I felt from my grasp proved that it was not a dream.

What is grabbed is a particle of a star.

Immediately after, starlight burst out like an explosion.


The form of the star weapon is not set.

Basically, it takes the form of a weapon, but not all star weapons are like that. For example, Destel’s weapon is like that.

Destel’s weapon is a shroud (??).

What was given to him who dreamed of becoming an actor was a tool for acting, imitating and imitating someone. In this way, there are cases where stars give weapons related to ‘the desired version of oneself.’

Well then, Raniel Van Trias.

What is the star armor given to the girl who wanted to become the person Kyle longed for? The moment she looked at that weapon, she stopped laughing. Because it was so familiar to her.

What comes to mind is Balance.

However, the shape of the scale is different from what Raniel knew. It is not a scale that makes anything happen. It was a scale just for Raniel, handling only one transaction. Raniel subconsciously understood what that one deal was.

Temporary reinforcement.

Temporarily gaining enormous power.

Raniel, who had guessed the extent of the reinforcement, smiled bitterly. He couldn’t help but laugh. At one time, he had to grind half his life to obtain this power.

‘Is this the symbol of victory you think it is?’

Was this the side of me you longed for?

Yes, in a way, it was probably engraved in my mind the most strongly. Raniel muttered to himself as he looked at the floating scale. That you pay the price.

All starlight escaped from his broken body.

The starlight that escaped leveled the tilted scale. The price has been paid. Raniel said out loud while looking at the horizontal balance.


Words I shouted over and over again.

Words that were shouted over and over again for victory.

Raniel once again said the words he had shouted to ensure victory.


The scale shattered and turned into starlight.

All of the bursting starlight permeated Raniel’s body. It filled my pierced heart. With a thud and a thud, her heart started beating again.

* * *

What should I do now?

This is the moment when Kyle, who has lost his purpose, turns his back and takes a few steps.


A flash of light erupted from behind.

Kyle looked back. Light was coming out of the rubble. The brilliant starlight she had lost. Kyle narrowed her eyes at the platinum-colored starlight.


A pile of stones bounced up with a loud noise. With a thud and a cooing sound, she slowly raised her body as the rubble fell in all directions.


Blood dripped.

A pierced heart, mangled organs. Even though she was in a state where it wouldn’t be strange even if she died right away, she put her feet on the ground and stood up. As if this kind of appearance did not suit him.

“It’s big.”

She spit out dark red blood as if she was vomiting and swept up her hair. Blue eyes sparkled in the dark. The blue eyes had platinum rings.

Tick, tidididdik!

Kyle couldn’t possibly estimate the amount of starlight blinking around her. It is an enormous amount of starlight that cannot be blocked by anything.

“Hey, Kyle.”

Raniel opened his mouth.

He smiled at Kyle, who was looking at him.

“When we fought a long time ago, I lost.”

I fought with Kyle several times.

I was defeated again and again.

It wasn’t a fight I was trying to win in the first place. It was a fight to convince such a strong guy why he was giving up. But not now.

“I can’t lose now.”

I am here as a warrior.

I want to stand here as you wanted me to be.

And the warrior you wanted to become… is someone who cannot be defeated under any circumstances.

“Because a hero should be a symbol of victory.”

Because that’s the hero you dreamed of.

Because it’s a dream you entrusted to me.

“Isn’t that right, Kyle?”

So, I never lose.

Raniel put his foot down. I took his stance. Her bursting starlight enveloped her body. Starlight, enough to brighten up all around her, began to restore her body. It is a resilience that surpasses the limits of not only humans but even warriors.

I flinch.

The moment Kyle saw Raniel covered in a huge amount of starlight, he frowned. Kyle’s unconscious mind, which must have been in the shadows, reacted to this situation.

That is the appearance of Raniel that I saw one day.

When Raniel sacrificed his life to tie the Demon King’s feet and imbued his body with a huge amount of starlight, he looked exactly the same as he does now. Kyle unconsciously remembered that image and slowly took a stance.

Unlike when I ran away.

Kyle adjusted his posture while holding the sword, as if to show Raniel that he had also changed. Shadow leaked out endlessly from the pierced heart. The spilled shadow fell on the floor.

A moment of silence.

Immediately after, starlight and shadow collided.

Heroes and disaster collide.

* * *


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