I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 78

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Chapter 78 – 78. Volta, Son of Hernu

Come on.

Eleanor takes a quick look around the lab while drinking the drink Erica brought her.

I visited other professors’ labs a few times, but I felt like I had virtually no contact with Erica Bright since she was not in charge of first-year students.


After finishing her drink, Eleanor asked with a light smile, as if she was a little happy.

“You don’t have a very good relationship with your fiancé, do you?”

“… … .”

Erica’s gaze turns sharp at this rather rude question. Nevertheless, Eleanor does not lose her princess grace and crosses her legs.

“I was wondering if I could hang at least a photo or something.”

When I shrug my shoulders and ask, Erica answers calmly.

“Not every fiancé in the world hangs a picture of their lover in their room.”

“is it so? “I thought it would be me.”

Eleanor strangely keeps herself in check while shrugging her shoulders. Erica didn’t understand why she was asking this.

Because I had no idea about the relationship between Eleanor and Deius.

However, I only know that he doesn’t have any bad feelings about Deius because he defended him to the dean last time.

“I’ll be blunt.”

In the end, it was Eleanor who drew the sword first. Her eyes had changed from that of a serene, napping student to those of a determined and noble princess.

“I adore Deius Verdi. “More than you think.”

“… … ?!”

Erica’s icy expression, taken aback by the very direct way of speaking, cracks.

Eleanor did not miss the opportunity and continued to thrust in.

“I already heard from Deius about the engagement appointed by the family. “I don’t think there will be much affection between the two.”

“… … .”

“You can meet a lot of good men like Professor Erica. “I can find it for you separately through my connections with the royal family.”

Eleanor’s every word, filled with flame-like will, begins to heat up the lab.

It was not only embarrassing but shocking.

A princess of a country.

Also, for King Orpheus, Eleanor, the only remaining blood relative, wants Deius.

But that much.

Erica’s eyes calmly sink. If the princess’s feelings were a passionate and passionate courtship.

As his fiancee, she was something as cold as a cold that would freeze everything.

“Student Eleanor.”

Don’t call her a princess.

Eleanor also felt her emotions cool down momentarily at the cold voice.

“Do you know what line you have crossed?”

Eleanor Luden Griffin has grown up.

She overcame the nightmare, her personality came together, and she stood firm and did not bend under the pressure of being a princess.

It could certainly be said that Deius Verdi had a great influence.

“Even if you forget your position as a princess, you said something that even a simple student shouldn’t say.”

Erica Bright, too, was not the same person she used to be.

He is not the same person he was back then, when he turned blind just to save a man. She is not a weak woman swayed by her family.

To become a woman that the man she loves can look upon.

Because it was Erica Bright who returned to her brilliant and beautiful self with unwavering faith in those around her.

She continued speaking coldly.

“It doesn’t matter what my personal relationship with Deius Verdi is. A marriage contract made in the family? “What does that matter?”

Erica’s cold, frozen expression sharply pushes Eleanor.

“I am his fiancé. “If it is known that you said that in front of me, the world will point fingers at Eleanor.”

“… … .”

“I’ll assume you didn’t hear it. “I will regard it as a childish feeling.”

Erica slowly returned to her seat, sat down, and began to look at the documents.

It wasn’t anything particularly urgent, but it was clearly an order to banish guests.

Also, he quietly blocks the bottom compartment of the drawer on the desk with his foot.

It had a clasp, and inside was a letter of divorce from Deius.

“… … .”

Eleanor pursed her lips, clenched her fists, and lowered her head.

Eleanor herself knew best how unreasonable she had been.

But to the point where I want to be forceful.

So much so that she takes full advantage of her position as a princess.

The blunt man had taken up too much of a place in Eleanor’s heart.

“Let’s think the opposite way.”

Eleanor slowly stood up and turned her head towards Erica, who was still looking at the documents.

“As a princess, I am sincere enough to not pay attention to what the world thinks.”

“… … .”

Erica slowly raised her head as if she couldn’t just ignore it.

The two people’s vision matches perfectly.

“I don’t give up.”

Eleanor’s steps as she turned around and walked out were filled with determination and determination.



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Although Erica was also nervous, she looked behind her and answered in her mind.

‘I have no intention of giving up either.’

like that.

The moment when I thought the fight between the two people was over.

The door suddenly opened right in front of Eleanor. The surprised princess took a step back, and what came inside her was a woman with impressive long black hair.

Aria Rias, who left from Gray Pond, has just arrived at the Academy.

“Kyo, I heard the professor is here?!”

Seeing her reaction, the two couldn’t help but sigh in frustration.

* * *


After applying for another business trip to the Lovern Academy, the destination I headed to was a village in the west called Fernan.

Not only was I the only one moving, but the Magic Judges for the warp were also accompanying me and guarding me.

Originally, it would have been right to bring Findeneye, but since she was actually better off letting her run amok rather than protecting someone, I just left her at Graypond.

They probably go out to the city on a regular basis and buy time for the church assassins who are stomping around.

Since they are running wild, their eyes will naturally be drawn to that direction.

‘Talks with the Academy are over.’

Through a conversation with the dean, we decided to start teaching after summer vacation.

Even if he became a royal messenger chosen by the king, he had no intention of leaving the academy that the main character, Aria, attended.

And I thought that by that time, the noise would have calmed down and it wouldn’t be difficult for them to accept me.

“I brought you here.”

What the Magic Judge brought in was an old woman with wrinkles, a hunched back, and lots of lumps under her fingernails.

He looked like he hadn’t eaten properly, so his bones were all exposed, and his eyes were swollen and full of sadness.

“Well, well, over there… … .”

The old woman was trembling and avoiding my gaze. I carefully approached her and asked.

“My name is Deius Verdi, the envoy of the Griffin Kingdom. “Are you Hernu, the mother of Volta?”

“iced coffee. you’re right.”

Is it because he was talking about his son?

Hernu looks at me with an expression that looks like he’s about to burst into tears.

“I heard about the incident. “Can I see your son for a moment?”

Hernu’s eyes widened at my words and hesitatingly nodded.

The news was late, so it seemed like they didn’t know what kind of person I was.

Well, since he came to me in secret, it would be strange for him to know so much about me.

The magic judges only believe that I am a member of the royal family.

Following Hernu, I entered the village. The western part of the Griffin Kingdom was connected to the sea, so there were many people involved in fishing.

Maybe that’s why, along with the salty smell, the smell of fish and intestines filled my nose inside the village.

Unlike Gray Pond, where discussions about topics about me are passionate, it is a peaceful village.

Watching them focus on their work while listening to the cries of seagulls somehow makes me feel at peace.

Of course, the attention was focused on the Magic Judges following me because of their gorgeous golden robes.

Anyway, I entered Hernu’s old house. A black shack that looks like it might collapse at any moment.

This was the only place where it felt like the sun never shined.

“Hey, it’s here.”

And what Hernu showed me was a man who had cleaned up a dirty corner of the front yard and kept it there.

Both arms and both legs were cut off.

Volta, the son of Hernu, is divided into five parts.

What was important was that the condition of the corpse was different for each part.

My left hand still had flies flying around, eating it and laying eggs.

The other side, the right hand, was thick and swollen. Crustacean insects like beetles were clinging to each other.

The left leg had the most bugs and a foul smell, and what looked like maggots were wriggling around.

There was no flesh left on his right leg. It looks as if a long time has passed, with only bones remaining.

And the last body.

The head has been cut off and no one knows where it has gone.

It felt warm, as if I had just died. Even though he wasn’t breathing, it felt like he could feel the pulse of life at any moment.


The important thing is that I learned about this incident before the Great Debate.

One of the unsolved cases that was mentioned once in the grand debate.

A young man living in a fishing village.

Volta, son of Hernu.

He was killed by someone one day. If you look at this alone, you can see it as a simple murder case.

What was important was the location and condition of the body.

Pieces of corpses spread to the north, south, east and west of the Griffin Kingdom.

And the corpses do not change any further, with different times of death evident from the corpses.

“Are you going to relieve my son of his injustice?”

Hernu sniffed and asked. Originally, he should have waited quietly and negotiated with the church.

Because assassins are coming all the time to assassinate me.

However, this incident could not be ignored.

Because I decided that it had to be resolved quickly even amidst the threat of assassins.

“Yes, I will figure it out.”

I nodded and looked down at Volta’s corpse, which seemed to have a lot of history.

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