I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 126

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Heir (5)

“What is an academy?”

Kaan tilted her head and asked.

Having lived in the mountains since childhood, she was almost ignorant of the water outside the mountains.

Lodiven was a little taken aback and thought.

‘Is this a child who only lived in these mountains?’

Elfon is the continent’s largest academy, even among the villagers in rural villages, it’s even harder to find someone you don’t know.

Lodiven realized that she was completely out of touch with the world.

“Well, that’s what the academy is about.”

“I don’t know what it is, but you’re a wizard anyway? What kind of magic do you know?”

Lodiven felt a little distracted. Does he know anything about magic?

‘······ah! Rather than that, it’s not the time to be like this.’

Lodiven belatedly recalled the existence of the monster who put him on the brink of death.

He managed to get away with teleporting, but he could have been pursued. He was able to detect even the tiniest remnants of mana as he was an excellent wizard.

It was also unknown how far this place was from the point of teleportation.

Even if you weren’t being chased by magic, if the distance wasn’t too far, there was a risk of running into him again.

Lodiven became urgent and said.

“Where has your father gone? I have to say…”

“I know how to use magic too. I’m curious since I’ve never seen anyone else use magic other than my father.”

“No, when it’s like this now…”

Lodiven cut Kaan off and tried to talk about his business.

But for a moment, I had no choice but to keep my mouth shut.

said Kaan, who lit a spark in his hand and moved it around in the air.

“I know how to do some fire magic. In fact, I’ve learned almost nothing but elemental magic.”


Lodiven looked at the flames in the air with startled eyes.

Fire magic belonging to elemental magic, one of the beginner magics that even beginners can use.

However, the reason why Lodiven was surprised was the unfolding of Kaan’s magic.

‘It unfolded naturally without any sign of concentration.’

Magic is something that transforms the nature of magical power.

In the process, fierce calculations are carried out in the wizard’s head, requiring extreme concentration.

That’s why it’s only possible for wizards who have reached the stage to unfold even the simplest magic as if they were just breathing.

The simple act Kaan had just performed looked no different from the juggling of a three-year-old child in the eyes of Lodiven, the wizard.

‘By the way… did you just say that you can only use elemental magic?’

Lodiven asked, feeling a surge of curiosity in the girl in front of him.

“Did you learn magic from your father?”


“How long have you been learning?”

“It’s been a little over half a year now. Why is that?”

······A beginner who has been learning magic for less than half a year?

Lodiven wondered if Kaan was lying.

However, the way he blinked his eyes with his calm face seemed far from being false or ostentatious.

Even if it was a lie in the first place, the magic development she had just shown was by no means a proficiency that only a dozen young wizards could show.


There is a word to call those who casually twist such common sense.

Lodiven stared at Kaan, feeling a slight goosebump run down his spine.


It was then that a roar was heard as the massive presence approached.

Through the bushes, a huge beast appeared in the yard of the cabin. It was a deer with four horns.

At the sudden appearance of the monster, Lodiven immediately raised his magic and said to Kaan.

“Back off…”

No, I was trying to say

With a sudden leap, Kaan shot off like a flash battle and struck the giant deer’s jaw with his bare fists. There was an explosion of her something popping.

The deer, with its head bent, collapsed to the ground. It was fatal in one blow.

“Sometimes monsters come into the house. Most of these guys have tough meat, so it doesn’t taste good.”

Kaan, who landed on the floor, shook his fist and said it didn’t matter.

Lodiven, who was just about to cast his magic, looked at her with his outstretched hand embarrassed.

‘This child, what is the level of taijutsu…?’

Didn’t he only know how to do magic?

No, looking at the scene just now, it seemed that magic was secondary and the level of taijutsu was much higher. To kill a monster like that lightly.

“Well, you were with me.”

Then the man who had disappeared appeared in the yard. The basket he was holding in his hand was full of something like grass roots.

Lodiven turned his head in amazement at the fact that he hadn’t noticed his presence until he got closer.

He began to wonder seriously about the identity of these two women.

“Father, did you come to collect herbs?”

The man glanced at the fallen deer.

“Did another monster come in?”




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“Clean it up quickly before other monsters get involved. Also, don’t just throw it around the hut and bury it properly.”

Kaan shook her head in annoyance and grabbed the deer by the antlers.

As she watched her dragging the carcass of a giant deer away, the man shifted his gaze to Lodiven.

“Are you planning to leave right away?”

“Oh, no. No.”

Lodiven was distracted by Carn’s talent for a while, but then came back to the important issue.

“There is something I need to tell you urgently. It has to do with my passing out.”


The man seemed not to be very interested in Lodiven’s situation, but he nodded.

The two went back into the cabin and sat facing each other at a table.

“So, why are you down here alone in this rough terrain?”

Lodiven pondered over how to start the story before opening his mouth.

“Do you know about the demons?”

“I don’t know.”

“······It may be a bit sudden, but from now on everything I say is the truth.”

The man crossed his arms as if to listen in silence.

“I’m late, but I’ll introduce myself first. I’m Lodiven Pershma, a full professor at Elphon Academy.”

“Hmm… Elfon.”

The man’s reaction upon hearing his identity was strange. At least he didn’t seem to know what an academy was like Kaan.

Lodiven watched the reaction carefully before continuing.

“The purpose of my coming to this mountain range is because I needed samples of various monsters for magic research.”

“That’s right.”

“But I saw an unknown monster in this mountain range. And judging from the magical power I felt, he must be a demon or a contractor.”

Again, the man’s reaction was strange.

Demons are the beings who once drove the world into the pit of despair. Usually, there were even those who were so afraid that just hearing the name caused a fight.

But the man’s reaction was lukewarm. All he did was wiggle his eyebrows a little in surprise.

“That’s right. It’s a demon.”

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