I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 144

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Chapter 144 – 144. The Best Necromancer

It’s been about a week since I returned to the Academy from Marias Grand Forest.

Because I returned quietly, many students and professors didn’t even know I had returned.

The lecture, which started again yesterday, made it clear that I had returned.

It was annoying to see Finden Eye and the Dark Spirit who bluntly accepted that they had sent it first, but I just ignored it for now, thinking that time would take care of the problem.

Rather, there was something that needed to be resolved now.


Eleanor Luden Griffin is crying and writing a reflection in my lab.

There was a sign hanging around her neck that said, ‘I am a fool.’

I don’t know why I’m wearing something like that around my neck. Was Findenai playing a prank?

Well, it’s not wrong. As I was just leaving it there, another girl sneakily approached me.

Aria, perhaps because it is summer, tied up her long black hair and carefully handed me a letter of reflection.

She, too, was wearing a sign around her neck.

‘I’m sorry for getting horny.’

“… … “Take away that sign.”

Anyway, isn’t it a bit wrong to impose something like that on a student? Aria also smiled brightly at my words and immediately took off the sign and broke it in half.

“P-it’s because of Finden Eye.”


I sighed and started reading the reflection written by Aria.

– This time, I am deeply reflecting on the incident where I drew a bad picture using Professor Deius as a model. Actually, I didn’t draw the picture, but Eleanor did… … Omitted… … But wouldn’t this also be a bittersweet memory from your school days? Aren’t I living faithfully the life that the professor wanted me to have as Aria Rias, the student?! She is curious and naive, like a child who is curious about everything… … –


After reading up to that point, my hands became tense and I wrote a reflection paper.

When I secretly glance at Aria beyond the reflection, she scratches her cheek with an embarrassed expression.

“Please look!”

He winks and acts cute.

If it were me, I would have just been calm and accepted the student’s cuteness.

“Increase the length to two chapters.”


It stimulated my feelings so strongly that I immediately doubled my reflections.

Aria trudges back to the seat next to Eleanor and begins writing her reflection again on the paper she received from Owen.

He glared at Owen, the accuser, but when I looked at him again, he immediately fixed his gaze on the reflection, like a puppy running away.

I’ll be there all day today.

To be honest, I find it unpleasant that they drew such a strange picture of me, but since they are both valuable students in their own way and are still young, I decided to overlook it.


At that time, Illuania was flipping through the pictures one by one next to me. I told her to just rest at the hotel, but she insisted on coming here to hang out with Sebia.

While holding the child in her arms, she is looking through the pictures drawn by Eleanor one by one.



He laughs and mutters to himself what’s so funny.

“Maybe it’s because they’re still kids. I have poor imagination. “It’s much greater than this.”

“… … yes?”


Aria and Eleanor looking at Iluania. When I, too, frowned and glared at her, Iluania laughed awkwardly, covering her child’s ears.

“My old habits have come out.”

“Ha, stop watching and go out and burn it. “Findenai will be preparing.”

“all right! “Would you like to go to Seville?”

Illuania goes outside, holding a bunch of pictures and holding Sebia.

I sigh and turn my head to look at the woman I share the lab with.

There were unusually many people today, so I thought it might bother Professor Per Petra, with whom I share the lab.

“… … .”

Buried in her bushy pink hair, she was concentrating on her task with her mouth shut.

From what I heard from Erica, the level of lectures is so high that students tend to have a hard time understanding them, and she is said to belong to the genius class.

No matter how you look at it, the figure holding up and turning this and that arm, which only appears to be real, looks no more or less like a mad scientist or a dismemberment killer.


Professor Per sighs with regret. As she had finished all her work, I slowly approached her.

The two girls glanced at me, but immediately rolled their eyes and buried their faces in the paper again.

“Do you have any problem.”

“Ah, Professor Deius. That was annoying! “S-sorry!”

Professor Per scratches his head and says he is sorry. He says there is no need to apologize and stands by her side.

It was truly a sophisticated body.

It’s amazing how they made it like this. I heard it was like some kind of alchemy.

Although I was curious, I had no intention of doing something shameless by asking about an individual’s research results.

As I was staring at the artificial body, Professor Per responded by twisting his body as if embarrassed.

“Actually, the process of making a prosthetic body itself is not difficult, but there is no one who can actually demonstrate it.”


“I tried using it, but I thought using three arms would be very different from how actual users would feel.”

I briefly wondered where on earth the prosthetic arm was attached and used, but there is someone who can help with that part.

“I think I can help you.”



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“yes? really?”

“Could you please wait a moment?”

After saying that, I head out of the lab.

“Until I get here, please make sure those two guys don’t run away.”

“Ah yes! All right!”

“Owen, if you are being harassed in any way, tell me right away.”

“Yes, Monsignor!”

The eyes of the two girls, who were trying to use my departure as an opportunity, become unfocused again.

Anyway, even if they released it, they released it too much.

So, they’re doing strange things with my face.

Well, to be exact, it’s Deius’ face, so I don’t actually feel very unpleasant about it.

It took me a while to get out, but I was able to find someone to help me.

“Why are you in a place like this?”

[…] … .]

A dark spirit sitting on the railing of the academy’s rooftop, looking at the surrounding scenery. I was a little puzzled by her unusual behavior, but she still wasn’t giving me her attention.

“Ha, just relax. “It was something I had to do alone.”

It was, of course, my responsibility to ask for forgiveness from the souls I forcibly used in the Great Forest of Marias.

There was no need for the dark spirit to be with him.

[What do you do when a student makes a big mistake?]

“… … .”

[Are you telling me to bring my parents? I also contacted that family. Aren’t I in the same position? When you make a mistake, I think I have the right to bow my head as well.]

“There’s no need to do that.”

The dark spirit quickly turned his head at my words, came down from the railing, and approached with great strides.

He seemed really angry, which was unusual for him.

[Who taught you to use necromancy?]

“… … “It’s you.”

[If it weren’t for me, you would still have been eaten by the Remegeton without even knowing the basics of necromancy, let alone a proper necromancy?]

A dark spirit whose speech has become quite heated.

I thought it would resolve itself over time, but it turned out to be poisonous.

It seems like it was left to fester inside.

[I can’t do that much for you, can I? Aren’t you in a position where you can go together, kneel down and apologize?]

The dark spirit is grinning, clenching his fists and glaring at me with his face exposed.

I opened my mouth to hear her attitude that if you have something to say, just say it.

“Yes, that is correct.”

[…] … yes?]

Didn’t I think it would be accepted this easily? Rather, the dark spirit looked embarrassed, but I continued talking.

“If you want to think that way, you deserve it.”

Because the dark spirit has already become quite an important figure to me.

She is embarrassed and runs away.

“But don’t get me wrong. “It’s not because I ignored you and kept my distance.”

Rather, I told her to leave first because I didn’t want to put her through that kind of trouble.

[Chu, hmm. is it so. all right.]

It was awkward so the dark spirit cleared his throat and looked away. It wasn’t clear, but it seemed like he was holding back the corners of his mouth from turning up into a smirk through the translucent fabric.

After giving it a while, the dark spirit regained his appearance and seemed to be in a better mood and asked.

[Did you apologize well in the forest?]

“I did my best. “Not everyone accepted it, but they paid the appropriate price.”

Saint Lucia healed me, so I’m fine now, but in fact, when I came out of the Great Forest of Marias, I was covered in blood and once again lost consciousness.

Because there were no souls who would accept that they were used by force.

“And there is one thing I gained.”

[Did you get it?]

I slowly extended my hand to the dark spirit who was tilting his head and asking what I was talking about.

A blazing red sphere.

Some might think it was just a small fireball, but the dark spirit was different.


I give a small nod to her who opens her eyes in surprise.

“It was greatly weakened, but the guardian spirit was ultimately a spiritual being, so we were able to collect it.”

The dark spirit looks puzzled by my calm answer, but eventually bursts into laughter.

[A former saint, a great devil, and now a guardian deity who has lost his land. You are truly amazing.]

“I missed one.”


“Isn’t the greatest necromancer on the continent also with me?”

When I looked at her and gave her a faint smile, the dark spirit opened her mouth for a moment, then her shoulders shook and she shouted proudly.

[sure! of course! I have no intention of leaving the top spot just yet! Go forward!]

“Yeah, I’ll try. “Let’s go now.”

When I turn around, the dark spirit says it’s okay and follows me.

[Hehe, you have been very kind today since you came looking for me. I have to sulk often.]

For no reason, I didn’t feel too bad about her humming response.

I wasn’t aiming for it, but in this state, it didn’t seem difficult to ask her for a favor.

Go back to the lab again.

I pointed to a prosthetic hand lying around.

“Go in.”

[…] … .]

“Professor Per said we need actual users. “I thought it would feel similar since you don’t have a body.”

The dark spirit, who was looking at me blankly, slowly clenched his fist.

And then it exploded just as expected.

[this! this! You idiot! You fooled me! You took advantage of me with your sweet words! Bad Guy! trash! Necromancer!]

“… … “You too are a necromancer.”

[Shut up!]

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