How to Survive at the Academy Chapter 58

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Glast subjugation battle (7)

[I have learned a new magic engineering combination formula. ]

Rake Hand (General)

A magical tool that has the ability to instantly pull objects or enemies from a short distance. disposable.

Craigle Magic Ink (General)

Special ink needed to apply a special magic formula. disposable.

Light emitting port (general)

A magic tool that emits light for a certain period of time and serves as lighting. disposable.

Onia’s Scarf (Rare)

Fire attribute trap installation tool. Cannot be used indoors or in certain terrains.

Frosty Protection of Telos (Rare)

Temporarily increases physical defense. Beware of the side effect of entering a state of exhaustion.

Thousand-year-old wooden staff struck by lightning (very rare)

Amplifies the sensitivity of all elemental spirits. Amplification of magic efficiency of spirit magic.

Glokt’s Eye (Legendary)

Temporarily increases proficiency in all sensitive abilities. The efficiency of cursed magic is halved. Defensive magic cannot be used. Becomes immune to elemental magic.

Delheim Hourglass (Legendary)

Returns the body’s state to a few seconds ago and removes all damage and wounds. Disposable.






Because magic engineering skills are so difficult to train, your proficiency increases steadily even if you only produce one rare grade item. From the higher levels onwards, each and every one is truly a useful tool.

Based on the scenario, if you have created two or three legendary grade magical engineering supplies before clearing, you have trained quite diligently.

That’s how great the status of legendary grade magical engineering supplies is. Because each material is difficult to obtain and the amount of labor involved is enormous, people with some experience do not hastily invest in magic engineering.

“I think I got my money’s worth…!”

I stuffed all the scrolls I could into and ran toward the lab exit with Lucy on my back.

Once you’ve breached the Soul Library, the rest is easy. The enemies guarding the route leading up to the underground waterway exit are mostly light monsters. They are not even subjects of research, so even after they escape, researchers do not bother to capture them.

Anyway, his physical strength is trained to the point where he can’t be defeated even if a decent number of men are present. Carrying Lucy on his back, he ran through the monster tribe, blasting enemies blocking his path with elemental magic.

– Quang! bang!

I crossed the marble-paved hallway, ran between numerous forks, and ran toward the exit without hesitation.

– Crrrrrrrrr!

– Kaaaaagh!

Vampire bats hanging at the end of a ceiling so high that they couldn’t even be seen. They all spread their wings and glide.

It looks at me, then lets out a cry of joy that it has found a new prey, and lunges at me mercilessly, trying to sink its teeth into my skin.

– Grumble.

Needless to say, everything was burned and roasted.

Even the bizarre-looking test subjects and the escaped gremlins and other monsters were no match for me.

At the beginning of the first semester, I didn’t know that even basic magic would be different, but now that the second semester is coming to an end, I am no match for any low-level monster race. I have been disciplined by maintaining a truly ridiculous lifestyle.

[Proficiency in elemental magic has increased. ]

[The proficiency of magic sensitivity has increased. ]

Should I say that it is the true taste of hunting? Experience bombs unique to the monster race poured down. I’m sorry, Tailly…! I’ll just eat a little…!

Still, I almost reached the exit without touching any monsters as much as possible.

As I was sprinting like crazy, a huge iron gate came into view.

When viewed from the inside, it is a majestic large iron gate, but from the outside it appears to be nothing more than a stone wall. This is because it must have been hidden through camouflage magic.

If you open this door and go outside, it leads to an underground waterway. Of course, you can’t just open it. The door can only be opened by using code-breaking magic shared among those who know the existence of this laboratory.

If you can’t decipher it, you have to destroy it entirely.

Taily might be able to cut through the entire door using the Sword Saint Style, but at least I don’t have that talent.

Originally, I was planning to hide around here and sneak out through the open exit when Tailly enters. But I don’t think I can afford that right now.

Anyway, I have the master key now. I pinched and pulled Lucy’s cheek as she was breathing heavily behind her back.

Lucy woke up with her glutinous rice cake-like cheeks hanging down.

* ‘Are you ready for battle…?’

An enormous flow of mana spreads and flows through the passage of the waterway.

Lortel Kecheln could sense that something had happened on Yenica’s side. He wondered if he had encountered a demonic golem wandering around the underground waterway, but a low-level demonic golem was not an opponent capable of raising this level of magical power.

Lortel himself encountered a few demonic golems while walking through the underground waterways, but they were difficult because they did not have direct magical power, and they were not very powerful opponents. He could easily be defeated by destroying the inner wall through magic and using external physical force.

Lortel Kecheln has faced Yenika at her best during joint combat training.

No matter how many senior members attack, there is almost no one, unless they are a member of the faculty, who can overpower Yenika, who does her best.

Moreover, if it’s first-year students, it’s not worth discussing any further.

However, in any case, time seems to be dragging on. I don’t know what’s going on, but if things go wrong and the search for Ed is hindered… it’s an opportunity for Lortel.

In fact, Lortel caught a clue leading to a secret laboratory inside the underground waterway.

‘There’s a cover spell cast somewhere around here.’

Lortel is so sensitive to magical power that even Professor Glast acknowledged it and assigned him to Class A.

The magic response within a radius of a few meters is never missed, no matter how small it may be. Yenika, who has specialized senses for spirit magic, would inevitably be a bit dull in this area.

There is probably an entrance to a more secretly hidden facility somewhere around here.

Otherwise, this spinning structure cannot be explained. No matter how hard you try to find your way, this structure keeps you spinning in place and cannot even function properly as a waterway in the first place.

Although the name is underground waterway, it is clear that it is a facility with a different purpose than just imitating an underground waterway.

‘Yeah… not when you’re just saying nice things…’


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Suddenly, Lortel looked down at his reflection in the water.

Hair neatly combed to look as shiny as possible. Thanks to that calm, reddish-brown color, the beauty of the white skin is emphasized. The blue rose-shaped hairpin she wore as an accent to make her look even a little more stylish, or the semi-robe with gold trim around it… This girl is really dressed up as if she were going out on a date.

She’s a romantic girl who likes to talk, but after coming to a place like this, she turns out to be immature.

Lortel took a deep breath, took out the hairpin, and let down her hair. Then he took his string out of his school uniform pocket and tied it down on one side as usual. He put back on his robe hat, which he had not been wearing for fear of messing up his hair, and unwrapped his expensive accessories and stuffed them into his pocket.

Although he is somewhat plain, he seems to have returned to his usual strong self. Lortel nodded his head and flexed his arm.

Anyway, I want to look good, but this is a clear crisis situation.

Just because you don’t want to lose to your enemy, you can’t put the life of a loved one in the balance.

I have lived my whole life weighing all values, but in the end, there are definitely some things that should never be weighed.

I have no doubt that what that is is the standard for judging a person’s value.

After thinking about it that much, Lortel became worried about Ed.

Ed Rothtaylor is a mysterious person who feels like he will somehow solve any crisis that comes his way. Because of Ed’s heavy and trustworthy image, the sense of crisis was somewhat worn away.

However, we should not rely on such ‘feelings’ to forget the seriousness of the situation.

Professor Glast is a very meticulous person.

If he was kidnapped by someone like that, Ed wouldn’t be in a good mood.

It is certain that he is trapped somewhere and in trouble.

Embarrassment, perplexity, trouble, crisis. Even if you are a person who seems to have a wall around such words, there is a high possibility that at this point, you really just want help.

Regardless of whether you owe Ed anything or not, this is a situation where if you truly care about Ed, you definitely have to lend a helping hand.

As I lived the life of a merchant who always replaced human relationships with debt relationships, I forgot this obvious fact.

Suddenly Lortel realized. That he is now trying to help someone out of pure good will.

In this winter-like life where I have lived my whole life on the path of mourning and judged a person’s value only in terms of money… it seems like I am seeing a new light.

In the end, my heart began to swell as I felt like I was seeing a clue to a new relationship that I could not obtain with money.


Lortel made up his mind.

Ed… is in a crisis situation where he absolutely needs help. Now is the time for Ed…

– Boom!

At that moment, the wall about five steps behind exploded.

It’s equipped with mid-level cover magic and sealing magic… It’s quite an ironclad security, but in the face of high-level explosion magic, it’s just a light in the wind.

-Quagang! bang! Quang!


The iron plate, which was strong enough to repel any attack, became so hot that it fell into the waterway and smoke rose.

It is a high-level magic that is difficult to properly manifest unless even the professors concentrate and chant it.

The magic, which was manifested by roughly waving one hand while riding on Ed’s back, mercilessly revealed the entrance to the secret laboratory to the world.


Ed Rosstaylor emerged from the billowing smoke.

Lortel was so startled that he even forgot to breathe for a moment.

“Eh, Senior De?”

“Oh, Lortel. Are you there?”

There are a few scratches on the relaxed face.

But overall it looks fine.

The first emotion that arises is relief. It was a great comfort to know that Ed, who had been kidnapped, was alive and well.

And the feeling that follows is… bewilderment… so to speak, absurdity.

“Uh… Senior Ed…? What…?”

“I was kidnapped.”

“Well… I know that…”

Ed picked Lucy up again and swept her arms. The spaces between his forearms and the inside pockets of his arms were stuffed with all kinds of parchment scrolls.

“It’s all right, Lortel. Please share this with me. It’s hard to lift it alone.”

“Eh… Yes?”

Ed walked towards Lortel with great strides, and piled up all kinds of parchment scrolls in front of Lortel.

Lortel, who took them with his hands frantically, couldn’t help but stick his tongue out when he saw the contents.

‘What is this..? They’re all high-end crafting recipes…?’

Lortel has the ability to convert any object into monetary value.

All of the recipes that Ed throws out as if they are nothing are not easily available. There was even a legendary magic engineering recipe mixed in… It made me want to ask where on earth they got something like this.

No, before that, what I want to ask is… why is he in such good condition?

“Senior. Wasn’t that a situation where we were in a huge crisis…?”

“Huh? That’s right. But it was resolved somehow.”

Only then did the gaze turn to Lucy, who was riding on Ed’s back.

Lucy Mayril.

The ignorantly strong first-year senior hit the player.

No matter how cool the magicians are, they are all like children in front of Lucy, so it was a competition they couldn’t win from the beginning.

At that moment, Lortel’s intuition sounded an alarm.

My heart, which always grew cold when faced with a crisis, was reminded of the existence of a new enemy.

Lucy is sitting on Ed’s back as if she is not interested in anything and is just breathing softly.

No matter how you look at it, Lucy does not harbor any romantic feelings towards Ed Rosstaylor. In the first place, she was never someone who could be considered a romantic enemy.

However, Lucy is not just a stranger; she is strangely wandering around Ed.

He even showed himself running to save Ed, who was in a corner, faster than anyone else. Lucy, who avoids being touched by others, sleeps soundly, even drooling, looking as if she’s at peace when she’s on Ed’s back.

I have no idea what level of distance Lucy feels from Ed.

Right now, it’s just a comfortable relationship of colleagues, but if it starts to develop in a slightly different direction… this distance will accelerate their relationship to an uncontrollable degree.

This is dangerous.

This is really dangerous…!

It’s a time bomb that you never know will explode! If you don’t cut off the buds of the harmful roots in advance, you will definitely regret it!

And…. it’s obscene…!


Yenica Palover, a shy and gentle child, is a coward who can’t even express her feelings properly and can’t even take a single step.

On the other hand, what about Lortel himself?

No matter what anyone says, Lortel himself was the most active in slowing down the progress.

Didn’t he first grab her by the collar, kiss her lips, openly tell her to her face that he was in love with her, and take care of various things for her without any intention of hiding his deep dark feelings?

Who doesn’t know how to feel ashamed!

The first day I stole my lips at camp, I kept getting out of breath on the way home, so I dropped the torch and almost started a fire in the forest.

On the day we meet Ed, he wakes up early in the morning, makes a fuss, and gets dressed up.

He made a fox-like face and pushed and gently scratched the other person’s chest, but the most embarrassing thing he scratched was his own chest.

At this point, isn’t it okay to be a little more restless…??

Isn’t there a way to at least provide some awareness?

At the very least, wouldn’t you avoid touching other women or showing signs of closeness with them in front of yourself…?

Lortel steeled himself.

At this point, you have to go out strong. If things continue like this, it will only take a moment for him to become a real brat.

From the looks of it, Ed’s body appears to be unharmed, and the major problem seems to have been resolved. It is believed that there will no longer be a crisis worthy of serious consideration.

Lortel is a merchant.

The basics of mourning are give and take.

If you don’t push back hard here… if you don’t grab Ed at once and take the initiative, you will end up regretting it greatly.

“Then, Senior Ed….”

“Please take care of that parchment scroll. If there are any materials inside the store, it would be good if you find out and prepare them. I will go to Elte Store next time to pick them up. And if there is anything you would like to purchase, please let me know. Except for the legendary scroll, it is okay to sell all of them. You. “I got some help with this and that, so I won’t say anything if I buy it at a somewhat cheaper price.”

“Yeah? Well, really? But this is…”

“Please. Who else would I trust other than you? On earth.”

Lortel jerked his head up.

“Yeah, really?”

“It’s obvious that I’m in a human relationship in the first place. As you know, most people aren’t trustworthy. You’re the only one I think is straight-forward, so this much is natural from my perspective.”

There is no one I can trust but you – only you – only you –

Although it wasn’t a line with great meaning, it echoed in Lortel’s heart.


“Is there any reason to lie…?”

Lortel snorted. Anyway, this crossed the line.

I am shocked and my nose is stuffed that he would now ask for something like this when he has given me so much for just love. There is a degree to which people are viewed as thugs. No matter how much you live in the cold world of mourning and become a person who is not used to the pounding of love, when you get to this point, you distinguish between merit and life. That was a professional, that was a merchant.

Lortel swallowed his breath, tightened his throat, and looked straight at Ed. And speak confidently in as cold a tone as possible. Senior Ed, no matter what, I think this has crossed the line.

“…Do you also need a receipt?”

I am a fanatic…!!!

“I have a report!”

It was around this time that Lortel was sighing with an empty face, as if he had let go of something.

While Ed and I were talking about parchment, a man came running in from the other side of the canal.

A human with no special fighting ability came down directly through a dangerous underground waterway. The sight of them rushing through the water looked very urgent.


bright. There shouldn’t be any light source in this underground waterway.

If we look for the source of that light, it is all kinds of elemental spirits in various forms.

Fire, water, wind, earth, grass, ice.

Eagle, rabbit, lion, wolf, sparrow, lizard.

There are so many different types of elements and animals that it is impossible to even recite them one by one. However, it can be defined as a single colony. This is the spirit army of Yenica Palover.

One man army.

The number of spirits realized solely through Yenica Palover’s sensitivity alone… no matter how many times you fold and unfold the fingers of both hands, you can never count them all.

One high-ranking spirit, four middle-ranking spirits, and hundreds of low-ranking spirits.

Among the spirits, a girl was adjusting her skirt while holding an oak staff diagonally.

Although he appears to be standing casually with his collar fluttering, he is clearly under the protection of numerous spirits. You probably won’t even be able to get close to it.

At this point, Tailley is not an opponent he can beat.

I realized that fact again and again. Tailly also had no choice but to admit it.

If there was no reason to fight, Tailly would have admitted defeat and backed down.

However, there is a reason to fight. We must save Ayla.

If it were to save Ayla, his one and only life partner, he would risk his life hundreds of times.

“W-what is it? Why is the atmosphere like this?”

Ziggs looked at Yenika and Tailley in turn with a puzzled expression.

Tailly and Elvira, who are imprinted with fear of Yenica Palover, are already ready for battle as soon as they see its face.

The fallen Dorothy and the destroyed demonic golems. Assistant Professor Claire, who fainted, etc. Based on other circumstantial evidence, it seems certain that Yenica is carrying out some kind of destructive activity.

A place in a closed environment with no witnesses. It may have been a reasonable decision to be hostile, but Ziggs and Adele tilted their heads.

Yenika has a stronger image as an innocent girl who is loved by all the bachelors.

It’s natural that you don’t understand the sight of Tailly and Elvira shaking in fear.

“Why, what’s wrong, Taily! Calm down!”

Even if they are hostile to begin with, it is not an opponent worth defeating.

You shouldn’t be fooled by her small size, cute appearance, and hesitant and kind personality and become hostile towards that girl.

Ziggs knows this well, having fought alongside Yenika during the Occupation of Ophilis Hall. I just felt lucky that we were allies.

Even if all the first-year members rush in together, there is absolutely no guarantee that they will be able to defeat Yenika. There is no benefit in losing power unnecessarily.

If a problem can be resolved with words, it is best to do so with words.

The reason why Yenica Palover summoned all the spirits and entered a battle stance in the first place was probably in response to the hostile attitude of Tailley and the others.

Due to Yenika’s personality, it is more likely that she has no will to fight.

This was the moment when Ziggs, who thought it would be right for him to intervene, was about to raise his voice.

“Leave it at that.”

A familiar voice was heard from the passage on the west side of the underground waterway.

Tailley’s group and Yenika’s eyes focused on that.

Pushing through the darkness of the passage, a blond boy carrying a small wizard girl appeared. His clothes were a little tattered, and he had quite a few scratches here and there on his body.


“Ed Rosstaylor…!”

The boy’s name was called twice.

Jenica called that name with a relaxed expression, as if a flower was blooming brightly.

Tailly… called the name in a low, repeating voice.

Elvira looked at Ed with cold gaze and quickly grasped the situation.

The person who appeared behind Ed was Lortel Kecheln, one of the three members of Class 1-A and the real power of Elte Company.

The girl on his back is Lucy Merill, a rare genius wizard who is said to have no one to match.

“Ed! Ed! You’re okay! Are you hurt?!”

When Yenika ran around and called out to Ed, Ed nodded that he was okay and added that he was grateful for her concern.

Ed, who walked straight into the center of the hall, stood next to Yenika and looked straight at Tailley and the others.

Tailley, Ziggs, Elvira, Clevious, Adele.

Among the first year students called Star Wars, Tailley and his group were treated as aces.

However, Tailly had no choice but to swallow dry saliva. He begins to tighten his grip on the sword.

When I look at the group across from me, centered around Ed… I feel nervous even when I take a deep breath.

Ed, Yenika, Lortel, and Lucy.

Even if Tailley and his group boast of their mighty force, there is too much of a difference in power against them.

If we become hostile… if we really have to fight, do we have to charge against that ridiculous wall?


Elvira called Tailley’s name in a low voice. The implied meaning is as follows.

This needs to be retreated.

Elvira has already realized what Ed’s fighting style is.

Ed’s battle is closer to that of a stratagem rather than a wizard.

I have a record of single-handedly defeating three people with vastly different specs, just by barely knowing how to use basic magic and a little bit of a bow.

If such a person had three colleagues of that level of power… if he even had time to arrive first and coordinate the battlefield… his victory would converge to 0. You can never win.

No matter how precious Ayla is, it is not wise to rush into an enemy that has no chance of victory.

If Ed blocks the road, you will never be able to break through.


Ed was the first to break the tense silence.

Ed quietly called Tailley’s name and felt relieved. It’s barely too late.

I drove backwards from the deepest part of the secret laboratory and finally arrived at the intersection with Tailly, who was now starting to drive straight ahead.

From now on, it is baton touch. Coincidentally, Ed still had work left to do.

The occupation of Ophilis Hall and the battle for the wise man’s seal.

As the story progressed, there were still variables that were not completely resolved.

Now he has completely left the stage, any further intervention will only be a hindrance…

There was absolutely no need to deal with them, and they were merely objects of subjugation.

“Ayla is waiting for you.”

Ed said that in a quiet voice.

It was time to cross this intersection and go do what we had to do.

Go get Glast, Taily.

I’m going to get Elte.

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