I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 55

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Episode 55

Heero answered.

“I had to go to [the swamp]. “I need a useful guide and wizard, but it’s hard to find one with my connections and money.”

“I will personally tell [Heros] about the guide. Would it be okay for a wizard to be at the director level?”

“That’s enough.”

A director-level wizard is just below the master level.

A high-ranking wizard who can build a magic tower in a city if a few conditions are met.

Although hiring a magician of that level was not a problem that could be solved simply with money, the iron-blooded master said it without making a big deal of it.

“What else do you want?”

“doesn’t exist.”

Iron Blood Lord nodded and then looked at Nero this time.



“I heard you performed a B-class mission on your own in [Heros]. “I heard that the evaluation of the institution was very good.”

“That’s right.”

“Is there anything else you want?”

“… … .”

Nero hesitated for a moment and then opened his mouth.

“Recently, I feel like I’ve faced a wall, so I’m having trouble making progress. “I wonder if you could spare some time when you have some free time.”

Sanghyeolgong nodded his head at these words as well.

“I will set aside some time soon.”


“Separately, I heard that you have been learning the old fairy sword techniques recently.”

“That’s right.”

“In general, ancient swordsmanship consumes a lot of mana. Your mana amount is superior to that of your peers, but it is probably not a generous level. “I will give you an elixir soon, so take it.”

“thank you.”

A satisfied smile spread across Nero’s blunt face.

And Sanghyeolgong’s gaze turned towards me.

It was a short question and answer, but the reward given by Sanghyeolgong was by no means small.

How many families in the empire can afford this level of compensation?



“He created a martial art that is comparable to the family’s secret swordsmanship.”

This is a conversation we had once before.

Defeating Hariba and banning Badniker.

Why bother bringing it up again now?

I responded as I felt the attention of Heero and Nero.

“I have never learned my family’s secret swordsmanship, so there is no comparison.”

“Does that mean that what you made might be superior?”

“… … .”

I spoke in an ambiguous tone on purpose, but you understood this.

I didn’t really reply.

Fortunately, Sanghyeolgong didn’t ask any more questions and changed the topic.

“In the mountains, I defeated the assassins of Haden-Eihar and subdued the jewel beasts, and in the main house, I directly dealt with the infiltrated rats. Afterwards, he overcame the checks from the council of elders and proved himself, and won a landslide victory over Hector in Dalian.”



Under the rule of Iron Blood Prince, Hiiro and Nero’s eyes were focused on me.

I don’t know the circumstances, but I can roughly understand the reason.

At first glance, Sanghyeolgong was a man who was stingy with praise.

‘The story about what happened at home is a bit vague.’

It’s not strange.

Perhaps even Hiiro and Nero here are unaware of Ludvik’s infiltration activities.

“Do you wish for something?”

“uh… … .”

I never thought an opportunity would come so soon.

I answered immediately.

“I want to access the family’s underground library.”

“Underground library?”


“… … .”

The Iron Blood Ball, who paused for a moment, narrowed his eyebrows for a rare moment.


Compared to what the two guys said before, I don’t think I was asking for anything special, so why is the reaction like this? anxiously.

“Can not be done.”

“… … .”

“That’s not enough.”

“… What do you mean by saying it’s not enough?”

“I don’t know anything else, but it’s a big credit to catch Haden Eihar’s henchman. “Just giving access to the underground library doesn’t make sense.”



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That’s what I meant.

“What else would you like?”

“hmm… … .”

What do I need now?

I thought about it for a moment.

The family’s secret martial arts?

Just practicing Hundred Eclipse and Galaxy Sword is overwhelming. My theory is that it is better to have too little rather than too much.

There is no particular difficulty in advancing to the next level, so there is no need to ask for guidance like Nero did.

In other words, there was only one conclusion.

“I wish I had an elixir too.”


“yes. “If possible, it has the energy of the polar opposite.”

“hmm… … .”

Sanghyeolgong’s eyebrows narrowed again, and he opened his mouth.

“There will be a spirit jade in the family report. “I’ll give it to you, so take it.”

What is Youngok?

I don’t know what it is, but it’s given by Iron Blood Ball, so it’s much better than an ordinary elixir.

I quickly nodded.


“Take this too.”

It was a ring.

A silver ring with no special patterns or jewels.

“What is this?”

“Magic tools. “If you infuse mana, you can come to this place at any time.”


“It’s disposable, so make sure you use it at the right moment.”

As expected, this must have been a sub-space.

“If this is your last visit to the underground library, be careful of the librarian.”

“Buy it?”


Who is the librarian, a man as good as an Iron Blood Ball, personally telling me to be careful?

I wanted to ask in detail, but Sanghyeolgong suddenly stood up and missed the timing.

“Today is the happiest day I’ve had in a long time. “To help you grow, I will also show you one.”

Heero and Nero’s expressions changed at these words.

Somehow, he looked like a child just before receiving a gift.

‘What are you trying to show me?’

My doubts were resolved the next moment.


Sanghyeolgong stood up and drew his sword.

I’m thinking of showing you my swordsmanship.

Only then did I understand the excitement of those two guys.

This is no different from Sanghyeolgong declaring that he would actually teach.

If you are the child of an iron-blooded master, no.

An opportunity that every warrior in the empire longs for.

I also had expectations.

Swordsmanship is not my main strength, but it is a swordsmanship demonstrated by none other than Sanghyeolgong himself.

Isn’t there something you can understand just by looking at it?

This is the moment when Sanghyeolgong, sword drawn, passed us.

Rolling… … .

Suddenly the ground rose and writhed like crushed clay.

The clay soon took the shape of a monster.

The moment I thought that everything was going to come out, the Sanghyeolgong, who was walking politely, swung his sword.


The five monsters in the front line instantly turned to blood.

It wasn’t swung once.

In a split second, Sanghyeolgong’s sword cut one monster’s body at least five times.

The strangest thing is that all of those slashes are not consecutive attacks, but individual attacks.

In fact, the stab wounds left on the monster’s body felt as if five swordsmen had struck at the same time, swinging their swords, rather than being inflicted by one person.

Sanghyeolgong was usually a gentle and quiet man, but when he fought, he looked like an animal.

Although he didn’t gasp or roar, he didn’t care at all that the other person’s blood was on his body.

That was also an indicator of the Sanghyeolgong’s mindset as he went into battle.

A person who doesn’t care at all about flesh and blood splattering on his body in order to move efficiently.

A man who can hide under a corpse for three days and three nights in order to kill his target.

“… … .”

After one sword dance, Sanghyeolgong looked back at us without even thinking about wiping away the dripping blood.

“Did you see it well?”

As if we were in agreement, we just nodded without saying anything.

“How was it?”

Heiro was the first to open his mouth to Sangvis-Blooded Ball’s question.

“… It was fierce and persistent swordsmanship. Above all, it seemed to have no set shape, but it was the freest swordsmanship I’ve ever seen. In other words, I think it is a swordsmanship that is more effective in many-to-one situations rather than one-on-one.”

As Iron Blood Lord nodded, this time Nero expressed his impressions.

“I didn’t think it was a swordsmanship created with interpersonal combat in mind. This is because the offensive did not end even after inflicting fatal wounds that would have resulted in the death of an ordinary person. “Perhaps he created it with the fight against immortals or demons in mind.”

Sangvis-Dong nodded again, this time looking at me.

For some reason, I felt like I needed to share my thoughts, so I spoke briefly.

“I agree with your opinion.”

“Is that all?”


Actually, I had one more thing to say, but for some reason I felt it would be better to keep my mouth shut.

I feel like I don’t want to scratch and cause a rash.

My response made Hiiro and Nero, as well as the eyebrows of Sangvis-Blooded Ball, tense up, but they didn’t ask any further questions.

Heero asked.

“By any chance, father, are you going to pass on to us the swordsmanship you just showed me?”


“You’re teaching me the swordsmanship you created yourself…” … .”

I can hear the excitement in Heiro’s voice. Although she doesn’t express it, it seems that Nero feels the same way.

However, when I heard the word “transmission,” I felt like I was being put on a pedestal.

“Why do you look like that?”

Sanghyeolgong looked at me.

I answered, trying hard to hide my shocked expression.


“Say it.”

“I don’t need this swordsmanship.”


“There are two reasons. First of all, swordsmanship is not my main focus.”

“I know very well that you have mastered bare-handed martial arts. “I heard it from Kayan, and I used my fists when I defeated Hector.”

Sanghyeolgong spoke at length, which was rare, and then asked again.

“What is the other reason?”

I said, recalling the martial arts that Sanghyeolgong had just shown me.

“I am still developing. As you heard from Keian, the martial art I am creating is also not yet complete.”

“I know that too.”

“Then you understand.”

I nodded and said.

“Learning multiple unfinished martial arts is too much for my level.”

“… … .”

A line was drawn around the corner of Sanghyeolgong’s mouth.


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