I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 340

◈ Episode 340 Magic Beast Summon (2)

“Then please take care of me.”

The president left with words full of burden.

Rudger, who was left alone, pondered over the conversation from earlier.

‘Is it a magic beast summoning class?’

President Elisa said that it would be nice if Ludger taught the students how to summon magic beasts.

It was a good word, in effect, it was confirmed that Rudger was the teacher in charge.

Of course, Elisha kindly even explained the reason in detail.

– Mr. Rudger. Did you know that magic number classes are actually taken after 3rd grade?

-If so, wouldn’t it be nice to have the teacher teach it?

-They are busy.

-I’m busy too.

-It wasn’t long ago, but Mr. Rudger’s classes have been greatly reduced due to recent changes in the undergraduate course.

Just like that.

Classes that teach the theory that Rudger took on were rather reduced due to this change in academic affairs.

Rudger’s lessons are based on theory.

In fact, it was popular with students because it lectured with a little practical content.

On the surface, the subject that Rudger taught had no choice but to focus on ‘theory’.

Thanks to this, Rudger had an unexpected amount of time, and Elisa recommended a new class to not waste such empty time.

– Shouldn’t I also be the head of the planning department?

– Of course there is that too. But don’t worry. I picked a lot of extra people from the planning department this time!

indeed. Was it because of that that the work went smoothly even when he was not there?

-Wasn’t there a way to hire new teachers at the same time as hiring those people?

– Are you kidding? Even if you find 100 people who handle paperwork, it’s hard to find even one person who can train magicians. It’s better to hire the right person from among the surplus manpower.

Seorn does not arbitrarily select teachers.

The selection period is also fixed, and the process is also complicated.

It is because of this thorough distinction that the position of Seorn’s teacher has its own recognition in the industry.

‘Of course, I can’t completely filter out people who have decided to hide their identities or who have personal problems.’

The recruitment process took a long time even after the announcement was made, and there was a high possibility that suspicious people would come in during the process.

Considering that, it would have been much better to send those who could afford the surplus to new classes.

Of course, the teachers couldn’t just do it because they each had their own specialties or divisions.

-Mr. Rudger is possible, right?

Elisa asked her intentions with her eyes glistening.

Seeing him say that, it was clear that he knew what he was asking.

‘I can’t refuse it like this.’

In fact, it was Ludger himself who suggested the magic water class first.

In the end, it was himself who caused the anger.

Besides, I couldn’t just blame the president.

President Elisa was only doing her best in her role.

On the contrary, she was also well-equipped as a manager.

It’s because it squeezes out the best work efficiency by squeezing out the manpower of surplus people.

‘At this point, I don’t know what the difference is between the first princess and the other.’

Being in a high position doesn’t make you more comfortable, and you have to work harder.

The situation itself was rather ironic, but Ludger didn’t hate it too much.

Instead, this side also put forward a condition.

-How do you plan to teach?

President Elisa gave a prepared answer as if she had waited for that.

-That’s Mr. Ludger’s freedom.

In a way, it’s irresponsible words that seem to leave everything behind.

But to Rudger, there was no greater gift than this.

-I like that.

With those words, the president left, and Ludger’s consciousness returned to the present.

It’s a magic beast summoning class.

It wasn’t planned, but it wasn’t unreasonable due to the schedule.

After arranging all of them, President Elisha would have suggested it.

‘He’s a very difficult person to have as a boss.’

If Princess Aileen 1st would use her innate charisma to strike down opponents and wield them thoroughly.

President Elisa is the style of subtly pressuring after blocking all escape routes.

‘The fortunate thing is that the content of the class is purely left to my own autonomy.’

Rudger also thought that students needed to learn about magic in practice.

However, it would have been rather embarrassing if Seorn had announced the class method.

Some people might prefer it, but it was because Rudger unconditionally decided on the content related to the class.

The president knew that, so he entrusted this part entirely to Rudger.

3 days left until the next class.

The class I was assigned to.

Rudger intended to do his best if he had no choice but to do it.

* * *

“Ugh. I will die.”

Returning to Laddervelk, Hans collapsed on his bed for more than half a day.

Even when he came to his senses and came out of the hideout office, Hans was still soaked in fatigue.

It got better after taking a break though, but it was because the source of the stress was in the same hideout.

‘But this time he’s calm.’

After returning to Ledervelk, Grander was quietly in his room.

He didn’t insist on bringing something, or stick his teeth into an animal.

‘but. Compared to the hastily built hideout in the capital, there is no place like here.’

The place where Grander was staying now was the top floor of the hideout and had the best facilities.

The room is also spacious, and the interior is decorated with all sorts of fancy items.

It was Hans’ judgment that at least he wouldn’t be bored and annoyed like before.

Then the door opened and someone entered Hans’s office.

Hans hastily hid behind a desk.

“… … What are you doing?”

The one who opened the door and came in was Violetta, dressed in a comfortable outfit.

Code name [Mary Poppins] and the manager of <House of Verdi>.

Her eyes widened at the obvious figure of Hans.

I think I hid something because I was hiding something, but it was because it was too obvious.

Hans cleared his throat awkwardly, relieved that the person who opened the door was not Grander.

“Hmm. It was just because I was sore for a while. So what?”

“Before leaving for the capital, you asked us to investigate the people secretly watching our streets.”

“Ah, it was.”

The founder and leader of Owens is, of course, Ludgar.

Here, Rudger uses the name [Oliver].

But because Ludgar held multiple identities, he couldn’t continue as general manager Oliver.

So he had to leave frequently, and Hans took his place.

Because among the Owens, Hans was the only one who could handle things in this way.

And before Hans left for the capital, he asked Violetta, who was second only to him, for a favor.

“hmm. It sure seems to have been properly collected.”

Hans quickly went through the documents Violetta had brought.

I didn’t expect much, but Violetta organized and brought quite detailed information.

It was thanks to the dense information network that Rudger wanted to create in advance.

A combination of young children and the elderly [Old Kids]

[Women of the Black Rose], composed entirely of women

These two organizations had previously specialized significantly in gathering information.

The organizations that did so were merged into one, and in addition to that, they were equipped with a system.

Begging on the street.

Workers going to work in the factory.

An employee working in a restaurant.

A female employee in a clothing store.

An old man sitting in a rocking chair.

poor artist.

Even the laundry lady.

The network of information that started in one street covered the entire city of Ledervelk like a spider’s web.

Now, they hear and pick up all the news of the city.

“As expected, there were a lot of suspicious guys.”

Hans clicked his tongue as he looked at the information Violetta brought.

As Royal Street grew, more and more people tried to play tricks on this side.

Even those guys are fine. This is because this side can be suppressed with strength and wealth.

“However, when aristocratic families are involved, it becomes a nuisance.”

At Hans’ words, Violetta asked with a slightly worried look.

“Would it be okay?”

“huh? Alas, all right. I can handle it without worrying.”

“But the opponent… … .”

Violetta swallowed.

Some of the people who now settled near Royal Street were from the Pablo family.

Hans also knew how Violetta was involved with the Pablo family, so he didn’t take it seriously.

“Did you forget?”


“A while ago, my older brother said he would make this place his stronghold. You should have listened to that too.”

“yes. I heard it all too. I remember what you said that day.”

“Are you still worried?”

“Well, since the opponent is from a noble family… … .”

I am grateful that Rudger made Albert that way for him.

But now that I think about it again, I was worried that it was a risky choice.

Hans snorted as if he could clearly see Violetta’s inner thoughts.

“joy. It looks like you didn’t know because you came in last, but listen carefully.”

“… … what is it?”

“Even a third-rate gibberish like me eats three moves in my house. But what about your brother? And my brother named this place his stronghold. Do you know what that means?”

Violetta couldn’t answer.

Hans naturally continued as if he knew that too.

“It means that at least at this distance, we are not afraid of anyone, no matter who we are. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Pablo family or whatever. This is a fortress that no one can touch. If older brother said so, then we just have to keep that will.”

Hans’ voice was full of trust in Ludger.

At the same time, pride in his position and responsibility was implicitly revealed.

“I guess you came here because you were curious about what to do with the guys on this document?”

Violetta involuntarily nodded her head.

Unlike his appearance so far, Hans was very serious and gave off a somewhat heavy atmosphere.

“Then I will show you. What did you build this place for?”

Hans immediately gave an order to the rats roaming nearby.

What a scary place this golden street is.

The time has finally come to show them.

* * *

The people from the Pablo family divided into several teams and moved.

One of them gathered at a nearby bar, sat at a table in the corner, and had a quiet conversation.

“Did you find the general manager’s whereabouts? That man named Oliver.”

“I don’t see it yet. Starting with the fact that he wore a mask, he is hiding his true identity, so it is not easy.”

“Keep asking for whereabouts. Even if he rots, he is the one who touched the bloodline of the Pablo family. I must warn you what will happen if you do.”


At that time, a drink was placed on the table along with the dishes we ordered.

They handed the tip to the owner with a smile so natural that it was hard to see anyone who had a serious conversation a moment ago.

The moment everyone drank beer like that.



They slumped into their seats, spewing beer mixed with blood.

“Sah, live… … !”

Fortunately, the man who drank a little did not lose his life.

He gasped and called for help.

But then his face was stained with despair.

It was because the people who had been making a fuss a moment ago were all staring at him with their mouths shut.

It is not surprising that a person collapsed vomiting blood.

The inorganic gaze directed this way was waiting for when he would die.

“This, this… … damn.”

After saying that, the person from the Pablo family lowered his head.

People inside the tavern naturally got up and wrapped the body in a bag and dragged it outside.

The blood stains on the floor were erased without a trace.

The tavern quickly returned to its original state.

It’s so secret that no one knows that a person died here.

And as if they had waited, similar things happened in succession throughout the city.

A blade is stamped on the blanket of a person who is sleeping soundly in a hotel.

People passing by the alley were pierced by crossbows flying from all sides.

A person who felt a sense of crisis and tried to escape fell into the river Ramsey and drowned.

However, this news did not reach people’s ears.

On the contrary, Royal Street has become a success with the endless footsteps of customers, shining a brilliant light that has never been seen before.

A stage where the hot vitality and vitality of the crowd gathered on the golden street radiate.

A quiet death descended behind the stage, hidden behind a pile of curtains and props.

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