I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 451

◈ Episode 451: The Root of Rebellion (3)

The faces of the three elders turned white at the respectful words spoken in voices dripping with horror.

They were the ones who gave up fighting in the tribal war 100 years ago and hid inside.

He gave orders to those under him, but he himself had never even looked around the wires.

But Vierano was different.

He took part in the tribal war and stood alone on the frontline in various battles.

It was different from the accumulated experience.

“Ooh, do you know how to be safe if you touch us!”

First of all, we had to stop Vierano from rampaging.

“It doesn’t matter what the Dentis family does!”

“Is it blackmail in this situation? I always use honorifics and treat them with a smile, so I must have looked quite funny.”

The threat of the three elders did not work for Vierano.

They tried to take advantage of their nephew, and even brought their own soldiers into the family.

Even for a three-noble family, this clearly crossed the line.

“This is treason!”

The elder of the Radix family shouted as he drew a vein around his neck.

At that moment, Vierano’s hand gripped his neck.

“Cheuk! Kuck!”

The Elder of Radix struggled to get away from him somehow.

But Vierano’s hand did not budge, as if it were a giant press.

“Did you say treason?”

Vierano glared at Elder Radix.

Elder Radix, struggling, rolled his eyes and asked the other elders for help.

what are you doing now Come on, attack.

Recognizing this, the elders of the Crown and Flohim families summoned their respective spirits to attack Vierano.

A whirling ice pick and a spear of fire aimed at Vierano’s body.

“That’s nice.”

Vierano snorted at the figure and used the body of Elder Radix he was holding onto as a shield.

“Muh, what!”


The two elders urgently turned their attacks in different directions.

However, it was not possible because the attack increased its power so much, and some of the attacks hit Elder Radix.

Elder Radix trembled in pain.

The other two elders couldn’t even shut their gaping mouths, probably not knowing that Vierano would do something like this.

“Why are you looking at me like that? Is this your first time fighting?”

Vierano laughed at such elders.

The elders of the family are those with the most outstanding lineage among the elves.

In the elven society, being of an excellent lineage meant having strong innate strength from birth.

The elders of a family born of a noble lineage are basically those who possess strong power.

However, their experience was insignificant compared to their strength.

Those who only believe in innate power neglect training themselves and do not try to use their power efficiently.

Because you don’t have to.

Because there is nothing to fight in the first place.

Even at the moment when a fight was necessary, they were the ones who ran away because they had never fought before.

“This, this coward… … .”

“Are you talking about cowardice in a fight for your life? It’s not something that people who have done worse in their usual political strife will say it.”

Vierano threw the elder of Radix at the two elders.

Although severely wounded, he was still alive.

Should I avoid it? Or should I accept it?

The two elders, who had no fighting experience, were put on the brakes from this point on.

Vierano squeezed through the wide open gap.

After blocking his vision with the flying Elder Radix, Vierano leaped out of his blind spot and put a kick into Elder Flohim’s abdomen.


Elder Flohim’s body bent forward and flew backwards.

If it were other elves, they would have had holes in their bodies, but since the power to protect the body was strong, such a terrible thing did not happen.

It was the same with Elder Crown.

Vierano’s fist hit his forehead, philtrum, and stomach at the same time.

Elder Crown fell backwards, bleeding.

My head thumped and my body complained of pain.

The strength he had raised for a counterattack was released as if his pulse was suddenly cut off.

Vierano’s attacks did not stop there.

He kicked Elder Radix in the stomach, who was lying on the floor, and threw it at Elder Flohim, who was trying to get into a position.

As the two Elders tangled and fell, he kicked Elder Crown in the calf, breaking his bones.

Elder Crown knelt in pain as his hair turned white.

“Ahhh… … .”

No voice came out of my mouth.

His gaze was directed at the fallen family soldiers.

The crown elder realized at this moment.

Perhaps, to die so miserably, it might be the greatest blessing.

Power, which is only large, was nothing more than a punching bag that could only be beaten harder for Vierano.

A punching bag that does not break easily no matter how hard you hit it.

“What are you looking at?”


Pain ran through the other side of the broken leg.

Elder Crown screamed and fell forward.

Vierano’s body disappeared with a white afterimage.

What showed up was right in front of Flohim and Elder Radix, who were getting up from a staggering posture.

Vierano grabbed the two elders by the necks with both hands and pinned them to the floor.


With a huge shockwave, the sturdy floor of the private room cracked like a spider’s web.

Even in the pain, the elders couldn’t even faint.

It was because Vierano skillfully controlled his strength.

“Isn’t it boring when it’s already over?”

The Elder of Flohim saw.

Vierano’s face seen through the cracks of his clenched fingers.

Still looking down at this side with a nonchalant gaze, he never seemed to have any intention of ending them easily.

“Please cheer up for the sake of the soldiers who left first. Aren’t you the proud elders of the Three Nobles?”

“town! Ugh!”

“If you at least touched my temper, you should have been prepared for this.”

* * *

A long passage leading to the private room.

There, two groups were confronting each other with weapons pointed.

On one side, the soldiers of the Dentis family who tried to move according to the plan in advance.

On the other side were the soldiers of the foreign family brought by the three elders.

They held each other in check, unable to move from their seats.

It was because Rudger and Alex were blocking the way for the two groups to go to the private room.

“leader. What are you going to do? Everyone is staring at me like I’m going to kill you.”

“We are already traitors who escaped the dungeon. Even if I say I’m going to go crazy here, I’ll add a few drops of ink to the black paper.”

“That too. I think it’s in full swing inside than that?”

In the place where Vierano headed alone, all sorts of roars rang out.

Originally, we should have moved together, but before Vierano went, he earnestly asked for it.

Please let me go alone this time.

It wasn’t supposed to be that way, but Ludger saw Vierano’s expression and said yes.

“Why did you just let it go?”

“It is for the same reason as you. There is no reason to stop it, but there is a need to let yourself go wild once in a while.”

“right? Originally, the calmer a person is, the more he gets angry when he gets angry. Besides, that man is an elf who has lived a very long time, contrary to his appearance. They’re living quietly now, but even just looking at them, you can see that they fought a little in the past.”

thud. thud.

There was a loud vibration and the sound of something breaking from across the hallway.

Alex smiled mischievously.

“I was very excited. No need to worry.”

“We just need to close it here.”

The two groups of elves glared at Ludger and Alex as they chatted in vain.

But I couldn’t move freely.

If you move first, this strange balance you maintain now will collapse.

However, Rudger did not want to wait for this situation.



“You will have to deal with it this time too.”

“Is it me again?”

Instead of answering, Rudgar created a cloak of shadow behind his back.

Then, with one hand, he lifted the hem of his cloak and took out the object he had swallowed inside.

Elemental swords, defensive bracelets, rings with built-in magic, gloves that increase strength, and specially treated capes.

Alex whistled after seeing all the artifacts.

“Whiyu. Did you keep all that stuff in there?”


Before getting off the airship, Ludger ate all the artifacts in the cargo hold.

To be precise, it was swallowed by his magical beast, Ather Nocturnus.

This magic beast, which had another space inside through shadows, swallowed all the artifacts that filled the entire cargo compartment like a prey.

“Could it be that you were holding on to that magic number all along? From the moment you got off the airship?”

“Because I have to keep summoning the magic number to keep the artifact.”

“What about horsepower? Are you okay? Just summoning him consumes a lot of mana.”

“If it consumes my mana, that would be the case.”

Saying so, Ludger took out a small ring-shaped artifact from within his cloak.

Then he tossed it lightly into the air like tossing a coin.

A portion of the cloak around Rudgar’s shoulders turned into a giant bird’s beak and swallowed the ring in one gulp.

Ather Nocturnus, who swallowed the magic stone ring, returned to the cloak form feeling full.

“Could it be that you are maintaining your life by eating artifacts?”

“Even now, the artifacts locked inside the cloak are decreasing one by one every moment.”

“under. It’s a magic trick with really great gas mileage. Artifacts disappear just by maintaining them.”

Alex stroked his chin as he spoke.

“Is it convincing considering that individuals keep that amount? That, how long can you last?”

“If you keep it simple, it will last long enough. but… … .”

“Does the consumption speed increase when entering battle?”

“okay. So unless it’s a decisive moment, I can’t engage in battle.”

“That’s why I have to fight for you.”

Alex shrugged, “I can’t help it.”

“Well, since I’m receiving support this far, I’ll have to pay for the meal.”

Alex wore the artifact Ludger gave him.

Artifacts didn’t take the form of flashy armor.

A cloak draped over one shoulder with epaulettes over the coat.

Wearing a flashy sword around his waist, rings and bracelets, Alex’s appearance was close to that of a knight.

Alex slowly approached the elves, holding the sword he had brought and the new artifact sword in each hand.

Meanwhile, the vibrations echoing across the corridor stopped.

It was the sound that the fight between the three elders and Vierano was over.

Indeed, which of the two would win?

Elves who didn’t know that fact wanted to run inside right away.

“What are you staring at?”

Alex intervened so easily.

Leaving the elves of the Dentis family behind, Alex swung his sword at the soldiers of the Three Nobles.

“It looks like all of your bosses have been hit, too, so you should attack them too.”

The last drop was enough to make a full cup overflow.

“How dare this lowly race!”

“oh. It’s the first time I’ve heard such a word, so it feels different.”

A fresh provocation that he had never heard of in his life, Alex showed it.

I had been criticized for being a commoner, but it was the first time in my life that I was criticized for being a human.

Rather than being offended by that comment, it was just funny. So Alex smiled like he was having fun.

I didn’t mean to provoke.

However, that reaction completely scratched the insides of the elves of the three noble families.

“Kill that human!”

The archers lined up behind the spearmen in the lead aimed their bows at Alex.

The arrowhead imbued with the power of nature and spirits crossed space and aimed at Alex’s vitals.

Even then, Alex stood still in his seat.

stupid guy Does he intend to die?

The elves who laughed at Alex inwardly widened their eyes when they saw that the arrows they shot had bounced off.

Three layers of defensive magic circles formed around Alex, blocking the arrows.

As expected, the arrows shot by the elves pierced the two layers of defensive magic, but the last one did not.

“Are expensive things good after all?”

Alex admired the cloak glowing from the magic circuit.

The elves’ attack was also quite strong, but he blocked it at once.

It was an artifact-like performance made for the purpose of blocking the firepower of tanks and mortars.

After confirming the usefulness of the artifact, Alex spun the sword in both hands once and jumped lightly in his seat.

The moment he landed on the ground after a great jump, his new model disappeared like a mirage.

The speed was so fast that even the elves couldn’t catch the movement.

It was the same with Alex himself, who moved himself.

‘Whiyu. It’s ridiculous to be lightweight and strengthen the body with magical power at the same time.’

Ordinary people can step into the realm of a superman, albeit only in an instant, by borrowing the power of an artifact.

If so, a knight who has already entered the realm of superhumans.

What if it was used by a knight who foresaw the status of a master?

Alex lost control of his movements and almost banged his head against the wall in front of everyone.

What it didn’t do was his talent for tuning his body by adapting to his movements in a split second.

“Where shall we see how sharp the weapon is?”

Only then did the elves look back after hearing Alex’s self-talk.

The moment when they barely realized that they were caught and tried to counterattack.

A solid gray line ran through the group of elves.

“You filthy lower race!”

An elf male with long hair and gorgeous looks rushed at Alex.

The elf, who looked like one of a kind in this group, swung a sword imbued with the spirit’s energy at Alex with the wind spirit on his back.

Alex took a slight step back, blocking it several times.

In a standoff, an elven warrior was killed by Alex.

“For a lower race, your swordsmanship skills are quite good.”

“So you’re a dead guy talking?”


Before the elf warrior could even ask what he was talking about, he felt his eyesight roll.

The last thing he saw before closing his eyes was his own headless body.

“This, how could it be, Flohim’s great warrior.”

“How in a single blow.”

The elven soldiers looked at Alex with fearful eyes.

Some quick-witted commanders pointed their weapons at Rudger and shouted.

“Kill that comrade too!”

Perhaps because they had been properly trained, the elves who received the order immediately rushed towards Ludger.

It was something Alex hadn’t expected.

The elves who rushed at Ludgar returned faster than they had fled and crashed into the wall.

It was a spear made of steel that sent the elves flying.

“What, what is it?”

The soldiers of the three noble families looked at Ludger and stuttered.

Metal cubes were floating around Ludgar, who was standing still with a black cloak.

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