How to Survive at the Academy Chapter 64

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There is no need to talk about it later.

Lortel was repeating this and staring blankly into space.

The wise man’s seal was purchased by Elte Company as planned. The seal was almost lost, but thanks to overpowering Professor Glast sooner than expected, we were able to secure it intact.

After the overall negotiations were over, it was dismissed as just an incident.


Lortel Kecheln sat in the trading room’s reception room and sighed.

The seal that finally belongs to Lortel is floating on the desk. The sensitization process was completely completed, and Lortel Kecheln became the official sensitizer of this seal.

“Definitely… the magic power itself feels like it’s running really fast.”

There is not a single shred of knowledge about Aspect magic.

The only benefit that Lortel Kecheln can receive as a sensor of the seal is a very small increase in magic sensitivity. In addition, it is possible to use greater magic depending on the amount of mana contained in the seal, but unless you are a person as well-versed in all types of magic as Professor Glast, it is unlikely to have much meaning.

It doesn’t mean much since it was originally purchased to be resold. I’m not the type of person who prefers high-risk products that involve a lot of money, but…

“Anything… hmmm… anything…”

Ed Rothtaylor may have forgotten, but in any case, since he obtained this seal, Lortel was in a position to demand anything from Ed.

It’s a resale bond anyway… but if you think about the opportunity cost and risk of the money tied up here, it’s not like Lortel didn’t invest anything.

“Anyway, can I really sell this back to that Crepin guy?”

From Ed’s point of view, he seems to be hoping that this seal will never fall into Crepin’s hands. Uncertainty remained in Lortel’s heart as to whether he could proceed with the transaction as is.


Suddenly, Lortel swallowed dry saliva.

These days, I spend a lot of time thinking about Ed. This is not a very good phenomenon.

If you look at one side of Lortel’s desk, you can see the recipe given by Ed and the list of materials he requested. A draft contract has also been drawn up, but it is difficult for the Chamber of Commerce to see any significant benefit.

Slowly, Lortel also began to feel the severity.

I think the time has come to distinguish between public and private life.

Longing for companionship.

I’ve followed Lortel’s life throughout his life, but I’m convinced that he’s been a little out of line these days.

Lortel Kecheln is a person born with the qualities to become a rare female figure. She must not lose those cold eyes that always calmly weigh her interests.

“Yeah… I need to be a little meaner too…”

Lortel quickly turned his eyes to look at the contract to be signed with Ed.

“… Just do this.”

Lortel put off her decision once again, ignoring her motto that what should be done today should not be put off until tomorrow. It was a truly unfortunate choice.

“by the way…”

Anyway, there’s no further progress in the business-related decision-making, and I’ve finished all the documents I need to review today… so what’s left is to worry about the dating front.

Yenica Palover, whose head is like a flower garden, doesn’t seem to feel any sense of crisis, but Lortel, who is quick to grasp the situation and is cool-headed in everything, is already feeling a strange sense of alarm.

Lately, I’ve been thinking quite deeply and seriously about the lazy wizard who spends more and more time hanging out with Ed Ross-Taylor… but I don’t think she’ll ever show her girlish side.

I reviewed it over and over again and came to a conclusion… but even so, the anxiety in my heart did not go away.

Anxiety that if something happens, the relationship will suddenly change.

But… what could be an opportunity to make that lazy girl move? Despite the shocking incident of Professor Glast’s death, the girl remains unchanged, just wandering unsteadily on the roof of the academic building with sleepy eyes. Even this was not a trigger.

They say that a decisive moment comes without any warning… but even so, there is no way that an opportunity to move such a stone-faced girl will easily arise.

Even though I thought I could understand it… I couldn’t come to a conclusion as to whether it was true or just a rationalization to reassure myself.

That’s what the human mind is like. It is difficult to come to a clear conclusion.

* [ Name : Ed Rosstaylor ]

Gender: Male Age: 17 Grade: 2 Race: Human Achievements: None Stamina 12 Intelligence 11 Dexterity 13 Willpower 12 Luck 9 Combat ability details>> Magic ability details>> Life skills details>> Alchemy ability details> >

“There you are, once again, Ed Rosstaylor.”

Chief Dean McDowell.

Unlike his soft inner self, he appears strong on the outside. His chin is full of bushy beard like bear fur, and the monocle he wears roughly is worn out.

He is the second most powerful person at Sylvania Academy after Obel and Rachel… He is the final person in charge of most things that happen within the academy and the final decision maker on all matters related to academic affairs.

“You got caught up in the Glaskan Incident, the Occupation of the Ofilis Building, and the theft of the Sage’s Seal. That’s very unlucky.”

My name is listed as a person involved in all major incidents that have occurred at the university over the past year.

Anyone can see that he seems like a very suspicious person, but there is no immediate evidence that I did anything.

Rather, in this case, it is the victim who was kidnapped by Professor Glast and was almost in danger.

There is no need to be scared, and there is no reason to be upset.

I quietly told the truth with a calm face.

“That’s right.”

“I have been briefed on the general situation, but can you explain the situation in detail?”

“Actually, I don’t have much more to tell you other than what you reported. I don’t know why, but I was kidnapped by Professor Glast, and when I found the opportunity, I tried to escape and call for rescue, and in the process, I ran into Tailley and the others.”

There is no need to talk about everything, such as Elte’s detachment that took advantage of the chaos to climb the cliff through the night sea and infiltrate the inside of Aken Island, or Professor Glast’s death at the edge of the Northern Forest.

“That’s all. Yenikana Lortel only came to help me in a hurry.”

“… Did you escape alone, leaving Ayla, who was kidnapped with you, behind?”

“Student Ayla was unable to move and did not trust me at all. So I just went out alone and asked for rescue. In the process, I met Tailley, whom I mentioned earlier.”


Dean McDowell quietly closed his eyes and listened to my story.

Although there are some uncomfortable parts, the words themselves make sense. Even when compared with the reported details, there are no contradictions.

They don’t look suspicious of me. Rather, it is closer to the gaze of an observer listening to the story in detail.

Still, I can’t help but feel like I’m not relieved in the end because I don’t think my existence, with one leg crossed at every important event, is just a product of coincidence.

I can’t resolve all my doubts just by sitting on the sofa across from the counseling room and talking openly about my situation.

However, without evidence, there are limits to suspicion. In this case, my position is clearly that of the victim, and no matter what anyone says, Professor Glast’s deviation occurred due to the department’s negligence in management.

In the end, what Dean McDowell will say will inevitably become obvious.

“It’s been a lot of hard work. The academic department needs to do something about the victims, but there will also be a lot of psychological damage. So I’ve thought about it a lot.”


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Dean McDowell reviewed the documents spread out on his desk again. These were documents summarizing my school record, academic evaluations written by my professors, and other miscellaneous activity records.

“To be honest, I doubt you.”

Dean McDowell’s style is like this. Once the basic issues have been sorted out to some extent and he is convinced that there are no further points of progress in the discussion, he makes a blunt change.

The same thing happened during the interview with the dean that he called at the beginning of the first semester. He eventually admitted that he had no intention of expelling me.

“You live your life pretending to be a stranger who doesn’t know anything, but I have a feeling you know a lot.”

“For you to give me such an evaluation, that’s too much praise.”

“The same goes for that cunning behavior.”

Dean McDowell closed his eyes gently once.

He is the final decision-maker in academic administration. However, no matter how good he is, he cannot escape from being a middle manager in the end.

Although he has risen to a high position, he is ultimately in the position of representing academic affairs under the principal and vice principal.

In the end, when he encounters the limits of his position, he always acts according to principles.

“But… I guess that’s just my personal suspicion. No matter what anyone says, you are a student who suffered damage due to the academic’s negligence. It was the same in the Ofilis building incident, and it is the same in this incident.”


“There was nothing to worry about about academic life itself. I was quietly concentrating on my classes, and I was evaluated as an honor student by assistant professors and staff, and unlike the old academic department where there was nothing but swearing, there were a lot of positive evaluations.”

McDowell flipped through the papers and placed them back on the table.

“At this level, the increase in your grades is quite remarkable, and the incident that occurred during the entrance exam has already been a long time ago, and there is no longer any reason to hold you responsible. Not only that, there is a need for you to be treated in some way at the academic level. Since it looks like…”

After saying that, Dean McDowell finally acknowledged it in a benevolent voice.

“You really worked hard, Ed Rosstaylor. I have to admit that one thing.”


“The academy has no intention of neglecting you any longer. You are a student who must be rewarded.”

Surprisingly, I don’t feel any suspicion or hostility in Dean McDowell’s eyes when he looks at me. Rather, as a dean and a student, he said words that were close to the correct answer that he should naturally convey.

“You will be able to get permission to move into Lorail Hall, one of the undergraduate dormitories. You will not be charged dormitory fees. However, since there are no seats left in Lorail Hall right now, you will have to stay in Dex Hall until next semester.”

I don’t know what kind of life I’m leading, but I think Dean McDowell had some guesses as well.

“End your miserable wandering life and return to the life of an ordinary student. You deserve it.”


I left the Chief Dean’s office and crossed the hallway. Yenica, who was stretching out his feet on a bench in a corner of the lobby and staring at the ceiling, responded.

“Ah, Ed! You’re out! How was it? Was it okay? Didn’t you scold me? Didn’t I just harm you?”

“I’m in the victim’s position, so what harm can they do to me?”

“Uhm. That’s right.”

All the tall magic towers collapsed, and the clear autumn sky revealed itself once again.

Since it’s only been a day since the uproar broke out, all academic personnel are still busy. All morning classes have been canceled as we are busy investigating the situation and recovering from the damage.

The situation that has been going on all night is now coming to an end, and it seems like this will be the last time I hear about the terrible situation.

I haven’t been able to wash my body properly or wash my clothes yet, so it’s hard to say.

Jenica looked at me like that and sighed deeply, as if she felt uncomfortable.

“You’ve had a hard time, Ed. What’s going on? I’m really upset.”

Seeing Yenika talking like that, you can’t help but wonder, “Is this the time to worry about others?”

There was dirt all over his clothes and his hair was sticking out here and there. Yenica, who is worrying about others, looks very cheerful.

To put it bluntly, Yenica’s intrusion was a source of anxiety, but it is difficult to say that it was of particular help.

In the battle with Elte, didn’t Lucy destroy everything by herself? It is a very complicated position because I think that if I make a mistake, I may have blocked Taily’s path.

However, Yenika ran into that shady underground waterway in one month with the sole intention of saving me, who had been arbitrarily captured.

Hehe, he smiled and said he was glad he wasn’t seriously hurt. Who in the world could look at that and condemn it as a useless thing? Rather, it was me who caused the worry.

“I’m sorry for always seeming to worry you. Yenika. Are you hurt? I heard you had a bit of a battle, so I’m worried.”

“Worry?! What worry! I’m fine, don’t worry! Huh? Hmm?”

He stood up quickly, waved his arms, and then listened to something again.

Those damn spirits always seem to be whispering something to Yenika, but from my perspective, it doesn’t feel very good because it feels like they’re talking behind my back right in front of me.

Well, they probably have their own circumstances, so it’s not my place to say anything.

“Hmm, that’s right! Actually, it might not be that I’m not hurt at all. Should I say pouting? I think I got hurt a little while saving Ed. This… Ed owes me, huh! Ugh, it hurts. It hurts.”

“You’re hurt?”

It felt as if a force was being exerted between my eyebrows.

In any case, Jenica is the only person in this Sylvanian bachelorette whom I would call a friend, and to whom I owe many personal debts of one kind or another.

I asked him if he was hurt out of courtesy, but deep down I was convinced that he wasn’t someone who could get hurt easily. Because Yenika is really strong.

“Uh, where were you hurt? Specifically?”

“Uh, um? Huh, back? Strain? Something like that?”


It felt like my expression was completely rotten. Before I knew it, I had accepted the kindness of Jenika, the kind person in the world, as my natural right.

I am also human, and there is at least camaraderie. It would be a lie to say that I do not feel indebted to Yenika, who helped me through the most difficult times.

For me, who was deliberately captured for a purpose, my feelings definitely become complicated when I hear that Yenika even got hurt in her useless efforts.

“Yenika. This incident made me feel something.”


Yenika, taken aback by the suddenly serious voice, turns her pupils around.

It seemed like he had an inkling that something was going wrong, but nothing was wrong. In a way, this is something she takes for granted.

“Didn’t you think anything when you saw Professor Glast’s last days? It’s too late to regret anything after losing him. When I think about it, you were the one who always worked hard and helped me every time something like this happened, but I think I took it for granted. “I can’t believe I even got hurt…”

“…Huh? Uh, yeah.”

I sat down next to Yenika… I sighed and wiped my face.

“I definitely feel a bit ashamed of myself. I feel like I’m just a burden to you. I’m grateful that you treat me well every time, but you’re the one who always ends up getting hurt. Yenika.”


“Anyway, I’ll take responsibility for your injuries. Go see the medical staff later. You’ve already had your scholarship cut, so you’re probably struggling with living expenses, so I’m sorry for making you incur such unnecessary expenses. If you have to pay for treatment, be sure to tell me. I’ll pay it. “I have that much money.”

“Hmm? Huh? Huh?”

I didn’t bother to hide my guilt. Because it’s polite to tell it like it is.

I sincerely apologized to Jenica.

“I’m sorry, Yenika. I always make you suffer because of me.”

“I’m sorry! I’m lying! Actually, I wasn’t hurt at all! I’m sorry! I’m sorry for lying!”


It feels like it’s been quite a while since I walked through the northern forest.

I took the road to camp every day, but I never thought I would feel a sense of discomfort now.

Well, what I’ve been through so far has been turbulent.

I walked down the street, breathing dry. This is the time when breath begins to leak out.

– ‘I might have to live in the dormitory at Dex Building starting this vacation or next semester.’

As I said that, Yenica’s face, with a bright glow, came to mind.

– ‘okay? Dex building?! I’m also a Dex fan! Is this really Dex?! Ugh, um! Great! Great! It worked so well! So… um… it’s not that I’m a Dex official… Ed, you worked really hard! It’s time to get out of that poor environment, hmm!’

– ‘It went really, really, really well! hmm! Now I can see your face often! Once access to the DEX building is possible… if you have an undergraduate assignment, you can study together in the study room…! huh! It’s also convenient to tell you about spirit sensitivity…! So… Ed’s study environment is getting better! huh! Ed’s study environment! ‘Ed’s study environment, not anyone else’s!’

I was dazzled by the sight of him running around and flashing a bright smile. He was happy about it as if it were his own, and he was so moved that he shed tears… As expected, the bachelor’s ability to empathize is worthy of an idol.

I walked through the grass and gathered my thoughts.

There was a lot to do, but it was completed in an instant.

By tomorrow, we will be able to go back to studying once we have finished assessing the situation and finally cross-examining the testimony.

If you confirm that Taily and Ayla escaped from the magic tower without any problems, you can think that Act 2 was concluded neatly.


I took out a key with dried blood on it from my pocket and looked at it.

Professor Glast’s body was recovered by clergy from the Telos Church. This is because his wife was a devout member of the Telos Church.

After the funeral procedures are completed successfully, he will be buried in his hometown.

Since we can’t blame the dead, the case will end like that.

Originally, he might have been a great scholar who passed away with the blessings of the church’s saint… but now he has to be satisfied with just this.

Still, it doesn’t seem like it was a very lonely life… so I guess I can say I’m glad about that.

It seemed like a tentative decision had been made to close Professor Glast’s secret laboratory. He heard that the academic staff had explored the inside and found nothing unusual.

The soul library buried in the fragments looks like a ruin on the outside… so it seems like they didn’t think to do anything about it. I never thought I would be grateful to Lucy for completely destroying it.

In the first place, this incident itself is nothing short of a humiliation for the bachelor, so he probably wants to end it quickly.

As a result, as soon as the bachelor’s interest fades away, I end up having the contents of the library all to myself.

I’m happy… but I can’t just be happy. It is natural to feel bitter.

As I walked while organizing my thoughts, I eventually reached the camp.

– Hwaaaah.

I don’t know when it started, but it has become a place that is like my heart’s hometown.

The same goes for the wooden shelter that I improvised when I first drifted, the hut that I spent all my summer vacation carving, various survival tools, a bonfire site, and a pile of logs and tree stumps lying down nearby to use as chairs.

The net left over from covering the ceiling has been turned into a hammock and tied to the side, and firewood piled up to survive the winter is also stacked well on one side of the open wooden warehouse.


From what I can see, an uninvited guest has come again. A tiny wizard wearing a large witch’s hat lies down, holding one of her tree stumps, cupping her body and exhaling her breath.

She’s a girl who wouldn’t be surprised if she pops out anytime and anywhere… but now she seems to think that this camp is her own place to take a nap, which makes me feel very strange.

Is this my camp??

I walked over and opened the cabin door. It was filled with furniture that had been made by hand or sent by Lortel.

Looking at the cozy, well-decorated interior with a fireplace fills me with satisfaction.

He took out a wooden chair and placed it next to the bonfire. And then I collapsed and leaned on top of it.

It was still broad daylight, but it felt a little chilly, so I lit a bonfire using ignition magic. Firewood was scattered around.

– Tweet

– Squeak

– Zzz Zzz

I gently closed my eyes and rested. It was difficult and painful, but I returned to the camp I had built with my own hands.

The sounds of sparrows chirping, the sound of water flowing by the river, and the sound of Lucy’s breathing intermittently tickled my ears.

There is a lot of work to do. First of all, I have to wash my clothes, check my food, and check the final exams starting next week. It’s time to start thinking about next semester’s tuition.

Where is that? There are still a lot of scenarios left to run through. During the vacation, the placement test for next year’s freshmen will be held, there will be an election for the next student council president, and Tailley’s additional Sword Seong Ceremony open event remains.

Still… I wanted to take a break now.

I closed my eyes and imagined, leaving myself to the sounds of nature. This is life when you enter the dex tube.

Most of the notoriety has faded away, but there are probably still some students who have a negative perception of me. Let’s clear up some misunderstandings with them.

There is no need to rush every day to hunt, eat at the student cafeteria where meals are prepared, and walk slowly to the faculty building without having to canter.

I focus only on my studies and only exchange greetings with the scenario characters I occasionally encounter. All I have to do is check that things are going well and live a peaceful life.

What was life like at camp?

It was really hard work, but when I think about it, I feel like things have stabilized a bit recently.

In this way, a decent cabin was obtained, and food supply was stabilized to some extent.

Now that I have a little money, I can purchase urgent items. I don’t really feel like I’m suffering as much as I thought.

In the first place, I felt like I had done all of the hard work when I first settled down at the beginning of the semester. I guess I should say that I’ve gotten used to most things.

In addition, if you stay at this camp, there is no curfew, you can live relatively freely from your academic schedule, and you can act alone late at night if necessary. This environment is more suitable for crafting, cooking, and physical strength training.

Personally, I had a desire to build a fence, grow some annual edible plants, and reinforce the cabin. All plans were made to survive in this forest in the long term.

Is it a bit vain?

I feel that way, but I am in the process of realizing just how valuable it is to make a living in a stable environment. Whether it’s shelter or food, you only realize its value when it all disappears.

There must be some romance in living with classmates in a dex building with sturdy walls and ceilings.

Of course… there’s no way I wouldn’t be worried.

“After all, is it right for me to join Dex Center…?”

Those words were spoken slowly like that.

“Then is this camping life over now?”



As soon as those words were uttered, the sound heard was made by Lucy pushing off the floor and raising her upper body.


When I turned my head to look at Lucy, Lucy, who I thought was having a good night’s sleep… was looking at me with her eyes wide open.

His face looked as if he was wondering if he had misheard something.

I had no choice but to tilt my head and ask what it was.

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