I Become a Mafia in the Academy Chapter 368

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Episode 368

Once the newly acquired information from Ansan was passed on to Caglione, preparations for war proceeded smoothly.

Of course, I also told my father that I would help with the process.

‘We will handle this matter well, so you can focus on your studies. ‘I heard you’ve been sleeping in class lately?’

… … No, how on earth did you know that?

I don’t know who it was, but I was caught sleeping in class and was excluded from work.

Actually, writing didn’t mean much to me… … I really had no choice but to take a break.

I lay in bed and thought deeply.

Who on earth is this? I don’t think the old man would do that, and there are only a few people who could tell this story to my father… … Or could it be that there is someone from Callione inside the academy?

Of course, it was all just speculation, but still, as I lay there, it felt both unfair and funny.

“I never thought I would hate being told to grow up early.”

Aren’t I the age where I always kept saying I wanted to rest? But when it happens like this, my body starts to itch… … .

Actually, maybe I was a workaholic?

“I don’t know. “They tell me to rest and not work, but I need to rest.”

If I fell asleep at the Academy tomorrow, I was in the mood to be scolded.

It’s been a long time since I had a good night’s sleep.

* * *

Today I.

I finally realized something I had overlooked.

– Divide this into two here… … Adding this completes the formula like this.

‘… … I didn’t sleep because I was tired. ‘I just slept because the academy wasn’t fun!’

Most of the subjects you learn at the academy are things you have already learned in the past.

The fact that I had to sit still and hold on to things I already knew was difficult and exhausting enough in itself.

In fact, in a way, it was natural.

Aren’t I a pretty strong awakener to begin with? He even had natural healing among his skills.

In fact, even if you don’t sleep for two days and nights, your body is considered normal if you feel refreshed in about three hours.

Of course, I’ve been working hard lately and I’ve been straining my body a lot, but the fact that I’ve been sleeping whenever I come to the academy until now is a truly bizarre phenomenon.

virtually. Could it be that my body has come to recognize the academy as a place to sleep?

‘Sleepy. Sleepy. Sleepy. Sleepy.’

My eyes close without me knowing.

I took special measures to avoid losing like this.


When I suddenly stood up, I could feel the eyes of the instructor and other children teaching math in front of me turning towards me.

“uh? Yu, Eugene? “Why did you wake up suddenly?”

The instructor is surprised after giving a hard lecture.

The teacher in charge of mathematics was an ordinary person. Therefore, the expression on his face was closer to shock. Even that person is timid.

But I didn’t care and shouted confidently.

“I’m sleepy.”

“uh? Seo, wasn’t your class very interesting? “I’m sorry.”


No, what is this guy saying all of a sudden?

What I did was a time-honored traditional method.

No matter how timid he was, he didn’t get this far in the game, right?

“Ah, anyway, I don’t think it would be a good idea to leave class during class. It’s a bit long for me to go out, but… … “If you’re sleepy, why don’t you just lay down on your desk and sleep?”

The instructor starts saying strange things to me in a trembling voice.

“No, not like that now… … .”

But before I could say anything, the classroom started buzzing.

‘What do we do? ‘Has the vice-captain finally gotten angry?’

‘… … Shouldn’t we bring in another instructor?’

Suddenly a strange atmosphere began to form.

“Boss is angry! Choooooobiiiiiiiiisaaaaa!!”

First, he stops the murmuring by hitting Jinwoo, who is screaming and screaming next to him, on the head.


But has this backfired?


Now the math teacher, with tears in his eyes, steps back and clings closely to the blackboard.

“Yu, Eugene? I’m a teacher! You are a student! Po, no violence!”

No, what on earth are you looking at me for?

Why is the situation really like this? … I sighed and told my math teacher.

“… … “I just wanted to stay out because I was sleepy.”


“I’m sorry if my actions were disruptive to class. From next time, I will move a little more quietly.”

After saying that, I went back and looked at the blackboard again.


The instructor suddenly looked at me and started hiccuping.

“Yeah, right? Hiccup! huh. The teacher believed in our Eugene! Hiccup!”

That’s definitely not the reaction of someone who believed it… … .

“Then hiccup! Wednesday, class starts hiccup! Shall we do it?”



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In the end, the instructor smiles awkwardly and continues the class again.

Really since the morning… … After all, it was an incident that desperately showed that people should not suddenly change.

After somehow finishing the math class without falling asleep, I collapsed into my chair, sighing out the overwhelming feeling of helplessness.

Then the children gathered around me, giggling.

“Do you know how shocked I was just now? “I thought something real was going to happen today?”

“Anyway, would the manager do that? “I knew it was a misunderstanding from the beginning.”

“Considering that, Youngje was very surprised, wasn’t he?”

“My, when will I?”

“The boss hit me, the boss hit me, the boss hit me, the boss hit me, the boss hit me.”

One guy seemed to have gone crazy after being hit on the head for some reason, but he still seemed to be quite impressed by the event just now.

“What on earth is my usual image that makes you so scared just by standing up?”

Let’s just say that I don’t understand at all.

“The boss hit you—the ruler of the first year?”

“Isn’t he a first-year monster at a similar level to the instructors?”

“Are you the troublemaker who only sleeps in classes other than using your body?”

These were harsh evaluations from Jinwoo and Youngjae Se-ah, respectively.


“Well, at least for the math teacher, doesn’t it feel like a group of people who can’t be easily messed with because they have good grades and are useless?”

Even Kanghyeon says something strange.

I mean, it’s a 1-day strike… … Isn’t that the furthest thing from me?

“Do you really think I would harm the instructor at the academy?”

“You don’t know, right? “Someone might wake me up and startle me when I’m sleepy.”

… … Should I really behave like a good model for the time being?

I started to worry seriously.

And when the next class approaches.

“Hey Han Yujin! You said you were trying to beat up your math instructor? “There are already rumors!!”

Ji Soo-hyeon, the instructor for the next class, opened the front door and came in, immediately clutching her stomach and bursting into laughter.

“Wow! Hahahaha! really! It’s so funny! Did you know that as soon as the math teacher entered the teacher’s office, his legs gave out because he was scared? Ah-oh. really! I was holding back laughter while walking and almost fell behind! “Ugh!”

Really, that guy… … .

“Oh really! Academy! So much fun! Kitchen! “Kikikikikiki!”

Now, the man is completely lying down and just shaking his body.

That was definitely done on purpose.

I guess he was just so excited that he had something to make fun of me for the first time in a long time.

In this case, just.


The answer was to just sigh and ignore it.

In the end, it was normal for the person making fun to show that kind of behavior to see the person being treated badly.

And actually.

“ha… … ha… … really. “I’m going to get abs from laughing so hard.”

When I didn’t react in any way, she got up from the floor and stood on the stage shaking.

“ha… … really. Yujin Han. You can be proud. “Because he is one of the few men who has stolen my tears.”

“I don’t want to be proud of that.”

“okay? Kavi. For your information, one is my teacher and the other is my friend’s son. “I was eating hot chicken fried noodles when the baby rubbed the sauce on my lips into his eyes.”

… … That’s kind of awesome.

“You’re the only one who made me like this with words, so it’s okay to just brag about it? really?”

“… … Did the rumor really spread in the teacher’s office like that?”

“Are you sure it’s true? “Wouldn’t people in the teacher’s office be really excited about making fun of the math teacher by now?”

Ah, that’s right. That’s definitely worth making fun of.

“Until I came out, old man Kwak Chun-sik was having fun teasing me.”

Why is that guy there making fun of the old man again?

I heard that people, including Ji Soo-hyun and the elders, have a bit of a vicious side. Even in a normal country, if we don’t come to our senses… … .

“Anyway, let’s stop chatting before class. “Let’s get ready for class soon.”

After setting the mood by saying that, she continues the class.

He glanced at me in the middle and said, ‘Oh. He provoked me by saying, ‘I guess I’ll just skip this class and not challenge the instructor,’ or there was an incident where Jinwoo, who was dozing off during class, flew into the pond outside the academy.

There were some problems, but in the end, it ended well without any major issues.

And then lunch time came.

“Long time no see.”

Literally, a face I hadn’t seen in a really long time appeared.

“Choi Yeon.”

Was it because his name was called? Nodding her head once, she naturally sat down across from me and put her food down on the table.

“uh? Choi Yeon! “I lost contact with you after the school trip. Where have you been?”

Se-Ah, who was close to Choi Yeon in Familia, sits down next to her and hugs her, as if she is happy to see her.

She stays still as if she doesn’t dislike it.

“I had some work to do in China, so I returned home the day before yesterday.”

“yes? You’ve been in China so far? why?”

“huh. “To become stronger.”

“ah… … “For that reason, it is acceptable.”

It seems that she also saw and learned a lot during the school trip.

The atmosphere was slightly different from usual, making me feel like I had come to some kind of great realization.

“uh? Who is this? “Are you Choi Yeon?”

Jinwoo, who brought the food late, also waves his hand as if he is happy to see Choi Yeon.


“It’s Jinwoo! Jinwoo Vivalt!”

“know. joke.”

Now I even joke about it. Has it really changed a lot? … ?

Maybe it’s because it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other, but I feel happier than I thought.

More than anything.

“You’ve gotten stronger? Choi Yeon.”

When I said that to congratulate her, she nodded.

“Yes, I think you’ve gotten stronger too. Eugene.”

“Well, because we both worked hard.”


Anyway, I can’t continue talking to him for long.

“Oh right. Choi Yeon. “Did you get what I asked for?”

Suddenly, she remembered the item I had asked for before leaving for China and asked.

Fortunately, Choi Yeon nods her head.

“Yes, I’m at home.”

As expected, I believed that Choi Yeon would save her without difficulty.

“So Eugene, what about you? gift. “They said they would bring it.”

Gifts are, of course, give and take.

I smiled at her words and thought of the swords in the cube.

“I also prepared plenty. “You will like it too.”

Knives collected from Japan. There was nothing huge about it, but since each name was not light, she would also be quite satisfied.

Of course, some of the items I asked her for were difficult to obtain.

“So Eugene.”


When trying to eat something. Choi Yeon called me.

“Let’s go home after today.”

“… … Changcheon Sword? “There?”

“Yes, my grandfather even gave me a sword training package, so why didn’t I contact him? “I told you to bring me.”

“Oh right.”

Now that I think about it, when I went to the Blue House, I talked to Geom Seon about that and received a business card… … .

Now that I think about it, I’ve been so busy that I didn’t think to contact them.

But the timing was ambiguous.

“Next time, I’ll go get the items next time. “Can you tell me well?”

“Should I say it was my grandfather’s car?”

“No no no no.”

Why is he so extreme again?

“I’ll just say that I’m busy with housework these days so I’ll go next time. Then you will probably understand roughly. got it?”

“huh. okay.”

“What did I say?”

“I’m busy with housework these days, so I’ll go next time.”

“Do you really have to say that?”


This guy is really… … I need to check it like this.

“I’ll stop by soon, so don’t worry too much.”

I’ll just finish the important work and go right away.

I said that while looking at the smart lens alarm that appeared before my eyes.

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