I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 103

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Chapter 103 – 103. A date with a wolf

“Wow, look at this. “I drew wings on the wall.”

What I really hated as I walked down the street was that I felt like this time with Findenai wasn’t all that bad.

He glances around and, if he sees anything unusual, calls him over and laughs, thinking it’s funny.

I felt strange because I felt like I was looking at an adult woman who was naive for her age.

“Voila. It sucks. “You’re so damn pretty.”

Finden Eye goes and stands right in front of the place where the wings are drawn on the wall.

I thought it really wasn’t that bad to see him smiling and spreading his hands wide.

‘It’s an amazing feeling.’

So I thought it was quite fascinating. Because an unknown emotion was sticking out of my chest.

If I had to pick one person in this world who would never have these feelings, I could definitely say it was Findenai.

Her innocent expressions weren’t that bad to look at.

“Wow, you have a pretty lover!”

At that time, a man with a mustache came next to us. He had a magic camera around his neck and seemed to be paid to take pictures of tourists.

“Would you like me to take a picture of that pretty girlfriend?”

“Mr. “I’m in a bad mood.”

Do you think that some kind of random merchant came in and interrupted the time? Findeneye immediately frowned and turned away from the picture.

“Okay, let’s take a picture.”

I readily took out a gold coin from my pocket and handed it to the photographer. Findeneye is looking at me with an open mouth and a confused expression.

The photographer immediately smiled brightly and picked up the camera, and Finden Eye, who had been standing there awkwardly, looked at me awkwardly and stood in front of the picture.

A picture that gives the illusion of white wings spreading behind her back.

The photographer turned the camera several times as if focusing, then carefully pressed the shutter.

A photo comes out of the camera with a clicking sound.

Something like a Polaroid camera that takes pictures right away would be quite expensive, but it showed how serious the man was about the pictures.

Maybe that’s why the photo I received was very beautiful.

I thought it came out pretty well, so I tried to give it to Findeneye, but the photographer glanced at me and opened his mouth.

“Hey, I can still take more pictures. “How about taking a picture with her girlfriend?”

It seems that the gold coins I just gave him exceeded the first time amount. A suggestion from a photographer that I didn’t want to accept.



However, since both Finden Eye and I refused, the photographer looked disappointed and tried to give us the money back.

“Take a picture by yourself. “You tell them to take pictures of me, but you don’t take pictures of yourself?”

Findeneye came right here and snatched my wrist and dragged me away.

I happened to take a picture of the wing without realizing it, but the photographer was already focusing quickly without missing the opportunity.



While I was sighing, a picture of me appeared.

A photo accompanied by a jingling sound. The photographer nods with a happy smile.

“Maybe because they are handsome men and women, the pictures come out pretty!”

I could tell from the expression on his face that he was sincere and not just lip service, but it wasn’t necessarily important.

While I was walking towards the two people, Findeneye grabbed the photo and put it in his pocket while whistling.

“Why are you taking that?”

When I asked Findenai why she was taking my photo, she answered confidently.

“The owner can have my photo.”

“… … “Master, bastard?”

The photographer’s expression hardens in an instant. The eyes that were looking at the slightly unique but handsome couple of man and woman just now changed to looking at crazy people playing maniacally on the street.

“Well, I’ll just go now.”

He gets scared and leaves. They seemed to think we were playing something special.


“Don’t make a fuss. Then what do you call it? “You didn’t like it when I called you oppa earlier.”

“… … “Call me Deius.”

“okay! Deius!”

If you call her a “master” outside for no reason when she is not dressed as a maid, it will be strangely misunderstood.

No, I’ve already been misunderstood several times because of Finden Eye’s highly revealing maid outfit, so why did I suddenly start hating it?

I don’t know.

To be honest, I was already so used to FindenEye that it didn’t matter.

It was annoying to be misunderstood by showing up in such ordinary clothes.

“Let’s go Deius!”

“If possible, don’t call me names.”

“It’s so damn expensive.”

Findenai clucks his tongue and runs through the streets more excited than before.

As I put my hand into my jacket pocket, the photo of Finden Eye that the photographer had just taken fell into my hand.

A photo of her with an awkward expression.

I tried to return it, but I missed the timing because Findeneye had already gone somewhere else.

“Wow, what is this again?”

The place where Findeneye stopped was a huge bulletin board in the city. There was a small bundle of paper, a pen, and a thumbtack, and there were palm-sized pieces of paper stuck together like post-it notes on the bulletin board.

“Are we getting opinions from citizens about what to do on this Artist’s Day?”

Finden Eye started reading this and that, saying it was interesting.



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“Drawing contest, house cleaning, fireworks, concert? Yuck! “It’s all just shit.”

Then, he immediately takes out a piece of paper and a pen, writes something down, and inserts his paper in the very center.

“Okay, let’s go.”

After that, Finden Eye seems to have lost interest and walks away. She took a peek because she was curious to see what she had written.

– Arena.

Even the most bullshit was clearly written down. There is no way it will pass anyway, so we just ignore it.

“Now we have to go to Purceni’s rooftop.”

“Oh right. “I said I had to see some kid’s concert.”

Although she didn’t like it, she didn’t say anything and followed along, so thanks to her, we were able to get to Purcheni’s rooftop in time.

“You did something, but it was just a coffee shop?”

I thought Findenai was boring, but the building itself was quite impressive.

A concert taking place on the rooftop of a blue building called Purceni.

A blue piano was placed in the center of the rooftop so that guests on the rooftop terrace could naturally hear the performance.

It was a place that suited the summer that came with blue skies.

Findenai and I took a seat a little away from the piano and each ordered a drink.

“Yuck! “You use it!”

Finden Eye, who had ordered any coffee on the menu, took a sip and immediately stuck out his tongue and grumbled.

Although I thought it was unlikely that Findenai, who could only smoke tobacco at most, would know what type of coffee it was.

The bitter taste of the coffee must have been quite shocking to Findeneye, who said he wanted to rinse his mouth and looked for water.

I quietly pushed the tea I had ordered to Drink towards Finden Eye.

Even though it must have been hot, she drank it without any problem and smiled happily.

“Oh, is this delicious?”

“Give me the coffee. “Don’t just throw it away.”

“Oh oh?”

I gently take her coffee and put it to my mouth. Finden Eye made a fuss about her, but her coffee tasted better than expected, so it wasn’t a bad exchange.

“Deius is flirting!”

“… … .”

Even if I try to tell him not to call me by his name, I just ignore him because I know he won’t listen anyway.

Then, as if he didn’t like it, Findenai crossed his legs and drank tea while continuing to poke at him.

“But Deius used to be a libertine. “Did you date girls like this back then?”

“Don’t ask.”

“Tsk, I’m just curious. Just curious. “Because I don’t have that experience.”

“… … .”

Sorry, but I don’t have one either.

Because that Deius was not me, but the old Deius. When I put my mouth to the coffee to show that I wouldn’t say anything, Findeneye made a funny laugh.

“But actually, I’ve been in the bedroom with different men a few times.”

Did he even make eye contact with resistance members?

It was just a story to kill time until the musician Owen arrived.

“I’ve had to act like a high-class prostitute at a brothel several times because of my disguise.”

“You mean that?”

When the answer is unexpected, Findeneye responds with a giggle.

“That’s the perfect way to assassinate a high-ranking member of the Clark Republic. Also, don’t I have the same appearance?”

“… … .”

If you respond to all of these things, Finden Eye will be upset and won’t be able to do it. Even though I just ignored her, she continued her story.

Just like a drunken man’s voice gets louder as he reminisces about the past, it was all just a story about his past.

“Look, bar. You go into the bedroom with them, right? 그럼 이것들이 발정난 개새끼 마냥 바지를 풀어. You’re drooling and proudly pulling out something the size of your little finger? Then I take the ax I have prepared under the bed and chop off his groin.”

From a man’s point of view, it’s scary stuff.

But Findenai was even more serious.

“Everyone who went to the bedroom with me ended up the same way. “He couldn’t even touch me with his hand and ended up peeing on his butt.”

“… … .”

Then, Finden Eye looked at me with his chin resting on his face with a very serious expression.

“If only, when I first became a maid. “If you had asked me to do that, I would have done the same.”

“I’m not asking for that.”

When he dismisses this by telling him not to say the obvious, Findeneye laughs and says it’s fun.

“You never know. “You could go into the bedroom with me and be the only one to come out alive.”

Findenai took the citron out of the teacup and chewed it instead of the tobacco with a soft, unusual smile.

“Well, it’s just an assumption.”

“It’s a useless assumption.”

“Okay, okay. I know.”

There is silence for a moment.

The two of us didn’t really talk, but the cool breeze blowing from the rooftop let us know that summer had arrived.

Sometimes, we understood each other just by experiencing the same thing without talking.

Right now, I may be understanding a little bit about the woman named Findenai.

Especially like today.

Especially now that he has shown a slightly different appearance than usual.

at that time.

[You look very happy.]

Before I knew it, the dark spirit appeared and glared at me with his arms crossed.

I told her to keep an eye on Owen, but seeing as she’s here, does that mean he’s here?

As I looked around, the dark spirit who had been upset just now immediately started making a fuss, saying he had forgotten.

[Oh, Owen has been kidnapped! We have to go and save them!]


[I guess I owed money. Since I couldn’t repay the money, I was taken away by loan sharks, but I know where it is.]

I sigh for no reason and get up from my seat. Then Findeneye, who was looking at me blankly, seemed to realize something and smiled.

“Aha, what did the ghost you usually hang out with tell you?”

[…] … .]

The dark spirit’s embarrassed expression. I was wondering how he would have noticed since he obviously couldn’t see it.

“He’s a warlock who talks to himself all day. How could he not know? So what is it?”

I laughed out loud and gave an order to Findeneye.

“It’s time to get back to work.”

Then she responded by laughing heartily, pouring all the tea into her mouth, and slamming the empty cup on the table.

“It’s a fight, right? “Let’s go quickly, master!”

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