I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 1

◈ Episode 1 To the capital of the empire (1)

Most parents, when their children dream of a future career, tend to recommend high-level jobs such as doctors or judges.

All jobs that end with the letter ‘four’ are highly recognized.

Or at least a government official called a stable iron rice bowl would be nice.

There are no parents who want their children to go through a difficult and difficult path.

However, in my case it was a little different.

“Son. You become a shaman.”


These were the words my mother told me when I was growing up with my younger sister, who had lost her father early and was just a wild child.

My family wasn’t very lean or poor, but I was still trying to earn money and study hard to become a doctor. Or become a scientist or a developer.

My mother recommended me to take such a scientific route, not a liberal arts route or even an artistic route, but a path to a completely different dimension.

what should i say about this Theology major?

“Uh, what?”

“I didn’t hear you, so let me say it again. You have to become a shaman.”

“I don’t like it.”

My answer was firm.

I won’t be a shaman. Why all of a sudden in the first place?

At my bold answer, my mother raised her eyebrows once and spoke in a firm tone.

“You have the qualities of a shaman. All the spirits are watching over you. There is no other way for you than a shaman.”

Hearing that, I was dumbfounded.

What are the qualities of a shaman? Do you have such a talent?

Beyond absurd, I just couldn’t think of anything.

Since then, my mother has mainly told me things I shouldn’t say to my son, such as that I have a peculiar quality, that I am destined to be harmed if I do not become a shaman and receive divine guidance.

What was my answer at that time?

“Never, no.”

“If you don’t, you will be in big trouble one day. It’s all because I’m worried about you.”

“If it’s for me, you should support me on my way!”

I remember saying it so firmly and locking myself in my room.

To be honest, I was just embarrassed and angry. You can’t give praise to a child who has properly designed his life since puberty middle school, but give up everything and become a shaman?

At those words, I rather studied harder with a sense of rebellion.

My mother constantly forced me to do religious things and taught me all sorts of myths, magic, witchcraft, and other bizarre knowledge.

But I didn’t give up. The more I did, the more I raised my fever by acquiring all kinds of rational knowledge to strengthen my head.

When more than 10 years have passed and you have become an adult and have settled down as a member of society.

I’m dead.

Even in a car accident.

‘It was really absurd.’

Could this be what my mother said about getting angry?

And what was even more surprising was what happened right after that.

I am alive. To be exact, it would be right to say that he died once but was reborn.

Do you think the afterlife exists? I thought everything her mother said was a lie, but it was all the truth.

Foolishly, I have come to realize through the experience of death that human beings do not properly realize what they have not experienced themselves until they have experienced it.

And what am I doing now?

“I will go to class. Open the power textbook. Continuing from last time, I will tell you how to draw a magic circle.”

I am a teacher at the magic academy.

… … How did this happen?

* * *

A magical engineering locomotive emitting pure white steam arrived at the station.

Clap! Chii profit!

The sound of compressed steam spewing out as the metal meshed with iron resonated coolly.

The customers waiting at the station got on the train one by one, and I took a deep breath before boarding the train as I watched the scene.

I felt as if my body became clear as the fresh air permeated my lungs.

The sky was cloudless and clear, and the chilly air of winter, which was about to end, gave a rather pleasant feeling of freshness.

The departure time of the magical engineering locomotive heading to the Exilion Empire is running out.

I raised my hand and lightly brushed my face.

A strange sense of difference felt between the gloved hand and the skin.

‘The bast face is definitely attached.’

It was inevitable because I had to hide my identity.

I got on the train with natural steps so as not to arouse suspicion.

“I will check the ticket.”

When I got on the train, the conductor spoke to me.

I took out the ticket from the pocket of my frock coat and handed it over.

“Confirmed. Mr. Gerard. Have a nice trip.”

After being greeted politely by the conductor, I replied with a light nod.

When I checked the handed over ticket, it said Room 403.

In other words, it was the third cabin of the fourth car.

The corridor was narrow but long enough for only one person to pass through, and on one side the door was wide apart.

The magic engineering train I was on was not called a luxury train for nothing, so all the seats in the long corridor were divided into rooms.

No. 401.

No. 402.

No. 403.


I checked the nameplate and opened the door and entered.

The moment I opened the door, the smell of old wood wafted in.

The inside isn’t that fancy, but everything is there.

Puffy-looking seats divided into left and right sides and storage spaces for each person’s luggage. And even a signal bell installed to call the staff if needed.

‘Not bad.’

I didn’t pack a heavy gym bag, so I moved my body separately and sat down lightly.

Because it was a luxurious train, even the seats were soft.

Looking out the window, the vast landscape of the northern mountains caught my eye.

The peaks of the pointed mountain ranges soaring high are covered with pure white snow, making them look like giants wearing white conical hats.

This train soon squeezes through the cracks in that mountain range.

‘Now that I’ve come this far, I can feel relieved.’

My name is Gerard.

At one time, he was an ordinary member of society living in Korea.

Of course, it was in my previous life after all, and I died in a mysterious car accident.

The place where he died and woke up like that is the present world.

A mysterious world where magic and science coexist, completely different from Earth.

Here I was enjoying a new second life.

‘Since I boarded the train to the Empire, I should rest well until we arrive.’

Exilion Empire.

It is the largest and most powerful country on this continent.

It is the birthplace of magic engineering, where magic and machines coexist on an equal footing, and where wizards and magic towers exist.

I’m heading to that empire now.

‘I wonder if the stop on the way is Laderbelk in the big city.’

I pulled out an information pamphlet stuck next to my seat and checked the contents.

The final destination of the magic engineering train currently scheduled to depart is the capital of the empire.

However, there is no way that there is a train going directly from the border of another country to the capital of a country.

The same is true even if it is a first-class magic engineering train, no matter how verified and only rich people can ride it.

Naturally, there are two stops along the way.

Lederbelk is the first of these, and in some respects a more famous city than the capital.

It is the place where the magic academy, which is the dream of all aspiring wizards, is located.

‘Is it an academy? What an amazing world.’

Decades have passed since I lived my second life, but there are still many things I cannot adapt to.

The sense of separation from the previous life must be profound.

But the academy has nothing to do with me anyway. You won’t need to worry about it.


As I was thinking that, the train vibrated slightly once.

‘Am I about to leave soon?’


As I expected, the train soon sounded the horn announcing departure.

In as little as one minute, the train will run through the vast northern mountains.

‘Am I going alone in this room? I hope it’s comfortable.’

The moment I thought such a foolish thought, as if I had waited, the door to room 403 opened with a creak.

not an employee Entering was a well-dressed man in his mid-20s. He is tall and is wearing a brown frock coat of a design similar to the one I wore.

There was no way a train attendant would wear something like that, so it was said that he was a guest who would occupy the same room as me.

I heard that even a tiger will come when I say it.

I must have had a companion.

‘It’s not okay to go there comfortably without paying attention.’

While I was sighing inwardly, the other person looked at me and said hello.


“… … .”

The other side greeted me first, so I accepted the greeting with a small nod.

I didn’t want to talk for a long time, so I responded as if I had a silent personality.

The man didn’t care too much about my behavior and sat down in the seat across from me.


The train began to depart with a loud horn.

At first, it was a magical engineering locomotive that rattled and shook, but soon after it started to pick up speed, the shaking disappeared.

The ticket price was not expensive for nothing. As if paying a high price that most ordinary people could not even dare, the speed and convenience were different from those of ordinary steam locomotives.

The scenery outside the transparent glass window passed by quickly.

Coniferous trees standing firm in the thick snow. The pure white snowy mountains that cover everything are so beautiful that they automatically take away your gaze.

However, if you keep looking at it for 10 or 20 minutes, you will get tired of it because it is monotonous.

I took out the newspaper that was stuck together next to the pamphlet and opened it.

There are no laptops or smartphones in this world, so there are no books or newspapers to kill boring time.

[End of the Civil War in the Kingdom of Utah]

[Ending with the victory of the princess faction]

The front page of the newspaper was full of such articles.

Just a while ago, a civil war broke out and recruited mercenaries en masse from all over the kingdom of Utah.

And it is also the country where the train station from which this magical engineering train departed a moment ago was located.

Black and white photos were embedded between articles printed in blackletter font. It was a picture of the princess faction announcing the victory of the war.

“The civil war in the Kingdom of Utah is over.”

A voice came through the newspaper.

I slightly lowered the newspaper that covered my face and faced the man across from me.

If you ask me directly like this, I can’t just ignore it, so I opened my mouth.

“yes. I was wondering when it would end, but I’m glad it ended sooner than I thought.”

“It was just a while ago that the faction of the prince gathered mercenaries and forces from all over the world, but it’s fortunate that it ended early.”

“It’s not like there’s no damage, though.”

“is that so? ah. It’s too late to introduce myself. I am Rudgar Chelsea.”

Rudger Chelsea. If you see that you have a castle, are you a noble?

However, he does not show the arrogance or arrogance typical of aristocrats.

“This is Gerard. There is no last name.”

There is no last name.

In other words, it revealed that I was a commoner.

“ah. It’s okay if you don’t feel too uncomfortable. I’m from a fallen noble family.”

“Ah, that’s right.”

Fallen nobles can understand.

Because they are nobles but not nobles.

“Where is Mr. Gerard going?”

“We are going to Lindebrunn, the capital of the empire. I have business there.”

“hmm. If someone like Gerard has something to do, it must be a big deal, right?”

I laughed and shook my head at Mr. Rudger’s joke.

“It’s not work, I’m just visiting for tourism.”

“Tourism. That’s good too. I’ve only heard of it, but they say that the Exilion Empire has developed a lot of magic engineering, so there’s a lot to see.”

“Then where is Mr. Rudger going?”

“I’m going to Leathervelk.”

“Ledervelk is where the academy is located. Do you have anything to do there?”

“yes. Well, I’m not proud of it, but I was appointed as a teacher at Seorn Academy.”


I was genuinely amazed.

The Empire’s largest magic academy, <Seorn>.

The place where all kinds of giraffe children on the continent gather is the hotbed of the future where the boulders that will carry this world are cut into gems.

Of course, the students who gather there are made up of only the most gifted children, and the teachers who teach them are strictly selected to match.

It is said that the man in front of you is also one of them.

“You look young, but you seem to have great skills.”

“no. It’s just that the world has rated me highly. In fact, I narrowly passed the chin-up.”

“I heard that there are many people who fall down because they are not satisfied with the pull-up. You should be proud enough.”

“Thank you for such an evaluation. Oh, more than that, it’s because of the story of the civil war in the Kingdom of Utah. Did you hear that rumor?”

“What rumors?”

“It is said that there was a leading role that led to the victory of the princess faction in this civil war.”

“Hmm. be the protagonist.”

“But to my surprise, he said he was neither a wizard of great skill nor a high-ranking knight, but a wandering mercenary.”

A wandering mercenary who made a great contribution to leading a country’s civil war to victory.

It hasn’t been revealed in the newspapers yet, but word of mouth has been spreading among people.

“Mercenary Machiavelli. They said that was his name.”


I responded to his words in a slightly casual tone.

“Aren’t you surprised?”

“haha. I think it’s just nonsense.”

I said I don’t know, but in fact, it’s a lie.

I am familiar with the name Mercenary Machiavelli.

You can’t know in the first place.

Because Machiavelli.

‘Because I was the identity I used before Gerard.’

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