I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 481

◈ Episode 481 Father and Daughter (1)

The morning was bright.

Ludger, Hans, Alex and Bellaluna are ready to leave.

“Are you leaving already?”

Vierano could not hide his regret.

Since they were benefactors who saved the kingdom, I wanted to treat them better.

“We are grateful, but we still have work to do. Since it’s a body that’s been commissioned, I’ll have to report it.”

“still… … .”

“Besides, it doesn’t look very good for humans to remain in the elven kingdom, no matter how much we help. Those who do not know the details will come out with objections. I don’t want to instigate an already chaotic situation.”

It was the yard that dragged the airship to save Sedina.

If someone takes this as an excuse and drags it to international issues, then the situation grows out of control.

So, now that the identity of the airship had not yet been discovered in this mess, the eyes of the elves had to get out of the gap toward the world tree.

It was because the horrors of the world tree itself were too great to pay attention to the airship.

“There may still be eyes to see, and it is time to clean up the scars of the civil war, so it is only right for us to step back.”

Everything Ludger said was the truth.

Vierano could only nod his head, swallowing his regret.

“I was too stubborn, thinking only of our position. sorry.”

“Aren’t you considerate because you thought of us? Will Mr. Vierano stay here?”

“I submitted a vacation anyway, so I’ll have to stay with the family and finish this side. There are so many things to deal with.”

Vierano smiled bitterly.

The troops of the three noble families were massacred, and one of them lost even its head.

Even so, their hometown did not collapse.

The remaining ones found a movement to claim the world tree somehow, so they had to stop it.

“When the rats struggle in spite of all this chaos, power is truly frightening.”

These were the words Ambella said after hearing about the situation.

Even though there was no wind, he seemed quite annoyed seeing his hair like a lion’s mane swaying.

Rudger asked, looking at Ambella’s prosthetic arm.

“Are your arms okay?”

“Oh, you mean this?”

Ambella grinned as she raised her new prosthetic hand.

“It was much nicer than the original arm. I can feel it, just like my real arm. But not even harder. Shall I change the other side as well?”

“Looking at you even joking, you’re definitely fine. Did you come to see me off when I saw you here?”

“I didn’t come to see you off.”

Ambella shot Rudger and looked at Sedina, who was standing next to him.

“Thank you.”


“You gave the prosecutor a new arm.”

“that… … Aunt Ambella also worked hard to save me… … .”


Ambella opened her only one eye wide at the unexpected title.

Sedina asked frantically.

“Oh, isn’t it? That you were like my mother and her sisters… … .”

“… … Did Ella tell you that herself?”


At Sedina’s answer, Ambella nodded and let out a small laugh.

“To think of me as a sister even though I couldn’t do anything for you. I am so grateful for this, I have tears in my eyes.”

I wanted to meet Ella again, but it was impossible because I couldn’t connect to the World Tree.

However, Ambella decided to be satisfied with the fact that Ella, at least as a soul, was alive inside the world tree.

“I have no intention of holding you back. Even if I have the ability to communicate with the world tree, I have no intention of forcing it. Rather, if there is such a guy, I will draw a knife and visit him myself, so don’t worry and go.”

“Are you really okay?”



“Of course it’s not okay. It’s not okay, but I’m sending it. We’ve lived a long time in our own way, so would you cling to an unsightly kid and ask him to bring the kingdom back to life? That kind of thing, pride won’t allow it.”

Ambella, who had been laughing mischievously, softened her expression and smiled benevolently.

“Still, if you want to come again, you can come anytime. You can stay if you want to stay. If you go through it for a while, that won’t be too bad. We will always welcome you warmly. Even though it’s only half, this is also your home and hometown.”

Crying at those words, Sedina bowed her head to Ambella.

“thank you.”

“… … big hmm If you stay like this for a long time, you will only have regrets for nothing, so let’s start slowly. Go ahead and take that airship.”

Ambella pointed with her thumb at an airship that had landed in a large clearing.

It was partially damaged in the fight with Bentmin, but it was not difficult to fly back.

“Because if you keep leaving that thing and other guys notice it, it will become more annoying.”


After saying goodbye, the party boarded the airship one by one.

“Has everyone got on?”

Robert checked everyone.

His gaze turned to Sedina for the last time.

“I am glad you came back safely. miss.”

“… … .”

“I will take you comfortably to the way you are going.”

The airship departed.

Ambella and Vierano looked up at the airship slowly ascending into the sky.

“Actually, you don’t want to send it, do you?”

Vierano asked Ambella that way.

“What do you mean?”

“Miss Sedina. Didn’t you actually want to be with me?”

“joy. It’s not good for him to be forced to stay here. Besides, what I just said is sincere. Her pride as an elf would not allow her to seek help from a single kid.”

“That is also true.”

“furthermore. If it’s that child, maybe he’ll come back here someday.”

“Well, I don’t know. So don’t be too lonely.”

Ambella glared at Vierano, who smiled and said.

“under. What did you call an academy teacher? You can meet whenever you want, so it’s okay, right?”

“I didn’t say anything.”

“Smart. It was better when I was honest and stiff.”

“Everybody changes. Isn’t that the same for us elves?”

“Is it changing… … .”

The word change was very unfamiliar to the elves who had stayed in one place for hundreds of years.

At least Vierano and Ambella, who were standing here, were the elves closest to change.

Compared to humans who live fiercely every day, it would be at the level of a newborn baby.

“Ella and Bentmin. The two sought a way for our species to survive in the changing world.”

“They were the exact opposite of each other.”

“I have no intention of undermining that will. Because I think the same. So you should try. We don’t leave it up to others, we do it with our own hands.”

The airship was nowhere to be seen.

It must be blending in somewhere with the pure white clouds flowing through the blue sky.

“let’s go.”

Ambella moved on.

“I have to clean up.”

It was the moment when Vierano thought he had no choice but to follow him.

The two stopped walking.

I had no choice but to stop.

It was because someone was standing still in a place where no one had been before.

“… … Who are you?”

Ambella asked in a tense voice.

Even if I tried to pretend it wasn’t, I couldn’t help but react that way because of the intimidation I felt from the other person.

A black-haired man wearing a black robe and a white mask on his face.

The soldiers must have been thoroughly vigilant around them, but how?

“Nice to meet you.”

The uninvited guest smiled brightly behind the mask and opened his mouth.

“I say it comes to zero.”

* * *

Inside the airship, Sedina fell into a deep sleep.

It was the same with Bellaluna.

There was no way that the fatigue accumulated so far could be relieved with just a day’s rest.

Only Ludger, Hans, and Alex were awake sober.

The three of them naturally talked about their future work.

“older brother. What are you going to do now?”

“I have to go back and sort things out. Since we have a debt attached to the Roschen family, we will be able to get a huge investment from them.”

“You don’t want to eat the whole company?”

“It’s bound to get you sick of swallowing something that big. If Walter Rosshen does things on his own, there will be a backlash from the board members below him. It will only pick up smaller ones that are much more fragmented than the original Lawshen enterprise.”

“Hmm. If that’s the case, I’m saying let’s keep the stay superficial for now, but let’s suck up a little more things from the back.”

“There is no need to cut open the belly of the goose that lays the golden eggs.”

Hans chuckled.

“You don’t want to do anything mean to that child’s father, do you?”

He said this when he saw Sedina, who was lying soundly asleep on the sofa provided inside the airship.

Rudger didn’t bother to answer. Hans wasn’t expecting an answer either, so he naturally moved on to the next topic.

“Did you find what you were looking for?”


“Then, there is only one left. I didn’t expect you to come this far.”

“oh. Is there a last piece left? There’s only one left, so you’ll take care of that right away, right?”

Alex also helped out in an excited voice.

However, despite the hopeful observations of the two, Ludger’s expression was not very good.

Hans, noticing this, asked cautiously.

“older brother. Is there something wrong with you? In case you don’t know the location of the last piece yet.”

“The shard of the Relic showed me where the last piece was. If there is a problem, it is the scenery Relic showed me.”

“yes? what is that… … .”

“It was the first time I saw it. It was the first place I had ever seen, having wandered all over the world.”

“What kind of place is that?”

“A world where everything is mixed like a watercolor painting. The sky is blue, purple and green, and the nearby forest and ruins are twisted somewhere.”

At Ludger’s answer, Hans and Alex exchanged glances.

do you know

no. I don’t know. you?

I don’t know, so I asked.

Since they didn’t know each other, the two looked at Ludger again.

“Is there such a place?”

“What is that? Where are you in the southern outback?”

“I do not know either. It was the first place I ever saw. Even if I tried to know the location and direction, I couldn’t find it.”

I don’t know the location and direction, and I’ve never seen some of the scenery shown as clues.

Finding the last remaining piece seemed pretty eventful.

“Once we get back, we should first inquire about the place where the scene you mentioned is located.”

“okay. I’m also thinking of looking for literature or data. It would be good to ask Master too.”

“OMG. There is only one left, and it is not easy.”

Alex bowed his head in an incomprehensible attitude.

Chi profit.

[iced coffee. Can you hear me? Arriving at destination soon. Everyone worked hard to make it back to life safely.]

Sedina and Bellaluna, who had fallen asleep at the captain’s announcement, woke up.

The airship landed safely on the large landing pad in front of the Roshen family mansion.

When they came out of the airship, they were greeted by Walter Rosshen.

I wouldn’t have been able to tell you when I would arrive, but being here is what I’ve been waiting for since before.


Sedina shuddered at the sight of her father, Walter.

Walter also stared at Sedina in silence.

A cold, dark gaze. A face without a change in expression.

If he hadn’t come to this place, he would still look like he wasn’t even interested in Sedina.

But now Walter was obviously nervous.

He felt relieved that his daughter had returned alive, but more than that, he remembered how bitter he had been to her daughter all these years.

What should I say?

How should I treat you?

He was quick at everything when it came to making money and growing a company.

As a businessman, he was clearly superior.

It would be good to say that it was super-special beyond first-class.

But Walter as a father couldn’t do that.

He lost his beloved wife and did not know how to deal with his only daughter.

Even if he read the flow of money better than anyone else, he could not understand the feelings of a daughter who lost her mother.

because it was the first time

‘But all of them must be excuses.’

Walter knows.

That being the first is just an excuse to avoid one’s sins.

It’s the first time for everyone.

Nevertheless, there are many harmonious families in the world.

He could have done better.

However, the failure to do so was due to lack of self.

It’s because I’m not good enough as a father.

Walter looked at Ludger.

The benefactor who saved her daughter was just looking at her with a calm gaze.

Walter didn’t know what those eyes meant.

If you were to criticize this side, it seemed that way.

On the contrary, if you understand this side, it seemed that way again.

It’s like a mirror.

It’s all the more in that the eyes of the other person look different depending on what you think.

‘I see. I was trying to run away from here too.’

Walter couldn’t help but realize.

Now he wanted to hear the correct answer through the mouth of others.

You forgot that to truly right a wrong, it has to come out of your own mouth, not someone else’s.


After making up his mind, Walter bowed his head towards Sedina.

Perhaps it was because Walter, who seemed to have never bowed his head to anyone in his life, bowed his head to himself.

Sedina was so flustered that she couldn’t speak properly.

“Everything I did to you. I know you won’t be forgiven I know that even these mere actions are not comforting at all.”

In fact, it would have been nice to make this kind of apology when it was just the two of us.

It was because it hurt my pride as the chairman of a company to bow my head in the presence of witnesses.

“Even so, I really want to say this.”

Still, Walter bowed his head.

It was because the guilt of not doing something as a father was heavier than protecting his pride as a corporate chairman.

“I’m really glad you came back safely.”

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