I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 354

◈ Episode 354 The Sinister Goat (3)

A heavy, deep silence lingered in the office.

Rudger chewed over Duke Hayback’s words over and over again before quietly opening his mouth.

“If I’m not hearing it wrong… … .”

“I didn’t hear you wrong. Because he clearly said so.”

“… … Are you asking Ceorn’s teacher to kill you?”

Of course, it’s true that Rudger did a lot of things in the back world.

But I’ve never had a contract murder.

Besides, the only other identity of Ludger that Heyback knows right now is Oliver.

If he had made such a request because of getting rid of the gangs and the mafia, he was willing to tell me that he was firmly mistaken.

“this. Apparently, I was in too much of a hurry and the explanation was a little short.”

“You lacked a lot, not a little.”

“What I said is not simply because the teacher is good at killing people. It’s because there’s no one I can trust except the teacher.”

“You doubted me just a moment ago, but now you believe me again.”

“A person with a good head should be quick to judge. You should be able to change your thoughts and opinions like flipping the palm of your hand.”

This is not something a nobleman who wants to defend his words even for the sake of honor and pride will say.

Even more so if you are a person with a reputation that can be counted on one hand in the empire.

But that’s why it’s great.

Duke Hayback wasn’t obsessed with the little things that nobles should be concerned about.

His terrifying pursuit of practical interest is even alien to an aristocrat.

However, the fact that he is not ridiculed by other nobles must mean that the popularity he has accumulated so far is so great.

“I will listen to a detailed explanation.”

“okay. how far did i say I heard that you are participating in the [Mysterious Night].”

“yes. Because the invitation came.”

“I believe that the magician-sensei knows better than I do what a mysterious night is like.”

“The Night of Mysteries is an annual festival held by wizards from all over the world. It is an event where most of the magical schools gather to explore unknown mysteries and pursue the development of magic.”

“and? Did I miss something more?”

Heyback asked if there was anything else.

Rudger replied with a sigh.

“It is also the place where the most insidious and practical shadow fights of wizards take place. It is a magical arena where they fight for knowledge, interfering with each other and sometimes forming alliances, frantic to unlock the secrets of the land where the Mystical Night is held.”

“That’s correct!”

Heyback smiled coolly, as if Rudger had properly scratched the itch.

“okay. The Night of Mysteries is not such a good event as it is popularly known. Even if you look a little deeper, what lurks inside is the endless desire of magicians for magic and twisted morality like snakes.”

“What does that matter?”

“What? No problem. Even if they roast and stir-fry themselves, would I care?”

“But why… … .”

“It’s a different story if a new impurity is added to it.”

As soon as the main topic began to come out in earnest, Rudger also showed serious interest.

“You mean impurities?”

“Yes. He’s a very dangerous guy when mixed. Originally, the Night of Mysteries only proceeded between wizards, but it didn’t bring any big waves to the outside world. Do you know why?”

“It must be because of the characteristics of the place where the mysterious night is held.”

That’s right.

Heyback nodded.

“A land where a mysterious night is held every year. The place called Kasar is a mountainous basin surrounded by mountains.”

The land of Kasar had a special power.

It was that the power of the huge leyline flowing in all directions was gathered around it.

Like rainwater collecting in a hollow bowl, huge leylines flowing underground centered around the Cassar Basin.

And the mana far above average caused a special phenomenon in Kasar itself.

The space itself was distorted, and it became a different world.

A space full of all kinds of mysteries that have not yet been confirmed even by modern science and magic.

That was the Cassar Basin where the [Mysterious Night] was taking place now.

In terms of cause, it is similar to the ‘Forest of Silence’ or ‘Forest of Dreams’ that exist in Seorn.

But its scale is incomparable.

For that reason, no one can enter the Cassar Basin without permission.

It is full of fog due to the high density of mana, and if you enter it carelessly, you will not come out again.

It was the same with any wizard.

All those who wanted to study the mysterious power of Kasar Basin went missing.

“You can only enter the Cassar Basin for a certain period of time. And that’s only three days a year.”

It was as Hayback said.

Kassar Basin was only accessible three days a year.

The moment the time passes, entry becomes impossible.

If I couldn’t get out, I had to assume that I would actually die.

In a way, 3 days is a really tight time.

However, that period was like a piece of gold for wizards.

An unknown land with unsolved secrets.

The main purpose of the mysterious night is to try to find out the mystery somehow.

“It sounds like something is going on in a place like that.”

“It’s not just a job, it’s a job that could make the entire continent noisy. It’s like taking the fire to the powder keg.”

Kasar Basin exists outside the territory of the Empire.

It’s happening in a place like that, but the fact that the Duke of Heyback came like this.

‘That means that this situation will affect the empire as well.’

As it is a place where all kinds of wizards gather, it will never be an ordinary incident.

“So you’re asking me to extinguish that fire? If that’s the case, it doesn’t matter if it’s not me.”

“What do you mean by that? Can’t I go there myself? I am not a wizard.”

“I understand that invitations are possible even if you are not a wizard.”

“Even considering that, I’m busy.”

“Or, aren’t there other wizards as well?”

“Another wizard? who? old magic tower? New mage tower? Or the Confederation of Schools? They are all ‘belonging’ somewhere. But teachers are different.”

“I belong to Ceorn.”

“What are you trying to hide here? Anyway, I hope you don’t treat me like a fool.”

For Hayback, Rudger was the most suitable person for the job.

They have no proper affiliations and are not enemies of the Empire.

He has excellent magical abilities and was even invited to a mysterious night, so even with a picky gaze, there was no one like him.

“I hope that the teacher will stop those who are plotting some kind of work in the mysterious night.”

Heyback had come to ask for some kind of request from an individual named Rudger.

Because there are few things to be suspicious of, the justification is sufficient, and the ability is excellent.

“I get the rough outline. But it is still an unappetizing proposition to me.”

I know something is about to happen.

I even know that if it goes wrong, it will spread into a big fire.

“But that’s not why I should.”

Although it is reason enough for Hayback to propose to Rudger.

Accepting these requests is entirely at Ludger’s own discretion.

In the first place, it is strange to ask such a favor for something that is happening in a faraway place.

Of course, if Ludger himself participates in the mysterious night, the story will be different.

As long as I heard this news, it didn’t matter if I didn’t go.

Rudger didn’t really want to act on someone’s orders.

Heyback nodded as if he agreed.

“I understand. Would you mindlessly ask me this with your bare mouth?”

“then… … .”

“I will pay you a full reward. In the name of I, Heyback Kadatushan.”

“I don’t move for a decent amount of money.”

“How can you brag about your money to an investor who has provided a huge amount of money to Seorn? But if I had to pick one thing where this old man was better than the others.”

Heyback tapped his head with his fingers.

“There must be knowledge and know-how accumulated over a long life that I have seen, heard and felt.”

“How does that help me?”

“Ask me if you have any questions. At least I’ll answer what I can answer. Speaking of which, I’ll answer a question for you.”

To set knowledge as a reward?

It would be normal to laugh at such absurd things, but since the other person was the other person, it was strangely persuasive.

However, Rudger did not yet fully trust Hayback.

Even if he told me the information he knew, wouldn’t he also be able to find out somehow if he put his mind to it?

If he really knows that this side is hard to understand, then the story is different.

‘Even this is a trap.’

Hayback said he would give a definitive answer to the question.

People usually ask very important questions in these cases.


‘Do you know where the Relic fragments are?’

But, of course, the moment I asked this, it was tantamount to giving Heyback the information that this side was looking for Relic.

‘This sneaky old man isn’t the type to miss the trivial things at all.’

It’s an opportunity that looks like a nice piece of cake, but it’s a trap.

However, it was certainly an attractive proposition to dismiss as a trap.

“Hmm. Are you still thinking about it? No matter what the teacher asks, I won’t brag about it anywhere. I’m definitely the type to keep quiet about this part.”

“I was thinking about it for a while. What information should I ask, surely the duke doesn’t know or is wrong.”

“haha. I haven’t seen this person like this, so you really thought of robbing me?”

Rudger asked a question to Heyback, who was making fun of it.

Something that even a heyback wouldn’t know.

“Duke Heyback, do you know about non-attribute magic?”

“Hmm. It’s non-attribute magic. The fact that the teacher asked such a question was not simply within the scope of basic knowledge.”

Received an interesting question, Hayback grinned.

It was a happy smile, like a child receiving candy.

“The origin of non-attribute magic is not clearly defined. But those users have always existed. The same goes for the student you teach now, and even before that.”

“… … What kind of person were you?”

Hayback said without hesitation.

“There was a woman who tried in every way to escape the limits given to her. But at some point she quit her studies and disappeared. She says she fell in love with a man and gave birth to her child.”

Heyback said and stroked his chin for a moment.

“Let’s see. It hasn’t been 20 years yet. It must have been about 18 years.”

“… … .”

“Since then, I have heard that he has seen the woman from time to time. But even that was completely lost about 10 years ago. She probably looks like she’s dead. I don’t know if it’s the cost of not letting go of her own limits, or if it’s a suicide for pessimistic about her life.”

At the word suicide, Rudger clenched his fist under the desk.

Like it or not, Hayback’s explanation continued.

“It looks like the teacher is looking into non-attribute magic for that student, but if that’s the case, it’s rather good.”


“Because where the [Mystery Night] is held, there is the information you are looking for.”

Rudger raised his eyebrows.

I didn’t ask a formal question about how you know that fact.

On the contrary, how could there be information about non-attribute magic in such a place?

“haha. Sensei, is this your first time participating in a mysterious night?”

Rudger nodded.

I only heard about the mysterious night through news, but I had never actually been to it.

I wanted to go, but I didn’t have the time.

Until then, Rudger hadn’t been active as a wizard.

“So you’re not sure about the origins of the Mystic Night?”

“Does the Duke know?”

“Nothing. This is my food line, don’t you want to know a thing like that?”

Heyback smiled as if he had caught the case and continued his explanation.

“The Mystic Night is held once a year. Then, do you know how many Mystery Nights are held this year?”

“Isn’t it over 100 times?”

“Not quite like that. It hasn’t been 100 years yet. It’s been quite a while though. 73 years in terms of years. That’s older than my age.”

73 years.

If it’s long, it’s a long time, but considering the mysterious energy that dwells there, it’s shorter than expected.

“Well, I can’t help it even if I think it’s short. Since the colonial war, mankind’s interest has expanded to unknown lands that have not yet been revealed. That was only 80 years ago. It’s a long time for a human being, but it’s short in terms of the time of history.”

“What does that have to do with non-attribute magic?”

“Have you heard of the mansion in Kasar Basin?”


A mansion in a land open only three days a year?

Did the vanguards pack up and go and build?

“Of course, the mansion was not built by people who wanted to explore it. Quite the contrary.”

“The opposite is… … .”

“The mansion has been there from the beginning. It was already built by someone a long time ago.”

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