I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 384

◈ Episode 384 Shadow Monster (2)

The monster was approaching, filling the hallways.

It looked like a black flame.

The overall shape resembled a human, with black flames swaying all over the body.

At first glance, it looked like a knight in armor.

The sight of her green eyes shedding where the eyes were supposed to be was not intimidating.

The wizard was being chased by the shadow knights.

At that time, the shadow knight in the lead threw the spear in his hand.


The spear pierced the wizard’s robes and crashed into the ground.

As the wizard ran, he tripped on his robe and fell.

“Ugh, aaaagh! help me!”

The wizard begged, but the knight pulled out the spear and tried to kill the wizard.


At that moment, a huge ice awl flew in and blew off the knight’s head.

“Who, who… … .”

The wizard looked back urgently.

There, he saw Ludger aiming with a cane.

“What are you doing? Go ahead and dodge it.”

Thinking that he was alive, the wizard got up and ran to where Ludger was.

That face, covered with tears and snot, was something even Rudger was familiar with.

He seemed like a guy he’d seen a lot, it was the same wizard who started a fight with Ludger as soon as he came here.

‘I was lucky even when I was attacked by the Cheshire Tiger.’

Come to think of it, even then he saved me.

Rudger looked at the shadow knights, thinking that they were really tough.

The knight whose head had been blown off by an ice pick stared at Ludger with his head restored to normal.

‘I must have blown my hair properly.’

Light green eyes lightly glanced at Ludger and the others.

The Shadow Knight fixed the spear and held it.

The shadow knights lined up behind each grabbed their own weapon.

Swords, spears, halberds, maces.

It was all made up of ominous shadows.

Roina, who watched the scene, muttered involuntarily.

“Woah, it’s threatening, but it doesn’t look like a monster at all?”


At that moment, the shadow knight at the forefront opened his mouth and let out a terrible shout.

It was full of sharp teeth and the appearance of the lower jaw opening left and right was quite disgusting.

“… … It is a monster.”

Roina, who honestly admitted her mistake, raised her magic.

I don’t know why the monsters suddenly appeared in the mansion, but once I saw that hostile side of this side, it looked like it was not easy to get over it.

“I’ll wipe it out in one go!”

Roina raised her magic and implemented a complex spell.

In an instant, a magical spell that was as brilliant as a constellation was drawn in the air.

Even though the mansion was overflowing with mana, it would be difficult to perform the spell with moderate control, but Roina did it as naturally as breathing.


Arfa, who was watching the scene, exclaimed.

Everyone praises Royna Pavlini for excellence in theory, but that’s only half true.

No matter how brilliant the theory was, there was no way he could reach the realm of Lexarer with just the theory.

The reason she rose to the 6th tier was because she met all the basic conditions to use 6th tier magic, although knowledge of magic was also knowledge.

like right now

5th tier fire attribute wide area magic.

[Pillars of the Sun]

Huge magical energy wriggled and eventually turned into high-temperature flames.

The flames filled the hallways and swept away the Shadow Knights.

The scorching heat and the mighty aftermath raged.

The other party didn’t react much, but the young wizard who was running away from the shadow knights couldn’t shut his gaping mouth.

The flames died down and the heat subsided.

The hallway of the mansion, where the flames had swept through, was charred to the point of reminiscent of a coal mine.

It was possible to guess how strong Roina’s magic was from the fact that she left such a mark on the mansion, which did not budge from even the slightest amount of magic.

As time passed, the blackened mansion was restored to its original appearance.

“Still, it looks like we’ve dealt with all the monsters!”

Roina’s voice felt much more cheerful, perhaps thanks to the great magic she hadn’t used in a long time.

It was thanks to the release of the accumulated stress.

“… … I guess that’s not the case.”


At Ludger’s words, Roina was about to ask what he meant.

The atmosphere in the mansion has changed in some strange way.

Even though the window wasn’t even open, a gust of wind blew, and something black started waking up in the empty hallway.

The shadow knights who disappeared without a trace by Roina a while ago.

They were fully formed and their green eyes were glaring at me.

“Uh, how?”

The moment Roina panicked, Arfa moved.


Arpa kicked Roina’s leg and knocked her back.

At the same time, he lightly supported Roina, who was about to collapse.

Roina couldn’t figure out what was going on for a moment.

What she saw then was a black spear passing overhead.

The spear thrown by the shadow knight in the lead with all his might seemed to pass through the air, but it suddenly changed direction and tried to return to the knight.


At that moment, Arfa reached out and grabbed the spear of shadow that was about to return.

The speed at which the spear moved was very fast, but Arfa was faster than that.

The knight who summoned the spear stared at Arfa.

Whirly Rick.

After Arfa rotated the spear of shadow, she fixed her posture.

The wind pressure created by swinging the spear lightly shook Arpa’s hair.


The knight whose spear had been stolen ran at Arfa in anger.

Two long spears of unknown origin were clutched in the arms of the knight who was swinging at Arfa.

Black long spears swung dizzyingly waving both arms filled his field of vision.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the Shadow Knight’s ability was at the level of a knight.

However, Arfa’s physical ability was at a level that surpassed that of a knight.


Arfa lightly jumped up in the air and rotated her body like a top.

Surprisingly, that reckless move penetrated the gap in the shadow knight’s attack.

Avoid what to avoid, block the attack that cannot be avoided.

It was breathtaking to see him perform the eccentricity with a piece of paper, but there were no wounds on Arpa’s body.

It was all a carefully calculated move.

As soon as the party watching the scene were startled, Arfa’s spear moved.


Three consecutive stabs that were fired in an instant.

It was so fast that only one burst of air was heard.

The tip of the spear aimed precisely at the shadow knight’s forehead, neck, and heart.

Three huge holes formed in the Shadow Knight’s body.

However, the wound healed in an instant, and the shadow knight swung the spear again.


Instead of dodging, Arfa swung her spear and parried the attack.

A big loophole was revealed in the knight’s body again, and this time Arfa swung his spear wide instead of stabbing.

Once horizontally, once vertically.

The spearhead was swung like a whip and cut the knight into four exact pieces.


However, the fragmented body of the knight writhed again and returned to its original form.

The moment Arfa was embarrassed by the sight, lightning flew and blew off the knight’s head.

“Back off. Arpa.”

As Arfa retreated with Ludger’s support, this time Rimray performed the magic he had been waiting for.

5th tier ice attribute magic.

[Breath of Bingryong]

A chill that was the exact opposite of Roina’s open fire engulfed the Shadow Knights.

The cold wave that came in an instant froze the shadow knights along with the hallways of the mansion.

Seeing the knights standing and becoming ice statues, Roina was convinced of victory.

“You really did it this time, right?”


As soon as the words were finished, the knights trapped in the ice began to come out one by one.

“… … .”

“… … .”

“… … .”

Everyone in the party stared at Roina in silence.

“… … sorry.”

Roina lowered her head and apologized.

Actually, this wasn’t Roina’s fault, but it was an atmosphere where she had to apologize.

Breaking the ice, the knights slowly approached the party.

Sempas stepped forward as if he didn’t want this to happen.

4th tier tree attribute magic.

[Beautiful Barrier]

A huge tree grew and filled the hallway.

The thick and massive barriers made it impossible for the Shadow Knights to approach.

“You have to step back.”

Even Sempas, who was not afraid of battle, insisted on retreating.

It was judged that it was impossible to fight against the shadow knight who resurrected infinitely.

Even now, in real time, the knights were breaking through the wooden barriers and approaching.

“Let’s retreat.”

Everyone in the party started running down the hallway.

The wooden barrier will take some time, but it won’t be that long either.

After increasing the distance, I had to find a way somehow.

“Haha. mandible. How the hell did this happen?”

Roina, who thought she had narrowly escaped the shadow knight, spoke out of breath.

“Besides, no matter how much I attack, I can’t fall. I’ve never heard of anything like that.”

“Probably something like the defense system of the mansion itself.”

“A defense system?”

Rudgar nodded and said yes.

Rimray asked with a hard face.

“Why did you think that?”

“Originally, those who come out at midnight have already appeared. If you think about it a little, you can see that what happened before is a precursor.”

“Did they appear because of the vibrations in the mansion?”

“It is the opposite. The mansion was shaken to make them appear. It’s not cryptids or naturally occurring monsters or anything like that. It’s a samurai created by the mansion itself.”

Recalling the vibration she felt when she was in the library, Roina nodded.

“Something like a guardian golem or gargoyle. But is it possible to regenerate like that even with a tremendous amount of firepower?”

“Did you forget? where we are now There is still a huge flow of leylines under this mansion, and a huge amount of mana is stored.”

“Could it be that those shadow monsters are getting their power from the leylines?”

“Perhaps. As long as they continue to receive mana from the leyline, they will continue to respawn no matter how many times you kill them.”

A monster made of pure mana doesn’t die and continues to regenerate?

There was a reason why wizards couldn’t compete.

“Well, then what?! Is there no answer other than wasting time and running away?”

“Didn’t you tell me? They are a kind of defense system that protects this mansion. And, unlike usual, he showed up early.”

To those words, Roina’s reaction was something she could guess.

It was the same with Limray.

“That means there is something in this mansion that oversees the system.”

“The reason the monster appeared like this even though it wasn’t midnight means that someone messed with the system!”

“Does it mean that locking the door and killing people were the work of other people?”

Rimray, Roina, and Sempas each said what they realized.

After putting our heads together like this, it became clear how things were going.

The only thing I didn’t understand at this point was the young wizard who was lucky enough to survive.

“You there. name is?”


“Come to think of it, I didn’t even say a full statement.”

Suddenly, the young wizard stuttered in embarrassment, as if he hadn’t expected Ludger to speak.

“Are you suddenly asking for your name?”

“I can’t keep calling you you, can I? So what’s your name?”

“… … It’s Samuel Taylor.”

“Yes, Samuel. What happened to the party that moved with you?”

“damn. Are you asking because you don’t know that now? It’s obvious when you see that I ran away alone!”

Samuel’s fists trembled, as if he were still vividly aware of being chased by the Shadow Knights a little while ago.

“damn. I wasn’t meant to come here. Why is this only happening to me… … .”

Samuel lamented his condition.

That negative emotion was passed on to the party as well.

It’s not that they didn’t resist as they should.

However, all but one died.

Shadow knights will roam the mansion and try to kill every intruder in sight.

they have no mercy

I won’t stop until I complete all of my assigned missions.

‘If they’re the ones who keep reviving even after dying, it’s only a matter of time before this one gets pushed back.’

It will be an endless war of attrition, but one side has a limit and the other side receives supplies close to infinite.

It was obvious who would win.

Now that this has happened, there is only one way to get rid of the knights roaming the mansion.

The system itself had to stop.

If there’s a problem.

Where is the core of the system that summons the knights?

‘If I went around recklessly, I could be surrounded by those monsters.’

Even now, the monsters in the mansion were slowly but surely tightening their leashes.

A death that is unavoidable but steadily approaching is much more fearful than a sudden death.

In that sense, the mansion that this defense system operated was like hell.

‘It’s dizzy.’

The shadow knights who tighten their breath in real time.

The First Order, Leslie, who may be hiding somewhere, and the Black Dawn who orchestrated all of this.

Even clues to non-attribute magical powers that have not yet been confirmed.

My breath stops and my eyes go dark.

It feels like my mind is sinking into that deep swamp.

It is full of things to deal with, factors to consider, and opportunities not to miss.

what to do first

what should be dealt with

All of that became a heavy burden and weighed on Ludger’s heart.

─Let’s think.

Rudger closed his eyes and organized his thoughts.

He still had a lot of work to do.

The night of mystery is just a turning point.

passing process. A stepping stone to cross.

His true purpose lies in the far future.

──I didn’t live until now just to stop at a place like this.

Rudger opened his closed eyes.

His blue eyes, which had been filled with confusion, shone brilliantly for an instant.


All eyes turned to Rudger.

Instinctively, he noticed that Ludger’s expression had changed.

“What. Your expression suddenly changed.”

Rimray picked up on Ludger’s subtle changes.

The guy who kept rolling his head a moment ago suddenly let go of everything.

But it was far from giving up.

Rather, it would be right to get rid of all the troublesome shackles and become lighter.

“It’s just that it’s funny how you overcomplicate something so simple.”


“yes. What did you think of twisting it like that?”

Rudger looked back at the route he had run from earlier.

“I just need to smash everything from the front and throw it away.”

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