I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 467

◈ Episode 467 Storm Clash (1)

The legions of the moderates could neither drive back nor send their troops forward.

As the resistance collapsed and approached the raging world tree, it was certain that he would die, but when he retreated, the branches of the world tree blocked the surroundings like a huge cage.

The elven soldiers were confused and did not know what to do with the current situation, which was like a natural disaster.

At that moment, when the agitation spread like an epidemic, a pale green light emitted from the World Tree.

“Three, the world number.”

The elves felt their heads dizzy from the strong scent that brushed their noses.

A strong scent that is like the smell of a refreshing forest, the scent of flowers in a vast flower garden, or the smell of fresh water in a stream.

Shortly thereafter, night fell around.

The world tree absorbed all the light with its leaves in a radius of tens of kilometers.

The darker the landscape got, the more the world tree shimmered.

A white tree that glows in the dark.

Huge energy was gathered in one place from the World Tree, which glowed white with sunlight.

gather and unite

What was created like that was a mass of destruction.

It was the power of the World Tree that would bring despair and death to everything.

The gaze of destruction was staring at us.

Everyone watched the scene as if their breath was suffocating.

It’s overwhelming.

Even the instinct to shout to run away, to the point where he humbly accepted death the moment he faced it.

Before long, the crouching mass of destruction fired long shots at the moderate soldiers.

A ray of light broke through the darkness.

“do… … .”

Darish Flohim opened his mouth to say something.

But faster than his voice could be heard, a white flash engulfed him and his escort and bodyguards.


Even the pain of burning.

It doesn’t even leave ashes from burning.

The elven army, including Darish Flohim, was completely disintegrated into cells and perished.

The moment the light hit the ground, the condensed energy spread all over the place, causing a huge explosion.

Like a volcanic eruption, huge energy that had dug into the ground erupted in all directions.

The ground turned over.

There was no bright red flame, no black smoke from it.

The white explosion just expanded into a dome shape and swallowed everything.

Even with that alone, the forces of the moderate faction were in a state close to destruction.

A storm came later.

A storm of heat rushed across the Forest of Life.

The air was burned and a vacuum was created, and the air pushed outward rushed as if it were being sucked in again.

After the aftermath of the storm, a mushroom cloud, which could be said to be the traces of the explosion, was formed in the remaining place.

Looking down at the scene from the top of the Steel Raven, Ludger felt his hair soften.

An attack with enough light to make the surroundings instantly turn into night.

It was far above the level that could have been avoided by noticing the scale and power.

‘This is the power of the World Tree?’

From strong roots to being able to monitor and manage the entire surrounding area.

At that level, I thought it was possible because it was the World Tree.

However, isn’t it far beyond common sense to reap and bestow life, and even absorb light and shoot it like a strategic weapon?

Ela Plante’s act of trying to increase the world tree 500 years ago now felt like an eccentricity.

‘It’s not like the elves were revered as gods for nothing. If this kind of thing fully awakens, it might really reverse the flow of the world situation itself.’

The difference in scale was such that even Leslie’s plan to twist the leylines of the Cassar Basin and destroy them all seemed insignificant.

Ludger looked down at Bentmin Refre, who was going mad.


He destroyed the moderate faction that annoyed him with a single blow.

I could feel the despair and frustration of those who survived in front of that omnipotent power.

What a joyous thing this is.

However, Bentmin Refre was immediately reminded of his purpose.

Now I have removed a stone from the street.

She still had a lot of bugs to catch.

“bug? iced coffee. Yes it was.”

Bentmin grinned.

He wondered what he was going to do again, but the underground where the World Tree was rooted shook loudly.

The ground trembled as if a wave hit once, and the resistance, which barely maintained its partial shape, completely collapsed with this.

And, as the ground collapsed in various places of the wreckage, passages leading to underground cavities were created.

square square.

An eerie sound came from the black, deep hole, and bugs the size of bears burst out.

Grubs that feed on roots and sap in the underground cavities of the World Tree.

The grubs, with their black and hard senses, moved in perfect order as if they were being manipulated by something, and rushed like a tidal wave toward the surviving troops of the moderate faction.

“Me-what is that!”

“Everyone line up!”

“Ji, where is the commander!”

The command system was completely blown away by a blow a while ago, so the soldiers couldn’t respond properly.

The crucible of chaos was invaded by grubs.

The screams and blood of the elves were everywhere.

The grub’s strong jaws easily tore through the elf’s armor.

The elves didn’t just suffer.

He somehow swung his sword to kill the bugs, but the difference in numbers was too obvious.

The legion of grubs didn’t just go to the moderates.

More grubs than that pressed into the Neutralist soldiers like paddles.

“Druids step forward!”

However, neutralists were not taken aback by the sight and responded calmly.

As the druids came out and chanted, thorns burst through the ground.

It became a huge barrier blocking the surrounding area.

The grubs collided with the barrier, cracking and breaking, intertwining with each other.


The archers waiting behind shot their bows.

An arrow filled with spirits and life energy pierced the grub’s shell.

But the grubs didn’t stop.

The worms that drank the sap of the World Tree sealed their wounds with tremendous regenerative power, and began to step over the thorny barriers one by one, stepping on the corpses of their comrades.

Waiting for them were shield soldiers carrying huge trees the size of their trunks.

The bugs hit the shield soldiers, but the shield soldiers who formed a solid formation were not pushed back.

The shield soldiers that the Burke family is proud of are those who have protected the forest for a long time.

The history of the guardianship was not so weak that it was pushed back by minor creatures manipulated by the world tree.

As the antagonism of power between the shield soldiers and the grubs took place, the swordsmen waiting in the back came forward.

“Aim for the forehead! Other parts are useless!”

“If it doesn’t work out, cut off your leg!”

The nimble elf swordsmen stepped on the backs and heads of the grubs and cut their heads or cut the joint gaps in their legs.

Green bodily fluids splattered and the grubs fell screaming.

However, no matter how many times it was caught, the number did not decrease at all.

‘Burke and Dentis’ men are holding up well. But that doesn’t last long either.’

Ludger grasped the situation and stared at Bentmin.

Bentmin also looked up at Ludger, perhaps feeling the gaze from this side.

“you. Why don’t you stop looking down this way now?”

With those words, the world tree vibrated.

Just as he was about to do something else, something was fired from the World Tree towards Ludger.

An attack like a golden arrow that Bentmin fired at Ludger from the ground.

But it was bigger and faster than that.

To put it bluntly, it would be good to call it a golden spear.

The power also increased, but the numbers were even worse.

Because the spear fell on Ludger’s head, thousands of feet from the water mirror.


Rudger immediately gave orders to Steel Raven.

Covered in the shadows, the Steel Raven ignited it like a flame and entered an evasive maneuver at high speed.

Wherever the trail of black shadows passed, golden rain poured down.

However, no matter how much I tried to avoid and run away, I was already trapped in a cage, and I couldn’t completely get out of the world tree’s range.

Ludgar blocked some of the golden attacks with defensive magic, but did not stop dropping artifacts toward Bentmin.

“Is that because it doesn’t work?”

Bentmin tried to hold on to the falling artifact by its roots.

However, it was faster for the artifact to explode than for the roots to fully capture it.

Colorful explosions rose in the air in the form of spheres, tearing through space.

In the aftermath, Bentmin frowned as if it was annoying.

“Advance the critical runaway time and explode before being absorbed? do something stupid.”

Even so, it has no effect on the main body, and only erases part of the endlessly regenerating roots.

In the war of attrition, the one who lost at the end was Ludgar, who had a limited number of artifacts.

Thinking of dropping that annoying bird first, Bentmin launched a stronger attack.

Instead of the number of golden spears that had been pouring down on Ludger, they now became bombardments that hit the ground.

Every time a white pillar of light passed by, the Steel Raven continued to fly precariously.

Like a child playing with a bed, a cruel smile formed on Bentmin’s lips.

At that moment, sensing a strange presence, she put a solid wooden barrier over her body.

At the same time, a sword the size of a man fell down.


Surrounded by the hard film of the World Tree, Bentmin smiled at the opponent who swung a sword at him.

“oh. Ambella, how much is this? Did you enjoy your life in exile?”

Ambella, who had an eyepatch on one eye, had a savage smile on her face.

“okay. It was so much fun, I brought you a present, bitch.”

Ambella strained her arm.

The muscles on his scarred forearm twitched densely, and Ambella’s greatsword cut through Bentmin’s upper body at an angle.

clean blow.

However, Bentmin’s collapsed upper body was still alive and moving.

“As expected, in front of the world’s Burke family, you can’t even afford to defend this much?”

In the cross section of the lower body that was cut off, countless vines burst like underground water and tried to swallow Ambella.

Then Vierano, who had followed, stepped out.

With both hands imbued with the power of the wind, he let out a pair of boots, and the vines were ground and scattered in all directions as if they had been put into a blender.

The cut off vines immediately regenerated, but Ambella had already pulled herself back.

“To think that the Dentis family and the Burke family came on their own. Thank you so much for this. It saved me the trouble of finding and killing them one by one.”

The severed upper body disappeared as if it were melting, and the original Ventmin protruded from the cross section of the lower body as if it were being regenerated.

Above them, blue magic cannons rained down.

Received Hans’ surprise attack.

Bentmin snorted and stretched out his hand to receive the magic cannon.

The blue magic disappeared as if absorbed by Bentmin.

After clearing all the twigs, Hans landed behind Ambella and Vierano.

Vierano was amazed at the sudden appearance of Young-soo, but looked into Hans’ eyes and realized that they were colleagues.

“Hans, is that right?”

[…] … Are you going to find out right away?]

“yes. The eyes are like that. I don’t know how it came to be like that, but I feel a little reassured in this situation.”

[well. I’m not sure if I’ll be helpful to that opponent.]

Hans let out a sigh as he watched Bentmin absorb all of his attacks.

The intense mana possessed by Young-soo was rather nourishment for the World Tree, nothing more and nothing less.

If this is the case, it means that we have to fight with pure hand-to-hand combat, but I was at a loss as I had never done such a thing before.

Still, there were elite troops from the Burke and Dentis families who had come this far, but even so, the number was only 10.

At that moment, a grotesque cry was heard in the air, and Rudgar landed nearby.

The Steel Raven then landed next to Hans, flapping its wings.

Rudger asked while looking at the reinforcements.

“Are there any more?”

“Who else is coming from here?”

Ambella’s snort.

Come to think of it, I didn’t think anyone else would come here.

Then, with only the number of people present, Bentmin, who has been assimilated with the World Tree, must be defeated.

‘Is it possible?’

Ambella, Vierano, Hans, and even himself.

To be honest, I was overflowing with power.

But the opponent was far more formidable.

I don’t want to admit it, but Bentmin, united with the World Tree, is far stronger than all four of them put together.

Just looking at the fact that he completely erased the moderate faction in one blow, isn’t it?

‘I can’t even back down.’

Already trapped in a cage named World Tree, the only option left for them was to fight.

‘Alex seems to still be fighting down there.’

Helya came to mind, but with the breath of the dragon that burned the World Tree a little while ago, she performed her role beyond expectations.

Considering her disposition, it must have been after she had already run away or disappeared while observing the situation.

Is it really hard to ask for more support than this?

When Ludger thought so, Bentmin’s expression, which had been smiling while looking at him, hardened coldly.

“What is this again?”

When everyone was puzzled by Bentmin’s reaction, Bentmin turned his head and stared in one direction.

Through the World Tree, Bentmin was able to control and see all situations in the surrounding area.

Then, she sensed a sign approaching her at great speed.

There is only one sign.

Not an ordinary elf.

Rather, this prayer… … .


A human was approaching this way at high speed.

Ventmin swung his roots at the human because he thought it would be annoying.

Because of the intuition that if I don’t remove it now, it will be a nuisance.

One of the main roots of the World Tree rose and slammed the approaching human from the front.

At that moment, an amazing thing happened.

The human drew his sword and lightly thrust it into the root.

It is a super-large root with a thickness of 50m and a length of only 800m.

The mass of its overwhelming size and the hardness of the World Tree itself are unmatched by any metal.


Even so, the root that touched the tip of the sword twisted in the shape of a whirlpool and shattered into pieces.


The world tree is not only hard, but also has excellent tensile strength. Even so, it could not withstand the force and broke.

“What the hell is that person… … .”

While Bentmin was astonished, the human who stepped on the broken debris as a stepping stone and jumped eventually arrived at the cradle that was split in half.

“Everybody was here.”

Rudger’s eyes widened as he recognized the new man.

“Why are you here… … .”

Rutus Wardot.

The greatest swordsman on the continent and the strongest knight who protects the imperial family.

He appeared alone in the elven kingdom.

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