I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 311

◈ Episode 311: Devil Basara (2)

“It’s interesting.”

Basara, a demon who showed little emotion, raised the corner of his mouth for the first time.

He said it was fun, but Basara had to feel the displeasure creeping up in his heart.

‘Is it because they used human bodies as vessels?’

The original owner, Louis Fault, had a tremendous inferiority complex towards Rudger.

The aftermath of that emotion would come to him as a devil.

‘Not bad.’

Just now, Basara said she didn’t want to fight Rudger.

However, after hearing Rudger’s words, I changed my mind.

I want to fight that man once.

At first, Basara thought so of his own will.

“okay. Actually, I was curious too. Do I really have enough strength to complete my mission? I wanted to check it out at least once.”

How strong is he now?

A great target to measure that scale is right in front of you.

Surrounded by huge magical powers that take your breath away just by looking at them.

Staring down at this side.

‘okay. If you’re going to fight, it should be this much.’

Basara felt a surge of enthusiasm.

The author was now an ordeal to hinder his mission.

If he couldn’t surpass Rudger right here and now, he wouldn’t even be qualified to fulfill his mission.

“I’ll give you all my strength without even measuring this side.”

Saying that, Basara hit her index finger and thumb with one hand and snapped her fingers.

The black magic lurked, and eventually the spell was implemented.

Seeing that, Rudger slightly curled the corners of his eyes inside the mask.

“It’s magic.”

“okay. It’s magic. That, too, is a magic that has been further strengthened by my magical power.”

Bondi demons do not use magic.

Black magic is a powerful force in itself.

The mental wave that was spread based on that was able to defeat anyone.

Lexor class wizards too.

Sword Master too.

All fall equally.

So there was no need to use magic. His natural power alone was enough.

However, the authority did not work on Ludger at all.

To Basara, Ludger’s existence was an unpleasant match.

So I thought I was lucky.

With the vessel called Ruifold, Basara became much stronger than before.

Science, magic, and even the material of a great body called a modern wizard.

Now, when all of them are gathered together, harmoniously intertwined, and made into the best form.

It became possible for Basara to manifest magic that should have been impossible to use originally, through Ruifault’s body.

“You can call it so-called dark magic.”

The completed spell was dark red.

Mana reacted there, and magic was activated.

magic iron.

Metal imbued with black magic was created in the air and shot at Rudgar.

It wasn’t ordinary metal magic.

In terms of power, it is one level higher than the same class of magic.

Even if the same magic was used, the fuel that went into it was different, so the result was also different.

Ludger looked at the metal that Basara had shot and cast a shadow around him.

The metal spear that flew at Rudger bent as if space had been distorted the moment it touched the shadow, and flew to a distant place.


An amazing thing happened when a bent spear pierced the root of the dead world tree.


The roots of the World Tree, already dead and discolored to ivory, began to turn black.

It was because of the effect that was like a curse given to magic by Basara’s power.

“Then how about this?”

Basara, realizing that the point-blank attacks didn’t work, used the next magic.

This time, it was wind attribute magic that was mainly used by the owner of the original body.

However, that magic was only strengthened by the black magic.


The winds of corruption rushed across the ground like beasts, rushing towards Ludger.

The wind blew through and the ground rotted away in an instant.

Rudgar responded with the same wind magic.

It was correct to burn all attacks with the power of corruption with flames.

However, if you throw flames on that thing with the attribute of wind, it will eat the flames and become bigger.

In that case, it was better to respond with the same element, but press down with stronger force.


Ludger’s wind was not a normal wind, but became a wind with divine energy and collided with Basara’s magic.

The two powers entered into a contest of pushing and pulling each other, but in the end it was Ludgar’s magic that won.

Seeing the golden holy wind rushing in, Basara spread his wings wide and soared vertically, while using the next magic.

Pabing (敗氷).

As Basara spread his arms wide, a cold blizzard broke out.

A part of the World Tree’s roots touched by the blizzard froze in an instant, and then shattered with a crackling sound.

A harsh cold that completely shatters anything it touches.

Rudgar, who judged that it would be difficult to compete with the same coldness, used a different magic.

The Five Elements Fire Mosu.

– If the fire is too strong, the water evaporates instead.

It was the most effective attack against the terrible cold.

Ludger activated the Five Elements once more as his skills unfolded.

Wood fire.

A tree rose from the ground and began to burn fiercely, resonating with Ludger’s flames.

Through the power of coexistence that exists in the five elements, the fire was further fueled by using wood as firewood.

The cold air strengthened by black magic was pushed away in an instant.

It was unbelievable from Basara’s point of view, and also from an empirical point of view based on Ruifault’s memories.

Compatibility that transcends the power gap.

And aside from that affinity, there was something else.

“Then stop this too!”

Basara activated her magic again.

melting water.

Water that melts anything was splashed on the hot flames.

However, the flame evaporated the water with intense heat, and the red tongue slid toward Basara.

‘How on earth?’

Basara, who was confident at first, couldn’t get rid of strange thoughts while exchanging magic with Ludger.

Something kept bothering me.

At first, I thought Rudgar was just a nuisance to fight.

So, this side decided to show ‘mercy’ and let it go.

Because it was practical.

However, Rudger declined the offer and started a fight.

Right after that, there was a slight sense of triumph and a clear sense of purpose toward the mission.

I even thought it was better.

But now.

Basara naturally frowned at the displeasure felt from within.

Basara did not know that it was an emotion called nervousness.

He was a demon who fueled human negative emotions, but ironically, he was ignorant of his own emotions.

“… … Playing is over. It will come to an end soon.”

Saying that, Basara held out both hands.

A person’s mouth opened in the palm of his hand, and magic was activated.

Paving and Melting.

The two dark magics merged into one, creating enormous power.

fusion magic.

[flowing glacier]

The wriggling ice swept through the cavity.

The warlocks and the corpses of the subjects inside melted in an instant and melted into the glacier.

Before long, the ice that swallows anything touches Ludger’s body.

Intense beams of light burst out like pillars and tore away Basara’s magic.


Basara cast her magic again while frowning at the sight.

fusion magic.

[Purple shower]

Magic iron and bupoung.

A storm of rotten steel raged.

A hellish storm that rips through whatever it takes.

The storm tried to devour the rays of light.

However, the ray of light was not healthy and became stronger.

A portion of the magic that swirled around Ludgar came out in a lump and mixed into the pillar of light.

Immediately after that, the pillar of light split into countless stems and took the shape of fan blades.

The light extending out seemed to resemble a human hand.

The storm Basara sent was torn apart by the light.

Ludger, who was shadowed in the center of the light, put his hands together as if putting his palms together.

A human wearing a shadow, creating a brilliant light behind his back.

Seeing that indescribably ironic scene, Basara stopped thinking for a moment.

It was then that Rudger untied his palms and reached out his hand towards Basara.

The Demonic Tensou (滅魔千手).


To be precise, an attack in the shape of a human hand.

Those palms that shone with golden light were identical to the magic that pressed down on Ruifault’s body.

The difference was that the number was as high as 1,000, just like the name.

“… … !”

Basara spread his huge wings and soared high from his seat.

The speed was so fast that it was almost mistaken for a black line to be drawn in the air.

Right after that, the hand of light chased after leaving a white trail.

Basara quickly ran across the wide cavity, performing incredible flying stunts.


Every time it passed through the gap at the root of the world tree, the light chasing it from behind collided with it, causing a series of white explosions.

Basara, who continued to focus on evasion, did not last long.

The Hand of Light was too fast and there were too many of them, and in the end Basara was overtaken by the Hand of Light.


Hands of light flew into his back, shoulders, and waist.

A series of white explosions followed.

The strong shock gave Basara a blow that pierced his body.


Basara let out a scream of pain. The place where my palm touched was hot as if it had been burned.

As the name suggests, a hand that burns unclean things.

Basara stopped flying and switched to defense.

Bright yellow eyes sprouted all over the black body.

Snowflakes made of black magic spread like spores and formed a black sphere around Basara.


The long blow of light violently beat the black sphere from the outside.

The sphere wobbled greatly, but did not break through.

The moment Basara was about to give a satisfied smile, Ludger changed his posture.

He clenched a fist in his outstretched palm.


Then the flying hands of light also changed into fists.

The clenched fists burned with fiery gold.

Diamond Kwon-in (金剛拳印)

The Destructive Heavenly Beast, which became even more powerful with its fist, hit the sphere hard.

The black sphere began to crack, and then shattered like glass.

Basara spread his wings again and tried to escape, but his body did not budge.


Basara then realized that something was holding her back.

When he lowered his head, the shadow rising from the ground stretched out and wrapped around his lower body.

The shadow was Ludgar’s.

The dark and long shadow cast by the light behind her reached the place where Basara was.

“this… … !”

Basara tried to resist, but the shadow pulled Basara even harder.

Even the stronger body was useless in front of this power.

The tightly pulled shadow entangled Basara’s entire body and sent him crashing to the ground.


The ground cracked and clouds of dust rose.

Before the rising dust cloud had even settled, fists of light rained down on it like a shower.


Basara let out a scream in pain.

Even his outstanding regenerative power and strong body were of no use in front of Ludgar’s magic.

Flesh fell off in chunks, muscles ruptured, and bones were broken.

The holy power did not easily allow even the regeneration of the body.

Andrei, who was far away, could not take his eyes off the scene.

“oh my god.”

The devil who occupied the ultimate test subject is being beaten by only one human.

A mediocre human, going beyond being equal against the devil, was unilaterally accusing him.

The fight he was watching now was like a reenactment of a scene from a myth no one knew about.

‘Is that human a monster?’

Andrei was in awe of Ludger.

However, he was not looking at the situation so optimistically.

‘It’s definitely a great magic. But this kind of attack can’t last long.’

The proof was that the magic fog that had immediately flowed around Ludgar was rapidly diminishing.

The magic fog was the largest ever, but the magic he was using now consumed that much mana.

Rudger knew that too, so he wanted to kill Basara as quickly as possible.

But Basara was persistent like a cockroach.

Now, as if he had decided to hold on openly, he neither defended nor resisted.

Instead, he turned all his powers to regeneration of the body.

“Turn it off!”

Even though the pain was definitely felt, Basara gritted his teeth and tried to endure it.

Seeing this, Andrei felt a sense of danger.

A stronger attack is required.

Rudger, as if he had the same thought, stopped throwing his fist of light, which he had been shooting countless times.

Instead, he began to tie the hands of light spread behind his back into one.

The arms stretched out and tangled here and there like a skein of thread, merging into one.

A ray of light drew a line, and as it did, a shape gradually began to form in the air.

It was a golden statue of Buddha.

The Buddha statue, which made people feel even awe, stared at Basara while sitting on a lotus flower.

Basara’s sense of crisis when he saw the Buddha statue sounded an alarm.

Instinct shouted that this attack should never be allowed.


Basara gave a shout and strained his body.

Pudeuk! Poududeuk!

The strong shadow rope began to tear.

The speed was faster than Rudger had calculated.

Every time the shadow’s rope was torn, Basara’s skin split and his muscles tore.

Even so, Basara did not stop.

The technique Rudger was preparing was unusual enough that he had to endure the pain he was experiencing now.

Tuduk! Took!

At this rate, it was clear that Ludgar would break free before his magic was complete.

The moment Basara cut off the rope of the last shadow clinging to his body.

His body had no choice but to stand tall again.

“You bastard… … .”

Basara’s head swung to one side.

There, Andrei, who had lost more than half of his strength and was half crippled, stretched out his arms toward me.

Squeezing out all remaining mana, the binding magic unfolded.

It was a magic that Basara could tear like a piece of paper if he wanted to.

In fact, Andrei’s magic, which he exerted with all his might, could not restrain Basara’s movement for even a second.

But that 1 second is an insignificant amount of time.

It became the final puzzle piece to complete Ludger’s magic.

The golden Buddha statue was completed.

Basara’s body froze as he faced it shining brightly.

overwhelming majesty. A sense of awe that made my legs tremble.

What is that thing that makes you think that even you, the devil, can’t stand against it?

Rudger squeezed out all his remaining mana and reached out his hand towards Basara.

Dainichi Nyorai (大日如來) Vajrapani

In line with Ludger’s movements, the Buddha statue pressed Basara with its huge hand.

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