I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 193

◈ Episode 193: Law Shen’s Secret (1)


Sedina put on a stunned expression when she said that she would receive everything.

If it was usual, ‘As expected, First Order-sama! He’s ambitious!’ Rudger, who thought he was going to shout, looked at it like why.

“Ah, no that. Are you okay though? Even if you accept all the presents.”

“Does not matter.”

“Because it might cause problems.”

“Were you worried about that?”

Rudgar nodded as if he fully understood the position.

“Sedina. Why do you think they sent me a present?”

“yes? That’s right, I gave it to you in the sense that I would give it to you if you join hands… … .”


Rudger just cut it off.

“In the first place, there is still a lot of time before the mysterious night opens. Nevertheless, they quarreled with each other and sent me invitations. Why do you think it is?”

“It’s a way of preoccupying people… … .”

“The invitation was enough. There was no need to send a gift. But they sent me a present. Why do you think?”

“I think it was to attract the heart of the First Order.”

Even the authors know that you can’t lead people’s hearts with simple rhetoric written in letters.

That’s why it was necessary to show material rewards beyond that.

“The gift they sent is not a suggestion that you can receive this if you hold hands with them, but rather a tribute to please be with us.”


Sedina also opened her mouth as if she realized something.

What Rudger said seemed similar, but completely different.

The gift that Sedina thought was equal to each other, or if the sender of the gift was in the position of A.

The gift that Rudger judged was that the other person bowed their head and assumed the position of Eul.

“It wouldn’t matter if I only came from one place. Rather, it is fortunate that they came from all three places at the same time.”

“Then, where will you choose after receiving all of them?”

“Choose nothing.”


“Choose nothing.”

I said it twice because I didn’t seem to understand.

Sedina’s head tilted slightly to the side.

“Anyway, the gift was given to look good on the other side. It is our natural right to receive it.”

And, it is also the right of this side to decide whether or not to make a choice even after receiving the gift.

“Then, do you want me to send you an answer?”

“no. You don’t even have to send a reply. If I don’t say anything, the other side will get nervous on their own.”

“yes? then… … .”

“If they had ears to hear and eyes to see, they would know that I hadn’t chosen anything yet. What do you think will happen then?”

Rather, if you chose one side neatly, you could shake off your lingering feelings without hesitation.

But if you continue on this side and can’t come to a conclusion and withhold the choice.

“The Mage Tower and the Society must naturally be impatient!”

“yes. And their impatience will rise as the mysterious night draws nearer.”

Of course, they wouldn’t be very sorry that there was not a single Rudger on the outside.

I’ll pretend to be like that.

At the point of already sending a gift, you can guess what they think of you.

‘I must have looked like a very attractive prey.’

Even the [source code] magic he possesses and the coordinate designation technique that transcends space.

For those who seek magic, it was inevitable that their eyes would roll over.

Rudger is holding it all the way, and he can’t help but be impatient because he hasn’t shown it yet.

I sent a request to join this side, but it was clear that Ludger’s special magic was coveted beyond that.

“So we just have to accept the gift from the other side and keep our mouths shut.”

“That, I don’t know that insight. sorry!”

Sedina bowed her head in guilt.

In the past, I would have told him to do it in moderation, but as the period of knowing her grew longer, even these actions were now accepted as normal.

‘Rather than that, this guy. He’s still very loyal to me.’

Rudger had a plan in mind from the time he hired Sedina Rosshen as his assistant and placed him close to him.

Sedina Lawshen is an outsider even within the Black Dawn.

Nevertheless, his loyalty to the organization is deep and his ability is also excellent.

‘If only I could turn that loyalty into pure loyalty to myself, not to the Black Dawn.’

Sedina will be an excellent double spy who can dig up information about the Black Dawn better than anyone else.

‘The only problem is that I don’t know what this guy is thinking.’

I couldn’t distinguish what the source of the respect I was receiving now was.

Is it the respect that the position of the First Order gives?

Or, is it pure respect for people as individuals?

‘I thought this would be enough here, so I can’t rule out the possibility of a sudden change after revealing my side’s hand.’

Actually, I’m not the First Order you knew.

There was a possibility that after saying this, Sedina’s eyes would roll over and she would scream, ‘You cheated on me all this time!’ and run to her death.

‘It hasn’t been long since Zero Order appeared in Ceorn, but I can’t take the risk in a situation where his eyes may remain.’

Still, if you look at Sedina’s behavior these days, there are a lot less cases of sudden acceleration like before.

Until then, I tried my best to continue to look good to this side, but I didn’t do that now.

Maybe it’s because he’s mentally stable.

Until then, I was not recognized and bullied within the organization.

But that alone isn’t enough.

Unless this side knows about and solves the fundamental problem of Sedina Lawshen.

Relationships now cannot develop from just superficial things.

‘Then, the fundamental problem that Sedina Lawshen has. I need to know what it is.’

While I was thinking about it for a while, someone knocked on the door of the teachers’ room.

No students would come to the office from such an early hour.

Rudger was puzzled, but opened his mouth.

“Come in.”

When permission was granted, the door opened.

The person who came inside was completely unexpected even for Ludger.

“Mr. Vierano?”

Beirano Dentis.

He was an elf teacher in charge of the 4th grade animology in Ceorn.

Looking at his appearance, he is a young boy, but his unique calm and pessimistic atmosphere shows that he has a considerable age.

“ah. You were there. Mr. Rudger.”

“What are you doing here?”

After the raid on the banquet hall that day, they hadn’t seen each other in particular.

Vierano answered Ludger’s question.

“ah. I came because I wanted to meet your assistant, not exactly Mr. Rudger.”

“Are you talking about Sedina?”

Ludger stared at Sedina with a puzzled look.

On the other hand, Sedina looked a little embarrassed, perhaps having been through a similar situation before.

“What happened to our assistant?”

“no. It’s not like there’s a job. I just came here because of my personal favor.”

it’s a favor

Despite looking like this, Vierano is an elf who has accumulated considerable knowledge.

Of course, he wouldn’t have feelings for anything, but to the point where he personally visited Sedina, a freshman this year.

“If you’re not rude, may I speak to Miss Sedina?”

“… … yes what by all means.”

“Miss Sedina. What you said then, do you have an answer yet?”

Vierano asks something right on the spot, whether it’s not a story to hide.

Sedina hesitated at the question, showing hesitation.

‘Could it be a love confession?’

Rudger unknowingly had such a thought, but immediately denied it.

In terms of appearance alone, the small Sedina and the boyish Vierano are a good pair.

appearance only.

In fact, the age of the two will be more than a dozen times different.

‘Then there must be a reason why Mr. Vierano is interested in Sedina.’

I wondered if it might have been stepped on by the tail of the Black Dawn, but looking at the reaction, it seemed that wasn’t the case again.

It was then that Sedina opened her mouth.

“Sorry, sorry. But I also like the way it is now.”

“… … is it. I’m sorry. I must have bothered you for nothing.”

“Oh, no.”

Sedina bowed her head in a rare way to show respect to the other person.

As if this position was just as uncomfortable, she immediately made an excuse to Rudger that she hadn’t finished organizing the materials and rushed into the assistant classroom.

“this. It seems that I hate you.”

Seeing Sedina leave as if she was running away, Vierano murmured in a voice filled with sadness.

“It’s not that I look hateful, I’m just doing that because I’m embarrassed.”

“I’m glad if that’s the case.”

“It is more surprising than that. To think that Vierano was interested in Sedina.”

“Are you surprised by my behavior?”

“To be honest, yes.”

Vierano scratched his cheek in embarrassment.

“It is not unreasonable to think so. Because I am fully aware of what kind of elf I am. But I would rather ask Mr. Rudger.”

“What do you mean?”

“Sedina Rosshen. Did you really not know that she was unusual?”

Rudger had to ponder for a moment what the intention of the question was.

I’m not asking if he did it because he knew he belonged to the Black Dawn.

Rather, he pointed out something else hidden from Sedina.

‘Come to think of it.’

Sedina seemed to have a lot to hide.

He hates his own family, and even seems to have a connection with his first year senior, Julia Plumhart.

I didn’t ask because I didn’t think it was necessary, but I wonder if there was something more.

“Looking at the reaction, it seems like he didn’t know. I thought that Mr. Ludgar recognized Miss Sedina’s uniqueness and hired her as an assistant.”

“I was chosen purely based on my abilities.”

“okay. Besides, judging from Miss Sedina’s reaction, it seems like she enjoys working with Ms. Ludgar.”

Are you having fun?

Rudger tried to argue that not to that extent.

I was thinking of listening to Vierano’s story.

“So what is it? The uniqueness of Assistant Sedina is that.”

“It’s okay to talk about this in your absence.”

After a little hesitation, Vierano let out a slightly grumbling sigh.

“If it’s Mr. Rudger, it won’t matter if you know. She must have a good reason for believing in you and following you.”

It was to the point that I had an interest in it that I hadn’t had before.

Rudger listened to Vierano in silence.

“Have you ever felt strange before? Why was such a brilliant child so quiet without rumors?”

“Yeah… … .”

Wasn’t he hiding it on purpose because he belonged to the Black Dawn?

“Then let me ask you something else. Why do you think Miss Sedina is hiding her ears while growing her hair like that?”

“… … .”

An act of intentionally concealing oneself.

A hostile tendency to dislike the family.

Contact with the elf Vierano.

It felt like the pieces of a puzzle that had been scattered in my head were fitting together in an instant.

“no way… … .”

Vierano nodded.

“yes. Sedina Rosshen. She has the same elf blood as me. Half of it, to be exact.”

Sedina Rosshen.

Her true identity was a half-elf.

* * *

I nodded slowly at Vierano’s explanation.

“That is amazing.”

“… … It doesn’t look like I’m too surprised. Did you already know?”

“… … .”

what are you talking about

I’m really surprised

To be honest, I thought I was confident enough to accept anything that came out, but I was a bit surprised that he was a half-elf.

Teacher Vierano didn’t really believe it, though.

‘But really. If you inherited the blood of an elf, I can understand what Sedina showed me.’

A look that avoids others or a hair style that covers one’s ears.

And even the ability to use unusual magic derived from plant properties like paper magic.

‘Half elf.’

A half-elf is literally a hybrid of human and elf blood.

Considering Roshen’s last name, her father must be a human and her mother an elf.

However, if you ask if the fruit of love between the two of them is sedina.

I have no choice but to answer no.

To be honest, in this day and age, the existence of ‘mixed blood’ is hard to accept so positively.

“Is that why Ms. Vierano proposed to Sedina? Do you want to join us?”

“yes. She, like me, has elf blood. She thought that if she was being held by force somewhere, I would personally step in and help her.”

“How do you mean?”

“I was thinking of taking her out of the Roshen family and showing her where we elves live.”

It’s amazing just the way it is.

No matter how much elf blood flows, you’re trying to bring a half-blood to the elf village.

Isn’t half of it flowing with human blood?

“You look surprised. I understand. It’s been quite a while since the war ended, but that’s not the case for races with long lifespans like elves and beastmen.”

I nodded too.

Science has developed in this world and many things have appeared since about half a century ago.

In fact, from the perspective of modern people in the 21st century, there are still many human rights issues.

It’s like that even now, but what about the past when it was worse?

tribal war.

One of them was the war that took place during the time when other races other than humans were enslaved and captured.

a very long time ago.

It’s been a long time since the war ended, and people don’t remember that time.

Because those who could be said to be the culprits of the war are gone.

But is it the same for other races?

There are still many people who hate humans because they cannot forget the scars of war.

As a result, the image of mixed blood naturally cannot be viewed favorably.

A war waged by human malice.

It is the mixed blood that was created as a result of the war.

‘Considering that the Roschen family is not a place where good rumors are heard. The birth of Sedina could be… … .’

heterogeneous slaves.

and the human desire to create a better lineage.

That alone was sufficient to guess what had happened.

‘This is difficult.’

Could it be that the child I had as a teaching assistant was a half-elf?

“Mr. Rudger would surely know. The persecution that mixed races have suffered throughout history.”


“So, I will shamelessly ask Dr. Rudger for help. Would you please persuade Miss Sedina?”

Vierano is seriously asking for help here.

There is no desire whatsoever to be felt in his request.

What exists is pure goodwill towards Sedina.

After thinking about it, I gave up the answer.

“Sorry, but that’s not possible.”

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