I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 280

◈ Episode 280: Millennium Secret (1)

“good. Rest here.”

Caroline Monarch, who was evaluating the students in the middle, soon gave the students free time in front of the workshop street.

The Workshop Street was a tourist destination that mainly produced mechanical engineering items along with magic engineering.

It was also a place where tourists bought a lot of souvenirs because there were more cute mechanical handicrafts than industrial objects.

“Come and have a look.”

Caroline was a mentor who evaluated students’ grades and gave advice, but she also showed flexibility in this area as a graduate of Seorn.

There were many things to see on the workshop street, so the time given was more than expected.

‘Maybe now… … .’

Aidan hoped that this opportunity would be able to resolve the relationship that had been strained with Leo again.

‘Tacey… … .’

Not far away was Tacey, her red hair tied in two pigtails.

She and Iona were looking at items in front of a stall in a store.

I felt sorry for calling him for nothing when I saw him watching with interest with his eyes shining.

Still, there was something more important now, so it was the moment I was going to call Taish.


In the corner of Aidan’s field of vision, Leo was shown acting suspiciously.


Leo took a quick look at his surroundings, then quietly left his seat and entered the alleyway.

Seeing that Leo’s expression was not very good despite his cautious behavior, there must have been something there.

Aidan wondered what to do.

Calling Tacy now seemed like it would be difficult to chase after Leo, who had already disappeared.

But I think Taishy will get angry if I follow Leo alone.

‘Maybe it’s good.’

The moment he hesitates like this, Leo will go somewhere.

And Aidan had a hunch that if he missed Leo here, he would never see him again.

I don’t know why. But Aidan decided to trust his intuition at this moment.

Aidan immediately followed Leo into the alleyway.

* * *

“… … .”

Eileen was quick to answer Ludger’s question.

“Are you not going to answer me?”

Rudger noticed that Eileen was weighing many things in her head.

Perhaps he wants to take the initiative in this situation, so he is contemplating whether to speak up or not.

“Now that we’re working together, shouldn’t there be things we hide from each other?”

“… … .”

When Ludger said that, Eileen stared at Ludger with a puzzled look.

Rudger knew that he had said something so shameless, but he decided to iron it out even more.

“Even at this moment of hesitation, the enemies do not know what they will do.”

“after… … .”

When I emphasized that completing the task is more important than personal feelings, Eileen had no choice but to give up.

Even so, he glared at Rudger once, as if the things he didn’t like hadn’t changed.

Rudger decided to concede instead.

“In return, I will also share the information I know.”

“… … I see.”

A transaction in which there is mutual exchange rather than a unilateral concession by either party.

If this is the case, then neither side will benefit unilaterally.

Eileen eventually agreed and moved on.

“So what’s under the capital?”

“I don’t know exactly.”

Rudger’s eyes narrowed at the words that came out of Eileen’s mouth.

However, when I realized that I didn’t say it because I really didn’t know, I couldn’t understand it even more.

Eileen said as she raised her teacup in an old-fashioned way.

“How long do you think the history of the empire is?”

“I heard that the Exilion Empire has a history of a thousand years, so it wouldn’t be that much if not better.”

“okay. thousand years. What a long time. As an ordinary human being, it is time to think about eternity. It is truly a huge flow of history.”

Eileen laughed and shook her head.

“But the history of the empire is actually shorter than that. In fact, less than 500 years have passed since the founding of the first emperor.”

“That one is also incredibly long.”

“It’s long, but it’s nothing compared to a thousand years. It’s because it’s twice the difference in years alone. If so, do you know where it was before the founding of the Exilion Empire 500 years ago?”

Rudgar pondered, then shook his head.

Even Ludger, who knew a little about history, had never heard of the story before the Exilion Empire.

‘It’s strange when I think about it.’

Why do people think the history of the empire is a thousand years?

As Eileen said, 500 years and 1,000 years are twice as long if you count only the number of years.

Too large a scale to simply inflate.

It was hard to see it as a mistake because historians basically only record unselfish facts.

“You also think something is strange.”

“… … .”

Ludger’s expression became quite serious at Eileen’s words.

“listen carefully. This is a story that only a few people know, including you, the original girl, and that faithful dog.”

“Uh, me too?”

Ignoring Mandelina’s stupid question, Ludger opened his ears.

What Eileen will say from now on will be the truth that lifts the veil of lies that has been overlaid on a continent-by-continent basis.

“The public knowledge of the thousand-year history of the Empire is a lie. In fact, the history of the empire is only 500 years old. Before that, it was nothing more than ‘succession’ to another place.”

“succession? There would be no way that would be possible on a national level.”

“The actual meaning is different from succession, but it seems to me that way. Because the existing country was removed and a new country was put on top of it.”

“Amazing. Is that really possible?”

“Aside from the possibility, I could only grasp the circumstances because I also read the old documents of the imperial family. The people don’t know, but at the time, all the key members of the royal family had changed hands.”

“… … Were there ever people who could handle a country’s important person so arbitrarily?”

That was even more unbelievable.

However, Eileen seemed to have a clue about something.

“Not now, but 500 years ago, science was not developed, and social awareness was at an uncivilized level, if you dare. Don’t you think so too?”

“Yeah, because that was the era.”

Rudger nodded.

This world, compared to Earth, was the 19th century when magic and science were overdeveloped, but 500 years ago would be completely old.

An era where superstition, faith, and barbarism reigned.

The Middle Ages, when reason did not exist.

“And then there were those who had the greatest influence on a continental basis. Exactly such a country.”

“… … It is the Holy Kingdom of Bretus.”

Rudger also got his head right then.

“okay. It’s Bretus Castle. Headquarters of the Church of Romansis, composed of believers in the Lord Lumensis. If they had the right to dismiss the king at the time, it was quite possible. Well, in the end, to sum it up, the facilities under the imperial family’s underground canal are the ones that existed much earlier than the history of this empire.”

Legacy of the previous kingdom that existed before the Exilion Empire entered.

That’s why it wasn’t well known to the public.

However, the size of the huge facility spread under the underground water canal was too gigantic to be seen as the sewage system of a medieval kingdom only 500 years ago.

Rudger thought.

there’s more to it

“In fact, it seems that traces of an old history remain intact in the basement of the capital.”

“okay. Usually, these are things that should wear off with the passage of time, but it looks like the rats got in first and built their nests.”

“Then what do you think a giant plant is?”

“I don’t know. In the first place, I only know that there is something like a huge facility under it, and that the facility is a legacy of a kingdom from a long time ago. I don’t know anything else.”

It was only recently that Eileen knew about this.

“To be honest, my pride hurts. I, who is revered as the next emperor, still don’t know something in this country. It is truly insulting.”

“It’s strange that the rats hiding in the capital know about such a secret facility. After all, aren’t they terrorists, the Liberation Army?”

“… … .”

Eileen’s eyes changed.

I haven’t said anything yet, but how do you know?

Rudgar opened his mouth as if it was nothing.

“Because they’re the only guys who can move lately.”

“but. It is said that you have your own hearing ears, so it is natural for you to know.”

“The terrorist activities of the self-proclaimed Liberation Army guys are quite annoying, but I didn’t even know about the facilities hidden underground in the capital. But the fact that the Liberation Army sneaked into the capital and went straight to the underground facility.”

“That means there might be a third party that provided information to them.”


And Ludger saw the third force as the Black Dawn.

I was half sure, but I didn’t bother to tell Eileen.

They weren’t too close to share information about the Black Dawn yet.

“But to care about the unknown forces, the immediate threat is the rats lurking down there.”

“yes. But that doesn’t mean there are only a couple of things that get in the way of sending troops right away.”

Aileen put the teacup in her hand and spoke in an annoyed voice.

“You don’t know how much they’ve grown in their underground facility while out of sight. In addition, there must be traps, but it is a waste of manpower to blindly send people there.”

As long as you don’t know what the opponent is preparing inside, you can’t be sure even if you put in a knight or wizard.

It would be like poking at a beehive by touching it.

Let’s just say that was also a problem.

“It would be better if it was an all-out war, but thinking that they are right under our feet, this side has no choice but to be more careful.”

“That’s why you called the Knights.”

Cold steel of cold steel forged in the snowy mountains of the north.

Nightcrawler eradicates the sprouts of evil from the shadows of the Empire.

The fact that two groups composed of elites who went beyond ordinary knights were gathered was proof that Eileen was carefully watching the current situation.

If they move, the damage will be minimized.

“Even that is not enough. Unless you know what they’re doing down there, you have no choice but to be more careful.”

Eileen’s gaze, which was looking at the scene of the calm artificial park, turned to Ludger.

“That’s why I need your help. Your ability to infiltrate the opponent no matter where they hide and complete the mission.”


Rudger thought.

I vaguely thought something would happen, but I never thought there would be such a big problem.

However, since I came this far, it is impossible to refuse.

It’s hard to pass it on without knowing anything, because there are students gathered in the capital right now.

‘They’re probably aiming for that and trying to move.’

Simultaneous indiscriminate terrorism against students and citizens.

It was a story that there was nothing to worry about as long as you knew it.

“I understand that the compensation will be taken care of for sure.”

Words of acceptance in effect.

Eileen smiled as if satisfied.

A smile so beautiful and dignified that anyone can be enchanted.

“The Liberation Army will probably move today at the earliest or tomorrow at the latest.”

“The reason is?”

“Because the students of Seorn are here. And even the main figures of the Mage Tower.”

“indeed. If we kill them all, we’ll be able to do a lot of damage, so it’s an opportunity they can’t miss. However, the staff of the Mage Tower even reached 6th tier magicians, so what can’t be done with the strength of the Liberation Army?”

For wizards, there is a magic called [Silence of Fire].

Magic that gives you an absolute advantage over firearms unless your opponent is the same wizard or knight.

It was a fraudulent magic that overturned the game itself in modern warfare where firearms were developed.

The Liberation Army might have elite fighting power, but even so, it wouldn’t compare to the people gathered in the capital right now.

“It would have been in the past, but things have changed. They will use special gunpowder.”

“It’s a special gunpowder. If the word “special” comes out of your mouth, it must not be ordinary.”


“And that’s the information I was talking about earlier, that it informs me. Where do you want to hear it?”

Rudger nodded and put the information he knew into his mouth.

“The weapon they use is gunpowder, impervious to the silence of fire.”

“Unrestrained by the silence of fire?”

“It is literally gunpowder that cannot be suppressed by magic, so you can use firearms normally.”

“That is a bit dangerous.”

Eileen wondered how this man knew something she didn’t know.

“Since when did you know?”

“I know it was prepared by Delica Kingdom three years ago.”

“3 years… … .”

Besides, judging from that remark, it seemed likely that Rudger knew something else.

‘I thought I had caught up. In the end, was it my own misunderstanding?’

Eileen felt an indescribable strange feeling.

It was as if this man who was clearly facing me in front of me looked like a shadow that would disappear at any moment.

Eileen didn’t know if it was an illusion or if she saw something else.

Still, one thing was certain, the owner of this terrifying ability was on her side right now.

“Rather than that, are your subordinates all right? You never know what might be underground.”

“What is that?”

Rudger thought for a moment and then nodded.

“It will be fine. One guy is a coward, but he’s got a nice guy attached to him.”

To be precise, it was an elf, not a human.

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