I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 26

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Chapter 26 – 26. When flowers bloom

The entangled souls rush towards each other and scream. They were letting out their anger as if they had been waiting for this dawn.

Now, the only thing left was the instinct to vent out my emotions, with no clear target.

A chaotic feast of eating and being eaten.

At the center was a blue flame that poured out its emotions indiscriminately.

The girl’s appearance has already disappeared, and it is just flames that sweep through the souls.

“… … .”

A scene that seemed like it would continue forever is now slowly starting to come to an end.

“Dawn is coming.”

The sunlight preparing to peek over the mountain range cannot hide its vastness and brightens up the sky.

Although the light had not yet reached the earth, I knew that it would arrive soon.

I just closed my eyes and hoped that their minds would relax a little.

The day is dawning.

Calm down your excitement.

Collecting my disheveled body from the chaos.

The time has come to tidy up the busy surroundings.

The festival doesn’t last forever.

[I’m dying!]

[I curse you! I will curse you until the end!]


The evil spirits were still struggling, saying they didn’t want to end it, but Emily’s flame was swirling around and suppressing them.

A circle clearly visible beyond the mountain range.

As the sunlight slowly began to set, the surrounding spirits that the junk dealer had been suppressing began to take a step back.

As warm light reached the cemetery, those who had been struggling with excitement slowly began to stop.

I stayed up all morning burning.

The morning sun had risen, so it was time to sleep.

“I understand, your resentment and resentment will never be resolved.”

But I’m sure you’ve figured it out now.

That’s something that can’t be solved.

Revenge is exhilarating and thrilling, but you can’t go back to the way things were before.


Because you are all dead.

“We bitten, envied, and struggled against each other like that. “In the end, there is nothing left.”

Those who were going crazy with madness slowly begin to turn their heads towards me. They had a lot of complex emotions for me as they made this day.

“So now I want you to fall asleep in my arms.”

Unable to say anything, he closes his eyes and slowly begins to disappear.

Even those feelings toward me were something they had to carry in their arms.

“I just hope that you find eternal rest.”

It disappears like a mess.

They all began to fall into a deep sleep that they should have already fallen into.

[…] … thank you.]

Without losing his senses until the end, in the end, he achieved all his revenge but achieved nothing.

All he did was see Emily off for the last time as she left with a smile.

Normally, my nose would have been tingled by the early morning air, but today I was greeted by the refreshing scent of early blooming flowers.

“is it.”

February is said to be the time when the cold in the north is locked in and cannot cross the high mountain ranges.

The crystalline cold that remains is melting away as the day naturally warms up.

The temperature starts to rise rapidly, as the frozen cold melts all at once. This was the busiest time in North Wales.

“Spring has come.”

The cold melts away.

The season for flowers to bloom has arrived in North Wales, albeit briefly.

It was the right time for a girl who loved flowers to fall asleep while smiling.


“Huh! “Huh!”

The dean had never really liked the North. It’s not that I have any bad memories or anything like that.

They tended to avoid the north simply because they naturally dislike cold places.

Especially the mountains?

Contrary to his bear-like appearance, he also disliked hiking.

“Hehe! Hehe!”

Looking at the dean who was breathing out with his mouth open, almost as if he was about to vomit, school nurse Professor Karen, who followed him, frowned and scolded him.

“Let’s do some exercise. You have abdominal obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes, right? “Especially when you watch him eat, it seems like his food is very salty.”

“… … .”

The dean, who glanced at Karen, frowned and answered.

“Are you really a school nurse professor?”

“Then what did you think?”


Since he hadn’t really shown himself like that until now, I actually thought of him as a simple mercenary.

“I’m a school nurse who can only put band-aids on kids’ sore spots, so don’t come looking for me if you fall down later.”



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Keren grunted and stuffed his hands into his coat pockets.

As I climbed over the mountain, downtown North Weden came into view.

The two people moved their feet steadily, taking comfort in seeing their destination, and were eventually able to arrive before the sun set.

“Hey, you’re a guest?”

A stocky man who was standing at the entrance to North Weden spotted the two people and came running towards them.

“You don’t need a guide.”

Curious that there were tourists coming to a mountainous area with nothing to see like North Weden, Keren gestured and told them to go away, but the man just grinned and slyly slyly told them to go away.

“I don’t take money. “We are helpers who receive a separate salary from the lord and help people.”


When the dean asked while wiping his sweat with a handkerchief, the man nodded sharply.

“Yes, so you don’t have to worry. If it’s inconvenient, we can just tell you the location of where you’re going.”

Karen quickly opens her mouth at those words.

“Where is the Verdi family?”

“Hmm? The Count was your guest? “But why didn’t you use the carriage road?”

“Ma, carriage road?”

The carriage couldn’t get over the mountain road, so I walked from the front on purpose, and I wondered what the noise was.

The man smiled brightly and continued his explanation.

“There is a separate carriage road in the back. You have to go around the mountain path, but it’s still much faster than coming over the mountain. Any coachman nearby would know, right?”

“… … “Our coachman is new to this route.”

“Ah, I see. “Thank you for your hard work.”

Since he was a coachman belonging to the academy, he naturally didn’t know about the hidden roads of North Sweden. Since she was in a hurry, she just came over without even thinking about asking around.

Keren didn’t have any major problems, but the dean was to the point where he felt resentful of the world.

“Let’s go now. “It’s a bit far from here too.”

When told that he had to walk further, the dean sighed heavily, but Karen pretended not to notice and followed the man.

The city was quite busy.

When you think of the North, it’s easy to think of a cold, quiet city, but North Wales is quite lively. Perhaps because of the friction between people, I couldn’t really feel the cold.

In particular, people called ‘helpers’, like men, were going around helping citizens.

‘that’s interesting.’

Snow-covered scenery is beautiful, but there is nothing more inconvenient for the people who live in it.

Even without considering the environment that hinders people, this city was full of vitality.

“Hey, it’s here.”

“Hehe! Hehe! “I almost died before I met you.”

“… … Take a breath and go in. “If you continue like that, you will only be laughed at.”

“Yeah, yeah. “Sure.”

“I’ll just go now.”

The dean took a moment to catch his breath in front of the mansion, and the man left without really taking any money.

Karen offered to give me a tip, but I flatly refused, saying I couldn’t even accept that.

Karen followed him with her eyes and spoke to the dean.

“That man is from the Republic.”


The dean, who was already wiping his forehead again with a wet handkerchief, looked at the direction the man had walked towards with puzzled eyes.

“Not only that. “The seven people the man greeted as he passed by were all from the Republic.”

“Uh, Clark Republic? “Do you mean they are immigrants?”


Their unique accent and unique oil scent have not yet disappeared. It must have been a while since you settled in North Wales.


A well-trained body, a smirk that doesn’t naturally reveal one’s name, a quick wit, etc.

‘Is it the Resistance?’

There are so many rebels in the Clark Republic that he might be one of them.


And Keren, who had previously wiped out the Resistance at the request of the Republic during his days as a mercenary, turned toward the mansion with an uneasy feeling in his mouth.

“Let’s go in. “I have to go back quickly.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

The dean, who was half-slumped, also used his strength to stand up.

It’s already March.

Lovern Academy has started its semester, but evil spirits are still running rampant.

A number of priests were left behind as if to take on the burden, but I am not sure if it will be effective.

Enter the mansion and receive guidance from the occupants.

Meeting Deius was easier than expected. As if she had been preparing for it, she led the dean and Karen straight to Deius’ office.

The door opened, and the first thing that caught my eye was a large desk along with an old-fashioned red carpet.

Next to the desk, a large man stood proudly with a slightly wrinkled expression, and on the other side of him was a short, black-haired woman with her arms crossed.

They were Darius Verdi and Deia Verdi.

And a black-haired man sitting on a large chair with his legs crossed and looking indifferently in this direction.

Deius Verdi looked at them and opened his mouth.

“Long time no see.”

The moment Karen saw it, she was convinced.

They had already been notified of their arrival.

Since when?

‘You were a city guide.’

Those who seemed to be colleagues who greeted me several times as I passed by must have already announced their presence at the mansion.

For that purpose, the man who was the guide may have taken a slight turn on the road.

Karen already felt a headache.

This negotiation to rehire Deius Verdi.

It seemed like it would never be easy.

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