I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 54

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Chapter 54 – 54. Before the Storm

He stayed at the royal palace for a few days and was busy researching how to create a Mac.

The kingdom’s wizards are clearly talented people, so their results were coming much faster than I expected.

Due to the nature of wizards, they have a great deal of intellectual curiosity toward the unknown, so they were always stationed in the lab and working overtime as if they were eating, even without any special urging.

Aside from the satisfaction of pioneering the unknown, King Orpheus’ promise that he would reward them greatly if they solved this problem also played a role in their passion.

I also stayed in the lab as much as possible and was with them.

It was a very precious time to naturally absorb knowledge from high-level wizards.

“How about we stick with the concept like this for now?”

The shape of a huge vein made of mana is floating in the center of the lab.

It has the trunk of an elephant, and its body is thick and sturdy like a bear.

The claws were impressively sharp, like those of a tiger, and the eyes looked as if they were searching for something.

“Good. “Let’s go like this.”

I nodded because it was almost completely similar to the Mac concept I knew.

This research is not simply created through rational results.

It can only be created if all researchers hold the same concept and hope for the same monster.

Some wizards cheered at my answer and started working again.

Now it was time to start a meeting to come up with the proper Mac settings.

How the nose moves when looking for nightmares, how dreams are eaten, what happens to the dreams that are eaten, etc.

Because it was literally an area that was no different from the act of creation, the wizards were nervous but could not hide their excitement.


Princess Eleanor came in as the lab door opened. As she has done several times, she strides over and looks at me with a slightly disgruntled expression.

Wizards who were trying to prepare for a meeting squeeze their tired eyes or sip coffee during the familiar break.

“It’s real, right?”

There are quite a few things I felt after hearing this question several times.

Among them, what I realized most strongly was the areas in which the princess was interested.

“Crong. “It is a green-bodied dinosaur that is a friend of the penguin I mentioned last time.”

“Hmm? “Isn’t the green-bodied dinosaur Dooly who I told you about last time?”

“It’s similar, but different.”

I told the princess quite a lot of information.

Starting with historical figures, he also shared knowledge about difficult theories.

Tools used in everyday life that were taken for granted on Earth and Internet-related memes were also mentioned.

But in the end, what caught the princess’s interest the most were none other than the characters in the animation.

In fact, she was a little annoyed when I asked her to tell me about the character and forget about boring theories, like ordering food.

“Similar but different? Come out for a moment! “Go and explain!”

Now, I can’t shake the feeling that they are looking for me not because of nightmares, but just because they are curious about new knowledge.

As I stood there in silence, feeling like she didn’t like me, the princess slowly raised her voice and shouted to the other wizards behind her.

“Everyone is having a hard time. “Get some rest.”

“Yes, I understand!”

Listen well.

The princess, who used her power to force me to take a break, eventually grabbed my wrist and started dragging me outside.

The place she took me was the royal palace garden. Eleanor hands me a notebook and pen as I sit on a bench in front of the flower garden in the huge garden.

“Draw it for me.”

I don’t know how many times this has happened already. On the back of the notebook, there are characters with a penguin motif, a troublemaker who is forever five years old, a cat robot that pulls out anything from its pocket, etc.

Many famous characters were drawn.

As I was moving the pen in a familiar manner, the dark spirit who was holding his breath next to me whispered cautiously.

[The princess is not looking at the picture, but is only looking at you?]


So I hope you just shut up.

The princess, who had only glanced at me at first, was now staring at me openly.

In fact, I thought that asking me to draw a character was just an excuse.

“How are your nightmares these days?”

I move my pen and naturally change the topic. Princess Eleanor seems to have suddenly come to her senses and answers with urgency.

“ah? Uh, yeah. Lately, thanks to Deius, I’ve been able to recognize it easily. Actually, there is one more difference between the reality I know and dreams, right? Thanks to that, I can avoid getting caught.”


Since there was no need for her to distinguish between reality and dreams, the nightmares were also at a standstill as they could no longer find the difference between dreams and reality.

“Aren’t you going to copy me?”

“Well, follow along. However, you either say something you’ve already heard before, or you jumble it up and say something strange. “It’s in my dream, so of course that’s information I know.”

Eleanor smiles brightly and feels happy.

“I don’t think I can say something I’ve heard for the first time in a novel way like Deius.”

After drawing a rough outline of Crong, I give her the notebook.

Princess Eleanor looks at Crong and smiles brightly, saying she likes him.

“I like this.”

I propose my own hypothesis to the princess I like more than usual.

“He doesn’t share everything about the princess.”

If you are listening to every thought and word, there is no need to figure out the differences between reality and reality through dreams in the first place.

“It’s also ignorant. “They don’t even understand the basics of the world.”

A typical example is not reproducing scent and mana in a dream.

He was unaware of such basic but invisible parts.



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“Creativity is also very low. You can imitate, but you cannot recreate something yourself.”


Princess Eleanor looks somewhat displeased, but I continue speaking.

“He must be nervous now. So, you will easily reveal your desires. How do you feel? “Can’t you see his goals or principles of action?”


Eleanor crossed her arms and pondered for a moment, then rolled her head back and forth and cautiously expressed her opinion.

“You like imitating me. Things like following etiquette, the way you speak and walk towards people around you.”

“… … .”

[It looks like she wants to become Eleanor.]

I agree with the dark spirit’s opinion.


Something felt different.

It was true that it would be Eleanor, but there seemed to be a crucial difference.

Anyway, it’s clear now.

‘The Eleanor I met in the game had already lost her body.’

The Princess Eleanor I see now and the Princess Eleanor in the game are similar, but there is a clear difference.

Since Eleanor didn’t seem to want to talk about this topic, I naturally changed the subject.

“Are you having trouble sleeping recently?”

“I’m used to it now. “Thanks to you, I can continue studying without taking a break, so I guess it’s not a bad thing.”

There was a slight shadow around the eyes as he said that. But she glances at me and smiles as if to tell me not to worry.

“You’re lucky, right? There is no need to follow the progress even if you return to Lovern Academy. In fact, because I studied thoroughly, I might be able to come in first place this time.”

“… … .”

“You’re a princess, so you can’t have embarrassingly poor grades.”

There was no need to answer.

I don’t think it matters much, but it seemed like her royal duties included sexuality as well.

“And Deius. “Aren’t you going to keep your promise to me?”

“… … .”


When Eleanor looks at her asking what promise she is making, Eleanor becomes upset.

“The password. “I told you that if you see me first, I’ll tell you before you ask.”

I guess this was the reason why he seemed upset from earlier.

“Doesn’t the princess come to see me every time?”

So, of course, I don’t have a chance to speak first. After saying that, the princess crosses her arms and grumbles that she has nothing more to say.

“Tsk, I also prepared an answer.”

“… … ha.”

Looking at her puffy cheeks, I wonder if she really is the princess I knew.

The problem was that the main character, Aria Rias, was too mature compared to her appearance in the game, but the problem was that Eleanoa, one of the bosses, was too childish.

I tell a story that Princess Eleanor would like.

“There is such a thing as a magical girl. “It’s about girls living ordinary lives, meeting animals with amazing powers, donning fancy dresses, and defeating evil.”

“… … !”

Before she can ask, I reveal the information first. When she gave a quick glance as if she didn’t want this, Eleanor cleared her throat and cleared her throat.

He proudly speaks the line he said he had prepared.

“Of course this is reality!”

“… … “Is that all you wanted to say?”

“huh! “I wanted to declare that I was certain, not Deius.”

Eleanor, who smiles when she’s in a good mood, immediately hands me her notebook again.

“But a magical girl? What is that again? “It looks like a lot of fun, right?”

I said it because it was something I thought the princess would like. She also knew about magical girls, as I had only watched TV at her grandmother’s house as a child.

To be honest, it wasn’t my favorite, but I liked that they were defeating the villain.

Magical girls often defeat things like ghosts, and I felt a kind of vicarious satisfaction through that.


“… … “I can’t give you details.”

I remember it from when I was young.

I started to explain roughly what came to mind.

Eleanor said it was really fun and was jumping around and all of a sudden, she looked at me and asked.

“But Deius, do you like this kind of thing?”

“… … .”

I felt like I said it for no reason.

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