Hunter Academy’s Battle God Chapter 435

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Episode 436

The hospital’s unique smell of disinfectant wafting from the wound. The wallpaper is so white, like snow, that it even feels cold. Meanwhile, the bedroom was left untidy.

Kim Jun-hyuk recalled what he had heard from his previous doctor earlier.

[If action had been delayed, it would have been a disaster.]

[All I can say is that it is truly a miracle that the mana circuit did not run out of control even after consuming a magic gemstone with a concentration of 9pp… … .]

Yura miraculously survived.

According to what Kim Jun-hyuk heard from the source, it was thanks to Shin Yu-seong, who joined today.

‘First is my life and Eun-ah. Next is Yura… … .’

How do I express this gratitude?

If Kim Eun-ah was a family member more precious than life to Kim Jun-hyuk, Yura was the most painful finger.

Yura has been Kim Jun-hyuk’s colleague since he was attending the academy and was a party member in the Ma Jeong-seok incident.

So, for Kim Jun-hyuk, Yura is the past he misses the most, but at the same time, the past he wants to avoid the most. Seeing that he was pretending to sleep like this and not waking up, it seemed like the same thing happened to Yura.

“I know you’re awake, you just had a conversation with Rosa, right?”

However, when Kim Jun-hyuk presented evidence with detailed circumstances, Yu-ra opened her eyes, turned her body at an angle and said,

“… … “Has it been two years?”

“Another half year, to be exact.”

“He didn’t come to me even once when I woke up, and now he comes to me because I’m sick?”

Yura stabbed the painful spot sharply, but Kim Junhyuk took it leisurely with a nonchalant expression.

“It’s the same for both of us. “You came to me when I was in a coma, but you didn’t come when I woke up.”

If Kim Jun-hyuk asked her if she intentionally avoided her, Yura had nothing to say. It’s just that she didn’t have anything to say even if she met Kim Jun-hyuk again.

“It can’t be helped, because we are already too far apart.”

The two were no longer colleagues, and Kim Jun-hyuk was no longer a hunter. They were no longer together to be colleagues, and they were too close as opposite sexes to be friends.

“… … yes.”

When Kim Jun-hyuk, who became serious, agreed with a stern expression, Yu-ra laughed softly. Is it because she was asleep for two years? Nothing has changed for Kim Jun-hyuk.

In the end, once again, it was Yura who smiled and lightened the mood. Yura spoke as playfully as she did that day, as if the events of two years ago had never happened.

“Your sister. You chose your boyfriend well. “Unlike me.”

“then. “He’s my younger brother, but I feel like Yooseong is a waste.”

In the end, what became the point of contact between them was the name of Shin Yu-seong, their benefactor.

“Is it okay for my older brother to admit it himself?”

“It’s true.”

As the atmosphere naturally relaxed and Yura laughed like she did when she was a student, Kim Junhyuk cautiously asked Yura.

“… … “It’s Yura.”

Yura was not a fool.

The fact that he knew what kind of situation Kim Jun-hyuk had become and still prepared a high concentration of magic stones meant that he had been preparing for his own demise for a long time.

Even though it was for revenge against Mortis, there must have been an opportunity.

“The magic gemstone is… … “Since when have you been preparing?”

Kim Jun-hyuk asked, lowering his head in guilt. No matter what answer comes out of Yura’s mouth, she will be burdened with it for the rest of her life.

“Do you want an honest answer?”

Kim Jun-hyuk, who regained his senses, ran away for half a year and eventually found Yu-ra. Yura knew Kim Jun-hyuk’s decision, so she didn’t lie at all.

“… … Two years ago. No, two and a half years?”

* * *           

Rumors move quickly in the hunter world.

The story that Shin Kang-yoon was aiming to become the next president of the Hunter Association had already become established for a long time, and the commission of Shin Yu-sung and Shinsung Group to oppose him was a story that came up at least once whenever big names gathered together.

“But no matter how much the rumor has already spread, I never expected a member of the Shinsung Group to come visit me in person. “This is truly blatant.”

Sitting on a golden throne like an ancient king was the leader of the Brilliant guild. King Lee Hyeon-jo.

However, Lee Soo-hyun was not at all discouraged because he came to see Lee Hyeon-jo as an envoy of Shinsung Group, not as just a secretary.

“That would be a good offer. “This is a proposal given by Master Kim Jun-hyuk, the eldest son of Shinsung Group.”

“I ask before listening to the proposal. Does Shinsung Group want to make a proposal to Brilliant’s guild leader, King Hyeonjo Lee? Otherwise… … .”

Lee Hyun-jo’s eyes sparkled.

As an experienced hunter, he seemed to already know what Lee Soo-hyun had come to propose.

“Do you want to make a suggestion to the association’s Five Star judge Lee Hyun-jo?”

However, Lee Soo-hyun was also happy to get straight to the point of the story.

“It’s both. What Mr. Junhyuk Kim wants is not just a simple vote, but actual support.

In any case, if the relationship was one in which both parties could convince each other with materials and figures, Shinsung Group, which stood at the top of the business world, was invincible.

“It’s practical support… … . “You say it so easily.”

However, Lee Hyun-jo smoothed his beard and looked troubled.

“You probably already know that our decision was somewhat tilted toward Shin Kang-yoon, right?”

“I understand. Considering the influence of the Sinnoh family and the leading guild, confronting them head-on would be a burden even for Brilliant.”

For any businessman, if the risk is too great compared to the return, it is nothing more than poison or the Holy Grail.

No matter how much I wanted it, I couldn’t dare to get it.

“That’s why you suggested it. “A proposal that will allow Brilliant to stand tall instead of Sinnoh and Yusu.”

But, to put it the other way, ultimately, politics in the hunter world is a struggle for interests. If the return was much greater than the risk, Lee Hyun-jo could have raised Shin Yu-sung’s hand instead of Shin Kang-yoon.

“Let’s take a look first.”

Lee Hyun-jo carefully read the proposal prepared by Lee Soo-hyun. Lee Hyun-jo’s expression became more serious as he read each word in the proposal.

What Soo-hyun Lee presented was only a short proposal, but the contents contained in it gave a glimpse into Jun-hyuk Kim’s understanding of the politics of the hunter world.

[We have confirmed that the Brilliant Guild is currently outsourcing a significant amount of its missions to top guilds such as Heuksan and Myeongwol.]

[If commissions between guilds are cut off as an example by rebelling against the upper guild, it will be a huge burden to maintain guild members.]

[So, if you have a close relationship with our Shinsung Group as I requested, most of the missions that were previously entrusted to higher guilds will be carried out with Brilliant first.]


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[If Shinsung Group and its subsidiaries are included, there will be more operational advantages than now.]

[If the relationship between the top guild and Brilliant deteriorates, Shinsung Group and I will prioritize our relationship with Brilliant.]

The best suggestion is for Shin Yu-seong to join the Brilliant Guild. But now, Kim Jun-hyuk’s suggestion alone made Lee Hyun-jo’s ears perk up.

‘The Shinsung Group will take the lead in treating Brilliant and raise it to the same level as Sinnoh, Yusu, Blackwol, and Jinsan… … .’

However, Lee Hyun-jo still maintained a poker face.

“I’m intrigued. However, it would be a sad story if the end result was just giving work to a decision that requires risking one’s life.”

“Click on the arrow hologram at the bottom to advance the message to the next page.”

Lee Hyun-jo turned the pages with his thick index finger as Lee Soo-hyun explained.

‘Let’s take a look and see how great the conditions are for Daum.’

[Recently, we learned that Brilliant is having trouble supplying mana stones due to the end of its water supply contract with Hunter Byon.]

[But this is not a short-term trend. There will continue to be a shortage of mana stone materials, both domestically and internationally, as well as other guilds.]

[The speed will accelerate further when the new technology that Shinsung Group signed with Hunter Bion is revealed.]

[Except for some guilds that use dangerous magic stones, the entire industry will be hit hard by the supply of mana stones.]

[However, Shinsung Group recently purchased five Mana mines. If Brilliant joins hands with our Shinsung Group, we can escape that trend.]

[If you accept my offer, I will provide some of the mined mana stones to Brilliant at the cost price. This is enough for all guild members to use.]

The purchase of the mana stone mine and the story about new technology were both very shocking stories from Brilliant’s perspective.

Thanks to this, Lee Hyun-jo will let Lee Soo-hyun know if the story written here is true. Lee Soo-hyun nodded.

“It is already a public fact in the corporate world.”

Lee Hyun-jo frowned slightly as if he was displeased. Because of this, hunters had no choice but to be dragged into the hands of companies.

No matter how high the profits of the top guilds were, running a guild was not easy after deducting the association’s fees and the money paid to companies.

“There are still more terms and conditions remaining after that.”

Lee Soo-hyun proudly told him to turn to the next page, but Lee Hyun-jo sat back on the sofa as if he had done it.

‘… … Shinsung Group is stepping forward like this as if it were their own business. I guess the rumor is true.’

At this point, Hyunjo Lee needed to change his thinking for the sake of Brilliant.

What if Shin Kang-yoon stands in line and Shin Yu-sung wins? Or, before that, what if I turn down Kim Jun-hyuk’s offer and end up being looked down upon by Shinsung Group?

Until now, Shinsung Group has never retaliated against an individual guild, but if they wanted to, they could use their weight class to inflict any amount of damage.

The power of the Shinsung Group was enough to stagger even high-ranking guilds such as Sinnoh, Yusu, Heuksan, and Myeongwol, so Brilliant was unable to make a dent.

‘In the end, no matter which side I’m on, the moment I deviate from neutrality. The fact that you have to take risks is the same.’

So, in a situation like now where we can’t guess who will win, we had to look at other aspects. For example, does Brilliant benefit a lot when someone wins?

‘Standing on Shin Kang-yoon’s side doesn’t mean you’ll fall for Brilliant. On the contrary, it would be fortunate if he became the president of the association and supported Sinnoh without any negative influence on Brilliant… … .’

On the other hand, Kim Jun-hyuk’s proposal was so sweet that it made my teeth rot. It’s so unconventional when you read it from the front, but what about the back?

But Lee Hyeon-jo had one problem.

“… … Well then, before you decide, I have one last question for you. “If I can understand this answer, I won’t doubt it anymore.”

Regarding this, I really wanted to hear from the relevant person’s perspective, not speculation or rumors.

“The eldest daughter, the heir… … Although I understand because I heard rumors. “Why is even her eldest son protecting Shin Yoo-seong like this?”

However, Lee Soo-hyun’s answer was very simple.

“… … benefactor. To Master Kim Jun-hyuk, student Shin Yu-seong is a benefactor.”

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