I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 64

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◈ Episode 64 Chase of Shadow (2)

The sun had completely set and night came.

I headed deep into the forest where the eyes and feet of the students were unreached.

The members of the Black Dawn who stole the almighty stone hid in the forest.

durun durun.

I could see Ceorn’s guards near the entrance to the forest chasing the gang members, but they didn’t go inside, they were guarding the outside.

Among them, I easily broke through the weakly guarded part.

They didn’t recognize my existence itself in the shadows.

‘Indeed, there are many dense forests like this inside the site, probably because it’s Seorn.’

There are three large forests inside the Ceorn site.

First, the ‘secret forest’ where no living things live.

Second, the ‘Silent Forest’ where all kinds of creepy things and bizarre psychic phenomena occur.

The third is the ‘Hwanmong Forest’, which contains enormous life force and all kinds of spirits and supernatural phenomena occur.

The forest itself is an off-limits zone that goes back and forth between the 2nd and 3rd levels of danger.

It’s amazing that such a place exists inside the academy grounds, but it’s even more surprising that they leave it alone.

‘I can’t see the safety consciousness of the people of this world as the same as the earth of the 21st century. I can’t help but not understand.’

I thought I was quite used to living here, but I still can’t help but feel the gap with my previous life that I sometimes feel.

Anyway, inside Seorn, there are three places that are designated as dangerous zones simply with ‘Forest’.

Among them, those who stole the almighty stone ran away to the ‘silent forest’.

‘A forest full of monsters designated as dangerous objects and powerful thoughts.’

I heard that before the founding of Seorn, this land was used as a cemetery.

The corpses and deaths that had been piled up in the graveyard for a long time spread into supernatural phenomena due to the magical response after the establishment of Ceorn.

That’s how the twisted forest must have been completed.

If you go in wrong, you will be possessed by vengeful spirits and become lost, or you will be forcibly ‘turned over’ by being covered by evil thoughts.

It is a place where one who is weak in either magical power or mental power will inevitably be angry.

That is why the name of the forest is silenced.

Those who enter will disappear without a sound or rumor.

‘Yongke managed to maintain a forest like this.’

Although he said this, in fact, Ceorn also took action several times over the Silent Forest.

It seems that among the former presidents, there were people who argued that the forest should be cleared of the dangers of the Silent Forest.

However, there is only one reason why the Silent Forest still exists.

because everything has failed.

‘Did they say that if you cut down a tree, it will grow the next day?’

It is said that some of the people who cut down the trees even went mad or became idiots.

It is said that even wizards with powerful magical power suffered from nervous breakdowns and nightmares.

Even if you try to set fire to it, the forest itself doesn’t even burn because it has a will.

Many presidents were forced to thwart their goal of eliminating the Silent Forest.

In the end, their only option is to place a ban on the forest itself.

‘It’s because the forest of silence has boundaries as if a line was drawn. As long as you don’t cross that line, there will be no effect.’

It doesn’t matter if you keep looking at the Silent Forest from beyond the border.

If you don’t go in, you’re fine.

The problem is that they entered this silent forest this time.

‘Even if the rumors of the forest are exaggerated, there must be dangers inherent in the forest of silence itself. Is he confident, or did he have no choice but to run over there?’

I sighed and stopped.

It’s been quite a while since I also entered the Silent Forest.

The cry of an unknown insect or beast.

Or even the sound of someone crying.

[die. die. die.]

[Hehehe. hate. I hate it.]

[help me. Someone get me out of here.]

It kept ringing in my head, but I didn’t really care. Because I’m always going through worse than this.

At this point, it would be okay to dispel the magic.

I immediately released [Ater Nocturnus] and poured the magic pill into my mouth.

‘Is it around here?’

Whitish grudges flew through the air and roamed around me.

But they couldn’t get close to me or do me any direct harm.

Rather, he sneakily checked me and let out a strange scream and was busy running away.

I lightly ignored those grudges and searched for traces of the secret society that had escaped.


Footprints in the soil of a damp ground.

That number is about 5 people.

‘Surprisingly, the number of enemies. I heard that there are at least 10 people.’

The rest were torn apart while fleeing, or caught in the hands of the chasing party without being able to evacuate.

In other words, these five people who managed to escape are the ones with the most proper skills.

I continued to move, following the footsteps.

The forest was dark because there was no light, and even the sense of direction was not properly felt due to the night fog.

But it didn’t matter much to me.

With steady steps, I followed the trail on the ground and headed deeper into the forest.



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‘People waiting outside. For now, they’ll just be confronting each other at the entrance to the forest, but if enough numbers gather, they’ll rush inside.’

So, before that, I have to finish my work on my line.

Not as teacher Ludgar Celish, but as [John Doe], the First Order of the Black Dawn.

buzz buzz.

As I continued walking, I stopped at the sound I heard from beyond the hazy fog.

I naturally killed the gicheok.

This sound is not the sound of vengeful spirits or evil thoughts.

conversation sounds.

Walking along the trail, I finally reached my destination.

* * *

“Whoa. Mr. Demires. Now maybe that’s good?”

“Now there is a tracking platform outside the forest.”

“you’re right. In addition, this forest, even if you stay still, your heart will continue to be cut. If we continue like this, we will not be able to survive.”

“Shut up and watch!”

Demires, who had kept his mouth shut at the words of the Third Order, screamed out loud.

“I have a plan! So, you guys, don’t talk nonsense and just follow along!”

“… … .”

At Demires’ words, which were close to counter-threatening, the Third Order fell silent.

However, their anxiety was not to be resolved with just a few words.

One of his comrades who had already entered this place had gone mad because he couldn’t stand the magic of the Silent Forest.

I couldn’t afford to help either, so I abandoned him in the middle of the forest, but I didn’t even want to imagine what would happen to him.

‘damn. If the tracking party comes in like this, it’s a run away, it’s a nabal, isn’t it all going to die?’

The Third Order had the same idea in their hearts.

I followed the second order, Demires, trusting only the words of Demires.

I should have intuited that things had gone wrong from there.

Demires did this without informing the First Order.

With irresponsible words that he will take responsibility for everything.

‘Right now, there are only two First Order members in Seorn.’

‘Even if it’s a second order, will this be covered?’

‘In the first place, I can’t even see my life right now.’

Everyone kept their mouths shut and rolled their eyes.

In fact, Demires was also anxious. It was good until I started working, but to be honest, I didn’t pay much attention to the after work.

‘damn! It is said to be an all-purpose stone! But it’s useless!’

Demires looked down at the fist-sized stone in his right hand.

It was because of the almighty stone that he worked confidently.

The stones piled up in the cloth were giving off mysterious power just by holding them in your hand.

But that’s all.

The almighty stone itself radiates powerful power, but nothing like granting wishes has ever happened.

‘I only believed in the power of this stone and did it!’

Demires felt like he was standing on the edge of a precipice.

It was his plan from the beginning to make a wish on a stone to gain great power and rise to a higher position.

So I even kept it a secret from the First Order.

‘damn. How am I supposed to use this?’

Obviously, the power flowing from the stone is real.

However, this power is a separate thing that is not mixed with the mana he deals with.

Like water and oil, they play perfectly apart.

As a result, Demires had no idea how to handle this power.

Even if you earnestly make a wish in your heart, the answer is silent.

Even if you stroke a stone with your hand or channel your mana, you won’t be able to stand still.

At this point, isn’t it nothing more than a pretty and powerful mana stone?


Suddenly the sound of stepping on the grass.

The startled members of the Black Dawn were all nervous and glared at the source of the sound.

“Who are you!”

The moment Demires stepped out and shouted that.

A man dressed in black appeared in the darkness.

Is it enemy

It was the moment when everyone thought so and aimed their canes and weapons.

“Are all these guys here?”

The members of the Black Dawn trembled involuntarily at the sharp voice of the other party full of annoyance.

It was a kind of reflex.

They wondered why they were like this, but at the same time, they had to belatedly realize who the other was.

“You managed to escape without being caught here. Still, it’s because he’s a member of the Dawning Society, isn’t it?”

“All, you… … !”

Demires, whose eyes were accustomed to the darkness, recognized the other person’s face and hardened his expression.

“Fur, First Order John Doe!”

“omg! Gee, it’s real.”

The rest of the members also recognized Rudger and knelt down in front of him in contemplation.

Demires also bit his lip and lowered his head.

At that knife-like reaction, Rudger nodded in satisfaction.

Demires slowly raised his head and managed to move his lips.

“Joe, why is John Doe here… … .”

“Second Order Demires.”

“yes! First Order!”

“Why do you think I am here now?”

“… … .”

At Ludger’s question, Demires had no choice but to keep his mouth shut.

Why did you come here? I asked about that, but you’re asking a question in reverse?

no way.

‘Did you know everything?’

There is only one reason why the First Order, who hid in the teacher’s seat, came to this place in person.

It was to hold them accountable for causing the incident on their own.

Demires’ head rolled quickly.

The other party is an executive of only seven organizations in the Black Dawn.

There’s no way he got that position simply through personal connections or luck. Probably because he has the right skills.

Even the code name ‘John Doe’ was famous for his personality.

Even if he is a member of the same Dawning Society, he even kills him if he is wrong, a man who is nothing short of a symbol of fear from the lower level members’ point of view.

‘The reason I didn’t hear any scolding from the Zero Order even after doing that is because I have something to keep my position firmly.’

The First Order now holds itself accountable.

If so, what should I do here? Should I just bow my head and apologize?

Can you live like that? No, the outside was full of pursuers in the first place, how the hell did John Doe get here?

Demires’ head was complicated.

“You roll your head.”

“that… … !”

Demires’ hair turned white at the sound of Ludgar’s voice as if he could see right through it.

After coming this far, I couldn’t complicate my head any more.

He raised his trembling hands.

Respectfully holding it with the two almighty hands in my right hand.

It was politely offered to Rudger.

Then, he recited the most optimal words to be taken at this place, chosen by his own instincts.

“This, this is a relic called the all-powerful stone.”


“Fur, I dedicate this to the First Order.”

I don’t make lame excuses that I did this to get this.

He was simply paying tribute to his superior, Ludger, with the items he desperately obtained.

It’s obviously hurting my pride, and I thought that it would be better to cause a slaughter right away.

Demires did not.

“… … .”

Rudger didn’t answer for a while.

The rest of the men’s lips burned at the silence.

Just like that, 10 seconds passed like 10 years.

Instead of opening his mouth, Rudger showed action.

He grabbed the almighty stone that Demires had given him.

“i get it.”

The subordinates, who were very tense at that word, became weak and relaxed.

As a result, I couldn’t react properly to Rudger’s words immediately following.

“And goodbye.”

“yes? what is that… … .”


The darkness shuddered on the ground, and before long, thorns came out and pierced everyone in the seat.

Demires stared at Ludger with eyes wide open in disbelief.

His twitching mouth was about to say ‘why?’

However, Rudger just looked down at him with a cold, emotionless gaze and did not respond.


Bodies with vital points pierced were scattered on the ground.

In the first place, Rudger had no intention of leaving them alive. Because if you let him live and his tail gets stepped on, his place will be in danger.

It would have been better to keep him silent forever in this silent forest.

‘Is this a versatile stone?’

Rudgar unwrapped the cloth from the stone.

Ludger’s eyes sharpened as he saw the dark green emerald stone.

His expressionless face was slightly frowned upon.

‘This… … It’s not a Relic.’

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